Cayman Islands Desperate for more animal welfare officers

| 29/06/2008

Animal cruelty is the act of unnecessary harm and suffering upon an
animal. The US Humane Society supports the fact that animals can be
used for human purposes as long as it is not inhumane or causes any
pain to the animal. The Cayman Islands, compared to other countries,
are quite fortunate when it comes to animal cruelty. There is no
forcing of animals to fight or race, for example, pit-bull fighting.

Yet, this doesn’t mean these islands go without animal cruelty
completely. In fact, terrible abuse goes on that is over-looked.
Abuse, no matter what it’s acted upon, isn’t something that should be
left unattended. Is this the society we are to be living in and
representing? What pride comes out of causing weaker species to

Some see animal cruelty as quite innocent or just an act of fun for
young children. Animal cruelty, like other forms of violence, can
happen because of a person feeling distressed, powerless, unnoticed,
or under the control of others. Some who are cruel to animals copy
things that they have seen or have had done to them. For whatever
reason, there is a disturbance going on in their surroundings and
mind. It’s strange and alarming to think these types of people and
cases are being overlooked by police or animal welfare offices.

Studies have consistently shown that those who abuse animals have
alsovery often been abused or abuse those in their family. This could
possibly mean that every overlooked case of cruelty towards an animal
is a case of human abuse overlooked as well. It has been frequently
shown that serial killers have tortured or killed animals as children.

Many organizations see animal abuse and cruelty as a serious disorder.
They’re not just animals, their God’s living creatures. People are
ignorant to torture those that were here on Earth before us. It’s a
serious case.

Aside from effects on society, think of the animals. The Cayman
Islands is known to be a peaceful, safe, and crime-free country.
People visit and move here because of the security. Yet what kind of
security do these islands have when pets and Cayman’s living wildlife
is being maimed? I, myself, have seen numerous letters written to the
local publications from residents and even visitors about the
unnoticed cruelty in the Cayman Islands. Why is it being allowed to

I have done some investigation and the Cayman Islands have two animal
welfare officers – two animal welfare officers for three islands that
contain tremendous amounts of animals. This makes no sense to me. Why
isn’t the government striving to make sure Cayman’s living creatures
are protected? To go into more detail, on Cayman Brac there was a
serious case of a dog being burnt alive. There are many speculations
as to who the person is, and I am hoping questions are being asked and
a full investigation is being done. This case, if overlooked, can turn
into something serious.What if the perpetrator is being abused? What
if the perpetrator is abusing others?

Despite the beliefs that certain people may have that animals are just
animals, this should not be an excuse for abuse. There is violence and
torture happening in our islands. How can our islands take pride and
reassurance in this? The islands need more animal welfare officers.
Somethingmust be done.

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