Third violent incident

| 23/03/2009

(CNS): Police have made arrests for a serious assault, one of three very violent incidents that occurred this weekend. This follows reports of a shooting Sunday morning and a stabbing in the early hours of Saturday. In the third incident, three men were arrested at the Owen Roberts International  Airport on Sunday, 22 March, on suspicion of attempted murder by officers investigating the serious assault of a 23-year-old man who is currently in hospital with serious lacerations to his head, arms and legs.

Police said that at around 4:35 am Sunday morning, 22 March, the 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call from a member of the public reporting that an incident was taking place at the Cay Courts Apartments area on Newport Road, George Town. Police responded to the scene and found a man with serious wounds.

Detectives from George Town Criminal Investigation Department started an investigation which led to the arrest of the three men, two aged 26 and one aged 24. All three remain in police custody at this time, the RCIPS stated, while the victim is said to be in a stable condition and remains under medical care.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact George Town CID on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am personally opposed to the death penalty but it is made clear in the Bible what is ordained when it comes to taking ahuman life.

    Genesis 9:6–"Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man."   This verse speaks of a murderer, one who knowingly and violently sheds another man’s blood, resulting in death.   God here gives man the authority and the right and the duty to put to death the murderer:  "by man shall his blood be shed."  

  2. Anonymous says:


    You are wrong. 

    Government and Christianity is 2 different things.

    This debate is whether it is biblically correct for Christians to want the Government to put a death penalty Law in effect for murder.  (also remember that the sentencing here for murder is life imprisonment, so you’re previous statement that you said: If we followed your philosophy no one could ever be punished for any wrongdoing,  is really a foolish statement.)

    For example:  If the People who are not Christians petition Government for a death penalty Law, and the Government decides to put a death penalty Law into effect, then that is the Government’s business.  I did not say it would be right neither for the Christians to petition that the Government not put one, it’s not the Christian’s duty to do that either.  And definately there is nothing in the Bible that is taught to Christians that they are right to want a Death Penalty Law, Murder is Murder, it is taking the life of another human being, whether by homicide or whether by execution, it is stil murder.  It is the Government’s business if they want to do that.  Christians are taught to not murder, to turn the other cheek, and to pray (petition God in Heaven by prayer through Spirit) and to fight the good fight of faith in the spiritual realm.  The Bible says it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God without faith. 

    Any individual Christian who in their heart, mind or lips feel, think, or say that there should be a death penalty Law, is sinning against God and needs to repent.  We are Christians of the New Testament – the New Covenant of the Messiah, the Saviour, the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.  

    Remember, the murderer is made in the image of God also, all of the human race is made in the image of God.  How can you judge who God can save and who he can’t save?  Look, he saved Apostle Paul who wrote half of the New Testament teaching us how to live holy lives unto God, yet he used to be named Saul and he used to have Christians imprisoned and killed just for being Christians and following Jesus, before he became a Christian.  God will save any who ask him to by believing in His Son the Lord Jesus Christ and repent of their sins and follow Jesus.  Definately there is one sin the Bible does mention that is absolutely not forgivable, and that is the sin of Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.  If these murderers have committed murder but have not blasphemed the Holy Spirit, then they can stand a chance to also one day repent before God and be forgiven.  Who are you to be their Judge?  Only God has the power to save and condemn, he did not give that power to any Christian.  And God searches the heart, he knows when someone is being true or false in what they say.

    The physical body is temporary and passing away, it is the soul that matters.  God is Spirit.  Heaven is Spirit.   But you who claim  to be a Christian, seems like you are clueless as to God being Spirit and to fight in faith and prayer in the spiritual realm.  It seems you cannot grasp what the New Testament teaches about Spirit?  The New Testament is the Law of the Spirit of life – Romans 8.  Our battle is in the Spirit realm – Ephesians 6.  etc, etc, and so much more…

    May you see the Light

    God Bless.

  3. Anonymous says:

    "I appreciate your concerns. Your worry is real. It is also our worry as law abiding citizens of varied professions who happen to be local.  You may feel safer in returning whence you came. But believe me as trends go your return to cities experiencing economic decline and parallel rise in crime will be a common reality.  Your sentiment are a mixture of genuine alarm and maybe unintended mischief… It is a malnourished view.".

    My views eat quite well, thank you, but more important is the difference that you miss regarding on-shore communities and Grand Cayman:  Cayman appears to be losing (or it has lost) control of crime and the criminals here, and it appears to be in significant difficulty mustering an effective force to counter this rise in crime.  The same is not true in the on-shore communities. 

    Were this still the crime-free island it was once advertised as, having a laid-back police force would be no concern.  But if people cannot help but be exposed to the criminals, much better to be in a place where there is an effective police force to counter-act the criminals.

    That was the point.

  4. Anonymous says:

    To i can only guess, if you would take the time to re-read everything posted on this topic from the beginning, then you would see your error.

    We are debating if it is right or not right for Christians to petition Government to put a Death Penalty Law in place.

    It is not right for Christians to do so.

    Now how can you say it is irrelevant to this discussion when it is Christians we are talking about???  How is it irrelevant???

    • Anonymous says:

      I have not made an error. The fact that you now knew that I was replying to you proves my point.

      The point at hand is whether Government should introduce capital punishment. It is clear that  Govt. has the  biblical right to do so.  We are not talking about Christians executing anyone. There cannot be anything wrong with Christians supporting the Govt, in something that it has a biblical right to do. Govt is made up of people some of whom may be Christians, but it is in respect of the authority of Govt, that they would be acting, not simply as individuals.  

      This is not about a mob crying out for the blood of an innocent man. That is an entirely inappropriate reference.  I am not expecting that you have got the point but that you will make the continue to take the same stance regardless of scripture or logic. However, I will have nothing further to say on this issue.    

  5. Anonymous says:

    To the Writer who wrote:  What is the difference between murder and the death penalty".

    One is unlawful and done by an individual and the other is lawful punishment carried out by the state, .

    If we followed your philosophy no one could ever be punished for any wrongdoing. That is not biblical. See Romans 13.


    I can only guess as to whose post you are replying to for you have not made that clear here???

    And if it is the one i’m thinking that speaks of Christians are not toshout out "CRUCIFY HIM", then here is my reply to you.

    Romans 13 says nothing about Christians should petition their Government to instate the Death Penalty Law!!! 


    If they do not have a Death Penalty Law, that is their business.  NO Christian is to petition Government to have a Death Penalty Law to kill a human life.  Now you show me in the Bible where it says that Christians should petition Government to have a Death Penalty Law???  Romans 13 does not say that!!!  Quite the contrary, in Matthew 5 Jesus tells the Christians (his followers) that it is no longer an eye for an eye as in the Old Testament (and keep in mind when Jesus is telling his followers this, he is not saying a word about Government, he is speaking of Christianity!!!)

    If the Government only has a life sentence for murder, then it is not the duty of any Christian to stand up and fight for the Death Penalty.  That is contradictory to Christianity!!

    Stop trying to twist the Bible trying to make people believe that our Lord Jesus Christ would have us to stand up and shout for a Law to kill a human life!!!  No matter what the reason is!!!  Stop mis-representing Jesus!!! 

    Your Romans 13 answer is really lame!!!  Try again!!!



    • Anonymous says:

      "I can only guess as to whose post you are replying to for you have not made that clear here???"

      No, you don’t have to guess, the part of the relevant post I was responding to was placed in quotation marks. The above and below quotations mean I am responding to your post.  

      "when Jesus is telling his followers this, he is not saying a word about Government"

      Precisely. He is speaking of individual to individual and it is therefore not relevant to this discussion.   

  6. Anonymous says:


    That is a line in a movie I once watched and it reflects just how bad things are getting on this island today.

    However, I truly believe that if having the death penalty on the books is going to be a detterent and let these criminals know that they will not just sit at Her Majesty’s Condominiums with 3 meals a day, no bills to pay and watching TV, getting educated and keeping fit….THEN LETS BRING IT BACK.

    And if someone decides to commit a crime as evil as this..then let them be made an example and hang them.  Simple solution. One less trash off the streets. I do not care who his or her mom or dad is.  They are lost already for them to commit such a horrible crime. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is all hyped up about Capital Punishment. I honestly think before we consider this we need to take a walk back down to "Northward Luxury Hotel". Might as well add on a Spa to it while we are at it! Now really Cayman, what do you intend to accomplish by taking my hard earned money and putting it towards lavashing the murderers, rapist and other criminals in Northward Luxury Hotel? Anyone who has a hard life on the street would love to have the comforts of AC,Television and Hot Meals. Don’t have to work a hard day or do get a job while you’re in jail, dont have to pay rent etc so when you get out you’re rich! THIS IS NOT RIGHT! Solitary Confinement has not be established. HELLO PEOPLE WAKE UP! These killers need to be locked up in a dark room with no access to the outside world, no human contact, and a slab of cold porridge slide to them under the door. Imso sick of justice not being served in this country!

    God I pray you will have mercy on what use to be "The islands that time forgot". My sweet home Cayman Isle needs you now more than ever, we are going down a path of SELF DESTRUCTION. Lord we need LEADERS for these Islands, and not people who don’t take the time out to sit down and consider the bigger picture for the future our beloved islands.

  8. Jedi Dread says:

    "… We will soon need burglar bars on all windows (the staple of any defeated country) and extra security measures."


    Cayman, you are falling into the Third World (thanks to both the PPM and the UDP).


    Cayman has a bad case of Karma. Everyone is treating everyone else with such disdain and disregard, in the most minute ways, that the bad vibes are now overwhelming and overflowing. Now the volcano is due to erupt.


    "Flee from Hate, Mischief and Jealousy" – (Nesta, again), before it’s too late.


    – Jedi Dread –


    PS. you all must be tired of this by now. Unna change, na!

  9. Anonymous says:

    What is the difference between murder and the death penalty.  The bible says "Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord" so I say although it is terrible what is happening it is not up to us to kill as punishment because as I sure you all know that most of the US has the dealth penalty and it hasn’t stopped anything up there.  Leave it in God’s hands.  We all have to answer on Judgment Day.

    • Anonymous says:

      "What is the difference between murder and the death penalty".

      One is unlawful and done by an individual and the other is lawful punishment carried out by the state, .

      If we followed your philosophy no one could ever be punished for any wrongdoing. That is not biblical. See Romans 13.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting indeed. These 3 were caught trying to leave the jurisdiction just a short while after the crime had been committed.  I wonder how many before have been successful and actually made their escape.  This is something that people have been saying for a long time and it is a possible cause for why so many crimes go unsolved.  

    It is believed by some that killers are brought in just to do the ‘job’ and they collect their money (or the balance due) and board an early morning flight out of here. The police should be praised for this interception and now hopefully they will be able to get all the evidence; get their papers in order to go to court and secure a conviction.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Christians can find a bible passage to support the most vile actions imaginable; now to use the bible to support capital punishment fits perfectly with my point, slavery is another.

    Capitol punishment is not the answer. On this little island half decent community involvement to deter and report crime is the answer.

    But wait that would require a modicum of responsiblity by the citizens, heaven forbid, better to blame the police and keep the secrets.

    If the local people told the secrets that they keep so dear, crime would be difficult to get away with on this island.

    Keeping secrets is a core value to the local population.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, the law-abiding expat lawyers, accountants, fund administrators, etc will likely start moving themselves and their families back to their UK or North American cities where it is safer. 

    It’s a nice island, but not worth getting killed over.

    • Anonymous says:

       We have grave problems. We need to deal with them. We will.

      Is the mind of the poster so narrow as to think that the UK and North American cities, are without murder, vicious crime, vilence…safer for the law abiding expat lawyers, accountants, fund administrators etc? 

      I appreciate your concerns. Your worry is real. It is also our worry as law abiding citizens of varied professions who happen to be local.  You may feel safer in returning whence you came. But believe me as trends go your return to cities experiencing economic decline and parallel rise in crime will be a common reality. 

      Your sentiment are a mixture of genuine alarm and maybe unintended mischief… 

      It is a malnourished view.

  13. Anonymous says:

    i see where the writer is coming from that said death penalty and the Lord, you Christians are so hypocrite.  Christians must not shout out "Crucify Him", that is not our duty to do that.  That is up to the Government and the Public Vote.  Christians are not to get involved with that, it is no different than saying abortion is ok.  Murder is murder.  Remember Jesus says it is no longer an eye for an eye like in the Old Testament, the New Testament is to turn the other cheek and to love and to pray for your enemies.  Look at Apostle Paul who wrote half of the New Testament telling us how to live holy lives unto God.  Before he became a Christian he used to have Christians stoned and killed, put in prison, etc, just because they were a Christian, not because of anything they did, just because they were Jews who believed Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah and chose to worship and follow Jesus.


    The Writer is absolutely correct, Murder is Murder, and any Christian who agrees with the Death Penalty Law is not behaving as a true Christian is to be.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Stop the non-sense about death penalty, we need to revamp our immigration department.  Many of you will say what does the Immigration Department have to do with this well, they allow the hard core rejects, the criminals to come here and run the streets causing havoc and fear, once they are settled, they lie and charm the foolish Caymanians into marrying them and continue their path of destruction, influencing our youth along the way. 

  15. Vera says:

    Next  headline we read should be….



    The lawmakers  in Cayman have failed their young miserably.

    These young people have no problem with attacking, stabbing, shooting another human

    being because someone disrespected them, expressed an interest in their girl friend or

    for any other reason.

    They know they will not suffer any serious consequences for their actions.

    Until these acts are ”sternly”  dealt with the violence will continue.




  16. Anonymous says:

    Kill all those who kill.  No life should be taken in that kind of way.  Who are these people and why do they do such wrong?  

  17. Anonymous says:

    What has Cayman really come to? We need to wake uo and smell the roses! A stop has to come, because there are many criminals on island who shouldn’t be here. We need to bring back capital punishment to our islands. Violence must be put to halt, because it is rampant on our streets. We will soon need burglar bars on all windows and extra security measures.

    God bless the families of these individuals who were attacked and their loved ones. The criminals need to be punished severely. When people see an example being made of others, then they will think twice before they behave like cannibals. After being sentenced, they then live like kings and queens in prison. I guess psychologists would say it’s postive reinforcement. Too many people that lack maturity and ability to reason. Stop finding fancy terminology for people’s inhumane behavior and let them taste a bit of their own medicine.


  18. Anonymous says:

    You see now our little islands showsthese killers, that it is okay to kill, assault, and shoot someone with out them getting caught. I hope they will hurry and bring back the death penalty soon.

    May all those that lost a love one for either Stab wounds, gun shot, or anything else may the good Lord be with you all.

    I’m glad that they caught the three guys but what happen to the other crimes that the Police has not yet to Solve.

    How about people that breach Court and Breach not paying their fined? I know that there is this one person that failed to appear in Court last Year and Failed to pay his fine as well, i have called the Police Station and gave the them the where about for this guy and nothing has been done. I have also tried calling the 800-TIPS AND THEY TOO HAVE DONE NOTHING.

    • Anonymous says:

      Death penalty and the Lord.

      You christians are so hypocrite.


      • Anonymous says:

        There is no contradiction between the death penalty and Christianity.

        "For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same;  for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath upon the one who practices evil". Romans 13.

        The sword is a symbol of force, including deadly force.

        • Anonymous says:

          The postor  is correct. There is no biblical contradiction regarding the ultimate price to pay as punishment for those who choose to kill.

          Capital punishment is deemed a detterant solution, a payment, justice… for those who kill.

          Treason still attracts that price.

    • Anonymous says:

      what in hell does that have to do with whats at hand now………maybe he’s broke or wasn’t served a warrant for court, stop paying attention to the simple things and lets report crimes that are much more serious……

      the focus is not about who miss court but who ain’t getting caught to even appear in court we have killers, gangs and child molestors around and guess what no these people don’t look like crime commiters  but their are so keep your families closer than ever before as we no longer no how long our time is on earth……but if we live according to the Lord than "No weapon formed against us shall prosper"……