Brett slashes previous best

| 13/08/2008

(CNS): Coming close to his big goal of a 2-minute swim in the 200-metre Backstroke Wednesday, Brett Fraser (left with brother Shaune) said he was really happy with a time of 2:01.17 in his heat, finishing 29 out of 49 swimmers in this event. “This was a great swim from Brett – he dropped an awful lot of time from his best. He looked real strong and powerful in the water. He had a good time and swam real well,” Cayman Swimming Coach Dominic Ross told Cayman Islands Olympic Committee journalist Shurna Robbins.

Brett, whose only major international experience was the Pan Am Games in Brazil last summer – a much smaller event than the Olympics – has already dropped his time from 2:07.23 since then. “He’s really starting to believe in what he’s doing and believe that he can do well and be up there with the best,” Ross said.

Brett and his brother Shaune, who both attend the University of Florida, have now completed all their events at the Beijing Olympics. This was Shaune’s second Olympics – in the 2004 Athens Games the Cayman Islands team included Andrew Mackay and Heather Roffey. (Photos Shurna Robbins)

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