Sabrina’s body identified

| 23/03/2009

(CNS): A post mortem of murder victim 21-year-old Sabrina Schirn by a forensic pathologist from Miami has revealed that she suffered multiple sharp force and chop injuries. Formal identification of the body, which was found in bush land in East End on Tuesday 17 March, took place over the weekend, though police cannot confirm the time of death at this time and enquiries into this continue. “This was clearly an act of extreme violence which resulted in the tragic death of young Sabrina,” said Detective Inspector Kim Evans. “Our condolences go out to her family and friends.”

A major incident room continues to operate from Bodden Town police station staffed with experienced detectives who are being supported by numerous officers from departments including Scenes of Crime, Family Support Unit and officers from the Financial Crime Unit.

“Our team is working exceptionally hard to find out what happened to Sabrina and bring her killer or killers to justice. We are comfortable with how the investigation is going so far and a number of positive lines of enquiry are being followed up,” said Evans. He noted, however, that it would be reckless to publicly go into detail about any of the leads that are being looked at, stressing that all avenues are being examined.

Detectives continue to appeal for sightings of Sabrina and the Honda Torneo that she was last known to be using. Evans also appealed for information from anyone who may have been in the High Rock Road area between the morning of Wednesday, 11 March, and Tuesday, 17 March.

““Were you in the area? Did you see anything that looked out of place or anyone acting suspiciously? Even the smallest piece of information could prove crucial to the enquiry,” he said.

Anyone who can assist is asked to contact the Major Incident Room at Bodden Town police station on 947-2220 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. M says:

    Let this girl R.I.P….

    I’m sure the family would like to greive without harassment from the public or the RCIP.

    The RCIP have their faults….. yes we know, but lets not forget that a mother has lost a daughter, a brother has lost a sister…a aunt has lost a niece and so forth…

    Give the family time…. time will not take away the pain, but in time the family will have learned how to cope with their lost…

    Pray that the killer (S) are brought to Justice ASAP, and pray that this type of behavior STOPS as our little Island is 2 small for this type of thing.

    GOD bless us and be MERCYFUL on us all……

    Because all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of GOD.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Justice will be served. why should murderers roam the streets of the cayman Islands

    carrying guns and dangerous weapons???? where and when does the law protect us?

    Are they waiting until it reaches their own family before they do something drastic about it????

    We want Justice, not tomorrow, we need justice like YESTERDAY!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know it is hard, but I think the people of Cayman need to hold back their feelings of who is to blame and concentrate on getting Sabrina’s killer(s). While people are bickering this no good SOB is walking free.

    • Anonymous says:

      What goes around, comes around. pity the killers don’t know that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    to stop the blaming….

    you said difficult times ahead for the family as they discover the truth, may God give them comfort. 

    You speak so sure that the family doesn’t know the truth.  How can you be so arrogant and sure of that?  How do you know that they don’t know the truth?

    Stop being so arrogant.

    • Anonymous says:

      hey you obviously don’t know how to read!!!! if the family knows the entire truth as to the WHY and WHO then why don’t they tell the police???   uhhhh its because they don’t know the truth maybe????  that is my point…as the invidence comes in then they will see the real truth and as the killers are cought then they will find out what theentire issues are.

      you obviously missed the point!! like the previous writer stated there are still unanswered questions…someone close to her MUST know more than they are telling.

  5. anonymous says:

    stop the blaming… i know the police has alot to explain and really should have done more than what they did. but do you know how many youth goes missing? because they want a night with their boyfriend or friends. still no excuse, this case is the consequence of stupid spoil children wasting police time that when a serious case (like Sabrinas) comes around they don’t act or take serious. But in this case lets look into the details: 

    1) Someone came to her workplace to harrass her..WHO? and WHY? what type of friends was she keeping? what type of mess was she involved in?

    2) she went to EE in day to probably meet someone, WHO? and WHY was it so important to travel that far in the day?

    someone close to her must know the company she was keeping, obviously was not good company either! her friends need to speak up and think harder who is her circle, enemies, someone must know!!  Again, i suspect her company stinks and maybe she was not involved in good things, off course this does not justify her being murdered, noyone deserves that but we need to see the true picture here, and warn others, the YOUTH especially be careful the company you keep, you not only will you get into trouble but it can get you KILLED. difficult times ahead for the family as they discover the truth, may God give them comfort. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, there are lots of speculations at this time, it’s human nature to judge and cast down innocent people.  she was lured to her death by evil men who are jealous of her, an ex-boyfriend  maybe who could not get it in his head that she wanted nothing more to do with him.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree, the RCIP is careless and reckless.

    Recently a friend of mine was barraged at her office by three RCIP offers from the Commerical Crime division.  They attend to her office after she reported a theft by an employee and wanted them to arrest and charge the person.  They failed to do this and the person fled the country.

    Whilst on the phone with one of the so called professional officers who basically said he could not bring charges or arrest the person becasue there was not enough evidence.  Well here is the evidence: cameras recorded the theft, the clients who paid the money provided evidence, the money was receipted but never deposited, the receipts issued from the rear of the receipt book so it would go unnnoticed for a period of time.  What more evidence do you need?

    My friend was so angry before it was realized by them that they had not disconnected the call, a  few bad words were spewed. 

    The next day three officers came to the work place and tried to arrest them for using a telephone in an unlawful manner namely to curse a police officer.  They insisted that the words were directed at them and that they had the power to arrest and charge them for this.

    Can you imagine how illeterate our RCIP officers are?  And yes, the three officers that attended were not Caymanian, they were all from other caribbean islands.

    DId they arrest my friend? No because they didn’t realize that this individual was smarter than the three of them put together and they challenged them on every point.

    So what I am saying is the RCIP non Caymanian officers have nothing better to do than to harrass people and abuse their powers to threaten and do favours for their friends with the power bestowed upon them.

    So to the RCIP – I will never call you for help and that is saying alot about you!!  Keep up the great job you are doing – NOTHING!!

    Sorry this young woman had to lose her life like this but the RCIP is useless, inexperienced, and are simply put – bullies!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      happening too often, to too many people…. 

    • Anonymous says:

      To blame the police for the death of Sabrina is totally unfounded and do believe they all send condolences to her family as well as i do. I feel quite sure that there is alot that the police would like to say that would help clear up all these accusations but have to keep quiet  so the investigation is not compromised.

      There are alot of questions we should also ask that only Sabrina maybe able to answer. Why did she borrow a friends car? Why did she not tell someone where she was going? Why did she not tell someone who she was going to see? What was the purpose of her trip? Was it unsual for someone to invite her to such a location? The list could go on. My next plea is if anything was said to her friends please come forward and tell the police whether it was legal or not. 

      It is unfortunate that she was located by her family but we the public need to assist the police more in solving crimes by reporting unsual things we see and volunteer in assisting in searches. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    I hardly think it is fair to say that they could have prevented her death………..

    Police can only help when they are given assistance, maybe instead of downing the police we should be appealing to people who know something or have suspicions to come forward.

    And no, I am not RCIP nor anything close, but crime does happen and police can’t really prevent a murder like this, they have made mistakes, I am not saying they haven’t but come on people……let’s work together.

    RCIP may do better work if people who know something TELL THEM ABOUT IT. They do not sit in their "air-conditioned" cars rubbing away at crystal balls you know!!

    Please, let’s be peaceful here, we are all upset at another senseless death, but working together and rooting out the bad will bring more results than harping on about what the police may or may not have done wrong.



  8. Anonymous says:

    The media should not have to be reporting the story about Sabrina’s death.  If the likes of Evans and the other lazy @$% poo poos were doing what they should have been doing maybe she might still be alive today!! This is really sad and heart wrenching.

    Evans you disgust me and the rest of the Cayman Islands with your comments…Our team is working exceptionally hard to find out what happened to Sabrina and bring her killer or killers to justice. We are comfortable with how the investigation is going so far and a number of positive lines of enquiry are being followed up,” said Evans. He noted, however, that it would be reckless to publicly go into detail about any of the leads that are being looked at, stressing that all avenues are being examined.

    Why didn’t you follow through on the leads when you had them??? I bet that the leads that you claim that you are following up on were the "false ones" to make you think that Sabrina was still alive.



    • Anonymous says:

      your comment is naieve and you display a lack of judgement . Learn about civil societies. Law must be maitained to prevent chaos and disintegration. Are you implying that it is ok to break the speed limit and police should look the other way? The police duties varies from to traffic to murders to rapes to drugs domestic violence among other areas. You sound bitter because must have prosecuted a couple of times. The police must get information from the public in order to solve crimes. They cannot be everywhere everytime. Some times people will die  and police may not there. If some one is killed in their house it could be a family member. obviously police will most likely catch the culprit early. If someone is killed in a back road at 3am the police may not be there. Here information from the public is important. Police do not work magic. they will try their best and review their policies from time to time. They are not perfect.

      Again if you speed and kills some one police may not be there that is why they will prosecute you and his will deter others from speeding and teach you a lesson in careful and considerate driving.

      You will sue the government for breach by their agents ,the police . You are ill advised. when police do their duties dilligently and something  amiss happens they will not pay out of their pockets personally. Learn your legal system because it is appaent that you don’t understand the process. Read some more . Listen to people with knowledge and you will learn. Before you put pen to paper engage your brain.