Rumour causes distress

| 15/10/2008

(CNS): A false rumour regarding the identity of Estella Scot-Roberts’ murderer is causing additional heartache to a family already grieving her loss. In response, the family of William Murphy Powell, a prisoner at HMP Northward who has not been released, is advising the public to refrain from spreading any malicious rumours regarding any member of the Powell family’s alleged involvement in the suspected murder of Scott-Roberts, whose body was found Saturday morning in her burnt out car.

A member of the Powell family said that Estella was very close to them all and, in fact, lived with them for many years when she was the girlfriend of Perry Powell, who is now the Deputy Chief Officer for the Ministry of Communications, Works and Infrastructure of the Cayman Islands Government.

“The rumors have taken over common sense through this community in speculation of this senseless act and our family is also grieving deeply for her loss,” the family member said. “The allegations and rumours have been primarily been directed at my brother Murphy Kencer Powell, who remains in prison for the past ten years. He has not been released, she never testified in any case involving him, all of these vicious lies only serve to detract from the real tragedy and the energy should be focused and directed towards assisting the investigation.”

In a release, the family said, “We are deeply saddened by this incident as Estella was also considered a part of our family and we also like to extend our condolences to her husband and his family in this most difficult time. The Powell family is prepared to take any necessary legal action against person or persons engaged in spreading these rumours or any conduct which is defamatory to any member of the Powell’s family. We ask the public to respect our privacy in this most difficult time and to focus their attention on providing assistance to the RCIPS investigation.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s about time that people wake up to technology in Cayman and help protect the public against crime.  One highly effective way is by installing cameras in parking lots and making sure that they are well lit at night.  This would not only prevent crime from occurring but it would also help identify crime suspects and provide proof for authorites to convict these criminals! As a women I just don’t feel safe on the streets of Cayman anymore. Something has to be done. Perhaps if we could all contribute money towards the purchase of cameras it just might help save someone’s life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My condolences are extended to Estella’s husband,  family and friends as I know how this has impacted me so I can just image what they all are going thorough. The public needs to stop speculating and spreading rumors, it is not helping only causing more pain a grieve to her loved ones. 

    You can help by giving the RCIPS any information that you might have that could lead them to the monster(s) who needs to be taken off our streets.  This is not just a crime against Estella but a crime against the entire community.  We need to fight back in a postive way and help to make the Cayman Islands a safer place in the name of Estella.  Let us honor her and made her proud that her name and what she stood for will never be forgotten. 

    Just imagine if everyone person in the Cayman Islands just gave one dollar to Crime Stoppers in order to raise the reward money.  The tip lines would being ringing no stop guarantee!!!

    People for referendum, need your signature in order to prepare a petiion to take to the goverment.  There is somuch we can do as a community to help in a positive way rather than spreading rumors.