Ships dump waste in sea

| 01/03/2009

(IHT): Miles from shore in the open Caribbean Sea, cruise ships are dumping ground-up glass, rags and cardboard packaging. But vessels in other waters such as the Baltic and North seas are prohibited from throwing any solid waste overboard other than food scraps. The difference? Many countries with coastlines on the world’s most fragile seas abide by a United Nations dumping ban that requires them to treat ship-generated garbage on land. Caribbean islands, however, have yet to adopt the ban, saying they simply don’t have the capacity to treat ship garbage on shore and fear it will push ships to dock in less-regulated ports of call.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t see that glass, rags and cardboard would create any smell or attract unwanted pests so why can’t the ships hold the trash and take them back to the port they came from rather than pollute our beautiful oceans?  That is disgusting – it’s a pity we can’t hold them liable for the obvious damage this will be causing to wildlife and the environment.