Airport closes as Gustav approaches

| 29/08/2008

In the wake of the departure of the last flight from Owen Roberts International Airport at 11.00 am the facility closed its doors today, (Friday, 28 August).at 12 noon. The airport will reopen only after a runway and facilities assessment is completed after Tropical Storm Gustav passes said Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) Senior Manager Airport Operations, Kerith McCoy. This will ensure that there is no damage and that equipment has not been compromised.

Tourists who wanted had already left, with the last group departing on Delta’s flight to Atlanta. Reports from the facility said that the nine tents erected on the grounds as the first point to deal with departing passengers went unused.

 “We have been pleased by our level of preparedness. We were geared for the worst but things have worked out smoothly so far. I am especially thankful to Domino’s Pizza, Subway and Hungry Horse who had food on sale. I am also grateful to Massive for the tents and to Lions Productions for the public address system,” said Mc Coy.

CIAA CEO Fred Sambula also thanked everyone who helped – government, statutory authorities, airlines, volunteers, private sector and the media. “Everyone was very supportive, especially the CIAA staff, some of whom worked extremely long hours to accommodate additional flight schedules. I also thank our maintenance crew who will remain at the airport during the storm,” he said.

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