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| 24/03/2009

(CNS): For the past three years, more than 400 people – children and adults – have participated in Sports Association of the Sister Islands (SASI) programs, competitions, and events. Addressing 165 people at the annual SASI Awards Banquet, President and Sister Islands Sports Instructor Mitchum Sanford noted in his address, “This equates to 25% of the Cayman Brac population." (Left: Cordell Gutierrez receives Male Basketball Athlete of the Year from MLAs Julianna O’Connor Connolly and Moses Kirkconnell)

"These numbers are ready to grow even more these coming years if we provide the country with an adequate facility and sports staff – or we could see a reversal and down-spiral effect if this isn’t done quickly. The people deserve it so let’s do it.”

He said the continued growth of programs comes with an even larger increase in athletic participation and competitions, and more clubs and teams meant more traveling and more money was needed. “Perhaps at this time in our growth cycle the most important thing we much focus our efforts and energy on these next coming years, is to complete the Sports Complex and expand the staffing and resources of the Sports Department.”

He continued, “In my humble opinion it’s just not acceptable to exclude the Sister Islands out of the upgrading, refurbishing, and building of the various sporting fields, structures, and basic infrastructures and utilities that are required to operate and conduct sound, practical, and safe athletic programs for our children. But here in the Brac it’s a way of life for us to not have and not complain, we just except it and make do. This has been the toughest part of my six years working for the Dept of Sports, and I’m not sure as to how long I can continue as the frustration is unbearable at times.”

Sanford said the completion of the Football Field at the proposed Sports Complex last meant that for the first time, Cayman Brac could play all of their home matches in the CIFA National Youth Leagues here in the Brac. “As promised, the CBFC entered two youth teams last season in the national league – that being an U-14 and U-16 team. The club again this season has entered the two youth teams and plans to enter a third in coming years, also the club is looking at entering a men’s team in the national first division next season if financial viable.” (Right: Amanda Nelson is Female Football AOY)

Cayman Brac Netball Club, led by Ventisha Conolly and Lizzanna Hurlston, entered the Cayman Islands Netball Association U-18 Netball League for their third season and the U-18 League for the second time.

Flynn Bush took over the Track and Field Program last season after completing his IAAF “level 3” certification in Puerto Rico. With 60+ young people attending each session,this program has developed some very promising athletes for future Cayman Islands representation at the international level.

Swimming and the Sister Islands Swim Club, led by Micahel Hundt, were represented at more meets last season in Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and the United States that ever before in the history of the Sister Islands. “Mr Hundt continues to produce outstanding athletes each year in his after-school program in the it-si-bi-si 15m pool he has to work with,” said Sanford.

The development last year of a new Youth Basketball Program has been very successful and popular with high school age athletes, he said, noting that SASI had entered an U-16 team in the CIBA National U-16 Development League last season. “Pastor Victoriano Pomare took over the program a few months ago and raised the level of the athletes much higher than I possibly could; the team is again looking to enter the U-16 League in coming weeks.”

The Cayman Brac Cricket Club will continue to contest CICA 2nd Division League this year as they have for the more than a decade now. Ashton Ferguson led the club to a 4th place finish last seasonand he and fellow cricketer Sohadeo Sohan have been very instrumental in developing the game to youngsters in the Brac. “Their help and expertise will one-day help SASI develop a youth cricket team to contest the national 2nd division as the men present do,” Sanford said.

The President concluded by acknowledging Stephen Tatum and Michael Sanford (left), who had gone through sports programs and competitions and gone on to earn football scholarships to attend university. They are now examples for other athletes on the Brac to follow, he said.

The event was sponsored by the Cayman Brac Power and Light Co. Key Note Speaker was Canover Watson, Managing Director, Admiral Financial Center and 2008 YCLA recipient.


Awards Presented:
1) CBP&L Football League (youth & senior divisions)
2) Netball = Most improved team last season in CINA U-18 league
3) Community POY = Ventisha Conolly (Lions, Leos, BPWC, sports)
4) School OY= C&SBPS
5) Service & Appreciation = Lizzanna Hurlston, Victoriano Pomare, Brac International Travel
6) Life-Time Achievement = Theo Cuffy (C.I. National Cricket Coach)
7) Silver Sponsor OY = Rotary Club of CYB
8) Silver Sponsor OY = Paramount Carpets
9) Gold Sponsor OY = Sagicor General Insurance (Cayman) Ltd
10) Gold Sponsor OY = Kirkconnell Ltd
11) Gold Sponsor OY = Cayman National Corporation
12) Platinum Sponsor OY = Progressive Distributors
13) Platinum Sponsor OY = CBP&L Company Ltd
14) Netball AOY = Mya Dunkley
15) Male Basketball AOY = Cordell Gutierrez
16) Female T&F AOY = Madison Bush
17) Male T&F AOY = Andrew Frederick
18) Male Cricket AOY = Sohadeo Sohan
19) Female Swimming AOY = Martha Rivers
20) Female Football AOY = Amanda Nelson
21) Male Football AOY = Michael Sanford


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    just a suggestion… why don’t SASI allow sporting athletes of CAYMAN BRAC to be highlighted in the local papers,so that the whole entire cayman islands can read and learn about who they are! Also it will give the athletes WORLDWIDE INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE, therefore building their confidence! you guys deserve it!