New technology helps Cayman business stay on track

| 24/02/2009

(CNS): One local firm in Cayman says it is working hard to help other businesses keep track of their valuable resources through the use of modern technology. Sat-Trak has been successfully providing satellite tracking services to Cayman’s businesses for about a year, but has now expanded its team to include a young Caymanian sales person and launched a new website.


Described as a cost-saving tool for businesses and the only one of its kind in the Cayman Islands, manager Derek Larner said it gives fleet Managers and business owners the ability to monitor the movements of their assets – usually vehicles – in real-time from any Internet enabled PC via a secure online portal. It gives them access to valuable information and data like current location, vehicle speed and engine idling time, so managers can really make sure their fleets are running at optimum efficiency levels.

 “Sat-Trak is a must-have for any organization with a fleet of vehicles”, Larner said. “It’s the only effective way of keeping track of where drivers are, who is closest to pick-ups and whether valuable time is being spent in the most efficient way. This technology can save a business thousands of dollars over the course of any year by minimizing fuel consumption and idling times, and speeding up pick-up and delivery times. Knowing where their vehicles are at any given time helps companies better manage their employees’ activities. Sat-Trak is also totally affordable and easy to use.”

 Many of Cayman’s businesses have now embraced the new technology and Melissa Ebanks has come on board to spearhead the company’s expanding sales efforts. “This is a great opportunity for me to help grow Sat-Trak because its business benefits speak for themselves,” she said. “I can’t wait to get outthere and start spreading the word.”  

Sat-Trak also recently launched its new website, at To monitor their assets, Sat-Trak’s customers log-in to their own personal account from any Internet enabled PC. From there they can view the location of their vehicles, assets and people, as well as information about their movements. For prospective customers, the new Sat-Trak website lists the company’s products with all their features and benefits, as well as the various applications for the technology, such as delivery and service vehicles, transport operations, construction fleets, public transport (buses and taxis), boats, car dealerships, equipment rental companies, emergency vehicle fleets and teen driver monitoring. Users will also find the site’s savings calculator handy when working out the business benefits and its copious FAQ’s section tells them just about everything they could need to know before buying. 

Ebanks explains that currently Sat-Trak provides three products. However there are plans to expand the range with some exciting new offerings later in the year, details of which will soon be up on the website.  Larner and Ebanks are encouraging their existing customers and Cayman’s fleet managers to come out and meet them, as well as learn more about Sat-Trak’s technology and their new products, at this year’s Car and Boat show at Camana Bay on 27/28 February.

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