Religious Tolerance

| 01/07/2008

I myself have become very close to a friend who practices Hinduism. I
have come to learn that it is a peaceful religion that is tolerant of
everyone no matter their beliefs or actions. She is one of two Hindus
in our Christian schooland she is able to sit with us as we pray and
listen to the teachings of Christianity. It causes me to think –
society is afraid to allow people of other religions to have equal
rights, yet this one girl can sit among a crowd that is completely
different from those of her own.

Christianity is supposed to be based on tolerance, not ignorance. In
the Second World War the holocaust occurred. This tragic movement did
not happen because Jews were doing wrong, but simply because a leader
followed by his group of people had a fear for Jews changing their
ways of living. Jews were seen as greatly inferior to the Nazis. Why?
Because they had different beliefs – because they were Jews. This
event happened for a reason – to teach others of the importance of
tolerance and acceptance. We, all human beings, are meant to learn
from this.  

I believe it was Nietzsche who said out of chaos comes order.
 This country is in constitutional pandemonium!  But the old
political weeds are dying and sinking their thorns into this country
trying to sew their seeds of intolerance and hate and reap support
from the people of a bygone era.  The future is coming and it is
one that will bring order out of the mess they have created.

Why are we so afraid to EVOLVE? To evolve means to improve and it is
impossible if we stay the same.  I thought that we took pride in
saying Caymanians are friendly people?   In our local press a
writer coined our defiance as culture and was very pleased about it!
 “Defiance” is a euphemism for fear in our situation.  There
is nothing patriotic about discrimination but there is something
totalitarian about it!

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