US Senator says Cuba embargo doesn’t work

| 25/02/2009

(AP): The US policy of shunning communist Cuba by imposing a strict trade embargo has failed to prod the island nation toward democracy and should be re-evaluated, according to the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. "We must recognize the ineffectiveness of our current policy and deal with the Cuban regime in a way that enhances U.S. interests," wrote Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., in a report dated Monday. The report lends new weight to a bipartisan view in Congress that Raul Castro’s rise to power has opened a window for U.S.-Cuban relations.

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  1. Anonymous says:

      As long as we can keep our tourism product clean and safe people will still continue to come to Cayman. When Cuba opens, ( notice I said when ) when Cuba opens tourists will find its no different then any other caribbean island. They will find Crime, pandering, high prices as well as congestion and all the things that have kept Cayman ahead of the game for years. Everyone should take a short trip to any of the other islands in the tourism sector to see quickly why Cayman is so different. We will lose some tourists dollars but the main reason people come here is the simple fact that these islands are safe and clean.. You do not get rushed by kids trying to sell you everything under the sun and for the most part a family can let there kids run about with out fear of losing them or something worse. In this I must say that its very important in these times for everyone to work to reduce things like night club beatings with bats of tourists as that takes away one of the simple things that have drawn quests here for years. I suspect that when Cayman Brac reopens soon we will quickly see the tourists coming in quickly. The reason is simply the Sister Islands have been able to maintain its safety standards and its passion for its tourism product.

     If we allow these island to become saturatated with crime and we take away from Cayman what has always been here, its friendly people and hospitality then when Cuba opens we will lose for sure. Get crime out of Cayman, try and remember these islands are supported by tourists dollars and remember to give the tourists a smile.. In these times the Islands and the people who remember that good customer service goes along way will do well, the ones that dont remember this will simply go out of business. I see this as a easy thing to do.. All Cayman has to do is remember how it used to be done and why people for years have been coming back here. We all ready know how to keep all of our guests from going to Cuba we now just have to do a better job of it..

     Cayman must take a strong stance on crime and invest in clean tourism. I know this is one of the banking centers of the world but I know far too few people who actually benefit from the banks. I however know quite a few whose dinner is put on the table directly by tourism dollars. Lets make sure the every guest that comes here finds the local population notonly friendly but we send them home with a feeling of wanting to come back.

     God bless these little islands in the sun

  2. Anonymous says:

    That whizzing noise is the sound of our tourism industry rushing to Cuba