Bracker takes the helm at C&W

| 05/09/2008

(CNS): Cable & Wireless Caribbean have announced the appointment of Anthony Ritch as the new Country Manager of its Cayman Islands business. Ritch, who has worked with the Cayman business for the past 24 years, will assume the role with effect from 1 October 2008. He will take over from Timothy Adam who in July announced that he would be moving to a part-time advisory role after being at the helm of the business for 10 years.

Richard Dodd, Chief Executive Officer of C&W Caribbean, said, “The recruitment process was a rigorous one with numerous applicants from the Cayman Islands and throughout the Caribbean. However, we are confident that we have the right person for this new position in our new operating model for the Caribbean, with the expertise to lead our Cayman business forward and ensure its growth while meeting the needs of and providing exemplary service to our residential and enterprise customers in the Cayman Islands.”

Ritch stated, “I look forward to taking on the challenge of leading our team of talented colleagues who are dedicated, dynamic, and loyal to this business and our customers. I will work closely with them and all stakeholders to ensure the solid reputation that Cable & Wireless has built is strengthened and taken to a new level. Our business is changing and I am committed to the regional transformation which will deliver enhanced products and services, greater efficiencies, more value, and exceptional customer services.”

As the new Country Manager, Ritch will be responsible for driving the growth of the already successful Cayman business and overseeing the day to day operations, which includes the company’s full suite of broadband, data, mobile and landline products and services.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Anthony and watching him grow into a very competent manager and a fine leader who not only inspires those around him but holds the respect of our entire colleague body,” said outgoing Chief Executive Timothy Adam.

“I look forward to seeing him create many successes for our Cayman business. This selection is a testament and proof of our commitment to developing our people and providing opportunities for their advancement, and I congratulate Anthony on his appointment. I consider one of the key responsibilities of leadership is to develop the next generation of leaders, so as my finishing touch to that vital task I look forward to working closely with him during the next few weeks to ensure a seamless transition to his new role”

Originally from Cayman Brac, Anthony began his career with C&W on Grand Cayman at the age of 17 as a Junior Technician. He attend the C&W Telecommunications Colleges in Porthcurno, Cornwall, where he obtained a diploma in telecommunications engineering which provided a solid background for the various engineering roles he later held. He advanced his career in engineering by embracing various training opportunities and leading numerous special projects. Ritch was promoted to a senior manager in 1997 and began to take a keen interest in the commercial side of the business, becoming more involved in business and strategic planning and the management of capital projects.

Ritch has also held the post of Product Manager in the Mobile department, responsible for developing, launching and promoting new mobile products across both the postpaid and prepaid sectors of the market. In 2006 he was promoted to Vice President of Broadband & Voice and has been credited with growing this arm of the business by repositioning the broadband products and service offerings. He has also been involved in revitalizing the company’s enterprise business model, the introduction of the new Virtual Office product and has been instrumental in developing winning propositions for a number of major corporate clients.

Ritch holds a BSc in Management with Honors from the University of Tampa. He is also devoted to serving his community and has been a member of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman for 15 years where he now serves in the role of President. He resides in Savannah with his wife Lisa, two sons Maxwell and Dimitri and daughter Jazmin.


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  1. Kerry Horek says:

    Congratulations to you Tony my fellow Cayman Bracker.  I know you were ambitious and that was embedded in you with the grooming from your parents.  Hard work does a body and mind good.  Thanks for making us all proud and I know there is no doubt in my mind that you will do an exceptional job.

    God bless you always.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Since the resourceful Cayman Brac people built their own hospital back in the late 1960’s (perhaps early 1970’s) during my youth, and turned it over to Government to adminster, I have admired their fortitude and ambition. I later lived and worked in the Brac and became more of a ‘fan’.  Because I witnessed how they ran their affairs, I wished for a Bracker to lead our government one day (no joke). That happened in 2005, but my bubble has since burst.

    Nevermind, Mr. Ritch and other young Brackers might yet restore my faith in the leadership qualities of Brackers and perhaps one day we might have the right Bracker leading us.

    Born and Bred in Grand Cayman


  3. M. Scott says:

    I concur 100% with Kurt’s comments above.

    Congrats, Tony! You’ve made us Brackers proud!

    M. Scott

  4. Dane Walton says:

    Well done Tony keep up the hard and good work you make us proud. The Walton family

  5. Roy Tatum says:

     Well done Tony.  As a fellow Cayman Bracker I am very proud of this appointment.  You are not only bright and very competent, but also a first class human being.  Russ is looking down and smiling to see one of his great friends take the reigns of the C&W that he cared so much about.  

    Congrats my friend.




  6. Kurt says:

    This is a promotion well deserved by a bright and ambitious man. it is people like Anthony (tony) who make us all proud to say we are from Cayman Brac. As young men and women on the Brac in the mid 80’s we were left with no other choice but to leave the place we still call our home to seek employment on Grand Cayman. Many of us are where we are today due to our hardworking ethics and upbringing on that tiny island.

    Congrats my friend on a job well deserved! You are no doubt the best man suited for the job!