Senior promotions in the Fire Service

| 28/01/2009

(CNS): Recent high-ranking promotions at the Cayman Islands Fire Service (CIFS) will help with strategic planning and succession planning, according to the Chief Fire Officer. Rosworth McLaughlin is now Deputy Chief Fire Officer – Administration; Doorly McLaughlin is appointed as Deputy Chief Fire Officer – Domestic, and Steve Webster (left) is Deputy Chief Fire Officer – Aerodrome. All three senior fire officers have each served CIFS for some three decades, according to a release.

They likewise began their careers as firemen, moving on through the ranks to become sub-officers, station officers and then divisional officers.

“These promotions will help to bring Fire Services’ strategic planning forward,” said Chief Fire Officer Dennom Bodden. “They will also secure succession planning, and help to enhance teamwork, as well as achieve compliance with all the new regulations within government.”

Rosworth McLaughlin’s new administrative responsibilities will comprise oversight of the CIFS budget of some $M11.5, management of Freedom of Information issues, and all Human Resources-related matters, including staff training. “In this new position I expect to contribute primarily in the area of strategic planning, and to facilitate additional CIFS twenty-first century development by building on the existing foundation,” he said.

To date, major highlights of his career have featured his contributions to the CIFS IT system, particularly the introduction of the computer network; the creation of the CIFS communication section, and management of the replacement of Grand Cayman’s entire fleet of 13 specialized fire vehicles (a US$M6.5 project).

R. McLaughlin has completed technical and managerial training in the US and UK, and he is currently completing a master’s degree in Business Administration through the University of Liverpool. He values discipline, good teamwork and camaraderie between peers, in addition to ongoing technical and managerial development.

For Doorly McLaughlin (left), the range of new responsibilities relates to domestic fire services, enforcement of fire codes and fire investigation activities. He noted that in his new position he will endeavour to see the newer fire codes implemented; extend fire inspections to encompass more commercial buildings; develop written policies and procedures to deal with different fire target hazards; offer his staff managerial skills training and establish a staff succession plan.

Ever optimistic, he said, “I am proud that implementing fire codes has already enhanced fire safety and in this respect, Cayman is one of the best places in Caribbean.” His own career highlights have centred on fire code implementation and developing fire safety systems, and he is encouraged by the developers, architects and builders who recognize their importance. Experienced in investigating local fires, D. McLaughlin has completed Fire College in Trinidad, as well as several additional courses in the US and Canada.

As Deputy Chief Fire Officer – Aerodrome, Steve Webster will be responsible for all aerodrome fire service. He has previously been involved in compiling the Fire Service’s aerodrome operational manual, and is accustomed to selecting the required fire vehicles and ensuring that they are all fully equipped according to standards. As might be expected one of Steve’s priorities in his new position is to see his team fully trained and equipped in all airdrome operations.

Also keen to get CIFS training facilities and trainers upgraded to present UK standards, Webster believes that would encourage others in the Caribbean to regard Cayman as a training centre on par with any in the UK. He highly values timeliness and teamwork and feels that mutual goals are achievable through mutual understanding. In keeping with the other two new appointees, he further believes that when one enters the fire service, one should be motivated by the desire to save lives and properties.

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