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| 23/09/2008

(CNS): The Cayman Multiples Support Group will be holding a meeting this Sunday, 28 September, from 3:00 to 4:00 pm at Motions Unlimited Gym on Sparky Drive. According to organizer Tim Dailey, the meeting will be a casual get together for parents and children to play together and discuss the unique challenges associated with raising twins, triplets and higher order multiples.

"Multiples parents often find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges of raising more than one child at a time," said Dailey. "Personally, we have twins, and we have been coming to the meetings since before they were born. We found it a great comfort to chat with similar parents and get ideas and tips for dealing with twins." According to Dailey there are a significant number of twins on island, probably over 25 pairs, and at least one set of triplets.

"We have been getting together as a group for over two years," he said, acknowledging that recently meetings have been scarce but interest has grown. Finding a suitable venue to let the kids run around in a controlled way that allows the parents the opportunity to chat has been challenging," said Dailey. "However, when we approached Motions they were extremely receptive, offering us full use of the facilities at a very reasonable cost."

Motions Unlimited is a fully equipped gymnastics facility with over 11,500 square feet of equipment designed to promote fun and fitness in kids of all ages. Classes are offered in all age groups from 15 months to the teen years.

"We have been taking our kids to the ‘Me and My Shadow’ classes for 15 to 36 month olds and they love it," said Dailey. "It is a great diversion for the kids and gives us time together with them out of the house and in a safe and fun environment." The classes are very informal, he noted, adding that they are tailored to the abilities and needs of each age group.

"The instructors work with the kids to encourage them to try new activities," he says. "And if the kids just want to run about and play, they are free to do that too." Additional information about Motions can be found on their website or by calling 749-8365.

"We are hoping that this meeting will lead to a long term relationship with the gym and we are currently planning to increase meetings to be held on a monthly basis," said Dailey.

Noting that there are a large number of multiples on the island he went on to add that the sharing of information is invaluable. "Not only is it two or three of everything, it is also all about scheduling, working routines and staying sane!" he said. Parents of multiples or those expecting multiples are encouraged to attend and share their experiences.

"As mentioned, there are at least one set of triplets on island, and recently one of our parents of twin boys welcomed their second set of twins," he said. "Now that is a challenge not many parents can say they have had to face!"

"We are hoping to build a strong network of parents to share information of topics that are unique to multiples, or more prevelant in multiple births." Noting that most twin parents experience challenges in the course of their pregnancy and child rearing, Dailey said it is great to know that you are not alone and that others have gone through it and are there to offer support.

"Many of us have formed close friendships with other parents, and we hope to welcome more multiples into our group," he said.

For more information, contact Tim Dailey at 916-8005 or e-mail him at or

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