Missing teen found

| 13/04/2009

(CNS): Update 2:00pm: A teenage girl on Cayman Brac who had been missing since last night has been found. Brandy Moulton (17) was reported missing from her West End home around 8:30 Sunday night, but her parents say they have now found her. No further information has been released.

The police were informed Sunday night as soon as they realised she was gone, her family said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In Grand Cayman the youth have many things to do. The problem is that many still manage to involve themselves in drugs, crime etc.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous at 12:25 – This is exactly the kind of disrespectful attitude that we the "old" people are referring to when it comes to the youth of today. First of all, my son goes to the Cayman Brac High School and he is also 16 so I’m assuming that you all are both in the same class and graduating soon. However, I can assure you that if my son was bold enough to post the remarks that you just did he would be outside now picking that tamarind limb while I’m typing this note. So to anyone reading here who wants to call that abuse, you have a right to your own opinion and this is a free world. But when it comes to the Brac, instead of you young people whining about "needing" something to do maybe you need to FIND something to do. Things are not that bad in the Brac where it calls for a teenager to run away unless there are personal problems within their household or their lives that they choose not to seek help for. And if it’s the Burger Kings, Wendy’s and the cinema that you’re missing so badly, don’t fret, they will be still be there when you finish school and return to where you were born. In the main time, put on your straw hat and long sleeve shirt/blouse, go outside and help your parents or grand parents dig up that yam and cassava! It didn’t kill us and it helped to put us where we are today in order to buy you that I Pod or latest fashions. Bear that in mind.

    With regards to my reference to the Lord in your lives, I was was in no way being judgmental but if it satisfies you to hear that EVERY CHILD IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS should worship the Lord then I am saying it now with pride! Amen! Young Man/Woman, I can only pray for you that you will not carry your demeanour into the "old" people world that you are about to start a new life in because it won’t get you far. You have a bright future ahead of you so stay positive and remember to respect your elders. Good luck and God bless.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Back in the day && today is a looooooooooooooooooot different

    This is a different generation where peer pressure is a lot stronger. We NEED something to do,we dont need pick no cotton or go dig up yam or cassava cuz thats what the shops are now for so thats why WE NA LIKE YOU OLD PEOPLE!

    and who ever it was that posted THE CHILDREN IN CAYMAN BRAC NEEDS THE WORD OF GOD.

    I was born in Grand Cayman moved up here when i was 8 && I dont go to the bar nor do i stay out late at night, I’m 16 my parents allow me to go out and dont set no curfew for me BUT because i know better i know when to come home. As far as i could see CAYMAN BRAC CHILDREN aint the only ones goin to bars and what not, there’s A LOT more children in CAYMAN and alot more BARS so i think it would be more respectful if you said SOME THE CHILDREN OF THE CAYMAN ISLANDS! Get your facts straight before you judge anyone!

    • Anonymous says:

      to back in the day – the title of this articile is CAYMAN BRAC GIRL MISSING. We are dealing with da Brac and not Grand Cayman a lost cause if you ask me. Its for that reason we need to clamp down in the Brac so we dont become like Grand Cayman. Also if you are still in school you should not be concentrating on things to do during the week you should be applying yourself to your books. The time for fun and boys comes after your education.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ok  first of all i am a young adult that lives on the brac && the comment that mentioned us not having anything to do is soo true. I don’t go to the bar but i sure as hell cant wait to turn the age to go. Other than Mrs.Annie rose having lil parties at the youte center or one of our friends having a party we really dont have nothing to do. This voting thing coming up && all they doing is focusing on the older adults i personally think that you all should take some time to stop thinking about yourselves &&think about us young people. Brandy aint from the brac && where she’s from she has something to do and places to go so i’m pretty sure its driving her crazy to be here with nothing to do. If i had the money i would go Cayman everyday after school and come back next morning for school. Cayman Brac is just RIDICULOUSLY boring && Now that Cayman is soo voilent our parents are all paro on sending us Cayman so poor us if we dont beg or work to go Cayman we cant get down there. && Trust me i’ll rather be Cayman with voilence than to be stuck on Boring ass Cayman Brac. Another thing…We do have places on Cayman brac that is possible for us to run away and not be found, but i honestly think running away is Stupid cuz you’re goin to eventually run out of things to live on (unless ofcourse your living with someone else just as dumb as you and they won’t tell anyone where you are) But anyways let me not write a book ya. All these young people need an assing, Back in the day i used to get my ass whip with a tamrin switch && thats exacty what these young girls especially needs! I’m 16 myself && honestly i think you girls need to GROW UP.  My parents no longer "beat" or discipline me, yes we have arguments or what ever but running away and getting pregnant na goin help you, it na makin you no older it just makin you look like IDIOTS! Smarten up and do something with una lives bo’ makin the other innocent ones look bad. Lmaoo ahh boy. What a mess.



    Anyways peace out!

    I ga go clean house && wash clothes (something una should be doin instead of runin up & down on beach with man or "running away" for attention)



  5. Anonymous says:

    What the kids in the Brac need is more of the Lord’s word in their lives. I agree with the previous writer regarding these children hanging out in liquor licensed premises because I have witnessed this for myself on more than one occasion. I have also noticed that the police is sometimes hesitant in dealing with this issue however; WHERE ARE THE PARENTS??? Why are you allowing your teenagers to be out after hours? We may not know the circumstances surrounding this young lady’s decision to disappear for a while but I agree that she should be made aware of the inconvenience and worry caused to others by her actions. Despite of how out-of-hand some of you may say the Brac kids have gotten, I’m sure that the majority of the true born Cayman Brac ones who are well behaved, goes to church, don’t drink and smoke and concentrates on their education would think twice about pulling a stunt like this.

  6. Neil Diamond says:

    When  someone puts something in place for the kids in Cayman Brac maybe they will stop hanging out in the bars, put yourself in these kids shoes they have NOTHING and oh God in the day time is worse the poor lil brutes dont even have burger king or wendys to go to I sure am glad im not a child in Cayman Brac or have young kids. and to the poster that asked if someone can get lost in the brac ask the Kellys. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Please stop making excuses for these children to behave like this.  They don’t need wendys or burger king to make them behave. They need discipline, give it to them.

      • Anonymous says:

        Please take note that Wendy’s and Burger King have not produced good behaviour in children in Grand Cayman or anywhere else in the world for that matter. 

        • Anonymous says:

          People grow up all over the world in remote villages with nothing to do – so what makes the Brac any different. It is not government’s responsibility to provide entertainment for the kids. As a matter of fact I grew up in Grand Cayman in the 70’s and there was nothing to do – we did not revert to bad behaviour, crime, hanging out at licenced premises, stealing, doing drugs. We found good wholesome things to do. Today kids have far more options than we had growing up and still they complain and the parents add fuel to the fire as they complain too.

          There is fishing, swimming, playing board games, they have computers to use in a variety of ways, the library, junior achievement, youth groups, leos club, we have a home full of senior citizens that they could volunteer to read to, electronic games, movie nights, tv. Parents have to spend more time in the home nurturing these activities – entertain their kids friends at home and have movie nights in the home. The list is endless.

          The trouble is they have too much and get bored too easily. Stop making excuses and get a life

  7. Anonymous says:

    These islands have a serious problem with violence – and I’m not talking about violence on the streets, I’m talking about violence in the home – abuse of women and abuse of children, as proposed in these comments. People who are stuck in this mindset are as unlikely to change as people in other countries who believe in honour killings and female circumcision – practices that are abhorrent to those on the outside of that society looking in but seem perfectly normal to those inside. It is a generational problem – people who are abused as children think it’s OK to physically abuse their own children, in the same way that sexual abuse victims often become sexual abusers. The only way to counter abusive practices in societies is education and legislation. But who among the current line up of MLAs has the backbone to stand up for progress and to stop violence against children? How many of them are in the same cycle of abuse and don’t even know it? It’s just the Cayman way, right?

    • Anonymous says:

      Spear the Rod and spoil the child. What do you think that means? Discipline of children is not an option, it is a must!. A good whipping does not have to be a viloent whipping. I had my share of good whippings that have done me good and I don’t consider any of them to have been violent. It is pretty obvious that not  disciplining children when they need is not producing the desired results.  These children are out of control and they need to be "put in their place" and if it takes a good whipping to accomplish this then do it. I can say for sure that had I done something like this when I was seventeen, a really good whipping would have been a sure thing, what stopped me from doing it? The FEAR of getting that good whipping. Why didI Fear that good whipping? Because I had already received a few.  Don’t spear the rod and spoil the child.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a bunch of crock. Sparing the rod and spoiling the child does not work. Using the rod of correction does not constitute abuse. No one is saying that children must be abused what is being said is that they muat be disciplined and if that means using the rod then so be it. Using the rod in the right manner is effective – as a matter of fact just the thought that this could be a consequense is enough to scare the right behaviour into a rebellious child. Whether the use of the rod is legal or illegal will not stop child abuse – an abuser is going to abuse no matter what. I say do not spare the rod.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Enough with all the calls for runaways to get a good whipping. No wonder the young people here are so messed up if every time there’s a cry for help they get a good beating instead. And you people wonder why the kids are turning to violence! Maybe that’s all they’ve ever known. Violence is violence, whether it’s kids fighting or parents beating their children. Parenting and discipline doesn’t have to be cruel. There are other ways. What a savage community! Whip whip whip!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is that they are NOT getting the whipping that everyone says they should be getting. If they were getting whipped I can assure you they would not be doing these sorts of things. Discipline has gone out of the home, the schools etc. and then we wonder why they do these things – they do it because they have no respect for themselves or anyone for that matter. Sometime it is good to rule by fear and control – these kids fear nothing and no one and there are no consequences for their bad behaviour – if there was they would toe the line. I say again give her a good whipping.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What Bradi needs is a good whipping. She is LOVED but these kids just want to do what they want when they want and not listen to their parents. The police in the Brac need to scrape these kids up off the street when they find them out at night after a certain hour especially when they are found at liquor licenced premises. If the parents cant keep them at home then the authorities need to send them home from adult places that they should not be at – ie hanging out a Market Place parking lot on a Friday and Saturday night to access Edds Place and other licenced establishments that are for adults only.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad I don’t have a girl child because I swear to God if my girl child ever tried to do that she would sincerely regret it! I saw that other little run-away down here yesterday and to be honest, all I could think about was the good WHOOPING she needed! I have NO Sympathy for mischievous little girls who KNOW BETTER!! If you want to be all grown up, then act grown up and you might get treated like a grown up! You little run-aways should have been around when I was growing up! I know one thing you would think three times before you even considered doing something so selfish, inconsiderate and immature stunt! DON’T JUST THINK OF YOURSELVES! THINK OF ALL THE PEOPLE YOU ARE HURTING BY YOUR STUPID IMMATURE ACTS! THINK OF ALL THE PEOPLE’S TIME YOU ARE WASTING!!! THINK ABOUT WHAT COULD POTENTIALLY HAPPEN TO YOU BY DOING SUCH STUPID THINGS!! DO YOU WANT TO END UP DEAD??? BECAUSE THAT COULD BE THE END RESULT OF YOUR STUPIDITY!! STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS BEFORE YOUR REBELIOUS ACTIONS BLOW UP IN YOUR FACE AND TURN OUT TO BE YOUR LAST IMMATURE STUPID STUNT ON THIS EARTH!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I got some good whippings for going across the road to my neighbours house in broad daylight without letting my mother know. Not violent whippings, just good whippings that I never forgot and to this day some fifty years later, can’t bring myself to leave home without letting someone know where I’m going. Even if there is no one at home when I’m leaving, I will call to let them know where I am. These children need to be disciplined or as they used to say "they need to know they’re place". They simply cannot be allowed to do as they please and get away with it. What are we teaching them? There are no consequences for your actions?

  12. Anonymous says:

    What they need is an adjustment in attititude, lets have a fund raiser and send all the unhappy ones to Haiti or Darfur for a few months. Why most of these children are unahppy is because the lack discipline. A good whipping served me well, and though I didn’t like it when I got and sure appreciate it now.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have a something to say i was out over the weekend and it was about 1:00 in the morning and my car battery had died. I am 7 months pregnant, keep in mind. And i was outside of my car when a patrol car pulled up and asked if i was ok, i responded to them by saying that my car battery had died and i need a jump start….they then replied Ok miss then you have a nice night and get home safe and then drove away.

    I wonder if my coupon was expired if they would have pulled over to assist me then while they wrote me a ticket?

    • Anonymous says:

      I dunno which officer did that to you but a few weeks ago in Bodden Town on the bypass the same thing happened to me and a officer pull up in the patrol car and gave me a lift home (right at my door) me a  male companion that was with me.

      Thanks to the Bodden Town Officers


  14. Anonymous says:

    In light of all of these recent "missing girls"  I sure hope that someone is thinking about some form or restitution that needs to be made to the community and the services that might have been provided.  Police man hours aren’t cheap – and if these types of incidents continue to happen, the police are not going to be as quick to respond.  Anyone remember the children’s book, "the boy who cried wolf"?

    Unfortunately the islands have been hit with crime – and not just from visitors or expats – their own people, yes Caymanians, are involved also.  It is time to hold ALL people accountable for their actions – and sometimes this means more than just a slap on the wrist.

    Parents – the scriptures say – If you spare the rod, you spoil the child -, it is time to set up appropriate forms of discipline for your children, and you know what – as humiliating as it might be, a 16 year old is still young enough to have the switch used on their back side. 

    Officials – start using what is at available – fines, community service hours, etc to hold these young people accountable for their actions.

    Young people – even though you think you know better than anyone else, during these times of your life – you need to trust those people that God has placed in authority over you.  One day you may understand what it is like to be a parent and how you worry about your children – in their protection ofyou, they are just doing some of these things so that you don’t become parents before you are even able to take care of yourself.

    God – we ask for your continued protection over the Islands and those who aren’t willing to take care of themselves.  Thank you.

  15. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Are the Teens trying to tell us someting.  Are we listening, and paying close enough attention to them.  Backup, Backup, Backup.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes they’re trying to tell us something……"Stop giving me so much material things and give me some love and discipline instead"

  16. Anonymous says:

    I don’t want to make light of a serious issue, but can anyone really go missing on the Brac?!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Why did she try to run away from home? Or did she even try? On the Brac, that’s kind of hard to do! Did she sneak out and just decide not to come back right away? No matter what was the reason for Brandy leaving home she should have let someone know where she was.. if someone knew where she was and did not come forward, they should be punished. Let’s have a look at Estella and then recently Sabrina. (May they both RIP) I feel bad for Brandy’s npoor parents and brother. I can only imagine what was going through their heads, not knowing if Brandy would return safely or return at all. Teenegers need to stop and think. Look at what Brandy’s actions did to the people of the Brac. Everyone was worried! Let’s hope she won’t be doing anything stupid like this again.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I’m really glad this young girl was found ok. I do belive kids need to be more considerate of others when they choose not to be found for whatever reason. If there are problems at home their parents need to get the child help, they should not deny there is a problem. As adults we need to do what is best for our kids, even if we cannot solve theses problems ourselves.

  19. Anonymous says:

    All young girls who are thinking about staying out with friends without informing anyone should think twice before doing it because they are doing a disservice to other young people who might be victims of crime or who might have really been kidnapped.  Parents, friends and family members talk to your young people and encourage them to talk to someone who they trust if they feel the need to runaway.  People in the community are starting to shrug off news of young people who are missing, as just another inconsiderate teenager having a good time. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    Here we go – as soon as we find we have a young person in trouble we get "thank god their all right. Now let’s give them a good whipping!" Children run away because they are unhappy. The cure for unhappiness is NOT VIOLENCE. You want these runnings away to become suicides?

    • Anonymous says:

      I got a good whopping when I ran away and I never tried it again.  Then again, I am a lot different from these children today and even my friends at the time.

      Yes, they need to be aware of the dangers.  Cayman Brac is not a sleepy village anymore.  People we don’t know are here.

      Also, not to say this is the problem but a lot of the girls just want to fool around with older guys and that’s not a good thing.  Some are not only older but from Grand Cayman and they don’t know anything about them.  As parents, just because the Cayman Brac we knew used to be safe, doesn’t mean that it still is.  We need to start talking to them about the same things that parents in other parts of the world teach their children: stranger danger, meeting people in public places, etc.

      This is very sad but thank God she is alright.

  21. Anonymous says:

    what is wrong with these teenagers they just don’t  seen to know the danger involved in running away. Parent need to be more careful with teens and start to make there child business become theres. This is becoming a habbit in Cayman and a very dangerous one too.

  22. Anonymous says:

    These little girls seem to be taking this disappearing for a joke, if this case is what it appears to be then I hope she gets a good whipping, the kind we got when we were teenagers  40 years ago and DISCIPLINE was a REAL thing. THE KIND THAT YOU WON"T FORGET FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, yeah that kind!