Paloma lands in Cuba

| 07/11/2008

(CNS): Update – 7:00 pm The ‘All Clear’ has been given to the Sister Islands as Hurricane Paloma moves leaving devistation in its wake. Paloma has now made landfall in Cuba as a category 3 hurricane with wind speeds of 120 mph. Cuba has been hit by just about every hurricane during the 2008 Alantic season and at 7:00 pm yet another dangerous strom made landfall just east of Santa Cruz del Sur.

A hurricane warning still remians in effect for the Sister Islands but winds have decreased well below tropical storm-force but as a curfew has been imposed on the people of Cayman Brac the all clear may not be given tonight.

At 7:00 pm the center of Hurricane Paloma was located near latitude 20.8 north longitude 77.9 west or about 75 milessouth-southwest of camaguey Cuba moving toward the northeast near 10 mph and this general motion is expected through Sunday with a decrease in forward speed after landfall. Maximum sustained winds have decreased to 120 mph with higher gusts. Paloma is a category three hurricane on the saffir-simpson scale.

Steady weakening is expected for the next day or twoespecially as Paloma moves across Cuba tonight and Sunday morning.Hurricane force winds extend outward up to 30 miles from the centre and tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 115 miles.

Meanwhile another area of showers and thunderstorms has developed in association with a non-tropical low pressure system located about 700 miles southwest of the Azores Islands. The NHC said that environmental conditions appear somewhat favorable for development of a subtropical cyclone during the next day or two if thunderstorm activity persists near the low pressure center.

More information on Paloma


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  1. Gareth says:

    thinking of all my friends on Grand Cayman and especially on Cayman Brac – one of my former homes.  Stay safe and I hope all is well – keep believing!

    • Anonymous says:

      All is well in Grand Cayman, some wind damage and flooding but nothing major and for the most part we got lucky.  Right now we just have to think of the people on the sister islands as preliminary reports are that they got quite a thrashing with a lot of damage, so far no reports of anyone seriously injured.

    • Robert and Helen says:

      Very concerned about our friends on the Brac. Our prayers go out to you and hope now the worst is over and the best will soon come! Help is on the way!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good morning …. Is everyone ok?  Including Mr. Rubbish?


  3. Anonymous says:

    We lived on Cayman Brac for seven years and send our prayers and hope that everyone came through without any personal harm.  I remember all the vivid description Miss Zenie would  share of her experiences during past hurricanes.  She is missed and we wish good luck to all the people of Cayman Brac.

    Don and Sheila

  4. Jedi Dread says:

    VIDEO FROM CNN with footage of right before Paloma hit…

    CNN’s Ralitsa Vassileva asks radio broadcaster J.B. Webb how the islands are preparing for Paloma.


    Jedi Dread

  5. Karl Bertelsen says:

    Another ‘Thank You’ for the updates!
    All take care.

  6. Anonymous says:

    To the person who said "Rubbish", a major news paper said their was a run on the stores.  Perhaps it was different at the store you were at. 

  7. Daniel Wood says:

    Can’t believe you guys are going through this again! Good luck to you all. Keep the news coming in. As usual you’re doing a great job


    keep safe




  8. Anonymous says:

    Storm is battering us here in Beach Bay area.

    Winds are blowing heavy and some rain coming in the front door since rain directoon is beating on the door.  Winds are feeling at about 76mph or more.

    Opened the rollers and the beach is full of debri and waves are slamming heavy on the shore.

    Electricity is still on and water is off.  DO not know how much longer electricals will stay on buy good luck to everyone.

    Storm is a Cat 3.  Stay safe Cayman.

  9. Annie and Ronnie says:

    Wow, what a surprise….another hurricane.  We just came home from our vacation last week . The hurricane boards from Gustav were still coming down.  This is enough,already.  We love the Cayman People and we pray for you all.    Be safe and God speed. Annie & Ronnie 

  10. Jedi Dread says:

    I echo those sentiments …

    Goodluck and Godspeed, Cayman.  You have Friends & Family wishing you the best from afar.

    Via con Dios,

    Jedi Dread


  11. Shaun Ebanks says:

    Excellent work Cayman News Service; it’s a pleasue every time to visit your web site for all the news in Cayman and overseas. I especially like your site where the public has the opportunity to comment on the stories printed and read the views of others, a short time thereafter.

    You guys are the best and are certainly earning a good reputation as being the media outlet in Cayman Islands breaking the news in real time. Thanks once again and God Bless !!!



    • Anonymous says:

      What a bunch of rubbish. No cruise ship docked and ALL supermarkets are full of supplies.

      The storm is only 60 miles away and we are all quite comfortable thank you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Whoever posted "What a bunch of rubbish" you should be ashamed.  So much for the friendly Cayman Islands!  At a time like this to be so contrite and rude is unnecessary and pathetic.  Someone is worried about someone they love and this is what you post?


      • Anonymous says:

        What an extraordinary display of pomposity. I can not believe that you would reply to a worried mother in such a manner – wow!

        To all those worried people with family or friends on the Island (at least my small part in the West) – yes, we’re fine – thank you for your prayers.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have a son in Grand Cayman at St. Matthew’s Medical School.  He said the shelves in the grocery stores are almost empty.  A cruise ship docked and told passengers to take cover. He is heading for shelter and said this is expected to be worse than the one in August.

    We are praying for everyone’s safety.


    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Mom with Son in Cayman.  I shopped at 8:30pm this morning at Foster’s Food Fair, The Strand.  Store was full of shoppers despite rain and wind and the shelver were stocked.  No shortage on food or water supplies.  Hope this remains the same after the Hurricane.  FYI Cruise Ships divert to other areas when there is unsafe weather.  No ships in dock.  Yes this one will be worse than the one in August for us as we are having lots of rain and wind.  Continue to keep us in your prayers.




  13. Darlene Ebanks says:

    It is nice to have links in the time of a storm.  Keep up the good job of passing on information to to Public.

    Darlene Ebanks

  14. Mike Hennessy says:

    Goodluck and Godspeed, Cayman.  You have friends wishing you the best from afar.