43 candidates set for battle

| 26/03/2009

(CNS):  At the close of nomination day on Wednesday, 35 men and 8 women had put their names forward as candidates in election 2009. Across the six districts the only real surprises came in West Bay where three previously unannounced candidates turned up to offer themselves to the electorate. With four candidates on the Sister Islands, three in North Side, two in East End, ten in Bodden Town, 11 in West Bay and 13 George Town, the total is only three down on the 2005 field of 45 candidates. (Left Ormon Morgan one of West Bay’s eleventh hour surprise candidates.)

Once the nomination process was closed the information was brought to the FamilyLife centre in George Town where Election’s Office officials collated the information, verified the spellings of names and began the night-long operation of printing ballots. With only eight weeks to go before polling day, Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez said that there was lots of work now to be done, especially given the fact that this year polling day will not only be a General Election but a national vote on the constitution as well.

The process of nominations went very smoothly and most candidates had been declared by lunch time. In all but one district the candidates were already anticipated. However in West Bay three surprise candidates emerged and two of them with only minutes to go before nominations closed. Dora Ebanks, Ormon Morgan and Woody DaCosta made a late entry to join the four UDP incumbents and four other independents in what has been considered a UDP stronghold since the party formed.

The candidates for Election 2009 are as follows;

Sister Islands: Juliana O’Connor Connolly; Moses Kirkconnell; Lyndon Martin; Maxine McCoy-Moore

East End: Arden McLean; John McLean Jr

North Side: Ezzard Miller; Joey Ebanks; Oswell Rankine

Bodden Town: Anthony Eden; Charles Clifford; Osbourne Bodden; Mark Scotland; Dwayne Seymour; Sandra Catron; Gilbert McLean; Theresa Pitcairn; Justin Woods; Vincent Frederick

West Bay: Mckeeva Bush; Rolston Anglin; Cline Glidden; Cpt Eugene Ebanks; Bernie Bush; Choppy Delapenha; Paul Rivers; Lana Mae Smith; Woody Da Costa; Ormon Morgan; Dora Ebanks

George Town: Kurt Tibbetts; AldenMcLaughlin; Lucille Seymour; Alfonso Wright; Mike Adam; Jonathan Piercy; Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden; Ellio Solomon; Dr Frank McField; Burns Connolly; Walling Whittaker; Bo Miller and Eddie Thompson.

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  1. Algar says:

    Well said Quincy!

  2. Ironwood says:

    Try Bo Miller and Steve McField to head this country! Too bad Mr. McFiled aint running this round…see you in 2013 Stevio!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Read this thread and decide if you are not the laughing stock  of the world…Don’t you all realize that all of our visitors and overseas friends and investors are reading this?….How embarassing!  Think about what you want to say, and then shut up….

  4. Anonymous says:

    We shall see, but I I think that your predicted  slate is wishful tinkin. Good luck anyway and may the best candidates succeed . Remember folks, we all have to get up on the 21st and carry on with our lives, come what may. Let’s all keep this in perspective. And what ever happens, we have to pull the harness as one.

  5. Winner says:

    Hey lets start a little predicting…..after all its close enough now isnt it ?

    West Bay – Mac, Rollie, Choppy and Paul

    George Town – Kurt, Alden, Lucille and Fonso

    Bodden Town – Chuckie, Tony and Mark (but Mark isnt qualified to be elected during this particular election so Ossie who will be in 4th place will be declared the 3rd elected member for BT)

    East End – Arden, the Action Man

    North Side – Joey will beat Ezzard by 58 votes

    Cayman Brac – Moses K and Lyndon (Julie just gave her seat to Lyndon after declaring that she is "An Ambassador of Jesus" But Lyndon will eventually be convicted for the offences he is charged with and sentenced to 12 months or more so he will have to vacate his seat and a Bye – Election will be held in Cayman Brac by the end of 2009 and Julie will win her seat back)

    So PPM you will have your second term to complete your agenda like most Government’s deserve but it will be an interesting one because there could be a Bye-Election in Bodden Town too in late 2009 if Mark can, through some miracle, win his appeal in the Court of Appeal and be declared eligible to hold office)

    Interesting stuff isnt it !!! gotta love politics 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      "Hey lets start a little"

      You got to be jocking..or just down right with the program!!!.

      • Anonymous says:

        It seems that the present day caliber of Politician is severely lacking in ideas and experience.

        Wonder what became of  Big Foot, Big Mouth and Aunt Suckie.

  6. Sara Education, CUC, WA says:

    I would like to know what the ‘RUNNERS’ have to say about the education system in the Cayman Islands. Have we fixed the amount of people graduating with out a decent education so the can get jobs other than a cashier at FFF, Kirks, Hurleys etc..

    What about reclycling in Cayman Islands. How big is the dumb and how much bigger will it get.

    Why are people still paying $800 a month for light billwhen they are only home 5 hours a day. 

    Why is water bills over $600 a month when people are only home for 5 hours a day.

    What are young Caymanians being offered when they graduate high school, other than bills for college.

    Sara single mother of three.

    Born Caymanian not PAPER.


    • Anonymous says:

      Sara Education,

      "Why are people still paying $800 a month for light bill when they are only home 5 hours a day"

      Probably wasting a lot of electricity when they are not at home. $800 is not the average light bill at any time let alone this time of year. I have a large home run and run central AC 24/7 and pay $600 per month.

      "Why is water bills over $600 a month when people are only home for 5 hours a day".

      Probably wasting a lot of water. $600 is far higher than the average water bill. I have a large home and my water bill is typically under $100. I suggest you get a well and use it for your irrigation or pool or whatever you are wasting $600 on.

      "What are young Caymanians being offered when they graduate high school, other than bills for college".

      They are being offered:

      • higher and further education and training at UCCI paid by the Government.
      • full scholarships to attend attend recognized colleges and univerisities abroad.
      • the opportunity to attend British Universities for the relatively small fees that UK students pay. 

      Please let me know when you have some real issues.  

      • One-Solution says:

        Response to Sara Education…

        Dear Anonymous.. ooops Sorry, AnonyMouse. Equus hydruntinus 

        You seem to be one of those sharp-talking, sarcastic Know-it-Alls. I am so sick and fed up with brains, tongues and fingers like yours (AND expats ) who just talk and try to make the Caymanian look stupid in every possible opportunity. Apart from our own kind cutting each other down many times, The Expat is ALWAYS there to DO JUST THAT.

        If you knew what you were talking about or had personal experiences like many others do with these utility companies, you would understand and stop your brain/fingers from making such a stupid and pathetic comments on this topic.

        FYI – There are people who have cases of being billed these horendous bills prompting checks/investigations to be done and paid for by the customer, only to discover that they were being ripped-to-hell off. For instance if you had been reading  the newspapers recently you would have learned that one or both of the Water Supply companies were getting scores of complaints from consumers of HORRENDOUS BILLS. This was a BIG DEAL in the News. These consumers went up in flames because there were apparently so many cases of seemingly intentional over-billing by the company in question. Bills going from $100+ to figures as much as $2,000.00+. We are talking ATROCIOUS BILLS here… these were apparently cases where the Water Company(s) had not supporting evidence for cause of such bills. I myself had a personal experience about 3 yrs ago.

        Refer to CaymanNetNews.com and do a search for those articles and learn!

        Furthermore one or more of ALL utility companies are utilizing a dirty practice of doing AVERAGES on consumer’s billing… YES… in these cases, they do not come to your premises to read your meters, they just have the computer do an "Average" or so they claim, but that is possibly only another way to justify those bills that are WAY OFF by blaming it on computer malfunction and it wouldnt be seen as intentional. And YES, this has come to be a well-known practice and they are being allowed to continue this. FYI – I first learned about this from my brother who was told by the Water Authority that his bill was averaged that month when he queried a major discrepancy.

        It is VERY SIMPLE. Remember, these bills are generated by human beings and computers. NEITHER are HARD-CODED with HONESTY. This maybe is the common case of the Shareholders looking to get richER in this never ending quest for wealth and lack of concience!!!

        Wake up and smell "The Times" !!!

        Your One-SolutionCaymanian

        • Anonymous says:

          One-Solution, you are missing my point. Sometimes we are so busy complaining that we do not appreciate the very real advantages that we have here. Educational opportunities are fantastic here and our young people waste them.  

          Sara Education was full of (exaggerated) gloom. I too have had, on occasion, a ridiculously high water bill (which I challenged successfully), but the implication of Sara’s statement was that this was the average.  It is not.   

          I am sorry if you thought I was rude. 

  7. One Solution!!! says:
    With reference to VOTING this election, I would like to ask that you, the registered voters… ‘The People’ of the Cayman Islands, make every effort to vote responsible & intelligently. As I ask this, I do so in troubled PLEA. I am pleading with the Electorate of the Cayman Islands to vote responsibly… being responsible for the future of not only yourselves and your families, but for the country as a whole. To be clearer, when I make this plea, I’m saying there MUST be a time for a change at some point if we are to be smart about our future… a CHANGE for HOPE… President Obama’s kind of “Hope”.  The CHANGE I speak of is a change in the reasons and rationale behind the vote of the elector. The TIME for change I speak of is NOW. The HOPE I talk about is the hope for the preservation of the Social, Economic (Socioeconomic) and if that was ever possible, the Cultural elements of this set of Islands we call HOME.
    As some of us may know, MOST(not all) of the electorate population vote for a candidate/politician based on several factors being; (1)-Personal monetary favours by candidate to self or Family – Where an existing MLA or Candidate may pay for products or facilitate services for individuals and families:- This could be called ‘Buying your vote’ or quite simply fooling the those who feel that because that MLA or politician did a personal favour then he or she is deserving the elector’s vote. (2)-The MLA/Candidate being a ‘People’s Person’ – The MLA/Candidate who is sociable and kind hearted and favored by many:- Beware, the people’s Person can be used to pull the wool over your eyes or in other words, deceive you to get you to vote for that candidate. (3)-Candidate being family or an Associate of the voter him/herself. (4)-Simply being a popular or well-known MLA/Candidate. (5)-Being influenced by a friend, family or another voter’s choice:- Each voter should have with individual choice and with valid, intelligent reasons to vote. (6)-Voting based on accomplishments as an MLA being done for their respective districts or has accomplished something that benefits the voter or a small group or sector for instance in business or sports: – While accomplishments can be good merit for votes, it should also be understood that sometimes these accomplishments are not really tangible or beneficial to the district/people or country as a whole therefore should not be counted a good merits (7)-Controversially, even good things being done for the country:- Remember a MLA can do good deeds and BAD deeds, sometimes good and bad can be achieved all in the same stroke of the pen. It should be understood that BAD deeds can have a greater NEGATIVE impact on us the people and the country as a whole, either in the short term or long term. NOT Good!! (8)-The most appalling of all is the case of the elector voting for an MLA/Candidate just because that Candidate has been a ‘Winner’ in previous elections or is being seen to be a ‘Winner’ in any upcoming elections. In this scenario, the registered voter simply decides that because the MLA/Candidate has been a winner in previous elections or feels the candidate will be a winner, then chooses to be on the “Winning Side”:- It should be SOLEMNLY understood that NOT because an MLA/Candidate was/is in the ‘Winning’ category means that you the voter has had or will have a ‘winning result’ for you, your respective district or country. It should be clearly understood that an MLA could be a winner in previous elections, but may not have done anything good or tangible for you, the electorate or the country as a whole or instead may have committed acts or offenses that were unlawful (to ANY degree), but was still elected or re-elected by voters over any period of tenure. Please double-check to see if the candidate you propose to vote for has any record of committing unlawful acts. If so this should be a good sign NOT to vote for that candidate (9)- All other unintelligent reasons for voting for a particular candidate.
    People, we must remember that politics can be seen as a game from a political standpoint in that the political candidate says he/she will do all the good things for the people and the electorate all too frequently just cast their vote on those promises. Then in many cases, after the candidate has been elected those promises are either simply NOT fulfilled or that there is a change of agenda for some odd reason, usually personal, hence the electorate has been consequently “played” whether you want to see it that way or not. On the other side of the coin, for the people of our country, Politics is completely the opposite. People, People… this IS NOT a GAME we are playing nor should we be the FANS of any particular TEAM or PLAYER. Politics, elections and governments is a serious matter. MLAs/Governments are merely the management staff that is elected and HIRED by ‘The People’, and literally so. They are paid from our taxes to do the job of operating our ‘Business’ better known as our Country. We HAVE to understand that when WE, the electorate make a foolish choice to elect any candidate or government based on any of the above foolish reasons, we are in fact assisting in the ultimate ruination and failure of the very foundation/source we live from. That foundation/source is the economic and social aspects of our beloved country. Effectively and unfortunately that ruination will apply to the majority of the people of this country except those that may, in a few known ways benefit from your unwise choices. You should also understand that when our beloved country is brought to its knees by actions or failure of Government we foolishly elect, the wealthy people will not suffer as much or none at all because they have the wealth to sustain themselves. On the contrary, those who do not have the wealth will perish. VOTE with GOOD REASON!
    As all too many Caymanians are talking about daily, the drugs, the crime, the lack of real immigration control and the rapid out-numbering of the native Caymanian by the immigrant and the very real fear for the native that goes with that scenario, the growing discrimination against the native Caymanian by foreigners on our own soil, the growing contention between both sides, the general cost of living spiraling, the cost of real estate which is being pushed out of reach of even the average income Caymanian, primarily induced by the Real Estate industry, as well as all the other bleeding wounds this country suffers. PEOPLE, PEOPLE… the writing is on the wall. The eminent fall and demise of our once beloved and hopeful country will not be too long from now if our Governments continue to manage it the way they have/are or allowing it to slip over the edge into freefall and free for all.
    That HOPE I speak of is the hopeful preservation and betterment of this country in that its longevity or lifespan is put at front and center of the Government’s agenda. To see the future of this country as a serious matter and take the required actions to correct and preserve what is left of our nation. Remember this is where most of us will have to or choose to live for the rest of our lives, be it 10 years or 50 years. This is CRUCIAL to our future existence as a people in our land. VOTE with HOPE!
    As I mentioned above, the TIME is speak of is NOW, NOW, NOW. Remember, politics will always be politics, but your future, our future, our lives will NOT always be as easy as politics or the lives of the Politicians who has all gotten rich while we foolishly elect and re-elect them to do (or NOT to do) what they should do for ‘The People’ of this once hopefullittle country.
    God Bless the Cayman Islands
  8. Anonymous says:

    I thought the Webmaster said they would instantly delete all posts sent in CAPS?  How come the one regarding Quincy isn’t being deleted.  That sort of talk is exactly what some of the politicians want people to believe; That it is people from one side of the island that are evil.  As far as I know, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman is one district and there is NO tamrind tree to divide boundries.  I live on one island and that island is part of one district.  Why is it that certain politicians are preaching division?  Why can’t they actually have a platform to stand on?  Quincy loves what he does.  The fact that he is not a burden to society like so many others should be celebrated.  Thanks for the silly comments about the UDP and we all know that PPM is dominating!!!

    • Quincy Brown says:

      Let them say what they want and I hope the webmaster posts every comment.  Just stop being anonymous and sign your name.  Say what you want about Quincy Brown, trust me I can take it!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Quincy… May I remind you… that all that glitters is not gold.  Good for the country in what way?  Monetary gain?  Remember… the love of money is the root of all evil.  Therefore… whether christians are in politics or not, is not the question… the question is, "How can the politicians help preserve our christian heritage?"

    • Quincy Brown says:

      I am only asking for the separation of church and state.  A politician could be Jewish, Christian or Muslim— keep your faith out of the Legislative Assembly…practice your faith in the privacy of your home, temple, church or mosk.  In parliament deal with the business of the country. And, also respect those who do not believe in God or religion.  

  10. Anonymous says:


    • Quincy Brown says:

      I am not a Kirkconnell slave.  I work and I get paid for the work that I do just like every other staff member.  I am a strong supporter of Mr. Moses Kirkconnell; and he is also a trusted friend.  I stand behind him for his accomplishments and his vision, as an action man, for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.  I do not feel like a slave and I can honestly say that I am not being treated as one.  Mr. Kirkconnell has afforded me the opportunity to stay at home and work–no other representative from Cayman Brac and Little Cayman has done that.  Also, I would rather support someone who has money and who is financially  "well off" than someone who is living hand to mouth or paycheck to paycheck.  Trust me, this is no master/slave relationship. I must look out for ME as well!!  For anyone to suggest or post on here that I am a Kirkconnell slave is completely wrong.  I might be a slave to the bottle, but to no man!!  Quincy Brown    

  11. PhilipsEbanks says:

    Yes, Quincy most of all should know that.

  12. Julie says:

    Mr. Solomon is the best – one thing you can be certain of with Mr. Solomon is that he is willing to help anyone in need, even those who will try to discredit him afterwards for it. Go – Mr. Solomon we the people of George Town are with you all the way.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr.Solomon need to take atrip off the rock first!! He has not been expose to anyone but his wife and kids since birth. The way you manage a family is not the same as running a country.Cayman need someone who knows how to be more than judgemental.I dont have to agree with you or your lifestyle to show empathy.If you are one "christians" who are so holy you cant see below your nose then step aside….step aside with your "course work towards degree" preschoolers are also doing course work towards a degree.


  13. Anonymous says:

    While everyone have their opinion on the effectiveness of the current govenment and the anticipation of the next, I don’t see any debating as what each of the posters favored slate has to say on the proposed constitution.

    The constitution is just as an important  "44th candidate" as may well be the  16th "elected official" who is likely stick around long after the other have gone cold. 

    The bill of rights is not the only issue to consider and since it it so hot button I would challenge any reponders to comment on any other part of the proposed constitution and leave the petty categorizations and name calling to another thread.

    It would very disgusting/disappointing if we the voting population could not have a real conversation on this.




  14. Julie says:

    The UDP rules. Get over it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Fact: UDP may have younger candidates but dig a bit deaper. None of them have an original idea of their own but instead are followers of the MAC.

    • Quincy Brown says:

      True to a certain extent…but I see where you’re coming from. Take Ellio Solomon from GT: has great ideas and will do well for his district and country.  But joining up with the UDP means he will have to follow and go along with the leader of that party.  I think many of Ellio’s wonderful ideas and dreams will not happen because if the boss says no…trust me it’s NO!  Party VS. the Individual.

  16. Julie says:

    Another fact: In comparison you will note the UDP can match the PPM’s slate hands down. Experience for experiece . Fact: as in younger (not over the age of 50 – 80) then yes they are much younger and less shacky .

    It is also scientific fact: that zantac and prozac  calms the nerves. Also as we age and have not taken the time to eat, sleep (as in stay up all night til the wee hours) and excercise the old body, this has a tendancy to happen. Old what we drink is very important as well. Some red wine now and then is ok, but over indulgence has a tendancy to kill the old brains cells and makes it harder to think, focus & come to sound conclusions.

    Spiritual fact: If your soul is not right with the Lord then the body will fade away to nothingness, for the study of the bible is the key to life, it is the foundation of life. If we receive a gift not sent by the lord then it will be taken away from us likewise.

    Happy Campaigning.




    • Anonymous says:

      "Another fact: In comparison you will note the UDP can match the PPM’s slate hands down. Experience for experiece"

      That is obviously nonsense, Julie.  

    • Quincy Brown says:

      Religion and Politics…

      Should someone who is a pastor of a church or an assistant pastor ofa church run for public office?  The Cayman Islands might be a Christian country in terms of its values and moral standing… but I would like to see the separation of church and state.  What are your thoughts on that my good people of the Cayman Islands?  Pastors and Evangelists should be, in my opinion, out there being fishers of men and spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, not in politics, not agreeing and signing on to deals that could be negative for the country and the people.  Politics, at the end of the day is a dirty game….no professing evangelical christian should be playing that game.  Pastor or Politician?  One will send your soul to heaven…the other direct to hell!!!  


      • Anonymous says:

        Quincy, Christians (including pastors) are meant to be salt and light in this rotting and dark world. Where better to shine that light than in politics? That is where the really big fish are, to use your metaphor. If we abandon it to the godless where will that leave us as a nation? We need Daniels and Josephs for godly wisdom and direction.    

        • Quincy Brown says:

          I am not saying that Christians shouldn’t run for office.  I am saying Pastors and Evangelists shouldn’t run for office.  You suggest we need more Daniels and Josephs— well I suggest we need more Fidel Castros and Malcom x’s to run for office.  Serious times, serious leadership! Of course no politician in the Cayman Islands think like these two men.   

          • One-Solution says:

            Quincy, I can totally agree on that one that we need more more Fidel Castros and Malcom Xs to run this country. Despite the other hardship, we would equality.

          • One-Solution says:

            Correction… We would HAVE equality.

  17. Julie says:

    FACT: PPM had no experience at one time either. Most of them got in on the popularity of others. Most of them were virtually un-known.  Most of them had little or no experience at all. It is quite safe to say that all of the PPM was at some point in time or the other in-experienced. That’s a fact of life. You cannot expect the younger generation of school leavers today to have more or as much experience as the old folks – but you can guarantee the majority has more education. So your argument is flawed.

    Also if this is the mind-set of the PPM – that anyone under the age of 50 is too young. Then I sympathize with our younger generation. They do not have a change in hell to ever succeed in this country with that backward thinking.

    • Anonymous says:

      Julie, that is not a fact, dear. The  PPM was only formed only a few years and all of the members had significant relevant experience.  These are dangerous times to let novices take the wheel. Would you take your 16 year old who has just got a learners permit out on the freeway?

      I hardly think the UDP can boast about education – they will all be subject to the BOSS who has none. The UDP is not a party, it is a personality cult.  

  18. Anonymous says:

    Some facts on UDP candidates: Excellent slate of educated persons.  Younger, fresher minds. In touch with the people, good backing from the business, financial and private sector, they want to see change in leadership. The time has come for change.

    • Anonymous says:

      To: Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 04/01/2009 – 10:41

      Much of what yousay is opinion, not fact. Here is a relevant fact: the majority of them completely lack any relevant experience.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why don’t you elaborate? What relevant experience are you refering too? I’m so sick of hearing that their young and experienced. The difference is that you have successfull and knowledgeable people with proven track records. You have a great mix of young and eager candidates with fresh ideas as well as having the more experienced politicians that can guide in the rountine of LA.

        We finally have hope restored once again in this beautiful island we call home! We can see the light again!!!! UDP you’ve got my GT vote!!!!!  

  19. Anonymous says:

    Instead of castigating the PPM in their meetings/advertisements why doesn’t the UDP focus on solutions?

  20. Anonymous says:

    To: Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 03/30/2009 – 17:45.

    From: Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 03/29/2009 – 20:54. 
    “……… Chicken Little, the PPM has not run the country into ground. It has spent admittedly a lot of money on needed infrastructure……The UDP is trying to play the people for fools………. I am still waiting to hear their proposals about what they will do to fix the country’s problems……  The hope that is that if they can generate a sense of panic people will vote for mindlessly and be swayed by slogans – which means of course for the UDP.  Anybody can snipe from the sidelines; few can actually govern effectively. “
    (LET     ME     SPELL    IT    OUT    FOR    YOU (just incase) – Open sarcasm) Oh my, you are being facetious, for a moment there I actually thought you were serious. Of course you are referring to the PPM. My-goodness you are absolutely correct, the PPM is trying to play the people for fools, four years and we still don’t know what there plans are, except to spend wildly “it’s Las Vegas” for this bunch – constant “Happy Hour” the drinks are on the people…. “The hope that is that if they can generate a sense of panic people will vote for mindlessly and be swayed by slogans”…, has this not been the PPM’s tactics – they certainly have patented this one i.e. status grants “all of our land is being sold to the foreigner, the foreigners are taking over the country, taking all the jobs, the Caymanians hate all foreigners (remember the smart minister who made that statement, now was that not the most responsible statement coming from a minister. And last but most certainly not less the ….“Mindless slogans”…. – are we again referring to the PPM and their “the Government you can trust and the Government in the sunshine” wow.
    Thanks for sharing.
    • Anonymous says:

      To: Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 03/31/2009 – 16:36.

      I guess that’s how you react when you have nothing intelligent to respond.   

    • Anonymous says:

      <a href=http://www.geocities.com/mjloundy/>Chicken Little</a>

      The difference is the slogans were intelligent and the PPM had the real policies and plans to effect the ideas expressed in them which they proceeded to do. Note Freedom of Information Law. It has proven to be the government in the sunshine indeed. There have not been "substantial reasons to suspect corruption" in this administration. They have been very forward thinking when it comes to our infrastructural needs. Overall I would grade them a B.  

      ‘Foreigners taking all our jobs’ is what is being sung by UDP supporters. "The PPM is to blame for the unemployment amongst Caymanians because they let 26,000 foreigners stay on work permit".  Another candidate who has declared himself as supportive of the UDP says "Cayman for Caymanians".

      So back to my point which you are seeking to evade: what are the plans and policies of the UDP to fix our problems? 

      • Anonymous says:

        Well technically we can’t say that there are no"substantial reasons to suspect corruption" because no one has been able to see the books/accounts to really know what’s going on! So don’t count the chickens before they hatch!

        As far as UDP plans and policies……why don’t we all attend their upcoming National Launch to see what they have to say and what solutions they may have? I will give the benefit of the doubt and assume that we are all open-minded and willing to at least hear what solutions they may have. 

        • Anonymous says:

          "Well technically we can’t say that there are no"substantial reasons to suspect corruption" because no one has been able to see the books/accounts to really know what’s going on! So don’t count the chickens before they hatch!"

          Obviously it is simply factual to say that to date there are no substantial reasons to suspect corruption. The fact that you hope to find a reason from the production of audited accounts (which by the way include accounts from the UDP Administration) is "technically" irrelevant. 

          So far the UDP has pursued a vacuous campaign of negativity offering no solutions. This gives little incentive to come any further meetings.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can someone explain to me what ‘mess’ the PPM has had to clean up? The only mess that I see is what the PPM has created:

    1) They inherited a surplus of nearly $90 million dollars when they took over from UDP. Now we are $30 million in deficit….if not more because no one has been able to see any accounts!

    2) PPM has increased unemployment by allowing 26,000 work permit holders to remain on this island when it is not necessary.

    3) They have failed to protect the people of this country by allowing 40+ caymanian police officers to leave the force. They have spent millions on a helicopter that can not be used.

    4) They have allowed our financial and tourism industries to completely deteriorate.

    5) Our education system is still no better off than it was and the treatment of our children is a disgrace! They have no toilet paper, soap, etc. and it is uncomprehensible to me that we have million dollar buildings going up, but we can not offer our children a graduation ceremony?

    So to th wirters that claim that the PPM had to clean up the mess that the UDP left……please enlighten us all with the facts. Otherwise don’t speculate about what you don’t know. Right now the only mess is the one that PPM has left this country in and it is going to take us ALL to clean it up and we need a leader that has a proven record and has a team that is well versed in all areas. The only ones offering this at this time is the UDP!

    You all definitely have my vote and that of my families(6)! 

    • Anonymous says:

      UDP is offering no solutions no our porblems. Every single post fronm their supporters is negative rather than constructive. Its even worse when they make patently ridiculous charges:

      "PPM has increased unemployment by allowing 26,000 work permit holders to remain on this island when it is not necessary".

      The UDP is trying to have it both ways. First, they pretend that the term limits provisions in the Law (which they passed when in govt. and is simply being applied by the PPM) was the PPM’s "rollover policy" in order to curry favour with certain sectors of the expat community. Now, when election time is here and Caymanians will vote,  it is the PPM that is pro-expat, not pro-Caymanian!

      "They have failed to protect the people of this country by allowing 40+ caymanian police officers to leave the force. They have spent millions on a helicopter that can not be used.

      Obviously this has nothing whatever to do with the PPM. First civil service staffing and in particular the police do not fall under ambit of the elected Govt., but instead under the Governor. That should be obvious from the SPIT investigation.  Second, this was no doubt to some degree prompted by the SPIT investigation called by the Governor and may not be a bad thing. Please explain, under our Constitution what the UDP would have done to retain 40+ police officers who wished to leave the force. Would it have interfered with staffing issues with the police? Taken away the responsibility from the Governor/Chief Secretary perhaps. Again this is completely disingenuous. The UDP speaks out of both sides of its mouth. They oppose the proposal for National Security Council by trying to frighten the people by telling them that this would allow the elected Govt. to say who to hire and fire, how the police should conduct their operations and who to arrest. Now all of a sudden, when they feel is it is convenient, the elected Govt should be directly involved in police stafffing matters. What hypocrites!

      Last I heard in the press the helicopter can be used.

      You can’t  fool all the people all the time!     

  22. Anonymous says:

    To the poster
    “Well said! The PPM are good people and Rome wasn’t built in a day…”

    We cannot AFFORD for the PPM to TRY to get it right the 2nd time around. The race has been ran and lost. According to your logics we should have given the UDP another chance as well. Makes absolutely no sense. It is time to stop pleading for a 2nd chance and accept that the PPM has failed the country and most of all the people.

    If they knew they had a good plan then why did they rush it?

    (1) Why not save some money for a rainy day?
    (2) why run the country into the ground?
    (3) why use all the funds at once?
    (4) Why build all schools at once?
    (5) Why build a new airport at the same time?
    (6) Why paint the plane at the same time?
    (7) Why pave all roads at once?
    (8) Why build a post office at the same time?.
    (9) Why borrow so much money at once?
    (10)Why build the government admin at the same time?
    (11)Why a port dock at the same time?
    (12) the questions can go on and on my friend.

    Stop trying to play the people for fools. The PPM could not handle the job. It was very obvious from the start they were unable to handle the job. They were like a man who cannot swim, out in the ocean, or better yet at the shallowend of the pool and doesn’t even know that it is only 4 feet of water.

    The people have tried, HAVE given them a second chance and they failed at that as well. Some of us never get a second chance, much less four years. Please face reality, the PPM is not capable to do the job.

    And also CNS – Why have you not posted all of my post submitted?

    • Anonymous says:

      To: Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 03/29/2009 – 20:54. 

      I agree with one thing you said: "According to your logics we should have given the UDP another  chance as well. Makes absolutely no sense".

      In truth, it wouldn’t make any sense to give UDP another chance.

      Chicken Little, the PPM has not run the country into ground. It has spent admittedly a lot of money on needed infrastructure. It has had to do these things because the UDP failed to do them. Considering the various auditor general reports about rampant waste (not expenditure on needed infrastructure) of public funds under the UDP Adminstration it is ridiculous for it to be posing as the party of fiscal prudence.  The UDP is trying to play the people for fools. I am still waiting to hear their proposals about what they will do to fix the country’s problems.  All I am hearing is "the sky is falling, you NEED the UDP to save you! The sky is falling!".  The hope that is that if they can generate a sense of panic people will vote for mindlessly and be swayed by slogans – which means of course for the UDP.  Anybody can snipe from the sidelines; few can actually govern effectively.    


  23. Anonymous says:

    By reading this mess, it is very clear to me that we need help with education, and spelling, not just someone who tells us to pull our pants up and tuck our shirt in, and throw money at hiring staff and building schools…Remember when Alden said no more book fees? and we were so happy? now he says no more toilet paper? ya happy now?

  24. Ruth Ann Mortor says:

    I feel sorry for the PPM government – such sad persons – they are so far off target on the issues and what Cayman and it’s people truely need. Take a back seat guys. They people of this country will show you have to drive  – if we give the PPM one more try this country will certainly crash and burn.

    God help us all.


  25. anon says:

    Time for a change – George Town. We are looking for you to get up, stand up and vote the PPM out.

    Enough of the Bar room politics. It is time to take it outside and into the boardrooms.
    Alcoholics anonymous should be quite busy after this campaign. We are calling for all current politicians to make an appearance to the meetings and definitely seek out a church for God’s guidance.
    Also CNS should look into the school incident.It has been reported that we have a record high teenage pregnancy rate and other sorts of things via the internet.
    Time to make a change Cayman! Time to Change!
  26. Susan Hernandez says:

    It is quite obvious that the UDP has the better slate. Mr. Solomon is difinatedly my choice for George Town. Sound thinker, strong speaker, a mature age for beginning a courier in politics".

    The GT UDP slate has zero experience. This would mean disaster in the difficult times ahead.


    • Anonymous says:

      Absolutely. The PPM has not damaged Cayman. It is dealing with the fallout from the mess created by the UDP, e.g status grants fiasco means need for more infrastructure, which means greater spending.  I may not agree with every move they make, but the PPM are decent people. They have made some positive contributions, e.g. the Freedom of Information Law. Govt. is more transparent. Instead, you could get acorrupt, self-seeking, vindictive govt.  The UDP only seeks to criticise and has nothing new to offer except believing that they can capitalize on Obama’s theme of change. Where’s the beef? What are your proposed solutions?  

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said!  The PPM are good people and Rome wasn’t built in a day.  They had a lot of mess to clean up and it certainly will take Obama more than one term to clean up the mess in the United States.  The PPM deserves a 2nd term to turn this country around.  They acknowledge their spending but every project is much needed here.  Let’s discuss ways to move forward in this recession.  Let’s stop wasting time putting them down for trying to rectify the mess the UPD created.  Come on Cayman!  We can be decent people, so let’s show it.

        The UDP has a reputation of getting votes by giving away appliances and cash.  That’s deception people!  Remember, money and material gain is not everything.  What you get now for your vote could damage this country for your children and grand-children.  Let’s be more God-fearing and less greedy.


  27. Shannon Lewis says:

    I agree. Mr. Solomon is by far the best in George Town. And I like Mark in Bodden Town, these two young men have great potentiol – they are difinatedly the two to liik out for in this election. Smart, Young, with families, excellent community service – well done boys.

    • Anonymous says:

      "potentiol – they are difinatedly".

      Learn to spell, please. If this the quality of supporter they have, it doesn’t say much for the candidates being endorsed.

  28. Anonymous says:

    A UDP and Ellio supporter that can’t spell – no surprise there. What is a "courier in politics" exactly? 

  29. Anonymous says:

    It is quite obvious that the UDP has the better slate. Mr. Solomon is difinatedly my choice for George Town. Sound thinker, strong speaker, a mature age for beginning a courier in politics. Like the man at the meeting said – If you do not give him a vote you need to get your head checked. Excellent candidate – the best to come along in decades and the heart is in the right place. I agree he is the #1 candidate for George Town. God Bless.

    • Anonymous says:

      "It is quite obvious that the UDP has the better slate. Mr. Solomon is difinatedly my choice for George Town. Sound thinker, strong speaker, a mature age for beginning a courier in politics".

      The GT UDP slate has zero experience. This would mean disaster in the difficult times ahead. Mr. Solomonis not sound. He is a volatile talk show host who often does not base his views on the facts but rather some distorted version to gin up excitement – a rabble rouser. Entertaining yes, but not material to help lead our country.  

      I see the Net News is calling Mrs. McGaw-Lumsden a lawyer. She is not. She has a Master’s Degree in Law, but no professional qualification, no articles of clerkship and has not been admitted to practice.  

      Mr. Adam is nice enough but is simply not cut out to be a politician. 

      Being effective leaders in govt. is more than sniping from the sidelines.  

      Overall the UDP does not have 5 credible candidates who could serve as Ministers.       

  30. Anonymous says:

    Why didn’t Gilbert support one of the young and upcoming candidates? He is a has been and all washed up. He is being selfish and does not realize that we (the electorate) have already had enough of his generation and don’t want to hear the washed up ideas. Nothing new and nothing fresh. Gilbert disapoints yet again.

    Also re Dennie – I have never heard him with a real solution yet – so let’s not even go there. We are not looking for talkers; but people who can get things done. He likes to take on the police etc. but he clearly has nothing else to do. Guns …. how many of us care about that topic? How about jobs and the economy? His interests are limited to what he cares about and not what we the people need. This does not make for a good politician. These people are going to respresent us and OUR interests NOT their own.

    Look at his track record. He is not even employed and has not been for many years. How does he support himself? He seems very very lazy to me. He has time to call ever talk show butshould really seek out a job to support his young family.

    We do not want persons in the LA with no record of what they can do. TALK IS CHEAP and some people have plenty of it.

  31. Anonymous says:

    "I’m voting for Mr. Eden and Mr. Osbourne Bodden in BT! I’m still up in the air about who the 3rd person is that I will be voting for……….!"

    Now why would you want to do such a foolish thing. Useless, absolutedly useless. What you should idealy do is retire one and vote out the other.

    BT – wake up and smell the ocean breeze. Oh I forgot you can’t smell the ocean breeze over the stench of the sewages from the back-up of all of that flooding you’ve been experiencing over there in BT. And you want to elect the same persons who left you to drown – talk about insanity.

    What happens when you get another flood (rainy season is around the corner) – remember Ozzie’s gas station in high and dry. HE NA COM GET YA.

  32. Anonymous says:

    The only time a person can hold dual citizenship and be a MLA is if they were born in the other country. Mr. Jim was not born in the USA which is why he had to renounce his citizenship. If Dennie is a US citizen by birth, then he is fine. CG (Cline Glidden) is a US citizen by birth and he’s been an MLA for two terms now. Check this out: http://www.cayman27.com.ky/news/item/1263

    As for the person who said Dennie is not "political material" – care to explain? I, for one, don’t get that. You must not listen to the man on the radio.


    Anyway Dennie, you for GT in ’13!!! (I’m sure you’re reading this)

    • Anonymous says:

      "The only time a person can hold dual citizenship and be a MLA is if they were born in the other country".

      Not quite. Section 18(2)(b) of the Constitution says that even if you are born outside the Islands at the date of your nomination for election you must possess no other citizenship "save for any right (you) may have to some other citizenship by virtue of (your) birth outside the Islands". 

      The Constitution recognzies a difference between possessing a citizenship and having a right to citizenship by virtue of your birth. If, as an adult, you have exercised the right to a citizenship that you were entitled to by virtue of your birth in that other country, for example by obtaining a passport from that country, then you are equally disqualified since (under section 19(1) of the Constitution) you will be, byvirtue of your own act, under an acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power or state (see decision of Supreme Court of Jamaica in Abraham Dabdoub v. Daryl Vaz, 2008). If Mr. Glidden has done that then he is disqualified to be elected as an MLA.    


  33. Anonymous says:

    Cayman Brac – You wish Val.

    You could never be aware of what has happened here in the last 4 years.  Denver nor Dan would have a chance… in fact, people don’t even know who Dan is since he doesn’t live here.  Moses Kirkconnell has had the people at heart and it has shown.  Julie needs to be second elected so that Cayman Brac can truly benefit.

    Moses has gotten sooooo many projects started and finished.  Imagine if he were first elected and had even more clout with varius departments.  2009 will show that he truly is the future of our island.  He is a successful business man.  How many of the other politicians can claim this?  Narrow it down, any others in the Brac???  Not a chance (excluding Dan but only his relatives know who he is).

    No comment on the others as yet… will wait and see.

    • Anonymous says:

      Denver Solomon for Cayman Brac?!?! You have got to be kidding me! Quincy would come closer to getting in!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I’mvoting for Mr. Eden and Mr. Osbourne Bodden in BT! I’m still up in the air about who the 3rd person is that I will be voting for! I would have liked to vote for Mr. Mark Scotland but unfortunately he has aligned himself with the enemy as far as I’m concerned and I would NEVER EVER vote UDP! What a pity that is. I like Ms. Sandra Catron for the moment and will be keeping a close eye on her….so I’ll make my decision on the 3rd seat on May 20th. The other 2 are already in the bag!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Ahhh Sandra, hard working, but I agree, need to find someother occupation, not equiped for parliament, also Denny Warren PPM should have had him on a board or something. Not Political material.

    Sorry guys. Let face reality!! WAKE UP

  36. Anonymous says:

    Ellio Solomon is an excellent candidate. Time for a change. Keep up the excellent work.

    PPM is out the door. Lets sweep the floor. Let them in no more. We’ll dance until our feet are sore!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    At least Sandra is trying to do something. As an unelected member all she can do is bring attention to these issues and show that people care about them as well. The only sensible way to do that is via petitions – nothing wrong with that.

    When she get’s in she will be able to so do much more for the people What is so GREAT ABOUT SANDRA? Here you are:


    That’s her track record of what she has done over the years; for no personal gain. Wake up Cayman – we need more self sacrificing people like this young lady. By the way this is not an exhaustive list.

    I met Sandra years ago when my daughter was sexually assaulted by my boyfriend at the time and Sandra was the only person I had to talk to and she was willing to help. This young lady has a reputation of helping people over the years and I know this for a fact.

    You may not "like" Sandra but to me that is irrelevant to this campaign. Yes, she makes waves but what great politician does not? You know how many people dislike McKeeva? They are just afraid of him to speak out.

    Sandra I encourage you to keep strong and remember that you would not be getting all of this criticism if you were not doing such a great job. You will get into BT and with God’s blessings continue to do the right thing for the Cayman people.

    Stay Blessed!

    D. Bodden

  38. 2013 says:

    Yes Dennie is a citizen of the USA but he can run for elected office here.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Yes Dennie is a citizen of the USA but he can run for elected office here".

      Wrong. Section 18(2) of the Constitution says on nomination day a candidate must possess no other citizenship (except British Citizenship by virtue of your connection to Cayman). If Dennie is a US Citizen he would need to renounce it. Anyone remember Mr. James Manoah Bodden? 

      I agree, Dennie would be a great MLA.

      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        Dear Anonymous,

        Re: 03/27/2009 – 13:42 post

        Firstly, I really appreciate your comments; thank you!

        However, my understanding of section 18(2) paragraph (a) is not the same as you have expressed in the above link. In my view, the phrase, “… for which he may be eligible” is the key to understanding paragraph (a) and whether I am a “qualified citizen”.  My comments will be limited to my own circumstances. Since I know that I satisfy all other subsection of section 18 and 19 on the Constitution, I will further limit my discussion to section 18(2) paragraph (a):

        Excerpt from Constitution for context:
        Section 18(2) of the Cayman Islands (Constitution) Order 1972 reads, “For the purposes of subsection (1)(d) of this section, a qualified citizen is a British [Overseas] Territories citizen by virtue of a connection with the Islands, who either
        (a). at the date of his nomination for election possesses no other citizenship and is pursuing no claim to any other citizenship for which he may be eligible; or
        (b). was born outside the Islands, has or had at least one parent or grandparent who was born in the Islands and possesses Caymanian status… and who at the date of his nomination for election possesses no other citizenship [except] for any right he may have to some other citizenship by virtue of his birth outside the Islands.
        In this subsection the words “other citizenship” do not include British citizenship acquired by virtue of the British Overseas Territories Act 2002.”
        My understanding of section 18(2) paragraph (a) is that it’s really making two separate points which are very closely related to paragraph (b). The two points are:-

        1. “[if on March 25, 2009, I held] no other citizenship, [except, AmericanCitizenship which section 18(2) paragraph (b) says is okay because I was born there, British Citizenship which section 18(1) also says is okay, and British Overseas Territories Citizenship by virtue of a connection to the Cayman Islands (Caymanian) because section 18(1) paragraph (e) also says that is okay]”; and,

        2. “[I am] pursuing no claim to any other citizenship, [such as citizenship in the Kingdom of Bhutan], for which [I] may be eligible [to submit and application to the relevant agency, because for example, the Kingdom of Bhutan might have a law which may allow me to obtain citizenship there on grounds other than by birth,
        then the Elections Office would have allowed me to be nominated on March 25, 2009 to run for elected office in the Cayman Islands.
        Point 1 of section 18(2) paragraph (a): I would not be permitted to have citizenships other than American Citizenship, British Citizenship and BOTC and run for elected office.

        Point 2 of section 18(2) paragraph (a): I could not be applying for another Citizenship, except British Citizenship and run for elected office.

        Therefore, I am a “qualified citizen” as required in section 18(1) paragraph (d) and would have been permitted to run in the May 20, 2009 General Elections.

        • Anonymous says:


          "Re: 03/27/2009 – 13:42 post"

          I have explained further in the post on Sat, 03/28/2009 – 18:21. There is relevant persuasive case authority to support my point. If you (a) have a right to U.S. Citizenship by virtue of your birth in that country; and (b) have exercised that right (for example by obtaining and travelling on a U.S. passport) such that you have by your own act acknowledged an allegiance etc. to a foreign power then you will not eligible to be elected as an MLA  (see section 19).  

  39. Val says:

    Here’s the forecast for 2009 May 20th elections:

    Sister Islands winners: Juliana O’Connor Connolly & Moses Kirkconnell

    Note: Dan Scott or Denver Solomon should have been running. Julie and Moses would have been replaced by these too outstanding gents! Julie please smile more in 2009!!

    East End winner will be: John McLean Jr. – Very nice guy and love his country.
    Note: Arden – Start working on another party for 2013 & bring along some new blood! The PPM is dead as bugs on a bumper!

    North Side winner is: Ezzard Miller (MR. TELL IT LIKE IT IS BOY!) I like this guy!!

    Note: next time Joey!
    Mr. Oswell should be appointed speaker of the house though.

    Bodden Town will be: Theresa Lewis Pitcairn; Justin Woods; Gilbert McLean or Mark Scotland (gonna be tight between those two though!)

    Note: Time up Mr. Eden! Your one lazy old man!
    Charles Clifford – rejoin the Police Service/Force-Since you like to dig up in people business and files!!
    Osbourne Bodden – Focus on your gas station and Fish Fry cooking at Lions Centre Oz!
    Dwayne Seymour – next time mate! Keep beating that drum.
    Sandra Catron – You get in trouble too much girl! Start a talk show cause you sure love to run that mouth of yours.
    Vincent Frederick – I like you; but next time OK – see you in 2013 with Paul and crew!

    West Bay will be: McKeeva Bush – The Dan; Rolston Anglin; Cline Glidden; Bernie Bush; (But would love to see Mr. Paul Rivers; Lana Mae Smith or Woody DaCosta replace CG)

    Note: Like Mr. Eden, your time is up Cpt. Eugene;
    Paul & Woody your time will come in 2013 Keep riding that MacStang Mr. Rivers; Ya hava break it in!!

    Choppy Delapenha – Your good for immigration or/and new reform group/party/team for 2013
    Ormon Morgan – Should be appointed District Chairman
    Dora Ebanks – Where have you been girl?

    George Town will be: Walling Whittaker; Ellio Solomon; Eddie Thompson; Kurt Tibbetts or AldenMcLaughlin (but gonna be tight between them two Lions!)

    Note: OUT – Lucille Seymour – Please retire
    Alfonso Wright – Fonz, open a fish fry shop and start a flag keeper post

    Mike Adam – You’re a good man – Just forget about CAL; you’ve made your contributions “Buddie” /

    Mr. Jonathan Piercy & Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden – see you in 2013 you’re the new “Bunch” One Love!

    Dr Frank McField – Your brother or uncle (Steve McFiled) should have replaced you…just retire and focuses on your little restaurants!

    Burns Connolly – Keep drawing Burns – Should have ran in East End and you would have had a better chance if you had started a year ago too for that district!

    Mr. Bo Miller – You should have stayed in N/Side Bo! I just can’t figured this one out 🙂

    Next forecast in 3 weeks time!

    • Anonymous says:

      "Next forecast in 3 weeks time!"

      I.e. this one is worthless.

      Since when is being a nice man and loving your country the only qualifications to run for elected office?

      Gilbert McLean is a political has been. He does not even appear on the radar and will only embarrass himself.  

  40. Val says:

    Re Dennie Warren Jr.

    Dennie is a US citizen! But he would sure make a damm good politician.

    And let me introduced you to some good statesmen that would be the real “McCoy” for a (as Ellio once called it at his little meetings!) “For a Greater Cayman”!

    So just to name a few – here they are:

    Steve McField, Dennie Warren, Billy Adam (no, no not Mike!), Winston Connolly, Greg Merren (what ever happen to Dr Frank lieutenant anyway?), Lee Ramoon, Morgan DaCosta, Paul Byles, Sherri Bodden, Patrick Bodden, Dwayne Sterling Ebanks, John Henry Ebanks, Layman &/or Danny Scott (the Scott brothers for the Brac all the way!)   


  41. Anonymous says:

    What’s so bright and shining about Sandra? All she does is come up with things to petition the gov’t about. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, but where are the novel ideas, really? And if she gets in (and I don’t think she will) who’s she gonna petition? Gordon Brown and Obama? LOL

  42. Anonymous says:

    Newsflash for the person who authored the "Winners 2009" post – GT only has 4 seats. And Pearlina and Mike get in?!?! Ha!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Winners for 2009 – Mmmmmm let’s see


    Cayman Brac               – Juliana and Moses


    East End                       – Arden Mclean (but needs a younger more intelligent person like McLean Jnr.)


    North Side                   – Ezzard Miller and then in the next four years Joey Ebanks.


    Bodden Town              – Mark Scotland; Justin Wood (like Mark, Justin is a smart

                                       young Caymanian who stands by his principles and will not get 

                                       caught up the lime light like the current PPM members, Mr.

                                       Anthony can stay for another term, but should step down).


    George Town               – Ellio Solomon, Mike Adam, Perlina McGaw and Walling

                                        Whittaker and Mr. Burns Conolly (Kurt must follow Ms. Edna

    an step down).


    West Bay                     – McKeeva Bush and his boys, I just can’t see anyone else

    representing his people as well as McKeeva.


    • Anonymous says:

      To: Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/26/2009 – 16:27.

      Winners for 2009 – Mmmmmm let’s see  – Definitely wishful thinking. Here’s something more realistic:
      CB – Moses Kirkconnell outdoing Julianna. Julianna out of touch, but still has core support.
      EE – Arden McLean without a doubt. Excellent MLA. John McLean Jr. has little to offer. No record of service or interest in the community. Will get some of his dad’s old supporters.  
      NS – probably Ezzard Miller but he has had his innings and ought to pack it in. Oswell Rankine should forget about it.  
      BT – Anthony Eden, Mark Scotland, Ossie Bodden/Sandra Catron. Theresa Pitcairn a definite may be. Gilbert McLean is long since over the hill. Justin Woods relative unknown. Charles Clifford losing propaganda war.
      GT – Kurt Tibbetts, Ellio Solomon, Alden McLaughlin, Walling Whittaker/Lucille Seymour. Forget about the rest of the UDP ticket. Dr. Frank McField – you mean two people nominated him! 
      WB – McKeeva Bush, Rolston Anglin, Cline Glidden, Bernie Bush. Time for Capt. Eugene to go.    
    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman Brac – agree

      East End – Arden  – the action man

      North Side – Joey

      Bodden Town – Anthony, Charles and Osbourne

      George Town – Kurt, Alden, Lucille and Alfonso

      West – McKeeva (unfortunately), Roulston, Bernie and hoefully another Ind.

      UDP I’m sorry not this time the PPM Government needs another term for the people of these Islands to see the good they have done for this country.  If UDP is the Government after May 20, 09 and then we could be another Turkes because that was a McKeeva friend that is in trouble down there now.  Some of the big UDP people got called up in the court hearing down there.  Caymen people please vote smart and vote PPM for love of country.

      Mark – You’re on the wrong side of the fence, so you can’t get my vote.  One vote for you, would be on for McKeeva.  Last election I heard him say that  he was going to retire but since he has now found all of these little followers , so he decided to run again.  I think Theresa had some UDP ties, I wonder what happened there????

      Justin – All you’re doing is putting a big hole in the middle of the Island.  Maybe you should carry the people of these Islands and show them what you have done to it for that mighty dollar.

      Ellio – Come out and tell the Cayman people why you now UDP…. is it because you couldn’t get your own way with PPM???

      I could continue………



  44. Anonymous says:

    And do not forget the friends and their holdings. This Government has been quite crafty.

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM party has stayed together from the beginning to present and this says a lot for them.  Unlike the UDP party that has falling to pieces over the years.

      I will be voting for PPM on May 20, 09. 

  45. Anonymous says:

    I know this is probably the right forum for this but here goes anyway.

    I would like to discus a few issues for the new Government candidates and past Government candidates who are running to consider.
    Firstly, recently we have heard that Gov dept’s have had to cut revenues due to "the Cayman Islands" being bankrupt (ok well we owe almost a billion dollars). Here are couple of ideas to assist in collecting additional revenue.
    There are thousands of boats on the island, everyone should be paying a license fee for these boats, wave runners, average $150 per vessel, this equals aprox $375,000.00 per annum (2500 boats). This is extra revenue for government. i would say approx 95% of boat owners do not pay this fee.
    Planning Fees, we could increase a couple of the fee structures on the island, lets say Tennis Court, not us average Caymanian can afford to build a court, the current fee is cheaper than building a pool.
    Let’s go back to a bike license; all of us probably remember the bike license fee. There are thousands of these bikes on the island (say 5000) the fee used to be approx $10 this could bring us extra revenue of $50,000 per annum.
    Cruise ship passenger fees, this could be increase4 by $2-5 per passenger, again huge revenue.
    The governments stopped charging persons for registering thier kids for schools (I can’t remember the cost, but let’s say it was $50 per annum). I know there are number of families on the island that could not afford this, but the average Caymanian could, all you would have to do a year is not buy 2 cases of beer, and for those families that could not afford to pay this, Government could get local companies to sponsor those families.
    Uniforms, we should insist on the families to pay a portion of this, again say $50, and as above, local companies could sponsor this portion for those that can’t afford.
    I know this is going to annoy a lot of people but come on, if you can afford to pay $100-200 fora pair of shoes for your kids, you can afford $50, in fact, and maybe the students should have to wear standardized shoes.
    Cutting cost in Government buildings;
    All the AC’s and lighting should be off a certain time and turned back on first thing in the morning. By doing this in our company we have reduced our bill by 15% per month. That’s huge saving for Government.
    Public Works;
    Why are we not using prisoners to assist with the cleaning of our road? All of us that drive to work in the mornings or are on the road, we always see 2-6 PW employees, one of them working an the rest sitting and chatting. "COME ON" manager your staff properly of cut cost and keep that one employee hired then fire the rest. We do not have to have the prisoners working in the day, make them work at night, that’s if you worried about tourists seeing them.
    What about all the  empty glass bottles that are on the island, all we need is a crusher, crush the bottles and use the sand for the roads.
    Boatswain Beach
    We have an ok facility up there (I always go with my family and really enjoy it). I have noticed we don’t use it’s to the fullest. Why are we not offering the the cruise ship passengers, even our local kids a simple diving course in the pool or even shark diving? Hey all extra moneys can help.
    Current Duty on land purchasing and construction reductions
    Why did this current Government just reduce stamp duty? This does not affect the average Caymanian and is not going to add extra development on the island. The only persons to reap the rewards are the Expats and the real estate agents. They should have gone back to the past 9% for WB rd. 7% rest of the island. Expats are still going to by. Unlike their countries this is a one time fee, this is cheaper compared that in their home country the expat has to pay taxes every year on the properties. For Caymanians "Yes" they should reduce this tax say WB Rd 6%, these persons who can afford the lad on SMB are not our average Caymanian, the can afford to pay this. Now for the rest of the island they should maybe charge 3-4%. This would assist the average Caymanian.
     Construction duty, "WHY" reduce this? Again we should have a cheaper cost for locals. Not for overseas investors. Maybe we give the large developers a discount but not the average expat.
    Lastly, Immigration;
    I personally think that this dept is overwhelmed and they are trying to do the best the can with what they have. I congratulate them for all the work they do. However if we really want our younger generation to be entrepreneurs, we could not charge them a trade and business license for 1st time business set up, but after the first year they would have to pay.
    I do not profess to have all the answers but I personally think a few of these ideas could really assist our country.
    • A Concerned Caymanian says:

      WE ARE THE POOR PEOPLE ! and we are  FED UP WITH YOU ALL!!!!!!


      Well Said ! 

      But What I cannot understand is How the high Profile Politicians can ‘t see  what the poor struggling people out here can see!

      Doe’s PPM believe that we are all blind!

      They have  done what they said they would not do!  Mortage my Great Grand Children Future.!

      I hope they all remember how to open the can of Corn Beef ! because that is all ,we  all around here !   are going to be able to afford to buy ,to feed our  Families !!!!!!!!

      It must be nice when you can go on a spending spree !and don’t check your account  till after you have spent! and then find out! Oh My !!! we are overdrawn! I wish I could do that !!!!!!!

  46. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the writer that said it’s too bad Dennie Warren isn’t running, he would have been good for Cayman!  Hopefully next time, maybe?

    Wow, what a buffet spread, not sure if i see much that is appetizing?  Sure do hope to see Sandra Catron get voted in, she stands out like a shining light amongst all of them.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Go PPM you can do it again!!!!

    • UDP says:

      We’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Clean sweep UDP……………send ’em packing!!!!

  48. Future Vision says:

    One of the suprise Candidates running for West Bay namely Orman would be a disaster if elected I have listen to his views and opinions and he is a tunnel minded thinking person who is all about enforcing what he thinks, not what the majority thinks would be the solution, no matter how negative the implications, signs of a narrow minded statesman.   

  49. Anonymous says:

    GO DR. FRANK!!! Living legend!

  50. Anonymous says:

    I want every person who runs to disclose their financial holding with transparency for the voters to know what their dealings are.

    Of course to be accurate you must check the wife and her holdings….

  51. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe that Dennie Warren isn’t running!! I guess the marl road doesn’t always get it right after all. That’s too bad, he would have been good for Cayman.