The UDP’s “Holy War”

| 09/04/2009

(CNS): At a UDP political meeting on Cayman Brac Wednesday night, the war of words over what took place during the passing of the Education Law turned into a supposed battle between the UDP, as the party fighting for Christian principles, and the PPM, with criticism aimed mostly at Education MinisterAlden Mclaughlin, as the party that is trying to take religion out of schools. “Alden thinks he’s God,” party leader McKeeva Bush said. “He needs a good flogging. He’s nothing but a little fop.”

The Education bill was passed into law Thursday 19 March. During the committee stage, Sister Islands MLA Julianna O’Connor-Connolly raised her concerns that the minister was attempting to remove the mandatory obligation for schools to teach religious instruction by mandating a broad national curriculum in the law but not stipulating that it must include RI. Subsequently, McLaughlin said he was willing to offer an amendment that he hoped would address O’Connor’s concerns. (See Minister achieves ambition)

At the UDP rally on Monday 6 April, O’Connor-Connolly again claimed that the minister had tried to take God out of the schools. In response, at a PPM rally Tuesday night McLaughlin explained that religious education had been enshrined in the curriculum, which is already in use and had never been removed. He further explained that drafts of the bill had been brought to the House for debate in 2006, again in 2007 and again in October 2008, more than four months before the bill came to the House for passage. “I don’t want to call her a liar but she is damn careless with the truth!” the minister said Tuesday. (See Minister calls out Brac MLA)

At the rally on Scotts Dock on the Brac, West Bay MLA Rolston Anglin laid out the UDP version of events, claiming that Education Minister Alden McLaughlin had “rushed through the Education Law at the eleventh hour without the proper consultation.”

“What Julianna O’Connor-Connolly reported on Monday night was 100% accurate and 100% true,” he said. Anglin claimed that during the process of bringing a new bill to replace the old law “a truthful minister will get up on the floor to give all the positives in the new legislation and also a look back on the old law and say, here are some of the crucial changes.” He said that Mclaughlin had “purposely removed from the law the mandatory requirement regarding religious instruction.”

He said the billhad been voted into law by the whole House (when he was the only opposition member present). However, he said there were legitimate reasons why the rest of his colleagues had not been there, including the fact that O’Connor-Connolly had not been able to get a flight from the Brac. “When Julie came it had already been voted on and had gone to the second stage. “It’s a good thing we have a good Christian lawyer who can critique a law like no one else,” he stated, and said she saw “mischief and downright dishonesty” in the law. When she realized it, she went to the minister “in a ladylike fashion” and asked him if the omission was done accidentally or on purpose, Anglin said.

He went to claim that McLaughlin “ruffed her up”. According to Anglin’s version of events, the minster had said, “That’s done on purpose and that’s good enough!” and that O’Connor-Connolly had replied, “No, that’s not good enough.” The West Bay MLA told the Brac crowd that McLaughlin had discussed it with “his technocrats and his colleagues”, including Sister Islands MLA Moses Kirkconnell, “and they were fine with leaving God out of education.”

“Miss Julie went to Holy War with the minister,” Anglin said, describing the minister and his colleagues as “filled with hate that day”.

However, the MLAclaimed he “witnessed a miracle” as the amendment was added to the law just before the final stage in the process. “It is now mandated that every school in the Cayman Islands shall shall shall have religious instruction!” Anglin exclaimed.

Weighing in on the topic during her own address to the crowd, O’Connor-Connolly said that the minister had been “caught with his pants down”. She said, “Rather than amend the Education Law, he had chosen to write a new law.” Section 27 in the old law had mandated religious instruction, and she said that if he had amended the old law he would have had to state that section 27 is hereby revoked or repealed, suggesting that “it is not a good idea to throw out the old till you know what the new one is.”

Referring to the proposed Constitution and the expanded powers of the Cayman government, she said, “Imagine what they will do with more power! Thank God we have a governor to keep them in order!”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    To:  I think we may have gotten a

    I don’t know who you are or you are replying to, but i will say this:  i don’t know if you are one of the UDP politicians or one of their supporters, but let me tellyou this, anyone who stands up and uses the name of Christianity to gain followers and supporters better be prepared that they will bring about a heated debate of Bible Truth.  Otherwise if they don’t want to hear the Truth of what is written in the Bible, then they best shut their mouths up about being Godly and a good Christian and not use Christianity to gain votes.  If they are not willing to discuss what is written in the Bible, then they are just false and hypocritical!
    Any true Christian is happy to discuss all that is written in the Bible, especially the New Testament!  You can’t be a True Christian if you don’t love to read, believe and follow all of the New Testament of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Simple!
  2. Anonymous says:

    To:  I await your reply with the scripture(s).

    Here is my reply to you:  Do you think you can silence me, manipulate me or control me because you say judge not?  Bible Truth is Bible Truth, it is not a matter of judging.  That is mental evil manipulation to distract from the truth of what the Bible says on how to run the churches.  That is the part you hate to hear that the the churches are disobeying God!  Then that means we should all disobey the whole bible and just tell each other "judge not"!  How about that???  So why lash out at the homosexuals then???  Just disobey the whole Bible and say judge not!!!  Right?  That’s what you say?

    Let me test your diligence:

    You show me where in the New Testament that it says that Church and State are to be as One?  How about that?  Or you don’t like that question do you?  Because you know there is NOWHERE in the  New Testament it says that!

    Let’s see what you have to say, i know the Bible well, be glad to respond back to you, let me hear what you have to say?  Stop fooling people into believing the Bible says things it doesn’t say, and then write it off as "Judge Not"!  How lame is that?


    • Anonymous says:

      I think we may have gotten a head of ourselves here a bit. I understand what all of you are saying but….at the end of the day we still need to work together to ensure that our country is not run inadequtely. Therefore, lets not point fingers at religion on anyother form of such but speak poloitics because that is what we have to deal with here and now.

      Our decisions here involve who we are going to elect and trust to keep the Cayman Islands together and fully moving forward, espcially in these recent events……


  3. Roy Tatum says:

    Re:  UDP – Still being careless with the truth.

    The UDP candidates have been saying on their platform and in print that $1.83 is what the PPM and the National Assessment of Living Conditions (NALC) report claims Caymanians can live on per day. 

    I have taken the time to read the NALC report and as usual the UDP are stretching the truth in the hope that we will believe them.  Lets examine what the NALC report actually states.

    Indigence Line

    The NALC report speaks to an Indigence Line – this refers to income received by the extreme poor in our society who are likely homeless, do not work,  and who somehow manage to survive on very little. We all know who these people are – they hang around our stores and sleep on our benches and periodically ask us for a handout.  We do not have very many but they do exist. 

    With regard to this group the report states that The indigence line was estimated at CI$1.83 per day, which represented the lowest possible cost of consuming 2,400 kilo calories in the Cayman Islands in 2007.” Essentially to survive we apparently need about 1500 calories daily with the average person supposedly consuming about 2400 calories per day.  The report concluded that it was possible to purchase some food stuff for $1.83 per day ($668 per anum) that provided 2,400 calories.  With this amount one is not paying utilities, rent, school fees, insurance, etc – one can only survive or subsist at this level, and just barely. 

    So no…  the report does not claim that Caymanians can live on $1.83 per day – clearly this  is not living. And clearly in my view the UDP understand this and are deliberately blurring the facts.  

    Poverty Line and Vulnerability Line

    The report also speak to a Poverty Line of $3,983 per year and a Vulnerability Line of $4,979 per year.  Obviously these amounts are far more than the $668 per year ($1.83 daily) noted for the Indigence line – again making a clear distinction between people who are poor or vulnerable and the very severe (perhaps self inflicted) poverty of indigents.

    One may argue as to whether the professionals who produced the report did a good job at assessing where the various ‘lines’ including the poverty line should be – but as it was done under the auspices of the Caribbean Development Bank one would believe that the findings would be properly vetted. Additionally the professional firm who did the report has been doing this work since the early 1990s and have done work for the World Bank; The UN; and various Caribbean countries and NGO’s .  

    But regardless of ones opinion on where the numbers should be;  the facts are that the NALC report does not state what the UDP claims it does. And they know it does not. Neither the report nor the PPM have ever said that Caymanians can live on $1.83 per day.  And the UDP know this. But they also know that the report that they wrongly criticise contains some very useful information that can & will be used to develop policies to assist the poor and vulnerable as we move the country forward.

    So Cayman – please do not be fooled by the UDP and their false adverts – we already know that they make a habit of being careless with the truth. This is yet another example.

  4. Anonymous says:


    I am a Christian who does not believe in evolution and does believe in praying to the God of the Holy Bible.

    However, i would rather there be evolution taught in school and no praying allowed rather than the horrible hypocrisy that is going on in the name of Christianity.  It is repulsive and despicable!

    Parents and Churches are responsible for teaching children Christianity.  Jews who do not live in Israel and who live around the world teach their children their own beliefs, they don’t depend on school systems to teach them?  If you are a true Christian (like all these politicians and pastors claim they are) then you will respect the Jews as God’s Holy Nation of People.   So what makes you as Christians any better than the Jews?  

    There is gangs in the school, so who cares what they change about religious rules in school, whatever they already have is not slowing violence down in the schools, violence is on the rise in the schools.  You need to have more certified proffessional counselors (not Christian counselling – it is too shallow and biased) in the schools, that is where they lack, not enough professional counselling in the schools.  It should be mandatory that every child in school get counselled once a month and if the counsellor sees fit for some cases of some children needing more often than that to do so.  Professional Counselling is a Powerful thing!

    In the Bible it is clear to see that Church and State are separate.  There is only one Holy Nation of the God of the Bible, and that is the Nation of Israel.  There is none other.  The Bible cleary says that all salvation comes through Israel / the Jews!  (John 4:22) We are not Israel.  And God hates hypocrites!  Christianity is attained only by Spirit.  It is a spiritual thing.  That is why we can become a Christian anywhere in the world (becoming a Christian means attaining salvation), and it is only by Spirit through the Nation of Israel that we can become a Chrstian!  What Bible are you reading from?  It is impossible to please God without faith!  Where or in whom is your faith?  Where or in whom do you put your trust?  Is money your God?  Is your ego your God?  Do you love every word that is written in the New Testament or don’t you?  And if you say you do, then why do you not want to follow it?  Church and State are to be separate!  Stop manipulating with the name Christianity to get votes!  Read the New Testament for yourself, i challenge you to read it and to understand it!  I can help you to understand it!  Call me!  Be Glad to!!  The Pastors that are mentoring you don’t understand it or blatantly choose to disobey it, so stop listening to them if you really love God, you must love his Written Word or you can’t love Him!

    Until a Church Leadership has Apostles and Prophets as head over them (not a Pastor or Board of Directors), and allowing the members to participate withtheir spiritual gifts God has given them for the edification and building up of the Church, they will be a Church Leadership that is blatantly disrespecting God’s Written Orders on how to run the Church in the New Testament!  No ifs, ands or buts, period!

    I say to the Politicians to stop abusing the name of Christianity to get votes, and to the Pastors to stop abusing the name of Christianity to get votes for the Politicians they want in Power!!!  God condemns hypocrites!  BEWARE!


    • Anonymous says:

      In responds to "The Politicians and Pastors" writer:

      Can you please give the Bible scripture(s) where it’s clear that Church and State is seprate?…

      Here is a scripture you should give some thought to while you look-up the  scripture (s) on Church and State.

      Judge not, that you be not be judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged;and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. Matthew 7:1-2

      I await your reply with the scripture(s).

  5. Chocolatebinge says:

    As far as I am concerned the best thing about religion is that I get a four day weekend because some people still believe that a man rose up as a zombie for a few days 2,000 years ago. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    Holy and UDP should not be mentioned in the same sentence.

  7. Anonymous says:

    A warning to all who play with GOD especially JULIE and McKEEVA .The BIBLE plainly says YOU CANNOT SERVE TWO TWO MASTERS .So i am PRAYING for both of you that you would earnestly seek his favor and serve him the way you should .both of you was brought up in Church .Julie you are a disgrace to the word HOLINESS honestly.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m am so sick & tierd of our political leaders acting like Kids. if you all behave like this how do you expect our children to behave. REMEMBER CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE. so stop the bashing of each other and lets get our (you all heads together) and represent and run our country well.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Did Lucille seymour really compare her hair and female protuberences to Perlina’s.

    Is this the level of debate we have reached??

    What happened to woman’s pride and virtue, did it all fall victim to party politics??

  10. Anonymous says:

    WE ARE BROKE!, No, worse than that we are in debt up to our EYEBALLS!  and we have been put there by PPM. That’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  11. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      This is what the parties are good for – throwing big parties! Caymanian people vote them out – THE PARTY IS OVER!

      Listen to the people who are really debating the issues and offering up solutions. And don’t tell kme that there are not sufficient numbers to form a government. 

      The independent cadidates, like Wally, Eddie, Bo Miller, Theresa, Bernie, Oswell, Burns. Vote for these people who are not all caught up in the web of lies and deceit.  They, like the majority of Caymanians, are sick and tired of politricking. Our country is in the shambles, beaten and bruised and all the parties can do is call each other names.

      They have staged the biggest circus to ever come to George Town. Wasting more money while people can’t pay their mortgages and school fees. Disgrace, Disgrace that’s what I say about BOTH parties.  They have each had their turn, and frankly, they BLEW IT!

      Time’s up PPM, time’s up UDP we need serious government for these very serious times.


      • Anonymous says:

        The party is not over — the Party of Independents has just started.   A party by anyother name is still a party.  It’s  regretable, however,  that the independents have  bowed under pressure and are really forming their own party; they are just not brave enought to admit it at this time.

        How do we interpret that I wonder?

  12. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    To G. Hadd……..

    Sadly, the world is made up of many ignorant and narrow minded people, and these people are often the ones we find discriminating against others. Learning about other religions in school is not a crime. It makes for a well versed, well rounded individual in terms of knowledge and acceptance of others. People fear what they do not understand, and find deviance in things which they don’t believe in.

    I have learnt about other religions and practices throughout the world being away in college, and I’m glad I had this opportunity. It opened my eyes, made me more aware, ceased ignorant perceptions I had, and also ended many misunderstandings. It makes for a more welcoming and tolerant individual.

    I am not saying that I agree with Satanism or any other practice which is inherently based on disruption of peoples and societies. I myself believe in Christ, but I would not hesitate to send my children to a school where they learn about other religions.

    How much do you know about Hinduism for example? Are you familiar with the basis of it’s practices? Do you understand the concepts? If you were brought up in a Hindu household, and your parents or gardians raised you in this religion, you would likely feel differently.

    Please remember that Christianity is not the ONLY religion in this world. Religion is meant to serve as a guideline for people to follow, but it also divides the people. It has done so since the beginning of humanity and will continue to do so. Please remember that all religions have their points in history at which we must stop and ask "What the hell are we doing?" Need I remind you if the crusades where people were murdered on a genocidal level because they refused to convert to Christianity. Christians were the mass murderers in this case.

    The world is made up of many different races, ethnic groups, religious groups, and other societal variations. Please remember that what you call "horrors," are also many other peoples beliefs. I would ask for tolerance and respect.

  13. Anonymous says:

     The Never Ending Story…


    On the platform stood Julie, Mac  & the UDP

    On  Monday night down in the parking lot at AL T.

    She rose to speak, approached the mike,  and then she

    Started to weave the strangest tale – a never ending story


    Listen close, she asked, to what I am saying

    She claim that Alden tried to play us for fool

    And if not for Lawyer Julie and her constant praying

    Alden would have taken God & Bible out of school


    She claimed that the new education law

    Left out a single line about compulsory R.E.

    And it was a good thing that Lawyer Julie saw

    Alden’s supposed guile; and  hence confronted he


    Put back the Bible in the class

    She supposedly told the Minister

    But she said his heart was hard- so alas

    Julie  prayed some more till God heard her


    She claim that suddenly, Alden Jump up

    And miraculously she claim that he start to shout

    Madam speaker don’t go on; please stop

    Put back RE inthe law; It should not be left out


    We listened carefully to what she had to say

    Listening yes, but somehow not quit believing

    That strange story, that made up, make believe play

    That she recited  to us late on that Monday evening


    But at the PPM rally, Tuesday down by the Compass

    Alden rose and spoke to the crowd- many hundreds strong

    Said he… I listened to Ms Julie last night making a big fuss

    Being careless with the truth, and telling stories all night long


    Seems like Julie’s tale, took a few twists here and there

    Aesop’s fables could not muster up a more strange  tale

    Alden said her story was a ruse, designed to drum up fear

    We wish Ms Julie could tell the truth, every time without fail


    Yes the truth was – as we came to learn that Tuesday night

    That Alden made RE compulsory in the new curriculum

    In fact it has 8 whole pages on how RE should be taught right

    But Lawyer Julie missed this and tried to play us for dumb


    You see Julie is trying  to create a storm in a teacup

    Problem is Julie has no real record on which to run

    So she tries to fool us with stories that she makes up

    But false stories made in the dark, wither in the light of the sun


    Alden closed by saying to the whole country that night

    My people this is the last that I will talk about this fabrication

    But I could not let Julie’s fable stay and not set the record right

    But we have work to do to continue to build our nation


    Caymanians please think and choose well come May

    Elections 2009 is important to every single one of us

    Don’t be fooled by the games that Julie and the UDP play

    Stay with the PPM –  honest politicians You Can Still Trust.

    • Anonymous says:

      talk about a never ending story.  Yawn.  PS – get a rhyming dictionary.

  14. Anonymous says:

     Ellio Defended Status Grants

    I heard Ellio last night defending the status grants fiasco.  He claimed that the PPM supporters should be placed in a glass of ice with the words status grants written across the ice and the PPM supporters clinging to the ice to stop from drowning.  

    Perhaps what he does not realise is that rather than PPM supporters clinging to the ice what we have are Caymanians clinging to the melting status grant ice cubes hoping that we will servive the meltdown.  Yes Ellio noted briefly that Mac claims that he would now have done things differently – but at the time he knew what he was doing and now we are, as Ellio said – clinging to melting ice hoping we do not drown.  Being sorry afterwards does not alleviate the UDPsand Macs  responsibility and accountability.

    How far the so called defender of Caymanians, Elio Solomon, has fallen.  Not only has he spent the past two years pretending that he was anti-party when in reality he was only anti PPM and Pro UDP.  But now he shows how Pro UDP he really is.  George Town – we know that we cannot trust Mac,  We now know that we cannot trust Ellio.  And by extension we cannot trust the new UDP team who seem happy to support a leader with a checkered past.  One who has gotten richer every year he remains in politics and who needs to get back into Cabinet to ensure that he can continue to getrich on the backs of Caymanians.

    Ellio… hopefully you do not pull your friend Jonathan too far down your slippery slope.  Alas it seems you will say anything and defend anything to try to get elected.  

  15. Anonymous says:

    I see no mention of the 2003 status grants by the UDP- Can’t wait to hear them try and defend it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Does anyone remember First Cayman Bank?????? to name one.  How many people lost their money?  We gave UDP a chance, we gave PPM a chance, now I believe independent is the way to go!!!

      You shouldn’t have to worry about losing your "job" when you vote or support another party.  Our present government was good at that!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      We continue to hear about the status grants – but hear this Cayman – the PPM had thier fair share of names in the pot.  So here we have the kettle calling the pot black.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are so right about the status grants, they all had a hand in it but do not have the guts to admit it. Remember that mother queen told these guys that they had to grant any one that was here 5 years or more, so if you are going to cast blame cast it to the right party mama queen

        • Anonymous says:

          "Remember that mother queen told these guys that they had to grant any one that was here 5 years or more, so if you are going to cast blame cast it to the right party mama queen".

          Yes, and we are all four years old.  It is patently obvious that that is untrue, and simply propaganda for the gullible, for the following reasons:

          1.  Had such a demand been issued to Mr. Bush as the leader of the UDP Govt., who is supposed to be a great defender of his people, he surely would have resisted this and brought the issue to the public. Remember, this is the same Mr. Bush who fought the British Govt. tooth and nail in the same period over implementation of the EU Tax Savings Directive. What did Mr. Bush say in response to this demand bearing in mind that his government had no mandate from the people as they did not elect the UDP govt.? If he was prepared to readily give in to such unreasonable demand (for which he had no mandate) without public consultation how can he be trusted as a leader?  

          2. If this were correct, our Immigration Law, 2003, which was being considered at the same time, would have required the grant of Caymanian status to all persons having 5 years residency. Instead, the Law which was assented to by the Governor on behalf of Her Majesty removed the provision for the grant of Caymanian status on the basis of length of residency

          3. If this were a legitimate policy initiative there would have been a public announcement of it, informing persons of the criteria, including the 5 years residence, and inviting them to apply. In that way there would have been a level playing field. It would not have been done in the dark and then leaked. 

          4. If that were so, persons who have been resident here in many cases for over 15 years would not have been omitted from the grant, and persons who were never resident here or resident only for a few months in some cases would have received the grant. 

          5. If that were the case, it would have been done through the proper channels of the Immigration Board and required the appropriate checks on the individuals concerned. It would have been a transparent process.

          Clearly anyone who has suggested that as a reason is deliberately trying to mislead you or are themselves seriously deceived.  Is that the kind of government you want – one that you cannot trust?      

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know of anyone that was more upset ,than me,with the way in which the status grants were done> And yes we can blame McKeeva for starting it…but what did the PPM do to stop it…nothing!! matter a fact many, if not  ALL of  PPM  added their list of peoples names and got status …some of PPM household helpers got their CAYMANIAN passport in the status rush…and never left the house, and many others who’s names members of PPM put forward.

      My point..UDP and PPM are both are guilty…so let move on. P.S. why do you think that PPM is not useing the status grants issues on their platfrom???…people who lives in glass houses can’t throw stones!!!

  16. G. Hadd says:

    Julianna is so right.  We should take steps to stop horrors like evolution and the "big bang" from being taught in our schools.  Why do these "scientists" know better than those who wrote the Good Book?  Our children will be taught about things like Hinduism, Voodooism and Satanism next.

    • Anonymous says:

      On the contrary, G. Hadd, we need more rational topics such as evolution and "the big bang" to be taught in our schools, and less unsubstantiated rantings hiding under the name of religion.

      It’s time to bring our education system into the 21st century.  Putting science and religion in their proper places is long overdue. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    Interesting how the updated education law is now being perceived as something that has been rushed through, after the original proposed amendents were shelved by the leader of government business in the early 2000s….obviously this is something that has been a LONG time coming, and is quite overdue! The updated education law was much needed, and i hope that it continues to be changed as our education system becomes more sophisticated – it is to our beneft to have a law that makes the schools accountable for the content that is taught in school, as well as making sure that schools are meeting ALL of the child’s needs academically.  No more "they are Caymanian, so they can get a job and qualify for social services anyway" attitudes – but rather, "let’s make sure this child doesn’t get left behind".

    All this party politicking is just clouding the issues – let’s not miss the point.  At this stage, we don’t want to hear about the he said/she said foolishness – how about real answers to real problems.  I hope that more people can see this ridiculous scenario for what it is….

  18. Anonymous says:

    How nice it is that while the country’s economy is going to hell in a handbasket our political wannabees can waste time discussing the teaching of superstitions to our children.

    Maybe economics and accounts should be made mandatory.


  19. Ebanks the Plumber says:

    It is very important that non-denominational religious education be taught in schools.  After all, the churches have been failing to do it for decades.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ladies, Juliana is not a liar.

  21. AnotherIgn'antCaymanian says:

    Once again, the party rhetoric of being at eachother’s throat, fighting tooth and nail, playing the blame game and yet calling their respective parties Christian. It is sure a relief that Christ died to redeem us all from such sins. Let’s try to reason through this one, shall we?

    Alden supposedly tries to sneak through an Education law that blatantly ignores the delivery of religious (I think Julie is concerned about Christian) instruction, yet characteristic #8 of the Profile of the Educated Caymanian (which originated from the National Consensus (of several hundred persons) on the needs of education) reads:

    Be respectful of God, him/herself, others, people from different backgrounds, the environment and property

    Of course our dear UDP, Alden is up to something!


    Would you believe the audacticty of Alden for not specifically stating that religious (Christian) instruction would be delivered in the Law!

    However if you were to look at the National Curriculum, would you guess that there are 8 pages detailing what is to be taught in regards tto religion?

    Before jumping on bandwagons, educated Caymanians research, question, investigate, reason for yourselves and let these parties understand that we will not sit idly by and watch them go at it like undisciplined children.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I work under Minister McLaughlin and he doesn’t think he is God.. He is probable one of the few that works for the people. Talk about people thinking they are God? Have a look at some of  the MLA’s on all the islands… you know who I’m talking about.. the ones only looking out for themselves and their families. That doesn’t seem tooChristian – like. People need to stop the bickering and look at the REAL problems.. we are BROKE PEOPLE, BROKE!! Many Brackers are either homeless or roofless still.. Stop talking nonsense and HELP!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Oh please Big Mac (and your team of small fries), come and give me a good spanking, I have been a very naughty boy!

  24. Anonymous says:

     if It was not good for Alden to say DAMN on TV.. It is also out of order for Mr. Bush to say he needs a FLOGGING which promotes violence to me!!!!!

    Julie in my opinion is  really ignorant to bring up such a issue from the meeting they had Monday night she is so simple she could not understand what Minister Alden have done.


    I’m 21 years old i don’t have a "law degree" like Julie and it was understandable to me the 1st time Mr. Alden  explained it.  What I understood was that religious education was already mandated in the national curriculum and was already in use , but she was not happy with that she wanted it written in the law. If it’s mandated already then whats the big issue if it was notwritten in the law????

    She’s either too dumb to understand or just picking trouble…

    P.S He is the KING if anyone in UDP was half the man he was they would be somebody… Atleast he don’t have any corruption on his name. 




  25. Twyla M Vargas says:

    YOU GO BIG MAC!!!!!!!

    I hear ya. 

    That is one thing I like about McKeva Bush he is a MAN  and is not afraid to stand firm, take that mike in hand , and tell you which stop to get off at.   That is what I call LEADER.

  26. Ten Questions for Cayman:

    "Who should I vote for in the upcoming election?"

    "How do I know what the candidates stand for?" 

    These are questions that a small group of young, professional Caymanians came together to discuss.  The result was Ten Questions; a list of ten key questions that we felt were important to ask of all candidates.

    Visit our website to participate in the discussion, and encourage your candidates to do the same.

    Let’s get past the personalities and political rhetoric and choose candidates that will do the best to protect and improve the future of our country!


    The Ten Questions Group

  27. Yo Mamma says:

    One only has to look at the recent PPM and UDP meetings to see why Cayman is having so many problems.

    These people are not intelligent enough or mature enough to be running the country. Anyone with any sense can see this.

    The independents like Eddie Thompson, Bo Miller, Theresa Pitcairn, Sandra Catron and others may not be perfect but they seem to be light years ahead of these party loonies.

    Let’s hope for the sake of Cayman they get in and these parties are left powerless.


    Shaka Zulu




  28. PPM Supporter says:

    As Alden said at the PPM Launch “I won’t call her a liar, but she is damn wreckless with the TRUTH!” Get your facts straight Julianna.

    Don’t you all see that the UDP are not in the race for the interest of Caymanians? There is so much criticism by UDP that it is clear they are NOT ready to tackle the REAL issues.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately local politicians know that God and religion are hot button issues for Caymanian voters.

    Just wait, nationalism and xenophobia will be next on the hit parade.

    The voters lose in this political misdirection because the real issues in the country are ignored and politicians play the same old stale games.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I hate when all of them try to use God or Christianity to make themself lookbetter!  None of them love to read the Bible and obey all of the New Testament!  None of them!  When a person truly loves Christ Jesus, they will also love to listen to every word the New Testament says and follow it!  They are quite happy leaving out parts of the New Testament, therefore they have not learned to love God or Christ yet!  I wish they would stop using God or Christianity so wrecklessly to try to make themselves look good and get votes!  It is an abomination and a disrepect to the God of the New Testament!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Take a deep breath folks, and ask yourselves why an educated, religous woman would stand on a platform, citing sources and try to twist the truth? I just don’t see it… She would not, could not stand up and speak to the masses about  something not true…Ms Julie is ,above all , an honest woman. I for one , am ready for a little honesty right now. She is not flambouyant, or showy, she is saying enough is enough. No arrogance, she is speaking from her heart…Isn’t this what we want? Listen carefully…Tune out the noise and just think about it, if you are not convinced, look at the hansards, they tell the story.

  32. anonymous says:

    PPM is holding on by a tread.

  33. anonymous says:

    CNS: why do you not print the hansards on this issue instead of PPM propaganda ? – go look at the facts, the hansards will prove that what Alden was bringing would remove the mandatory requirement to teach religious education in school and that it was only that after being pressed by the opposition did he change his position.

    Bring the facts to us and let the people decide.

    CNS NOTE: The details of the house proceedings relating to this issue have not yet been published on the Legislative Assembly Hansard record. However, CNS was present during the debates and for the reading of the bills and has used its own transcripts and not PPM propoganda as background for this article and earlier articles. It has to be said that what is being presented by the UDP certainly differs from the actual events as recorded by CNS.

  34. anonymous says:

    PPM is still not getting my vote.

  35. anonymous says:

    If what CNS has stated is true, that not so Big now Mac has said about Alden, then why do we suppose voilence has increased so much in these islands? Especially in West Bay the Murder capital of Cayman. Our youth are following the example of the long ruling Mac, as he preaches…

    This still doen not excuse Alden’s CURSING on national TV, on stage, on the radio on a public forum.

    Alden MUST APOLIGIZEto the citizens of this country. For we will not tolorate any such language in our elections. He should disqualified for this. He is the Minister of Education. This is not what we want to teach our children. CURSING is still not socially exceptable.

    Alden does need a good flogging for this. If it was your child would you not do the same?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Is this what West Bayas & Cayman Brackers fall for? PLEASE elect others so we don’t have to endure this petty rubbish for another 4 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      UDP need to get their lies straight.Ralston is quoted as saying that Julianna told the truth on monday nite,if that is so then he lied.Let me explain.Julianna stated  that she was the only UDP member present for the vote n that she had called for a division.Ralston claims that he was the only UDP member present and that Julianna had been unable to catch a flight.So who’s lying and will be flogged by Big Mac.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Bushy not only does he think that he is God, he thinks he is King, Governnor and Leader of Government Business. As for a "flogging" he need more than that!! He needs a boat paddle!!


  38. Anonymous says:

    If what CNS has stated is true, that not so Big now Mac has said about Alden, then why do we suppose voilence has increased so much in these islands? Especially in West Bay the Murder capital of Cayman. Our youth are following the example of the long ruling Mac, as he preaches hatred, violence, makes abusive statements, condescending cheap talk and down right black guard and incites hatefullness. Do you know there are people who have been honoured by the Queen who love this kind of leadership!

    Imagine this.

    What else can we expect from our youth when we have such a bullying manipulative individual, glossed over by the press, Big up in the Church and scaring the little old ladies and the unfortunate little old people.
    Shame on West Bay to keep putting this sorry old yes old (even though he is younger than me) fart back in Government.
    Our crime rate and rate of voilence has increased each year since he had been in power. No wonder why. Do you ever hear him condeming the crimes in West Bay? No you don’t! Have you ever wondered why?

  39. Proud WBaya says:

    HA HA HA – Now that is a West Baya for ya!!!

    “Alden thinks he’s God,” party leader McKeeva Bush said. “He needs a good flogging. He’s nothing but a little fop.”

    Big up to the original Bayas out there!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you left out one word.I believe you meant to say proud n stupid

  40. Anonymous says:

    with guns, robberies and crime on the increase, this issue does not deserve the article space. its an academic, empty debate. the UDP supported the bill in the end; the amendment they wanted was made – religion is now safely placed in the law. Now what?

  41. Anonymous says:

    Is that all the UDP have on the PPM.  UDP is picking on any little thing to bring them down, but it wont happen.  GOOOOOOO PPM win the race and talk good things and dont follow up with pet talks.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I really dont want to hear this crap. I want to know what either of the parties plan to do about the REAL issues facing the country.

    Are we going to have to endure the next month and half with this stupid, pointless, petty personal bashing? Do you not have anything sensible to say, any solutions or plans to offer the country? If not, I do not have time or interest to hear from you.

    To all candidates:  Be on notice,   I will not support any candidate who spends any time with mudslinging, rather than discussing national issues. Full stop.

    Check your egos at the platform and lets get on with our country’s business.

    MB Ebanks

    • Anonymous says:

      MB Ebanks…I am in agrement with you!. The days of mudslinging and petty bashing to gain votes are over. We the people of these Islands are looking for leaders who understands the issuses at hand, and have  plans on how to move forward…we are no longer the "Islands that time has forgotten", but, we’re the Islands that the worlds has their eyes on.So wake-up UDP,PPM and Independents, you want our votes,then earn them…we the people  want and need solutions. 

      • One Solution!!! says:

        MB Ebanks… Im in agreement

        Sorry, Anonymous!!!! The days of mudslinging and petty bashing are FAR from over. And "We the people of these Islands are looking for leaders who understands the issues at hand…" are very FEW – Both the politicians and The People who are looking for that type of leaders. Unfortunately the vast majority of the electorate are unforgivingly FOOLISH. The Politicians and voters couple together are Downright dangerous to the welfare of the rest of OUR country. Do all of us a favor…


        • Anonymous says:

          ‘“Alden thinks he’s God,” party leader McKeeva Bush said. “He needs a good flogging. He’s nothing but a little fop.”’

          That is very rude and inappropriate speech about an incumbent Minister particularly for the leader of a party.  Why can we not have higher standards in our public discourse – you know actually discuss the issues and your proposed solutions in an intelligent way rather than resort to this sort of gutter politics? Is it that  you don’t really have any solutions and so you have to appeal to our baser natures? It is embarrassing to know that Mr. Bush is one of our political leaders.   

  43. Anonymous says:

    3 1/2 years of hiding on the bluff and this is all she can find to talk about?

  44. Twyla M Vargas says:


    That must be the Power of God.