Watch out for sea itch!

| 31/03/2009

(CNS): Significant amounts of Sea Thimbles have been reported in the waters around Grand Cayman and swimmers should be aware of the increased possibility of encountering sea itch, sea thimbles or other jellyfish while in Cayman waters in the near future, the Department of Environment has said. While sea itch can be comprised of many different species of stinging microscopic planktonic marine larvae, research has shown that outbreaks of sea itch are often associated with significant amounts of thimble jellyfish larvae.

According to the DoE, while it is not possible to see the larvae and the presence of adult jellyfish does not necessarily correlate to the presence of their larvae, the abundance of thimble jellies recently reported to the department raises the possibility that sea itch outbreaks may also be observed at this time.

It is impossible to predict the occurrence of sea itch, but the DoE says it wishes to pass this information along to the public so that they may make informed decisions about their recreational activities.

Encounters with sea itch, sea thimbles or other mildly toxic jellyfish can be treated with simple medication available from local pharmacies. Naturally, anyone experiencing severe allergic reaction, extreme discomfort or pain after any marine creature interaction should seek medical attention immediately.

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