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British workers strike for jobs

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(BBC): Wildcat strikes are "not defensible", Gordon Brown has told those angry at the employment of foreign workers. Hundreds of employees staged walkouts across the UK over the use of foreign staff at a Lincolnshire refinery. The PM told the BBC’s Politics Show he understood workers’ fears, but walkouts were "not the right thing to do". The Tories said they did not back the strikes either but said Mr Brown’s 2007 "British jobs for British workers" pledge had been exposed as "fiction". Go to article

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Acid oceans need action

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(BBC): The world’s marine ecosystems risk being severely damaged by ocean acidification unless there are dramatic cuts in CO2 emissions, warn scientists. More than150 top marine researchers have voiced their concerns through the "Monaco Declaration", which warns that changes in acidity are accelerating. The declaration, supported by Prince Albert II of Monaco, builds on findings from an earlier international summit. It says pH levels are changing 100 times faster than natural variability. Go to article

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The Inconvenient Lie

| 01/02/2009 | 14 Comments

This is about the Inconvenient Lie of Global Warming and the junk science used by the IPCC (Inter government Panel on Climate Change).

It is inconvenient for the world’s citizens, who will soon be asked to spend billions of dollars per year to fix a problem that does not exist.

Please look at a paper called “The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scan” posted on the Internet, to understand the sordid story of how a vast bureaucracy grew like a cancer on the world’s body over the last 40 years,

The story begins with an Oceanographer named Roger Revelle, who noticed that the climate was warming while the atmospheric concentration of CO2 was rising and then
sought a relationship between them. In fact, it was merely a coincidence.

The climate was already warming naturally out of the mini ice age at the same time that the industrial revolution increased the CO2 from burning more fossil fuels. The IPCC bureaucracy merely co-opted this coincidence for their own fraudulent purposes.

No quantitative relationship was ever proven. In fact, many physicists have now shown that the effect of CO2 on climate is either nil or insignificant.

For example, a mathematical proof that there is no “climate crisis” was published last July in a major peer-reviewed paper in “Physics and Society”, a learned journal of the 10,000 strong American Physical Society. In it, physicist Christopher Monckton shows that doubling the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere would only increase temperature by about 1 degree F.

In last year’s US Senate Minority report on global warming, over 650 scientists spoke out against the IPCC’s recent report, more the 12 times the number of UN scientists.
One typical remark : "It is a blatant lie put forth in the media that makes it seem there is only a fringe of scientists who don’t buy into anthropogenic global warming."
— U.S Government Atmospheric Scientist Stanley B. Goldenberg of the Hurricane Research
Another remark:
"Warming fears are the "worst scientific scandal in the history. … When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists." — UN IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an award-winning PhD environmental physical chemist.

There were many more scathing remarks, all of which show there is something very wrong about the hysterical warnings from the IPCC, all of which are being used to scare the world’s citizens into compliance.

In fact, more CO2 is what we want, because it helps plants grow and is therefore very beneficial to food crops. Why should we hire a host of self serving bureaucrats whose intent is to damage our environment.

And this is not the first instance of junk science being used by government against its citizens. We lost Freon, our best refrigerant gas ever, through science that was even junkier than that of the IPCC. We have also lost DDT and Chlordane

I am writing this because I am a retired scientist who has always, and still does, love science. It breaks my heart to see science being bastardized by selfish and immoral forces who use it to try, and usually succeed, in achieving their immoral profit and/or political objectives. This is not only abhorrent, but it gives true science a bad name.

We, the people, are the losers in this game. We need to wake up and understand what is happening to us. Somehow, we must halt the IPCC on Global Warming, and any further use of junk science to scare us into supporting programs which are not in our interests.

Gerry Miller, PE, BA Sc. Engineering Physics


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Henderson’s lawyers confirm CI$1.275M settlement

| 01/02/2009 | 16 Comments

(CNS):  Update Mon 2nd Feb Justice Alex Henderson’s legal team from Campbells Attorney’s have confirmed that the the judge has settled his case for CI$1.275 million. The sum covers both the costs and the damages awarded  regarding his unlawful arrest and the illegal searches of his home and office in September 2008 by the Special Police Investigation Team led by SIO Martin Bridger. The legal costs incurred by Bridger and the Attorney General’s office in defending the Judical Review have yet to be revealed.

It is now unclear whether or not the settlement will be formally confimed and the case dismissed in open court but it is likely to be dealt with this week with the settlement now reached. Although Henderson has made no official statement to the local media, he told The Vancouver Sun on Friday that the payment sent a clear message. "I think the size of the award will demonstrate to the public that I suffered a serious injustice," he said.

Before becoming a Grand Court Judge in the Cayman Islands, Henderson practiced law in Vancouver and was a former Supreme Court judge in British Columbia.

Following what eventually was revealed at the judicial review, presided over by Sir Peter Cresswell, to be an unlawful arrest as well as illegal searches of his home and office, the Attorney General’s Office had agreed to settle. However, the negotiations were stalled when the elected government refused to agree to any more financing for the mistakes of SPIT led by SIO Bridger, who was roundly condemned by Cresswell during the hearing. This meant that, in order for the CI government to meet Cresswell’s award to Henderson, Governor Stuart Jack had to use his reserve powers to take the money from the public purse.

The governor announced that he had received permission from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to do that last week, leaving the way clear for the AG’s office to finalise the settlement with Henderson. CNS understands that Henderson had originally asked for $2.5 million and a further hearing to determine those damages was reportedly called off late Thursdaywhen the Cayman Islands government agreed to pay Henderson the sum of CI$1.275 million. (The sum initially reported as nearly $2 million was Candaian dollars.)

The Cayman treasury will also be paying for SPIT’s extensive legal team from the UK, which included Nicholas Purnell QC and Martin Pollaine, who allegedly gave the advise to arrest Henderson despite no arrestable offence taking place.

Although out-of-court settlements are private, Henderson has always said that any settlement should be made public as it is public money and because it will help to restore his reputation. The financial settlement is a major part of clearing Henderson’s name although he also received a public apology in court from Acting Commissioner James Smith, who was not here when Henderson was arrested and played no part in the investigation. He made the apology on behalf of the RCIPS and Bridger, who although widely criticized by the elected government and Cresswell has not yet been removed from the investigation. Both the governor and Smith continue to protect him and suggest that he acted in good faith despite the outcome.

However, Bridger may not yet be out of the firing line as The Vancouver Sun reported that another of Henderson’s lawyers, British MP Geoffrey Cox, who is also a Queen’s Counsel and member of the British Parliament, plans to raise the matter of the conduct of SPIT in the UK Parliament.CNS has also contacted the Cayman Islands All Party Parliamentary Group at the House of Commons to see if any of them are willing to ask questions on the behalf of the Cayman people regarding the investigation and its costs being born by the local tax payer.

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