Police Chief to be interviewed soon

| 11/08/2008

At a public meeting on Cayman Brac on Friday, Senior Investigating Officer Martin Bridger indicated that he would be interviewing Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan in the near future in relation to the independent special investigation into police corruption.

Bridger was responding to a question from Spot Bay resident Hindenberg Dixon, the father of Deputy Police Commissioner Rudolf Dixon, who is facing a number of charges in relation to the investigation. DPC Dixon, together with Kernohan and Chief Superintendent John Jones, were placed on required leave in March this year pending the investigation, and Hindenberg Dixon wanted to know why Kernohan and Jones had been allowed to go to England while his son was facing charges in court, suggesting that the three were not being dealt with evenly.

“I ever were law abiding and had respect for my government and think that’s why (Rudolf Dixon) fell into the police business at 17,” said Dixon. “I feel that if he made a mistake, then he made a mistake, but all three should go through the punishment.”

Bridger explained at the meeting that he was now managing three investigations, one involving former Cayman Net News employee Lyndon Martin, one involving Kernohan and Jones and a third involving Dixon, and the investigations were not at the same stage.

Recapping the situation, Bridger said he had been asked to conduct the special investigation because of allegations of a systematic leak of daily police operations that, if true, could put police officers in jeopardy. Kernohan had made the decision, supported by the Governor, to seek outside assistance.

These allegations made by Martin against Net News Publisher Desmond Seales and DPC Anthony Ennis were found to be “a tissue of lies”, said Bridger, and Martin is now facing charges relating to lying to police and a range of other offenses.

Regarding Seales, he said, “I have listened to rumour, innuendo and mischief making, but in the end I have to go with the facts, which are that he was unfairly accused.” While it soon became clear that the allegations didn’t add up, the events leading up to the entry into Seales’ office by Net News employee on 3 September led to the suspension of Kernohan and Jones.

As he was investigating the original allegations, people came forward with additional allegations against other individuals including Rudolf Dixon, said Bridger, refusing to discuss the charges, which are now before the  courts.

Kernohan is still in the UK on compassionate leave. However, while he was not yet ready to interview him, he said it “won’t be too long”.

Anyone who has information related to any of the enquiries can call Senior Investigating Officer Martin Bridger on 927 2981.

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