Brac government homes will be ready in April

SI Quality Construction 2 bedroom WP (1) (300x265).jpg(CNS): Government officials on Cayman Brac say that the latest homes being constructed on behalf of the Sister Islands Affordable Housing Development Corporate (SIAHDC) are almost completed. Eight contracts were awarded in December to construct four homes on West End site and four homes on the Watering Place site and Chair Christine Maltman said the houses were 75 per cent complete already. “We are nearing l completion and hope to wrap everything up by the end of April. I am amazed at the speed and pleased with the high standard of work that is being carried out by the contractors,” she added.

One 2-bedroom and three 3-bedroom homes are being constructed at the Watering Place site and four 3-bedroom homes at West End. According to a release from the ministry, the plans are similar to the eight existing homes at the West End site, which are 855 sq. ft. for a 2-bedroom home and 1,073 sq. ft. for a 3-bedroom unit. While the units are called affordable homes, all are well constructed and go beyond the usual standards required.

The inner walls are full concrete and the homes are complete with a full kitchen and all the standard appliances such as washer, dryer, refrigerators. While there is no central air conditioning, the homes are constructed so that central air can be added in the future.

“Beyond the service being provided to Cayman Brac working families, these homes also represent a meaningful investment opportunity in our communities because the housing scheme has created jobs within the island by awarding eight contractors, who in turn, have hired members of the local workforce,” Maltman added.

She encouraged persons in need of housing to apply to the SIAHDC. Home buyer eligibility is assessed on household income, residency, employment and personal references.

For the first two phases of the affordable housing programme on Cayman Brac, which were started under the PPM administration, the SIAHDC board gave qualifying owners the choice of location – either at Watering Place or the West End site, which is elevated on the Bluff. All chose the West End site. The current board, however, has commissioned the construction of the homes first before they are allocated to qualifying owners.

The District Administration ministers said providing safe, affordable and quality housing to citizens is a common goal for every government.

“I believe we have achieved that goal. As the Cayman Islands works toward a bright future, we’re going to get there by creating an environment that fosters investment in the vitality of all of our communities and we recognise that affordable housing as a big part of that equation Juliana O’Connor-Connolly stated. “We are proud of the partnership SIAHDC has developed with each and the bank, by supporting improved housing for the residents of Cayman Brac.”

Lauding the contractors for their speed and efficiency in working on the homes, she said: “The contractors understand that people want to improve their lives and they are working equally hard to ensure that the homeowners can move in as quickly as possible. This is what is known as nation-building and I am pleased to be associated with it.”

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