Dignity prevails in debate

| 18/04/2009

(CNS): In what will probably come to be remembered as one of the most dignified of the Chamber of Commerce’s candidate district forums, Sandra Catron and Anthony Eden had a mature and sophisticated debate on Thursday evening comprehensively covering a number of important local and national issues. As the insults flew down the road on the hustings of the PPM’s Bodden Town rally, in the Savannah United Church voters heard intelligent discussion.  

Despite being one of the youngest candidates in the election going head-to-head one of the oldest and most experienced, Catron ably held her own as Eden demonstrated why he is one of Cayman’s most respected politicians and Catron one of the most promising. Discussing issues from the civil service to communication in government, the two Bodden Town candidates articulated their agreement and disagreement rationally.

One area of clear disagreement between the two was the issue of Cayman’s constitution. Eden stated that he absolutely supported and encouraged everyone to vote yes. While admitting it was not perfect he used the behaviour of the current governor and the mistakes made in the investigations regarding the police and the judiciary as an example of why there was a desperate need for a new constitutional arrangement to reduce the power of the office.

“We must do something about the constitution as we can’t let one person have all this power,” Eden said. “I am happy that London agreed that the leader of government business will sit on the National Security Council and in future we would avoid having that one person committing million’s of dollars without consulting the elected officials.”

Catron, however, pointed out that the constant mantra that the constitution was not perfect was what concerned her and she wanted to know why the people should be expected to vote for something considered imperfect.

“I am voting no and the reason is because I have heard people say it is far from perfect and how can we as a people accept something that is far from perfect. What standards are we setting ourselves?” she asked. “I refuse to settle for something that is far from perfect when it is going to govern the people.” She said that the constitution did not treat everyone equally because of the involvement of the church, and she said she believed in the separation of the two. “We should all be treated equally under the constitution.”

Asked what the most pressing environmental issue was, Anthony Eden said litter was a major problem and that tipping and dumping laws need to be enforced. He also described the George Town dump as unbearable for people but he believed his colleague Arden McLean was working diligently on resolving that, which he said he was supporting.

Catron noted that probably the biggest problem when it came to the environment in Cayman was the collective attitude. The fact that we have not established a definitive environmental plan, that we haven’t addressed the dump, that we are not looking at the water shortage which concerns the wider world, that Cayman does not seem concerned about recycling and we are not asking people to approach their consumption from a different perspective were all problematic. She explained that something as simple as 2% of households switching to doing household bills on line would save some 200,000 trees and people were not aware of how much impact little changes can have.

“We need to start educating the population in general in terms of how they at an individual and community level can make a real contribution. We have very few natural resources here in the Cayman Islands and it should be a primary concern to protect it,” she said adding that it was time to start somewhere even if it was just recycling plastics or bottles.

The candidates agreed on rollover, future plans to have civil servants contribute towards their health care, a need for better communication in Cabinet between the governor and the elected officials, and the quality of the Cayman Islands law school. They disagreed about how to tackle serious crime. While Eden said it was time to stop pussyfooting around with the hardened criminals, lamented the loss of the death penalty and called for a need for tougher punishment, Catron noted the long term failure to address the causes of crime. She also said the increase in violence in Cayman was gang related and instead of pretending this was not a problem here, we need to recruit international experts, particularly from LA, who knew how to address this kind of societal issue. She said it was time to take it seriously before it became too big to tackle.

“We don’t have anyone trained to deal with gang violence here,” she said “However, there are those in the US from LA, themselves former gang members, that have devised effective programmes  that help grab these young people from the clutches of gangs and address the problems that lead to them joining.”

The two politicians answered questions on local district issues and both made it clear they were running for office to serve and not for any personal gain. In their closing statements Eden said he was committedto helping the young and old of Bodden Town, and had demonstrated that over the last sixteen years. Whichever future government he served in, he said he would continue to do that. Catron said on May 20 it was between God and the voter who they chose, but she was sitting there because she was asking for one of the Xs. She said when she takes on an issue, as a doer, they would know she would follow through. Catron said she was committed to giving up her business interests and she guaranteed the people of Bodden Town that she would be the hardest working representative in the Legislative Assembly.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Both Gilbert and Theresa are qualified in their own rights…I feel sure that they both respect eachother and will be able to work together…So  VOTE for them both!!!.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What sound qualifications? 1 degree? Well Gilbert more qualified than her. So?

    • Anonymous says:

      Careful how you tearing down your fellow Caymanians and discrediting them.  All candidates are well educated but we are trying to elect the ones who will do the best for our country.  Please let us not lose focus of that!

    • Anonymous says:

      Qualifications dose not necessary equal degree I have no degree but I can a sure you that I am well qualified to do what I do. 

       As Caymanians we should rejoice with her, or any other Caymanians who has been able to further their education. 

      The  Crabs in a barrel mentality needs to STOPl!!! my fellow Caymanians please for heaven sakes lets STOP putting each other down. 

  3. The Enforcer says:

    IF she was NOT desperate then why is she only suing them AFTER they fired her? If she’s such a fighter why would she have stayed there for 15 years? Does that sound like a fighter to you?

    • Anonymous says:

      Seems like you’re well offended by Theresa’s status and sound qualifications!!! " 8 toe ber Nancy?…. go get a peddi…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree!! Let’s focuss!! Stop being distracted and support the Ladies!!! Give BOTH LADIES A VOTE!! 


  5. Anonymous says:

    Stop fighting!! nothing to fight for. They both deserve my vote.  Goodluck to both ladies.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Theresa is a little too desperate for me. She needs to give it some more time. Take care of your law suit with that company first and then come back again. You will be tied up fighting them adn their expert lawyers and have no time for the people of Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:


      SHE GOT MY VOTE!!!

      • Sav/New says:


        You really need to use your head on this one. She’s suing the Biggest Law Firm on the Island. They haven’t responded as yet. Lord knows they will. Let’s say she gets in for BT, how will she juggle fighting them and looking out for this Island?

        I think Mrs. Pitcairn can more than likely do great, but having to deal with such an issue, I think maybe she should have dealt with that first and then think about running for elections after. No one knows how long it could drag on for. Bottom line is, we need people in there that are focused to get this Island back on track!   

        • Anonymous says:

          Most likely this case will not be solved for years and I don’t see it hindering her preformance once she is elected for BT. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Her manifesto should be out next week

    3 weeks before the general election and Theresa is JUST coming out with her manifesto? What was she waiting on? TO hear the ideas from all the other candidates?

    Sorry, but she does not have a chance to get in. I hear she was not even at the Estella function this morning. Seems she was sick … ALREADY!! Can’t handle the pressure. This is a high demanding job and she’s not cut out for it. ASK MAPLES about THAT!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder if you took the time to find out the reason why this Lady Manifesto is not out?. From the tune of your writing it would not matter. Sounds  like you can’t handle the PRESSURE that she could stand up to MAPLES, and that she WILL WIN in BT!!!. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Her Manifesto should be out.

      There is an old saying in Cayman that says: "When you don’t like someone you will give then bucket without bottom to go to the well".

      Sounds like Theresa has you and your company trembling in your boots….the pressure in on!!!.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Twyla’s absolutely right when she refers to " the eight toe- Ber Nancy" whohas nothing to do beside make these sly remarks!.

  8. Anonymous says:


    The 20th of May will soon be here.  Time to stop selling yourselves short!!!  Stand up and show the other Districts how it’s done!!  It’s been said, "If we dressed up broomsticks you would vote for it."  Well that was then…and…THIS IS NOW!!!  Send a clear message that you have seen the LIGHT AND DON’T MAKE THEM BUY YOUR VOTES!!!   You may ask, "Well who should I vote for?" Let me help you with a CANDIDATE.

    Her name is THERESA LEWIS PITCAIRN.  She is # 6 on the Ballot Paper.  She is QUALIFIED, CAPABLE and COMMITTED.  She held a meeting last night in Savannah Newlands and she was honest and informative on where and what she stands for.  She spoke to the people from her heart while doing so without a scrape of paper in her hand. (Who does that remind you of??)  She can walk the walk and talk the talk.  I urge you to go to her next meeting and listen for yourselves.  Express your issues to her and listen to her response.  Then come MAY 20th…DO YOUR THING…DO WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOUR FAMILY, YOUR CHILDREN,  YOUR DISTRICT AND YOUR ISLAND.  VOTE FOR THERESA!!! ….#6… OR TAKE YOUR LICKS!!




    • Anonymous says:

      I agree and # 6 is definitely a good vote!  She is the honest woman to represent BT!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great meeting tonight Sandra – you have my vote. You explained things very well, involved the voters and that is more of what we need!

    • Anonymous says:

      Attended both Sanda’s and Theresa’s this week and they were very informative however when it comes to voting Theresa is still the better candidate!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Attened Theresa’s last nigh and it was great!  I will also attend Sandra’s but must say that thus far Theresa’s is better person to represent our district!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Attend Sandra’s public meeting on Thursday 23rd April – Jay & Mary Bodden’s Yard and she how amazing she is for yourselves.

  12. Anonymous says:

    By far Theresa is the best woman for the job and I hope that Bodden Town realize this!  Do your research on both candidates and see what  you find!!  You maybe in for a shock!

    • Anonymous says:

      "By far Theresa is the best woman for the job and I hope that Bodden Town realize this!" I second that.  I have known Theresa for nearly 20 years.  I worked with Theresa for many years.  I know Theresa both professionally and socially.  Theresa is a passionate, caring, intelligent, loving person, daughter, mother and wife.  If I could vote in Bodden Town #6 Theresa Lewis-Pitcairn would have my vote. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, as far as I can see on Ms. Pitcairn’s manifesto everything seems to be about her and what she has gained for herself only. On the other hand with Sandra’s, not everything is about what she has gained alone, but also what she has contributed to people as well (and might I add, that’s not just in BT, but around different parts of the Island). No one made any promises to Sandra; she went out there and made things happen herself, because of the passion and drive that she has on making a difference. Feel free to check her website out if you have any doubts at all:- http://www.sandracatron.com

      • Anonymous says:

        Dear,"Well as far as I can see"  Please note that  what you’re refering to is not Ms. Pitcairn’s Manifesto,and you are correct; It’s only information about her,(a short biograhpy) this so that you (we) can get to know her, her background, and what she stands for .

        Her manifesto should be out next week…you will then be able to compare what you have read about her, with what she states in her manifesto;  thereby, you (we) will be better able to make a well informed decision,and you will know that she is one of the few candidates that is Qualified,Capable, and Committed to get the job.

        I trust that on May 20th Ms. Pitcairn #6 will be one of your choices…let us send Qualifed,Capable, and Committed people to take care of the business of these, our beloved Islands and its people.!!!.

        God bless you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    VOTE #2: Sandra Catron.

    Reader who wants to know why your comments have not been posted – gosh I supposed they must be of such a low caliber and libelious that CNS knows better. Why would you want to jeopoardize the entire forum for some vendetta you have against Sandra?

    GET OVER IT. We have convicted felons running for OFFICE. Sandra has NEVER been convicted or even questioned about any wrongdoing. No one is perfect; but she is the best woman for the job from what I can see.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s good to see two people act civil!

  15. Anonymous says:

    CNS I am starting to wonder about some of the posts that have been done on Sandra (pointing out her flaws and downfalls).  Notice that quite a few not being posted by CNS.  Not sure what is going on???

    CNS: The only way you would know about the posts that are not approved is if you wrote them or know who did. As it says in our comment policy, if you want to know why a particular comment was not posted, you can email it to me here and I will explain. For more on how the comments are moderated, please read this.

  16. Anonymous says:


    I am a first time voter and here are the reasons why I am voting for Miss Theresa.


    I read her biography and looked at her website. I saw the things that she has done over the years that I never knew. Caymanians I am here to tell you that Miss Theresa is for real. She is a courageous woman and decent. She is consistent and did not just come on the scene. From her biography you can tell that she is one of us who worked very hard against the odds and always succeeds. I know many students that she assisted and of some that she continues to assist. She is not someone that you will hear bragging about her achievements because she is not insecure and like most Caymanians she respects your privacy. She is not in your face. She assisted me and has never made me or my mommy feel as if we owe her something. When you are with her you can tell that she cares and that she is the real deal. She makes you laugh and feel good about yourself. She first caught my attention when I was much younger when she wrote a letter to the newspapers about the rights of a little boy who was told he could not go to school just because his parents were rastas. It was the first time I knew that it was ok to speak publicly about things that no one else agreed with. All of this came back to me when I listened to her on Vibe yesterday and could feel how she is concerned about us as Caymanians and wants to make a difference. She is a leader and I know of no other candidate that inspires me as she does.



  17. Anonymous says:

    Very sad that Eden had not thought of any other revenue sources especially relevant to his portfolio. I heard Sandra mention "medical tourism" and cosmetic surgery – why didn’t he mention that as Minister of Health?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Let’s vote for the woman who has always been a voice for the people. I think we all know who that is.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Reminder: There is no law that states that you can only vote for one WOMAN on your ballot!!!

  20. Twyla M Vargas says:


    MEET YOUR  CANDIDATE FOR BODDEN TOWN . As I read  with interest about the recent Debate and your public comments, and as a supporter of Theresa I must comment on a few areas.  First I must tell you why I feel THERESA is the best Woman for the job.   "SHE LISTENS "  that is what is most important. I have been asked this question before, made my comments personally and now it is time that I give it to the public.

    As I have commented before, I do not know where these specific persons are living who has said that they have not seen THERESA.   If you are looking for her sitting on the public Beach or under a grape tree, you  are loooking in the wrong place.   If you were lookig for her at some watering hole where dominioes are playing and beer drinking, you were again looking in the wrong place, If you were looking for her at every body,s funeral, you were looking in the wrong place.   She has been here at our Garden parties, at the church, at social events visiting her sick mother and saying a brief hello to those she passed on the way.  SHE HAD A JOB TO GO TO AND A FAMILY TO CARE FOR JUST LIKE ME AND YOU.  What are you really looking  for  anyway. ???? 

    I am prepared to ask all those persons who have a good headpiece, to use it well.  Bodden Town people are very smart and intelligent, that is the reason why every election ALL EYES ARE ON US.   Dont be personal, use the best part of your brain in focus that, Theresa  Lewis Pitcairn is QUALIFIED, COMMITTED AND CAPABLE.  The right woman for the Job.

    If you are looking for name calling, dirty political campaigning you will not find it at the meeting of THERESA PITCIARN.   We have YOUNG PEOPLE listing at our meetings, and we do not want to send them the wrong message by name call ing and slander.  Persons who are doing this is not thinking about you, they are thinking about themselves.

    One of the things I admire most about Theresa, is that I CAN TRUST HER.  Beside being very beautiful, She is hardworking, honest, and would prefer to earn her living by the sweat of her brow than by handouts.  Theresa wants to see changes in our social and economic policies in order to give us the opportunity to work for the things that we need and to address the hardships that we as men and women face.

    OUR WOMEN:   Theresa’s plan is to address the situation where our women are exhausted, they work two and three jobs to maintain a standard of living, OUR MEN, feel that they are not in a position to support their family, not giving the opportunity to get a decent job, causing them to be depressed and feel less of a man.  We cannot allow our men to feel this way.   I do not believe in woman,s liberation.  I am an oldtimer, and believe that the MAN should continue to be respected as the head of the house.

    OUR DISTRICT:  Theresa’s shows us that there is work to be done!!!!! and a lot of it.   Side walks through the whole district including residential and tourist areas need cleaning up it is a careless DISGRACE.  Policing needs to be stepped up, broken down buildings need to be repaired.  Flooded areas need to be address.  Hurrican shutters need to be provided for residents who cannot afford to pay up front, and provisions made for small monthly payments made.

    OUR YOUTH and our ELDERLY should come first, they are the ones who built this town, and our youth will be the ones to continue the work they have began.

    CAYMANIANS AND EXPATRIATES:  Theresa will address the issues of being anti-expatriate.  It  brings hate and non productive operations, it robs us of opportunities and resources, and breed much resentment.  Many of us have expatriate partners who want to be a part of the family, let us join hands and embrace those persons.   Boden Town want to see changes, and this can only happen with you who are reading this comment.  We cannot do it without your help,   MAKE THAT DECISION TO DAY TAKE THAT CHANCE AND GIVE THERESA YOUR VOTE ON MAY 20TH.  I am positive you will not regret it.  Be blessed today.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go Twyla,

      most BT is in totally agrement with you and is voting #6…

  21. Anonymous says:

    I don’t agree that Sandra is JUST a nice person. Seems to me she’s a hardworking and has already proven her committement to the people and the issues.

    The bottom line with this debate is that she really showed up Mr. Eden. He’s twice as old has her but she’s twice as smart and savvy and together as him.


  22. bobo says:

    Yes give Mr Eden your sympathy vote because he is a nice man an vote for Sandra because she says she going to be a nice woman. What does that have to do with running government. Cayman cannot afford tired people or wannabe politicians at this crucial stage we need tried and tested leadership now! stop voting for promises every 4 years Cayman

  23. Anonymous says:

    Some interesting predictions here. However, I don’t think that the general public is in favor of the constitution either so I disagree that Sandra will lose votes on that one point alone.

    Theresa has not been outspoken until recently whereas Sandra has been for over 10 years. I think people will see things for what they are.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’m registered in West Bay although I once lived in Bodden Town for many years. Had I still been living in Bodden Town, I definately would vote for Sandra Catron. This candidate is well educated, articulate and a community spirited person who also brings forward good ideas for positive change in the Eastern Districts and the Cayman Islands as a whole.

    I do however believe that Sandra may lose a significant number of votes to Theresa Lewis, based on her decision to vote "No" for the new constitution. The new constitution is not perfect, but is certainly an enhancement and gives greater autonomy to the people of the Cayman Islands, rather than the present one from 1972. Sandra’s decision to vote "No" might even swing Theresa Lewis into the number 3 position, depends  ??????????

    I’m predicting that the winners for Bodden Town on May 20th will be Anthony Eden, Mark Scotland and Sandra Catron or Theresa Lewis, in that order.

    For George Town it will be Kurt Tibbetts, Ellio Solomon, Alden McLaughlin and Walling Whittaker, in that order.

    For West Bay it will be McKeeva Bush, Rolston Anglin, Cline Glidden, Bernie Bush or Choppy Delapenha in that order.

    However, Bernie Bush has got to hit theroad this week hard and furious if he wants to knock Eugene Ebanks out of the race. (People in West Bay are fed up with "no representation" from Eugene and are prepared to give an independent a vote)

    For North Side Ezzard Miller.

    For East End Arden McLean

    For the Sister Islands it will be Julianna O’Connor Conolly and Moses Kirkconnell.

    Oh Yes,can’t wait for the coming and final result, it’s getting very exciting.

    Thanks CNS for your coverage, you guy’s are No 1 and the best. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    As I recall Sandra said she’s voting no on the constiution because it is not guaranteeing equal rights for all. She did not say because it was not perfect. I agree we need a Bill of Rights protecting all.

  26. Roy Tatum says:

     Sandra is indeed a bright and articulate woman. I have known her for a long time and have a lot of respect for her. But I am a little disappointed (and surprised) though with Sandra’s decision that she will vote no for the Constitution because it is not a perfect document.  

    To seek public office one must appreciate that politics is not only about representing people but it is also about seeking compromise and getting done what needs to be done and what can be done.  At times it may mean moving ahead ten paces instead of twenty – especially if the majority of your constituents are only prepared to go the ten.

     An astute Caribbean head of state once noted that successful politics is about the amalgamation of differing interests.  It is about compromise – not perfection.  Perfection is in the eyes of the beholder and we each have a differing view of it.  The question that I believe Sandra needs to answer is whether she believes the proposed new constitution provides better safe guards for her people and country than the present one does.  If she truly believes that it does not and in fact is worse than the current constitution then she is entitled to her view and can vote no with a clear conscience.  But I doubt that she will find this to be the case.

     However, if Sandra merely votes no because the document is not as perfect as she or others would like it then she is in my view wrong.  In chasing perfection we may find ourselves like the story of the dog with a bone in its mouth that, in seeing his reflection in the river, tried to grab the reflected bone as well.  Of course he dropped the bone he did have and ended up with nothing. There is much that candidates as well as the HRC could learn from that story when it comes to the constitution. Of course I am happy to agree to disagree with Sandra or any one else who feels differently.   

     I do not vote in Bodden Town – but if I did my vote would need to go with candidates with the clarity of  vision to understand that the future of our country rests in part on an updated constitution.  We need to vote yes to the new constitution. 

  27. Anonymous says:

    I agree wtih Sandra’s campaign theme – TIME FOR CHANGE!  Mr. Nice Guy – time for you to retire. You must enjoy your retiremetn and now is the time to do so. Health issues – please retire soon and enjoy the grand kids.

    Young, articulate and able to represent the people’s interest – that’s what Sandra Catron is all about. I and my entire family will be supporting her.

    I see UDP candidates in Bodden Town who cannot articulate anything – can barely speak (aka JOKE JOKE) and these people want to represent Cayman? What happens when they have to go overseas to represent our interests? This is no longer the islands that time forgot and therefore we cannot elect people with no real work skills to represent our interests.

    Joke Joke – please pull ourself out of this. 🙂 Mark S your 5 kids need you more that the country does. You’d be of more help to them.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Mr Nice Guy-time to retire"

      A perfect image of the new political Cayman! No room for decency and consideration for your opponents/don’t debate the issues/trash your opponents etc etc.

      Message to Anthony’s opponents-he’ll be there after the Election. Maybe the PPM won’t be in power, but he will be there.

      Nice guy, hang in there-some of us Caymanians like to be represented by someone who doesn’t drink(gasp!), whore around ( double gasp!), trash his opponents (he must need therapy!) is approachable (ridiculous!) can work with people of different political views, cultures, race and nationalities (this guy can’t be a "6th generation Caymanian"-oops yes he is).

      He will be there after the election, no matter who else is.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think that nice can cut it anymore. We need people who can get the job done. To hell with being nice. Like another poster under one of the other articles stated " vote intellegently".

    Let’s try that for a change and see which direction this country go. To hell with Mr. Nice guy, how about Mr. Smart guy, Mr. stick-to-your-morals guy, Mr. Educated guy, Mr. get-up-and-get-it-done guy, Mr. make-some-decisions guys, Mr. not-my-friend-guy, Mr. do-not-complain-and-whin guy. Mr. Not Mis-led guy, Mr. get-some-Caymanian-employment-guy, Mr. tight-fisted guy, Mr. get-my-accounts- completed-on-time guy. Mr. not-a-service-member guy of a not-a-lions member guy.

    How about that for a change?


    • Anonymous says:

      CNS-  my post  refering to  the person who acted up at  the West Bay forum had the incorrect name ;    My apologies.

  29. teddy says:

    Yes this is all wonderful however selling mangoes and knitting is not going to bring economic prosperity. With the current state of the HSA and the looming health care situation some can afford to have pleasant debates. People musthowever remember that when electing politicians we need to elect competent administrators and decision makers and not people who are seeking office to settle old scores and with an axe to grind. choose wisely Cayman

  30. Anonymous says:

    Sandra Catron is a shining example for our country. She has the common sense, the drive and our people’s interest at heart. I hope she receives the opportunity to represent her district fo r the next four years. Not only will it do good for Bodden Towners but Cayman as a whole.

    You go Girl! We love you!

  31. noname says:

    Now if we could get the rest of the PPM to follow Mr. Eden’s lead.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to both well deserving. This article gives me a glimmer of hope for Bodden Town. Now if we could get the UDP and PPM to show some DIGNITY between them that would be lovely!

  33. Anonymous says:

    A very civilized performance by both,hope the others take a hint and act likewise ;not only at these forums but on the platforms and on other public forums.For exampleIt was very discouraging to hear Mr Mckeeva Bush  (when questioned by a 12 year old caller to Talk Today) tell that young person to get the answer from whoever put him up to calling.   I think people who oppose the draft constitution because it is not perfect  need to understand that there is no perfect constitution;even the US constituttion has 27amendments and it is considered by many to be thebest.I believe that a perfect constitution would be one that  pleased every citizen ,something that will never happen.So why not support this draft proposal and if it is necessary  to amend it in 5 or 10 years ,just do it.                                         

  34. Anonymous says:

    Excellent work! I think this debate is a sign of who will be in the 2 top candidates for the district of Bodden Town. As Anthony gets close to retirement it would be wonderful for Sandra to work with him to take over the reigns. I listened to the debate and she is very very very intelligent and well spoken. She cared enough to take the time to research her topics and provide solutions that I have not heard before.

    Bodden has 2 candidates here that are well deserving! I even understand that Anthony was bragging about her being his campaign manager in an earlier election. While I did not know this it shows that Sandra is no new comer. She has been working behind the scenes for quite some time now.


  35. Anonymous says:

    Listening to only part of the debate I was interested with the question to the candidates regarding alternative forms of revenue to supplement tourism and financial services for the future of the country.

    One of the candidates replied that arts and crafts for the tourists made in Cayman could be a revenue source for the people and the country.

    The candidate received a round of applause from the people present.

    I think Cayman needs more solutions.

    • Anonymous says:

      If I may correct you.."Listening to only part of the debate" The candidate;Mr.Eden said, that when his visit s the old peoples home and see all of the carfts and rope (thought we don’t use rope anymoe)that they make,and the thousands of mango that we (Cayman )throw away every year from which we could make jam and sell, as a source of revenue.

      I don’t know about anyone elfs,but Mr.Eden lost my vote and respect as a leader. 

      • Anonymous says:

        "I don’t know about anyone elfs,but Mr.Eden lost my vote and respect as a leader". 

        I saw your reference but I am really lost as to how that led to your conclusion.

        • Anonymous says:

          How I came to my conclusion…Listen up!!!The ministry of health of the Cayman Islands;said that to raise revenue we could sell carfts and mangos…saying this he told Cayman and the world that he don’t have a clue what it takes to run a country…How many investors do you think would put thier money in such a venue, and what return would they make?. I repeat "Mr Eden has lost my vote and respect". In cayman terms..".I thought he had better sence"

          What part of that did you not yet?

          • Anonymous says:

            Sandra will be theonly woman for Bodden Town (Sav/New, Lower Valley, Northward & Breakers too) come election day. Go Chica! 

            • Anonymous says:

              Of 43 candidates 5 are women and BT has two of the 5. Come on BT send these two CAPABLE women to help steer the good ship Cayman back on course.

              • Anonymous says:

                Would love for more woment to be in power but have to be those with good ethics, responsible and TRUE care for her people.  Unfortunately for BT this would be #6 only… Maybe next election we will have some more quality female candidates.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Well done to both of them! I disagree with both on certain issues but will probably vote for both. I voted pure PPM last time but at least one of the three PPM encumbants won’t get it this time. Mr Eden is a class act but he could learn from the younger Caymanian candidates. Sandra is promising indeed but she could learn from Mr Eden’s decency in an otherwise indecent political world. Both have had wobbly moments-Mr Eden’s nonsense about the wine store in Savannah was truly regrettable (although he let you know where he stood!) Sandra’s wobblies are well known but personal and most of us have these. Really refreshing to read this report!

  37. Anonymous says:

    We now have the first two sensible candidates for BT. One more to go and we will have our three.