Police aim to light up Little Cayman’s bikes

| 10/02/2009

(CNS): Residents and visitors on Little Cayman are being reminding that they need to have working lights on their bikes during the hours of darkness. Local police officers had noticed that almost no bikes were using lights and have been working hard to educate the community about their use. “Whilst this is a small island with very little traffic, we cannot be complacent and lights must be used to prevent serious accidents from taking place,” said PC Darren Coles.

Since police officers Coles and Greg Shepherd started their campaign, many businesses and residents have installed lights on their bikes and officers say it’s been very encouraging to see the cooperation from islanders. “We are very pleased to see people taking this issue seriously and investing in lights for their bikes,” commented PC Coles.

Police said that cyclists need lights on the front and back of bikes so they can be clearly seen in the dark and should always ride on the left. Officers advised riders to wear a helmet at all times as the most serious injuries from a cycle accident are to the head. They also advised wearing light coloured clothes, keeping bikes in good working order, and not carrying passengers on the front or back of the bike. They also asked drivers play their part and look out for cyclists, especially children, as they may not be looking out for you. Always use mirrors before making a manoeuvre to check the path is clear and always use indicators to make movements known to others, police said, adding that when passing a cyclist drivers should make sure they have enough room to do so safely.

Little Cayman Police can be contact on 948-0100, 925-4428 or 925-4431.

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