Voters need to check election list

| 04/02/2009

(CNS): Following the record breaking number of voters now registered to place their ballot in the forthcoming General Election in May, registered voters are being invited to check through the new voters lists that now contains 15,117 names. (See CNS article). The new electoral roll will be posted at various locations throughout the three Cayman Islands from Sunday 8 and Monday 9 February. 

The elections office said these are the lists that have been revised to include everyone who has registered since the cut-off date for the last list, which was published in January.

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez is urging voters to check the lists to determine whether all of their information is accurate. If corrections are necessary, a claim must be submitted to the Registering Officer for the district in which the voter is registered. The Elections Law provides 21 days for the lists to be publicly scrutinized. Therefore any claim must be submitted on or before Monday, 2 March. The law also provides for registered voters to object if they believe that someone included on the voters list is not entitled to be there. Objections must also be filed on or before 2 March.

Forms for both claims and objections are available at all post offices, the Elections Office and the website

After a magistrate has settled the claims and objections, the final list, formally known as the Official Register of Electors, will come into force on 1 April. The office confirmed that this is the list that will be used for the General elections and proposed constitutional referendum on 20 May.

The voters lists may be viewed at the following locations:

West Bay: * West Bay Post Office, * Hell Service Station, Four Winds Esso, Clinic, * Republix, CNB, * Cost-U-Less                

George Town: *Seven Mile Beach Post Office, *Downtown Post Office, *CICSA Co-Op Credit Union, Airport Post Office, *The Strand (Foster’s Food Fair) *Kirk Supermarket, *George Town Hospital, *Govt. Admin. Building, *Hurley’s Supermarket,*Foster’s Food Fair, *Jose’s Esso, *Walkers Road Texaco,  McRuss Groceries, *A L Thompson Home Depot, *Smith Road Professional Centre

Bodden Town: Bodden Town Clinic, *Foster’s Food Fair (Country Side), *Lorna’s Texaco, *Post Office Savannah, *Post Office Bodden Town

East End: Clinic, *Foster’s Food Fair, *Post Office

North Side: Jack’s Esso, *Post Office, Chisholm’s Grocery

Cayman Brac and LC: *West End Post Office, Creek Sub post Office, Spot Bay Sub Post Office, WateringPlace Sub Post Office, Stake Bay Sub Post Office, *Kirconnell’s Supermarket, *Market Place, Billy’s Supermarket, *Village Square, District Officer’s Office.

Locations marked with an asterisk (*) have lists for all six electoral districts. Other locations have lists for that district only.



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