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| 04/03/2009

(CNS): A black tie champagne reception, with all proceeds going to the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, will be held at the Ritz-Carton on Friday, 6 March, to launch an exhibition of the most beautiful and historic crowns from monarchies around the world, together with silver cutlery from Robbe & Berking. The exhibition can be viewed at Ambience on the Strand from 7-21 March, Monday to Saturday, where it will be free of charge to the public. Store opening times will be extended to 7:00 pm with additional opening hours on Sundays from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.

According to Ambience, historically when the original crowns were created,they were fashioned by the best goldsmiths and jewelers of their time. The crowns have been recreated in part to understand the kind of craftsmanship that must have been involved in making them. Many historical crowns have been lost or destroyed, such as the 12 crowns of England before Oliver Cromwell, which were destroyed in 1649. Many crowns are in safes of the National Banks, or exhibted in many museums around the world.

The VIP reception is presented by Ambience Ltd in cooperation with German silver manufacturing company, Robbe & Berking, one of the finest manufacturers of sterling silver and silver-plated cutlery and tableware. Throughout the firm’s history, Robbe & Berking silverware has been manufactured for many of the ruling houses of Europe and distant lands, used in the residence of the Aga Khan, in the palace of the King of Jordan, the King of Malaysia, the Sultan of Oman, and in the Kremlin, amongst many others. The connection to these ruling houses was the stimulus of the exhibition.

After decades of work, the jewelers Juergen Aberler from Wuppertal, Germany and associated workshops have succeeded in creating perfect replicas and have brought them all together in a unique exhibition.

This exhibition has been featured all over the world in countries such as Russia, Japan, Dubai and throughout Europe. The collection of crowns and insignias has been enriched by a number of originals, including the Blue Faience Crown of the Pharaoh Echnaton (18th Dynasty 1365-1349 BC, a 17th /18th Century ritual Lama Crown, and the Torah Crown.

From Egyptians crowns such as the Double Crown of Upper & Lower Egypt, the Crown of William the Conqueror, the Crown of the Prince of Wales, the Russian Imperial Crown, and the tiara of the Shahbanou Farah Diba to the gem of the collection, the Cap of Astrachan – here, the 5,000 year old history of the most magnificent insignia in the world are exhibited.

The exhibition is rounded off with the full range of Robbe & Berking tableware and cutlery, the symbol of masterly silver craftsmanship.

Following the exhibition, an art competition themed “A Crown Event” will be held for children 6 years and up, with an exhibition featuring their work to be held on 25 April, which aims to develop an appreciation of the detail of artistry and craftsmanship found in these crowns, along with the accompanying history of kings and queens from around the world. Prizes for the competition were supplied by Picturethis.

Ambience points out that children listen to many stories of royalty, but few have actually seen them or their crowns and insignias, and this exhibition is the perfect opportunity to walk them through some of the world’s richest history.

Tickets for the black-tie event are limited and are CI$125 each.

Please contact (345) 945 – 0115, email mcfieldc@candw.ky or visit www.ambience.ky for further information on this event.


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