PPM starts bid for 2nd term

| 08/04/2009

(CNS): Following the opening of the campaign for the party faithful on Saturday night at Pedro St James, the PPM took to the open campaign road on Tuesday night with its national rally in George Town. Laying claim to a number of achievements during their 4 year term, each of the candidates spoke to the audience giving them a taste of the key campaign issues. The party also produced a reported card entitled "From promise to performance", comparing the election pledges made in the 2005 manifesto to the achievements during its administration.

In an orchestrated and managed performance that opened with a video diary, all ten candidates alighted from the ‘PPM bus’ through the cheering crowd to the podium. In a break from the usual party political procedures, Leader of the PPM and Government Business Kurt Tibbetts spoke first and acted as Master of Ceremonies. Delivering a variation on his state of the nation speech from Saturday night, he touched on the economy, spending, financial services and a number of other issues. He then introduced each of the ten members of the PPM team for the general election 2009, all but one already holding a seat, as they came to the podium to deliver their first campaign calls, which included the party slogan “Don’t stop the progress".

Joey Ebanks, the only non-incumbent, who is running in the district of North Side, delivered a short but animated speech to wide applause asking the people to return the ten PPM candidates to office on 20 May. Criticising his opponent Ezzard Miller for aligning himself with the UDP while saying he was independent, he said “You can’tcome out and declare yourself as an independent candidate and then in the same breathe say if elected that you will form a government with McKeeva Bush and remain independent, “ and accused him of lying and accepting his challenge of open debate anytime on any issue but in the middle of the street where everyone could see.

Arden McLean, with a considerable majority in his constituency and described by his colleagues as "Action Man", got the crowd going as he yelled about the achievements of the government he had served in and lauded the lack of corruption in the administration. He said the UDP might be big on talking the talk but were not so good at walking the walk. He asked the critics who said the PPM government had spent too much money to name the projects that they would not have developed. Of the 30 projects he had completed, he said he would challenge his opponent in East End to say which one he would not have done.

Anthony Eden another candidate who is, in terms of numbers, holding a safe seat, also lauded the achievements of his colleagues and in particular McLean for the East-West arterial road, which he said had put an end to his traffic misery. He said the PPM worked well together as a team and met most of their campaign promises from 2005.

Introducing Charles Clifford to the podium, the party leader noted that he was the man who was facing the most criticism from the UDP but that he could handle it. Coming to the podium, it was clear that Clifford would be focusing on issues of corruption that had formed a key element in the last campaign and said it came as no surprise, given what had happened, that he would be the primary target, but he said the more they licked him the more votes he would get. “If this country had not changed course in 2005 we could be where the Turks and Caicos Islands are today,” he warned. “But you the people understood that we need to change course.”

Lucille Seymour, now the sole female PPM candidate, delivered an amusing introduction and noted that it takes a real woman to handle nine men. She lauded the work the government had done for young people and said the sports development programme in the last four years was the most comprehensive in Cayman’s history. McLaughlin took time to set the record straight following misleading comments from Juliana O’Connor-Connolly the previous evening but then went to battle with his UDP adversaries.

He said that he had wanted to talk about was the economy as the PPM was fully aware of what needed to be done to manage the economy going forward and to deal with the issues regarding the financial services. He said that Jonathan Piercy, the young candidate that the UDP was pushing as a financial expert, was not necessarily all that knowledgeable. “What Jonathan Piercy knows about the wider financial services industry can be written on the back of a postage stamp and still leave room for what McKeeva knows,” he said.

He added that it was not the time to elect inexperienced politicians, and though the George Town team comprised good decent young people, this was not the time to learn on the job and they were greenhorns being led by a bumbling old man. The issue, McLaughlin noted, was that Bush had always struggled to work with anyone, and therefore could not bring stability. He said from Benson to Jefferson to Truman and down to Kurt, he had never been able to work with others. “In his 3.5 years of government he had three cabinet changes,” added McLaughlin who said the country could not risk that instability.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Problem started when McKeeva gave out those 3,000 plus status not when PPM took over and that it’s why the country is full of crime and our schools are so FULL, those 3,000 person got status for their wifes/husbands and their kids and they now live where else but the Cayman Islands!!!! When you do the math 3,000 became 12,000.00!!!

    UDP and PPM got to go!!! We have some good independante candidates that we need to give a chance, we need new people altogether but not so young!! 

    Just my 2 cents…..



    • Shine Anonymously says:

      I am not a supporter of the PPM or the UDP, but from my honest opinion, I can’t understand how the UDP had the LONE power to give out all of those statuses on their own. I am quite sure that the PPM played a part and gave some statuses as well. It seems to me that the PPM uncovered all of this status information to knock the UDP or McKeeva Bush out of power. 

      Please remember that McKeeva/UDP couldn’t approve allof those statuses by himself, they had to be approved by the cabinet, and as I see it, CABINET is NOT made up of one person!..  So I would make a suggestion to all, stop blaming one person or one party so to speak, for the statuses which were approved by all parties.

      Just my two cents on the status business…

      • Anonymous says:

        "So I would make a suggestion to all, stop blaming one person or one party so to speak, for the statuses which were approved by all parties".

        That is obviously not correct. These were Cabinet grants. The only persons in Cabinet were the UDP Ministers. A Government must take responibility for its actions.  Seeking to deflect blame shows a lack of leadership.

        The issue of whether certain deserving persons were nominated for a grant by the PPM is an entirely different issue. The major issues with the grants were that (1)  they were made to persons who were not resident for the requisite period; (2) not made to many persons who were resident for the requisite period; (3) no backgrounds checks were performed; (4) the sheer number of grants (3000+). All of these were in the control of the UDP and no amount of spin can change that.. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Statement: "When you Want to see, you see. When you Want to hear you  hear. When you have shut both your eyes and your ears to be truth there is no help for you. You’ll just have to stay in the darkness. Evidence of progress is there, open you eyes and you will see, open you ears and you will here."

    Responce: I have opened my eyes and saw that the PPM were not the ones for the job.  The UDP is the way to go!

  3. Anonymous says:

    udp..ppm..udp..ppm..udp…i am not so sure guys but one thing i will say is this:

    we are facing some serious times in our local economy and with challanges facing our businesses and loss of jobs for caymanians. right now i will rather have mr bush as the leader at the helm to sort those issues out and NOT Kurt Tibbets. i just dont think the PPM understand how to deal with these challenges we are having now.

    • Anonymous says:

      "we are facing some serious times in our local economy and with challanges facing our businesses and loss of jobs for caymanians. right now i will rather have mr bush as the leader at the helm to sort those issues out and NOT Kurt Tibbets"

      It is very easy to criticise and much more difficult to do. Mr. Bush is reading from a script with the benefit of hindsight. What has he ever sorted out that convinces you that he really has any better understanding of these issues? Mr. Bush was the same politician that opposed implementing the EU Tax Savings Directive and did not negotiate a single tax information exchange agreement during his tenure (which we committed to in 2000)  but is now saying how the PPM should entered into more Tax Information Exchange Agreements earlier! Are you all really so blind? He does not have a clue.   

  4. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    PPM made some mistakes with not forecasting that the economy was heading into a recession as quickly as it did. We must admit that most countries including the US was ill prepared for the economy we find ourselves in today. However, the projects undertaken by PPM is what the country was asking for. We wanted to ease the traffic coming from the east and we have. We wanted the new Government Administration Building for many years and they finally startedit. We wanted better educational facilities for our children and they renovated existing schools and planned for newer state of the art facilities. We wanted better protection from another hurricane Ivan and the schools are to be built to withstand a cat 5. The list goes on for all the wants that this country has. However, all these “wants” come with a cost. Perhaps PPM were a bit too ambitious with the amount of schools they planned to build in such a short period. There are many other ways to improve education such as ensuring we have the best teachers and compensating them fairly. However, in the time that they have served they have made many contributions to this country. They have remained open and unlike UDP they do not have serious scandals to their names. We know about files missing but under UDP our hard earn money disappeared without a trace. This is evident with UDP with the housing trust case, Turtle Farm case, Ritz, Dart and the list goes on. We must ensure that UDP does not continue to sell our islands to the highest bidder and for personal gains. We must stop them from the victimization of civil servants (when they can not manipulate them). Most of all we must protect the image of these islands as there is so much scandal surrounding Mr. Mac that we would probably be in the scenario as Turks if UDP is elected. I believe the PPM will be the better choice for these islands and a second term is necessary for the country to see their full potential. However, this is my opinion and I encourage all Caymanians to be aware and be prepared to make an educated vote. In order to do this you must do your homework on ALL candidates PPM, UDP and independents as we want to ensure that we have the best persons possible leading our country.

  5. Anon says:

    Ahhh, the hired trolls are back! Forums like this are for people to give their opinions, not for political parties to find new ways for electioneering. Shame on you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Show us the audited financials, you cute little government in the sunshine!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Remember Kurt’s words to McKeeva, "not on the kindest of mornings can I support this bill." I bet he is wishing now they had never come out of his mouth. For once he should have listened and supported McKeeva but his arrogance, lack of foresight and leadership caused our country to plummet in to the financial mess it is now in.

    I was a solid supporter of the PPM in the last election and was so proud when they won in a landslide.  I am so sad today that I was a part of the destruction of my country. They made a complete fool of me and all those who supported them.  I cannot in good faith vote PPM again. It is unfortunate that those people who are still supporting them with blinders on cannot see through this failed attempt. How can anyone with a good conscience turn this country over to them for another term. We have gone five years without financials, do we want to go ten. We don’t run our businesses like this, why would we allow them to run our country like this?

    As bad as the UDP was they were very pro-business and McKeeva knew how to stimulate the economy. It is a shame about the status grants because that was the one thing I believe that did the UDP in.  However, overall what the PPM has done to our country is miniscule and pales in comparison to the status grants.

    I am still unsure as to who I will be voting for in my district but I will not be voting PPM this year!

    I’m putting my country first!!

    • Anonymous says:

      To: Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 04/12/2009 – 18:52.

      You made one true statement in your post: "However, overall what the PPM has done to our country is miniscule and pales in comparison to the status grants". What I don’t understand then is why you would be supporting the UDP.  A party which had no mandate from the people since it was not elected as a party, makes a major policy decision which is seriously detrimental to Caymanians, seeks first to defend the policy and then to pretend that it forced into doing it by the UK and in any event does not apologise for it, is not a party to be trusted. Once elected it may act with similar arrogance and disregard for Caymanians’ interest again since they have not apologised.  

      The PPM are hardworking, honest and have the people’s best interest at heart. They are not  perfect but It is not an administration riddled with corruption. The country has not been "destroyed". That is ridiculous UDP propaganda. What is the basis for this statement – "five years of unaudited financial statements"? Do you understand that this is the responsibility of the Financial Secy, not the PPM? Do you also understand that it covers years in which the UDP was in charge?  Are you really willing to gamble our future on McKeeva?  Are you ready for the corruption probes? Do you want to see us go the way of TCI?   

      "As bad as the UDP was they were very pro-business and McKeeva knew how to stimulate the economy".

      McKeeva was very pro-McKeeva. The Ritz Carlton suited him as a real estate agent. We allowed to come in without paying millions of dollars in import duties. How do Caymanians benefit exactly? How many are employed at the Ritz?  He knows nothing about stimulating the economy only about how to cash in personally on an already vibrant economy. Tell me what are his plans now to change the world-wide recession? Don’t drink the Kool Aid.

  8. Anonymous says:

    UDP supporters are so pathetic….jumping on anything they can find to try to discredit the PPM…at least the public don’t have to look to the PPM to discredit the UDP…they do a fine job of that themselves…..UDP and their big money talking supporters cannot be trusted…anyone aligned with UDP cannot be trusted…they are all about self interests and bending the rules….corruptible people love the UDP….I am a PPM supporter all the way,….go PPM GT…

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM deceived the people into thinking that the UPD’s McKeeva Bush was corrupt in 2005. 
      They furiously hurled charges of corruption every time they got the opportunity.They campaigned for the entire time about it ( in fact, one might say, that their entire administration was centered around McKeeva) they promised that they would identify the corruption and that he would suffer the consequence.  But guess what, as with everything else, they lied.  There was no corruption, people beleived everything that his permanent secretary was telling them, expecting him to have evidence  of that corruption.  Spending millions of  our dollars they  ran blindly down the road to bankruptcy, and four years later, after still not finding any evidence they stand before the people once again in 2009 with the same sad story.  Cayman, please do’nt be so gullible this time around.  The only investigation with any success was that against Clifford and in spite of running a campaign supposedly based on integrity and transparency, after the  guilty results were in the administration did nothing to sanction him.   Had that happened  with the UDP, the PPM would have been crying corruption, or just simply crying – but now that the shoe is on the other foot they concoct reasons not to discipline the minister.  In time, I am sure that the UDP will have thier own reasons to wage their own investigation against the PPM, but I  trust that they will know when to draw the  line; afterall, we just can’t afford to spend any more money  that does not translate into revenue.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t believe that the Cayman people has gotten so mesmerized by the party system…Caymanian wake up!!! this is not about UDP nor PPM…It’s about US the people..it’s our ISLANDS. Look around for yourselves…what do you really see. Can we honestly say that as a people we’re better off today then we were?…Be true to thy own self!!. 

      Now look at all of the other Caribbean Islands, and their people who were mesmerized by party systems, see the mess they are in today?…it’s a clear picture of where we are headed. I believe this is our last chance to get back on course….our children’s future is at stake…therefore, I implore ALL CAYMANIAN to seek Almighty God and allow Him to direct you as to whom to cast your vote.

  9. anonymous says:

    It time for the PPM to go – No more damn excuses people on why we should keep them in power. Too much damn money has been spent and the people are damn broke. I am tired of this damn govenrment.

  10. Anon says:

    It seems to me that the UDP’s hired trolls have taken over this thread as well. Is this being managed as part of their campaign package? How sad that they think voters are so easily led by their foolishness.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are wrong about UDP hired trolls – I was once a big PPM supporter, but now for the sake of my country I have to vote UDP.  They are the only ones we can truly trust to once again bring back a flourishing economy.  I agree that globally the economy is weak, but look at what President Obama is doing to shore up America;s economy.  What can this government say that they are doing?   We are so broke that even if they had an idea, we wuld first have to borrow the money to make it happen.  They next UDP administration will have its work cut it out as a result of the shambles the PPM has left our country.  Look at that monstrosity of a school in Frank Sound, it  looks as if they imitated Caymana Bay.  Even if the bussed all of the children from every district, including Cayman Brac, there would still be available space.  And bear in mind we still have another two hight schools to build.  Good right they can’t get the buildings in Frank Sound  completed, the final product will cost a fortune, and that’s wehat we no longer have. The UDP left a surplus and the PPM left a deficit.  What poor management.

      • Anonymous says:

        "I agree that globally the economy is weak, but look at what President Obama is doing to shore up America;s economy.  What can this government say that they are doing?   We are so broke that even if they had an idea, we wuld first have to borrow the money to make it happen". 

        What President Obama is doing is hugely increasing govt. spending in order to stimulate the economy and create jobs – the very thing you are criticising the PPM for.  Do you seriously think that these trillions of dollars are coming from U.S. reserves?! No, the U.S. govt. is borrowing.

        The UDP left a surplus because it did nothing, leaving it for the PPM to do. What is the point in saying you have a surplus when the country has dire infrastructural needs that remain unaddressed while you waste public funds on pet projects like Boatswain’s Beach?

        The PPM has not "left" the country at all, let alone in shambles. DON’T STOP THE PROGRESS! 


  11. Only For Caymanians says:


    Ladies and Gentlemen,  this is a Concerned Caymanian…… Please remember that on May 20th 2009, Do Cayman Islands and it’s  People a favour as there is a responsibility laying in "All of Us".

     Your Vote counts Yes…..

    Get up and go and place Your Votes,  on the the new Constitution and accept the fact that we do need a change in the Constitution that can come at another time. In so doing then You will keep the "Power Grabbers" and the Dictators of  McKeeva Bush  and Papa Kurt Tibbetts and all their comrades out of the "Power Grab" and Dictatorship role by saying  "NO" to this Constituional changes.

    The  "Bill of rights"  is only a side tracker for the Populas to believe that a Human Rights will be given to Cayman Islands……  BULLLLL   no Human Right will be  given no more than it is given now. And will never be a Human Rights…. Simple vote  "NO" to the "Bill of Rights"

    Voting for "Candidates", should ONLY be placed for any Candidate Outside the Present  "PPM" and the "UDP" in Government at this time, as voting for these Parties will only create more Hardship for Caymanians and Cayman Islands. Only cast your Votes on the "Indepdent Canidates" for a "Change" in Government  to make a Change in Cayman Islands.

    Only For Caymanians

  12. Anonymous says:

    The PPM are a bunch of sour grapes. Very bad losers infact. They always make excuses why they have failed. Know what PPM – we are tired or your petty excuses. It is a very disgusting traight of yours and we’re fed up with it.  Give it up and just admit that you are not equiped for the post you were given – step down nicely and do not continue to make fools of yourselves. It is now becoming very embarassing to watch and hear – I attended your meeting the other night and you all sounded like a bunch a rabid dogs. It was not a pretty sight. 

    And to top it off we had to listen to Alden cursing at a member of the UDP. And Lucille speaking of her body parts. Please enough is enough.


  13. anonymous says:

    Enough with the Status grants – The PPM has got the be the most devisive people I have ever known. It over – give it up and please show us the books – looks like we will not get a chance to see them untill 2011 and lord knows what we will find out then.

    People of Cayman please be aware do not give the PPM another chance, do not believe anything they say, they cannot prove anything to you, all they have is a fewroads and some half finished schools which have a so far in the RED we can never get out again.


    • Anonymous says:

      We won’t know how much corruption has taken place until we see the audied financials.  Anybody can get up and hurl accusations of corruption at the next party , just like the PPM  did with McKeeva.  I know that they spent their entire term and spent millions of tax payers money trying to find evidence of corruption on the man – and guess what: they found absolutely nothing. 



    • Anonymous says:

      Everyone now knows that  the PPM  played a huge part in the status grants too.  In fact  the PPM supported the then leader of Gove business, Bush – but now, it is time to move on Cayman.  This status grant rhetoric that we continue to hear fails in comparsion to what the PPM on their own has done to these  islands.  Wonder if people truly realize how close we are to an economical depression.  What have they (PPM) done to mitigate Cuba opening up to US tourism?  What have they done in four years, short of 6 months running around like crazy trying to keep us off some black list, and endind up getting us on a gray list, which is no compliment, since we should have been one of the few on the white.  There are no ifs of buts about it, the PPM has glaringly failed its people.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I can see the UDP is working hard to win this election by some of the comments I am reading! Give me a break Mac will do no different no change for anybody just giving out hand outs in WB. GT, BT, NS, EE will be forgotten. We need unity in this country and true leadership for the people. I am a GT voter and I will continue to vote for the PPM! Keep the progress moving! GT vote straight PPM for GT.

    II want to thank my minister for Eduction Hon. Alden McLaughlin for his hard work with the educaton system.  Alden is one of the better minister this country has ever had when it comes to reforming the education system. He has a passion for it! The system is not perfect but I believe we are definetly working towards it! The UDP has no ideas for education and that scares me. This is a priority in this Country.

    PPM all the way!

    • Anonymous says:

      I was once a PPM supporter myself, but they have dissappointed me so that I can’t,  in all good conscience,   give them my vote on May 20th. 

      What with their double standards of civil servanst not being able to actively particpate in political activities.  How do you explain the use of  the NRA water truck that was used to prepare their meeting site; the truck was there all day watering down the ground, keeping the ground free of dust – I wonder who drove that piece of  heavy equipment?  Was it a civil servant ?  Or worse yet, perhaps it was  some one from the private sector who had no business driving government property.  But you see civil servanst, a precedent has been set by the PPM with that particular action.  Now, any  civil servant who is threatened with being fired or disciplined  because they chose to participate in some way should refer back to this particular case.  They would win in court hands down.

      What progress ya talking about? 



    • Anonymous says:

      Come on Cayman one vote for any UDP team is a vote for DART .Mckeeva.has already sold out or heart ,soul, liver ,kidney what now he want to try for your gaulbladder i say VOTE staight and dont be late .!!!!!!!!!!!  PPM ALL THE WAY ON ELECTION DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      We won’t know how effective the minister has been with the education system until we get the  results which he seems determined not to publish.  Then and only then, will we be able to rate him; however, one would think that if he has been so successful with the curriculum he would be proud to let the nation see how well our kids have done.  Wonder the reason for the reluctance?

      • Anonymous says:

        Rome was not built in a day. The poor results we are seeing in education today are the results of the poor performance in education by the Hon. Roy Bodden and the UDP party. The results will turn around but it won’t happen over night. It will take some time. There is good progress being made in education by the PPM Govt and the progress should not be stopped. If you really want to see the progress being made you can find the evidence, however, in the same vein if you don’t want to see the progress then be like the UDP party (and not even read or the debate the laws over the past 4 years).   VOTE PPM and DON"T STOP THE PROGESS!

        • Anonymous says:

          You said that Rome was not built in a day…fair enough, but would you please state the progess that has been made in education!! and where is the evidence?. My fellow Caymanian, concrete buildings do not equal progess…so what progess are you and the PPM asking not to be stopped?. Captian Tibbetts and his crew felt a sleep that the wheel and…THE PROGESS WAS NEVER STARTED… So how can you stop what is not there.


          • Anonymous says:

            The progress was started when the PPM took over.  Can you imagine if they did not have plans in place before elected.  They went and put things in place for the Cayman Islands people.  Don’t you wonder how come, we have received so much for the people of these Islands in the past four years.  Before the PPM Government i always hear people from Bodden Town saying nothing was done for BT and now we have had so many things in BT.   We need to give them another 4 Years Cayman Islands.  Don’t you wonder where the money of these Islands were going, WHERE was the money going? May be WB.  Becaues during the UDP time i did not see anything going on for the people of these Island only WB.   DON’T STOP THE PROGRESS CAYMAN ISLAND vote PPM. 

          • Anonymous says:

            When you Want to see, you see. When you Want to hear you  hear. When you have shut both your eyes and your ears to be truth there is no help for you. You’ll just have to stay in the darkness. Evidence of progress is there, open you eyes and you will see, open you ears and you will here.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thepost on the 04/09/09 at 09.06 I believe is directly on target for the outcome of the 2009 General Election.

    Bearing this in mind, we will have a new UDP Government on the 21/05/09 with 8 votes for UDP and 1 vote from North Side, (Independent) joining the UDP. The possibility exist as well, that the PPM candidate in East End who will win, will likely jump ship and join the UDP giving them a total of 10 votes, that is, if the new UDP Government is willing to keep him on as Minister. 

    There will only be 5 persons in the opposition split between PPM and Independents.

    CNS, I know your space is perhaps limited on your website but do you think it’s possible to design something similar to Cayman Net News for persons to vote/poll, as to who they believe will win each of the districts. Just a suggestion. 

    CNS: We have a number of improvements/additions to the site in the works, including an online poll

  16. Anonymous says:

    If we get any more "progress" like Kurt et al has given us, we will surely starve to death. The only viable, sensible option is United Democratic Party, my opinion. And I did not have the stomach for the nasty, dirty, comments made about their opposition, either….Show us the financials, please. and then and only then, will you look less foolish when you take pot shots at young mature Caymanians who have put themselves forward, to try to help the country.  I don’t have any expectations of the rest of them, but I was very disappointed in Ms. Lucille. I really thought better of her , before the launch.  And Alden…SHAME! Set an example for goodness sakes, instead of cursing on the platform. Ridiculous!

  17. Twyla M Vargas says:


    If it was not for MacKeva Bush after Hurricane Ivan, Bodden Town homes  and the Island at large, would still have plastic on top their roof and cooking outside.  Got to give due where it is deserved.

    And as for the status grants, that too was needed.  How on  earth can we really expect people to spend 10 and 20 years here and dont even have a little residence.   Maybe a few slipped through the crack,  ever put beans in your pot without sometime spilling  a few.    Everyone of them had a hand into it.   Its done, its over, its dead, bury it..   Those expatriates are here living among us, and I do not hear of them commiting any crime.  They are opening business and building big houses, married and have children.  Settled down, and want to be a part of Cayman.  Let it ago.   Blessed


    • Anonymous says:

      It was the National recovery fund and not Mac or anyone else that played the largest role in recovery. if Mac had given status to only people who had bben here for a long time then most people, including the strongest opponents to the grants, would not have so much of a problem. Because it was given to so many persons who had not been here for long, including to some who had only been here for a matter of months, and were given with improper motive we will face resulting problems for years to come. If Mac had not created several thousand Caymanians to compete with Caymanians for employment, how many Caymanians would be unemployed now?    

  18. Anonymous says:

    I can’t risk my my vote for of WB getting everything! We need movement  in all districts.  

    The team with a vision and the future of the Cayman Islands PPM.


    • Anonymous says:

      Would you tell me what  plans your visionaries have to jump start our economy?  I need to know since I’m one of the 2000 people out there looking a job  and barely holding on to my house.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I will never forget what the UDP did to Cayman with the status grants! Spent pills of money on the Boatswain Bay attraction! and only recognised one district WB. Why would one person be so selfish! BT was hit the worst in hurricane Ivan and the UDP did little to assist that district!

    I want a Government that will work for the country! Please people vote PPM May 20th!


  20. Anonymous says:

    This just shows you how out of touch and arrogant Chuckie is to even consider preaching on corruption….Gracious! The things that he has done while in office are cause for great concern….And believe me, much more to come out. Government in the sunshine? I know that many FOI requests have been made that would expose  more of his dealings, but no results thus far. AND no audited books…and check the boxing websites and see just how THEY feel about us…EXCELLENT marketing strategy! But it’s OK the Mandarin chain likes you long time.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the minister had an iota of integrity and decency, he would have stepped down after the commission of inquiry found him guilty of wrong doing when he removed Government files from the glass house.   It bothers me now to know that I supported him in 2005.  How could I have  been so wrong in judging his character?

  21. Fed UP Caymaniani says:

    It is WITH MUCH reluctance that I admit that I supported the PPM in 2005. But I have NO reluctance now in saying that I am doing all I can to make sure that they do NOT take control of this country again. They are a true let down and have caused this country much depression. You cant even call them a reactive government as they NEVER have anything to say with situations that arise. Take for instance the total fiasco at the high school in North Side. Where is the Minister of Labour. In fact, WHERE IS THE ENTIRE PPM GOVERNMENT? They would much rather spend their time bashing the UDP about their in-experience candidates. Well PPM, answer these questions:

    Did Alphonso and Lucille have experience in 05? NO

    Did Charles Clifford and Ozzie have experience in 05? NO

    So why bash the UDP’s young energetic, educated and focused candidates. Is it because the PPMnow can truly accept that they will be sent a clear message at the polls to go home as this country deserves and WILL get better leadership. I do not for one minute subscribe to ALL that the UDP has to offer, BUT what I do subscribe to is that the UDP has get up and go and will get things done and not wait till the 12th hour (like Kurt did when he wrote to Obama- who was half way across the Atlantic when the letter was sent). This is not leadership or trying to get things done. This is MIS LEADING the country in believing that THINGS ARE GETTING DONE. Wrong message PPM…..totally wrong!!!!

    The ONLY tangible choice we have as a country in this election is to chose the UDP> And yes this is coming from a citizen who without hesitation voted 100% for the PPM in 05. However, as they say, hind-sight is 20/20 I have seen thelight and the it is the RED LIGHT of the PPM telling me to STOP THE INSANITY and get rid of them for their inabilities, inconsistencies, lack of  performance, lack of fore-sight, gross mis-management and non attentiveness to the true needs of the Caymanian people. On a last note, PPM PLEASE and I am BEGGING you to PLEASE tell me, what planet or universe YOU are living on that YOU can survive on CI$1.83 per day. When you can produce the REAL evidence and can justify your eveidence, then and ONLY then, I may consider giving you an X again.

    In the meantime PPM, thanks for NOTHING. As a one time loyal supporter- I have been failed and let down. UDP, 2009 is your time, its time to take control and make this ship sail again.

    And by the way, this is a special message to Pearlina. You are a doll, a cutie and an educated young lady. DO NOT LET THE REMARKS OF THE CHILDREN ON THE PPM PLATFORM GET TO YOU. THIS IS JEALOUSY AND ENVY. Rise above their antics, and on May 20, 2009- YOU along with your UDP team mates will have the final say. Pearlina sweetie, they are JEALOUS that they dont have YOUR beauty adoring their platform. All of the UDP supporters recognize your inward and outward beauty, your professional and personal accomplishments, which will assist you in becoming an elected member for the district of George Town.

    GO UDP as this is our ONLY hope

  22. anonymous says:

    leaders are like eagles they do not flock  .cayman only has one at this time BIG MAC VOTE UDP  a party with out a leader is a ship with out a captain . VOTE GREEN

    • Anonymous says:

      Face it Cayman, all of the traits that the PPM so dislike about Mac are common traits which we have ourselves.  Some of us don’t have an university degree, some of us can’t stand up in the ffront of a podium and speak without a sccript, many of us are obese, in fact, in the Cayman Islands that has now become a serious health issue, some of us have to take notes when we attend a meeting or a conference, and the lis t  goes on.  So the question is Cayman :  do you really think that the PPM can turn off and on thier dislike as the please?  If they don’t like these things in Mac, then it’s hardly likely that they will like it in you.

  23. noname says:

    I refused to vote for PPM! Their campaign was horrible! I watched as much as I could stand and turned off the the TV.

    When I watched UDP’s. So much more organzied and professional. The way the dressed and everything. Doesn’t mean i voting from them either, though. (But they have a way better chance, than PPM)

    The independants might actually get a chance in BT. Because I dont want to vote for a party.

    I looking for someone who doesn’t want a fat pay check. And will change this country for the better. Fortuately, I have to choose which 3 is worth my vote in BT.

    • Anonymous says:

      Talk about double standards. The PPM and UDP both claim they want to stay above the mud slinging, but they both do it. Now one PPM candidate has declared that the more mud they sling at him the more votes he will get ! Sounds like as long as the mudslinging works in his facour he is all for it and is even now encouraging it.  That may be a smart strategy in his case, as his notoriety may actually help him get some votes.  He cant rely on his tourism record.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Please ensure whengiving credit for a majority success rate on the draft Constitution, you remember that the opposition along with the Minister’s Associatiation played and integral role in this ‘success’.

    Sure – give credit where credit is due. I am thankful for the innovativeness of Mr. McLean, especially given that the dollar provision for Education in the $800M budget was not a substantial amount and definately could not create a completely successful outcome. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the intial amount allocated for the Education budget was decreased and Mr McLean should be more widely praised for being so innovated given the resource cut. *I try not to encourage rumors – but given the end result, the story would add up a little better

    I am not up for the bashing. We need to be creative, united and discriminate less amongst each other (as young and old Caymanian people) and do what is in the best interest of this country i.e. being economically and socially responsible.

    With saying this – I would like to leave several questions on the table and welcome a clear and coherent answer from any candidate of the PPM government.

    – Why exactly has an $800 Million budget been completely ‘shot’ and the people of these islands cannot see exactly what all has happened?

    – Why has the current government – given on the numerous occassions that questions in this regard have been raised (e.g. on the various talk shows) not addressed where the money has gone? Yes – we see the positive things that have happened but still this does not account for everything. Yes – it is our business

    – Why has the Government gone as far to borrow several million dollars from other sources (of which will go unnamed) as a result of being turned down by Great Britain? Why did it have to go this far?

    Accountability please?

    And off the topic of politics – I leave this with all my fellow Caymanian CNS readers as a word of encouragement during these trying times. Please remember OUR Christian values and OUR Caymanian Culture (YES nothing is wrong with our culture – of course be considerate of another’s culture BUT understand that they should, too, be understanding of your culture). Make these things Make YOU proud! 

    S. Ebanks (WB)

  25. Julie Ex PPM says:

    I am calling for Alden McLaughlin to apologize the the people of the Cayman Islands for his "Careless" mis-use of words and CURSING on a public forum infront of many small children, who either were there in the audience, listening on radio or watching on TV.  – APOLIGIZE 

    CNS where is my other posts on this very topic. Why has it not printed?

    CNS: Anyone who has a genuine query about why their comments were not posted can email me at nicky@caymannewsservice.com with the comment and I will explain why it was not posted. Normally – especially as we get close to election time – it is because they are especially hateful or bizarre or just a slogan. All posting are at our discretion. If you actually read the comments you will see thatthere are plenty of comments criticising and supporting both parties and independents.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha, Ha; he won’t apologize for using curse words at his big launch on  Tuesday night.      It’s unfortunate though, because my   ten year old daughter was watching along with me.  After the first curse word I had to turn off the TV since I was scared that he might have cursed again.  This is not the kind of language one would expect from our minister.


  26. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Disagree,  Cayman News Service is the most fair News you can read.   What I observed is they dont care who you are they do not want the NAME CALLING,  They bump off anyone even me, and you know what , I thank them for it, because the NAME CALLING is spelling hatred amongst us.  

    Talk about issues, talk about things that you know have been done and is getting done, and will get done.  Dont talk about people, because although you try to remain anonymous there are those little experts who hack computers every day.  Once you are on the web you will be found.  You think that is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If Some of us had half penny worth of sence, they would stop and realize that we have all started out on the wrong foot wth this election.  Even me.   But I refuse to be stressed out to put money in someone else pocket.   I will assist, and vote for whom I think will do a good job,  I am from Bodden Town, and I am concerned mainly with my district.    Because Cat has no business in dog fight.   That is all there is.  I do hope many Caymanians, and I mean all of us paper and non paper, realize that this political fight is all about POWER and MONEY, are you getting any?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. VOTE FOR CHANGE.   Blessed.


  27. Twyla M Vargas says:

    Comments on:  TRY THIS FOR THOUGHT.

    You are getting there, but by the end of April it will change.  Keep it up.

  28. Anonymous says:


    PPM ia talking about the past and that is no way to convince its supporters that they have done a good job. Their record over the four years has been very poor with their exception of 1 or 2 ministers. the situation that the country is in is the result of the PPM and its policies. 

    Tjheir campaign slogan really was poorly chosen. Dont stop what progress? if you call the highest number of persons out of job, a slowing economy every single year since 2006, massive fraud at UCCI, refusal to pass the conservation law, no high school results published since 2007, not a single school building in sight despite spending all that money, a histrocial deficit of nearly 30 million, a runaway government spending program, a tourism minister that has done so little even his supporters/close freinds are saying it on the streets, a financial industry that was neglected until the last minute which resulted in loss opportunities, and everything else for which there is not enough space to list here Progress, then you are living on a different planet.

    I cannot give the PPM another term basedpurely on performance alone. They have not done a good job. Asking us to vote for them again by talking thrash about mckeeva bush will not work this time. They must come with substance and proof of performance. and that is not possible now.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Try THIS for thoughts on the election; 

    UDP – 4 Seats WB

    PPM – 2 Seats GT

    UDP – 2 Seats GT

    PPM – 1 seats BT

    UDP – 1 seat BT

    IND – 1 Seat BT

    IND – 1 seat NS

    PPM – 1 seat EE

    PPM- 1 seat CB

    UDP – 1 seat CB

  30. Anonymous says:

    It saddens me  when I read that the PPM launch was "good". Based on what I heard there was pure mugslinging and read our manafesto. I am a young voter and it greeves me that these people sit down and condone age when some of them are only age and no sense be it common our educational.  I really dont care that you have nothing "fake" and that your proud and old ( dont get me wrong the older one get the wiser one is supposed to be) did we really see it that night? I respect and look up to older people because we are to lean from them but are we learning from our goverment? Can they show us anything?

    Lets be honest how can our outgoing goverment sit down and say that they are proud of what they have done. My question for themis what have you done? Put us on the grey list? Startes 4 schools that may never be finished? at least not for my grandchildren! I that am twice as young as many of them know that we could have easily "FACE in" four high schools and not build them all at once, it seems like they are the crazy young person spending like crazy when they are supposed to be the AGED WISE. As I said before that am twice as young and I know that you should make sure what you purchase actually works and is transportable? What about the families in the trailer homes? If we can live on a $1.83 a day then why are they there!

    Please my fellow caymanians as a young person who has looked up to great elders and learnt from them Vote right don’t let age, color, family or friendship fog your decision. Vote for the person(s) who will take us out of the mess we are in.


    A Young person who believe that a fresh young pair of eyes are good for the broth.

  31. Anonymous says:

    CNS is biased in the election.  Won’t post every reply that seems to critisize independents or the ppm.

    I no longer trust the people running this site and will spread the word

  32. Anonymous says:

    To the person who said " that the PPM have now proven they are absolutly disasterous at running our Country" is a very long statement without substance. The PPM has Put in place the 2004 Immigration Law that the UDP had so botched up it threatened to destabilize the Cayman Islands.  Developed an excellent model for education with the child and family at the center. Rearranged the George Hicks High School into 4 schools and changed this campus into an center of excellence. Started to build new high schools that should have been built 15 years ago ( and they will take time to be completed). Renegotiated a new franchise agreement with CUC. Through public education and openness completed a draft constitution that pleases 60% of the people (I must admit that is really a miracle, but they PPM did it!). Built a road system that was outdated and West Bay people can now get to work in 20 minutes. (When the UDP ruled they spent $55M on Boatswain Beach and nothing on high schools or new roads and it took ove an hour to get to work). Developed a sustainable model for low cost housing ( this is a benchmark for every Caribbean Island). Rebuilt Cayman after Hurricane Ivan. Brought back tourist to the island (none was coming here after Hurricane Ivan). Created openness and transparency (If the UDP was ruling now, the public would not know that there was a deficit). Stopped the corruption and graft that was endemic in the UDP camp. Obviously you do not recognize how a country should be run. If you think travelling to Casinos and handing out $50 notes is they way forward then vote for the UDP.

  33. Anonymous says:

    PPM is by far, head and shoulders above UDP and all the independents….they have the intelligence, the integrity and the experience to keep this Country on the right path.  UDP whether elected through their current slate of candidates or through their so called ‘independents’ can only mean bad news for the Cayman Islands no matter how you slice it….PPM has got to remain in control of Government if we are to continue to have any hope or prosperity…UDP is most definitely NOT the way to go!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I find it very disturbing that any one could be so blindly committed to or excited about either party.

    The candidates of both parties and independents are incredibly disappointing (with about 4 or 5 exceptions). 

    When we vote this year, it will have to be with pragmatism – who will do the least damage to our country?

    To the PPM Cheerleaders – I might suggest you step back and think and weigh all the evidence. Your enthusiams shows little critical thought has gone into your position.

    With a very heavy heart I will vote mostly for the UDP this year. While I only think they are marginally better than the PPM, I think they are a far more inteligent and capable group than the PPM candidates. We will need this to pull Cayman out of its current hole and atleast keep the ship afloat (which means I’m not expecting visionary leadership or anything to be enthusiastic about, just better than the PPM who have now proven they are absolutly disasterous at running our Country).

  35. Jedi Dread says:


    Armed robbery in West Bay
    Posted on Wed, 04/08/2009
    PPM starts bid for 2nd term
    Posted on Wed, 04/08/2009
    ’nuff said,
    – Jedi Dread –
    *In all fairness, I do not believe in the UDP either.
  36. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of hogwash!..To think I voted for these idiots last time. Do the PPM really think they can fool us again.  They have got to do more than lambast UDP and the independents to even think about getting my vote. they could start by admitting their failures and asking the people for a chance to correct them …Fat chance at that though after they have spent every dime we have. Now they just keep on talking the same old crap about what they are going to do (if) they get back in. what are they are going to do it with? Is Kurt going to sell some of that land he has accumulated over the years to donate some to government. If anybody is looking I hear that PPM just gave a reduction in stamp duty ..good time to go see Kurt!!

    I am so tired of the same old politics from a bunch of angry, nasty, has been politicians!  Wouldn’t itbe nice for Alden to once get up and say something nice about someone instead of always denigrating people and looking like he would eat you alive. Also the gall of Chuckie after being found guilty of wrongdoing and still running for politics. maybe he Frank and Lyndon should start a team. Some of these characters just have no shame!

    Cayman, wake up and smell the coffee. Please i beg of all of you, get out to vote on May 20 to ensure we will never have to suffer like we have had to do over the past four years. Let’s get together and throw them out like we brought them in.

    Time to bring out the rosemary brooms!!  Good riddance PPM!!!






  37. Anonymous says:

    My thoughts on the election; 

    UDP – 4 Seats WB

    PPM – 4 Seats GT

    PPM – 2 seats BT

    UDP – 1 seat BT

    PPM – 1 seat NS

    PPM – 1 seat EE

    PPM- 1 seat CB

    UDP- 1 seat CB



  38. Anonymous says:

    I went to both launches! The PPM was very interested and I like the idea they were organised with there speeches. The UDP is just not ready to be the Goverment they have lots of learning to do.



    • Anonymous says:

      I went to both launches, too and all I took away from the PPM launch, was that I guess damn is now a word that is acceptable on a public podium…Nice example for our kids…I guess if the Minister for Education can use it so loosely, it shouldn’t be a problem when the students tell their teachers"Sorry , I forgot my damn homework!", or, " I think I’ll wear my pants as damn low or baggy as I damn well please!". Good  damn job, Minister.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Always on Kurt side long before i could VOTE .Hope to vote in May.Hope to get what i asked for last year also .Still waiting and trusting i will get through .

  40. Anonymous says:

    I say get the PPM out of office. It is now time for them to all take a step back – last night reminded me on why they must go. More spending on their agenda – IF THEY ARE ELECTED!!

    Good people of Cayman its time to take action and vote out this PPM government. Its time for a change.

    • Anonymous says:

      Everything that the PPM government did was what we the people of the PPM voteded for.  They did not tell us one thing and did something else, then justify after doing what they want to do without the country’s approval.

      This is why we love the PPM Government, we had no surprises, we knew that they would do as they told us.

      • Anonymous says:

        You say they delivered what they promised – then they must have told you alone that they would not be submitting audited financials to the honorable house .  I don’t recall that being a part of their campaing rhetoric.  They preached transparency –    Sad part is, by the time we are aware of the state  of our economy, it will be too late.  Perhaps the UK will have  need to intervene in the Cayman Islands as well.

        Guess soon we’ll be on that black list, after all, it’s easier to slide downhill  to the black list than it is to run uphill to the white. 

        They had four years to execute agreements and yet the waited six months shy  of the G20 forum to start scrambling to cover themselves. 

        Stop what progress, Cayman?


  41. Only For Caymanians says:

    Get all that PPM and UDP Out… lets not be fool like alden mclaughlin said, “If you dressup a brromstick, Caymanians will vote for it”, Are we really that fool?

    And Now soon he is the same man that needs your “Vote”, will you now gladly give him your vote?

    These are the same Government people that have made more promises to Caymanians that you can shake a stick at, and has produced nothing but wrong doings and been “Misled” in so many ways.

    Caymanians, You have a choice, help to steer Good ship Cayman further into Hardship by allowing the PPM or the UDP to oppress and drive us into more damnation or we can vote for “Change” in the Government and see a better way forward.

    Only For Caymanians

  42. Anonymous says:

    I wish there was a PPM in WEST BAY

    • OVER 50 AND PROUD says:

      Attention all people over  50 –  you had better know that the PPM has no use for you since they refer to Mac, who is in his early 50’s as old, tired and useless.  Just to let you know this remark angers me, since I am a proud 54 year old woman who is a partner in a law firm and contribute more or certanily, just as much as any one who might the same age of the misnister himself, who is in his 40’s.  Wont’ take long before you turn 50 Alden, and by your own admission, useless.

      Are you saying that if elected all people over 50,( and I know that 80% of  civil servants fall in that category) will be dismissed and put to pasture.  You seem to have no regard for this age group based on your own statement. What a shame!!

      Civil servant get ready for unemployment .  Here comes the PPM destruction train.

      Vote for UDP, they respect  all people, including those  over 50. 

      • Anonymous says:

        OVER 50 and proud to be voting straight PPM in GT. Can’t stop the progress

        • Anonymous says:

          Can’t stop what progress.  We have some 2000 Caymanians out of jobs and yet they give a job like the high school to a foreign construction company without properly ensuring that Caymanians are employed. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I am over 50 and i love the PPM and i will be voting for the PPM all the way.   Stop telling lies and pray to the Good Lord.

  43. Anonymous says:

    It was a really good launch for PPM last night. 

    I will be voting straight PPM in BT.

    • noname says:

      I want to thank Mac for giving me the courage to undergo life saving surgery.  Rather than insensitive people making fun of him they should be congratulating him for having the courage to take such a courageous step  .  I have always struggled with my weight, but after speaking to Mac about the bold step that he took to take charge of his health,  I felt confident in making the decision myself.  Thank God I am now healthier than I have ever been.  Thank you Mac, you saved my life.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe ‘Mac’ would have been more courageous to take care of himself than to take the short cut and go under the knife.

        Eat properly, and don’t be a pig and you won’t have to do the same : )

  44. Anonymous says: