West Bay debate fires up

| 20/04/2009

(CNS): In an explosive and combative Chamber of Commerce forum on Friday, independent candidate for the district of West Bay Woodward ‘Woody’ DaCosta said it was time for a complete change of policies and questioned where the representation for West Bay had been for the last twelve years. He said the incumbents had been big on promises but short on delivery, and also raised controversy when he asked if one of his panel colleagues had seen the Chamber questions beforehand as it was evident he was using pre-written notes.

DaCosta asked Chamber moderator Wil Pineau if Captain Eugene Ebanks had already had sight of the questions as, unlike the rest of the panel who were speaking off the cuff, he was reading from prepared answers. DaCosta also said rules were rules but they had been broken to allow the UDP to rearrange and change their appearance dates, even though his own request had been denied.

“I’m glad to have Captain Eugene here,” he said noting several changes to the UDP line-up and raising the fact that Cpt. Ebanks was reading from scripted notes. “The answers are supposed to be made from candidate’s hearts and half the answers here have been read out, and it ticks me off,” he said to wide applause. Reginald Choppy Delapenha, another panel member, agreed rules are rules and that all candidates should be treated equally.

Pineau confirmed that some candidates had been allowed to change dates but emphatically denied that anyone had seen the questions beforehand. Ebanks defended himself and said, “I have not been scripted. These were areas I researched and I asked if I could make notes and you said it was fine,” he said turning Pineau. “Some people speak off the cuff better and others are better from notes.”

Throughout the evening the four-member panel, which also included Dora Ebanks, faced some taxing and topical questions. It opened with Boatswain Beach and the haemorrhaging of more than $½ million of government funds every month, and was it time to sell, lease or keep subsidising?

Delapenha said the country should not sell the facility but it was time to find a way to make the Turtle Farm profitable or minimise the loss. Ebanks, after taking a few seconds to find his notes, said, “I think Boatswain Beach is a very vital part of our tourism product, I feel it can be a very viable facility but it needs some supporting amenities.”

DaCosta noted that it was a losing enterprising from the beginning. “It was a poor plan, a capital project that over-ran and it was clear it would not be solvent,” he said, adding it was time for a public/private partnership but the property should not be sold. He said it was evidently not viable at a cost of $68 million, with a maximum capacity of just over 3,000 visitors per day, and the product had to be changed around. Dora Ebanks said if it was losing money we could lease it.

The panellists were asked if they supported the proposed changes to the constitution and why. Ebanks answered first, avoiding the actual question, he said it was a personal issue and people should vote their conscience. Reading from the party manifesto, he said the UDP was committed to educating the public and the UDP could work with the document if it was a "yes". If it was a "no" the party was committed to working towards a new constitution.

DaCosta noted that Ebanks had not answered the question but told the audience why he supported it. He said the constitution obligated the UK to protect the Cayman Islands and the document safeguarded the interests of Cayman as a Christian society. Dora Ebanks said she was not sure she understood the question, but she recommended that Caymanians vote "no" as she did not believe in the party system and the constitution allows for that, which might lead to war and violence. Delapenha said it was a considerable improvement on the current constitution and people needed to understand the implications of voting "no". He said the document had been agreed by the Cayman delegation and the UK.

The panel discussed unemployment, tourism, daylight saving, the environment, crime, West Bay issues, the failure of the current incumbents to serve the district, the lack of a civic centre and education.

When asked about their support for the proposed Beulah Smith High School, which has been put on hold because of the government deficit, they all said the school should be built. Delapenha said it should be a priority as it cost less to educate a child than keep a young person in prison and the money could be found for it as well as another primary school since the district of West Bay was growing rapidly.

DaCosta promised the people of West Bay that if they elected him he would find the money and build the school within three years. Ebanks said it was needed and he would support having it built when the country could afford it, but he said the country was in debt and the district was not that pressed for it so it would have to stay on hold. Dora Ebanks said she thought it was already budgeted for and didn’t understand why it wasn’t being built, but she thought it would be good to have.

The question of immigration policy saw both DaCosta and Delapenha explain Cayman’s problematic dependence on the money now generated from work permits and how the system was intended to support the economy not have the economy depend on it. DaCosta said that until the policies are changed to create new revenue streams we would be dependent on the $50 million per year fees and not be able to address the inequalities. “Until policies are changed,” he said, “we will be in the same revolving hamster wheel.”  

Delapenha agreed that the government was becoming dependent on the money generated by permits but immigration policy should serve the needs of local businesses and Caymanians, and that until it was changed it would hard to address local unemployment.  Reading from theparty manifesto, Ebanks said it was clear the immigration system wasn’t working and the UDP would introduce a Human Resources Authority.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is very embarrasing as a West Bayer to see in this media and to hear at the recent forum the personal attacks – especially to Capt Eugene. I am not sure why the Team of Independants are so angry about but as first time canidates it doesnt bode well for the possibility of getting elected. My advise to them, familiarize your self with the West Bay people first (especially Mr DaCosta and Mr Delapena) then state how you would better the district.   Team of Independants- Your opportunity to serve West Bay may come one day. It wont be May 20th 2009. Do yourself a favor and try to save your money.

  2. Anonymous says:

    eh – what exactly is the job that Capt Eugene has gotten done? Please could you enlighten everyone.


  3. noname says:

    Do you go into an exam unprepared, do you go into a meeting unprepared?  No Capt. Eugene didn’t get the questions beforehand, he just came prepared with possible questions that could be asked and he wanted to make sure that the people fully understood where him and his party stood on these issues.  Being organized is not acrime!  There are some people who are good talking infront of people, and there are others like Capt. Eugene who is happy being in the background getting the job done. 

    I am happy to know that I have a dedicated and hardworking MLA who is working behind the scenes and getting things done but are still representing his people.

    Do we not have other pressing issues to deal with other than disrespecting the elderly and a respected member of our community? 


    • Anonymous says:

      I like the last post.

      Any sensible person has their notes.

      A problem might be that most of the independents in west bay, if not all, have probably never been to a real meeting in their life, such that notes would be required.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am an older Caymanian and West Bayer, I have seen a great deal over my life. I have seen the progression of this island, I listened to many politicians, I have had the blessing to learn to operate my computer which has taught me so much more than I thought I knew. 

      I say that to say this, I did not vote the last two elections because of what I have seen happening to my West Bay. I have seen the break down in all aspects of our community, I have heard my MLA’s make promises after promises that the vast majority never fulfilled.

      I was one of the many unfortunate account holders at First Cayman Bank, I like many West Bayers placed my entire savings there. I did so for several reasons, one being that Mckeeva told myself and others that the interest rates was the best on island and that he had his money there too not to mention he was on the Board so we should not worry.

      Well many of my fellow Caymanians especially West Bayers lost our entire life savings, to some it was not much but it was everything to me. One would think that McKeeva is one the Board he would have known or should have known there were issues, yet he claims he was unaware of any issues and he too suffered. To me this act demonstrated his inability to properly govern. if a person is serving on a Board it is their responsibility to make certain the business is operating properly. It is now a fact that the Bank and its Board were aware of issues for several weeks possibly months. Yet McKeeva claim he was all others caught off guard… you got to be joking.

      I read the many unflaterring comments made about young Mr. DaCosta and it is sad to see that after so many acts of poor judgment of McKeeva Bush over the last eight terms like the most recent regarding giving away Caymanian papers to over 2,000. This has put my dear grand children and their children at a great disadvantage. I will not live through it but just think of the hardships we as Caymanians now have in the workforce. My daugther and sons complain all most on a daily basis of their frustrations yet McKeeva claims it was not only him and if he could he would do it differently. 

      That is unacceptable- that is like a rapist telling his victim after he assulted her I am sorry but maybe if I could I would do it all over again a little differently. The deed was done, the poor lady has already been broken and destroyed, one will never know how that will affect her life in the future. 

      My grand daughter tells me that there are so many children now in school that are not Caymanian. I have used basic math if 2500 caymanian papers were given away it would be fair to say that each one of those bring their wife or husband and two children. That equals 7,500 people. How does our school system and hospital handle such an injection into our society? There will always be an unquantifiable amount associated with this poor judgment and we were having difficulties just trying to take of our own. 

      I read the non-sense that it was not only McKeeva that gave out the caymanian papers, this man was the captain of the ship and the buck stops with him. McKeeva in his own words said that he rules with an iron fist, so that hogwash that he could not do anything about is just that hogwash and my fellow West Bayers appear to be so short sighted it scares me to think that they would believe and follow this man to the end of the earth. The only thing I can compare it was Jim Jones down in Guyanna.

      I will vote this time and for Mr. DaCosta because for the first time in longlong time I have heard a man that has looked at our problems in a different manner and this is what Cayman needs not just West Bay. This youngman I listen to him on the radio during the debates and he was not at all disrespectful to say the least. He stood up against two issues against him. One he was denied the right to change dates unlike Capt. Eugene. Two you do not bring prepared notes with you to a debate. I read in one of the comments of several misguided people one in particular writing that you go into an exam prepared. This is correct but not with your text books next to you. Well if that is the case in the new school systemit is no wonder people are saying that our education is not working. 

      When I watched the US presidential debates on tv I did not see any of the candidates with prepared notes. They has a note pad and that was it. It clearly shows that our MLA’s have taking their job as a joke. Capt. Eugene did not have a clue what was going on around him that evening. I dread the thought of what might have happened if the Chamber really ran a true debate where no body had any notes in front of them.

      West Bayers stop tearing each other down, young Mr. DaCosta was a star that night and I listened to him once again on Rooster and he demonstrated that he has the character and intellect to be our MLA. 

      My friends gone are the days when a just being a good old boy was enough, we need bright minds to tackle the many changes globally as well as right here in Cayman and Mr. DaCosta for me is the only candidate that will get my vote, my children’s vote and my the rest of my family’s vote.

      Mr. DaCosta if you read this do not let all the nasty writing turn you off, they are for the first time concerned that McKeeva has competition. I know a large share of West Bay has been talking good things about you and they are sick of all the empty promises. They just want now honesty and a tell it like how it is approach.

      You our Vote and may God continue to Bless you and guide you!    

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised that the 2009 electoral candidates are not giving more time to to explaning the 2009 Draft Consitutioin so as to guide the citizens & residents in their district. ….

    If you are not sure vote no – I agree with your comments  that to vote for a document and not know the contents will be much more detrimental to our country than tovote yes and find out later that we cannot go back and change anything. 

    Also the the person who stated that you would find Mr. Decosta in his office working and not out politicing – no offence to Mr. Decosta, but that is exactly what we do not need, people in their office workig for their own pockets and not for the public.

    If you mean this country well then get out their and work for the people. Get to know the people and find out what thier needs are, not what you think thier need are.

  5. Anonymous says:

    and what is the UDP doing about crime and unemployment, or what do they pledge they would be doing? Not just an idea please. EXACTLY how would they resolve these issues? According to Eugene Ebanks installing more street lights in Westbay would reduce crime. If it just were so simple. But then that is UDP – simple!

    • Anonymous says:


      It takes one fool to find one so if you think UDP is simple then that only proves you are simple, since you have acknowledged that UDP is.
  6. Anonymous says:

    The auditor general reporting in this country has at times came off sounding like a political unit seeking brownie points against a perceived political evil. Some of the department public posture has invited perception of bias rather than decided professionalism and apolitical neutrality, in the course of couragous duty. Many of  the accusations and preamble utterances comming out of that office, seemed crafted and articulated, conveying a derisivness, condesension and reckless hypothesis. 

    The current post holder has quieted down some what, after many have lost faith in his ability to deliver clean, clinical incisive assesments, that would guarantee the department respect as a reliable partner of unadulterated truth and clarity.

    Our current economic conditions require certittude of mandate delivery.

    There is a marked misunderstanding by many who are gifted with the life time opportunity to assume positions of high profile and significance in countries like ours (where such an opportunity would not so afford them whence they came), that they think they can freely assume a degree of idiocyncratic reckelessness without fear of  discovery, or be called out on it.

    While we are a community like any other with people of varied ability and comprehension. On a whole, we are not a community that could be taken as stupid, unsophisticated, slow of mind because we smile, are welcoming to all, and seemingly gifted with an unending cistern of hospitality.

    If truth is to be relied on…let the bearer be spotless and guiless. Then we…yes We will defend him under any circumstance. As it is his record is without defence

  7. Anonymous says:

    To ‘I am a young Caymanian voter’…….your comments confirm to all that you are very young indeed….and green…very green too….no wonder you will be voting straight in West Bay! You need to wake up and smell da roses child….

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can you all get over it and realize that times have changed? It is not about helping your district anymore, it is about leading the entire islands! Helping the old people is nice and applaudable, but if the whole economy and country are going down, then there are bigger issues to be focused on. Capt. Eugene wants to solve the crime in Westbay by installing more street lights. Don’t you think a bit more is required than that? We can not have somebody representing a country who can not answer questions off the top of his head and needs to refer back to his own parties manifesto. Come on now! What is it you all want? Do you want Cayman to be a top financial center and tourist destination that continues to do well, do you want a future for yourselves and your children? Then you need to let in some fresh air and new ideas, thank the people who have been involved so far and move on. Alternatively, if you are just concerned over where you next stove or driveway is coming from or who is feeding your grandma, then don’t cry next time when immigration continues to be a mess, expats keep getting ahead and our children end up in a dead end road because you will have voted accordingly! Times have changed, and you need people who can lead and guide the country accordingly! For all I am concerned, the party system is what is ruining this place. Nothing good has come of it yet.

  9. Kiki says:

    I am surprised that the 2009 electoral candidates are not giving more time to to explaning the 2009 Draft Consitutioin so as to guide the citizens & residents in their district. 

    I am afraid that many persons are still not fully aware of the full meaning of this document, its critical importance, and how it will impact  the future of the Cayman Islands.  They have to vote YES or NO on May 20th and yet many persons still dont know what they are voting for.  Caymanians and status holders, please educate yourself and read the document or get someone to read it for you.  Young people get involved.  This is your future.  Dont vote YES to something you have not read and understood.   Learning later will be too late!! 

    • Anonymous says:


      What is the PPM doing about the 1000+ Caymanians that are unemployed?

    • Anonymous says:


      I agree, and what is the PPM doing about the crime – particularly against women – that their fiscal mismanagement and poor social policies has worsened?

  10. Anonymous says:

    We’re happy with our four REPRESENTATIVES so back off and please leave us ALONE

  11. Anonymous says:

    There seems to be a pattern here. If you criticize the UDP you’re rude and disrespectful. But when the UDP hurl insults at their opponents they are doing God’s work. How stupid do they think we are? Vote with your head people – anyone but the UDP!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I would like the public to know that as a OLDER Caymanian I am very disappointed with the behavior and disrespect of Mr. Dacosta to Mr. Will and Captain Eugene (Grow up, be a man as that what Mr. Will & Capt. are) as voter he have left a bad taste not only to me but other outstanding and well respected Caymanians his behavior as only once more given our wonderful island and people a bad name and I will definitely not vote for him as I dread the embarrassment he will be to our country WITH THAT UGLY ATTITUDE so that’s why on May 20th I will vote UDP STRAIGHT. Go Blue, Go Green Go UDP FOR A BETTER WAY FORWARD CAYMAN AND I URGE ALL MY FELLOW BAYERS TO DO THE SAME. And to my fellow Islanders I urge you to VOTE UDP IN YOUR DISTRICT FOR A BETTER WAY FORWARD.

    Because God has promise to help those who help themselves. I Na talkin about the way PPM help their selves.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know Mr DaCosta well but on first appearance, he seems a little hot headed, which is what we don’t really need…Also, he was a bit rude on the morning show to the callers and kept interupting them and cutting them off.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am a young Caymanian voter and I WILL VOTE STRAIGHT in west bay. Do i need to say more? For those who don’t get it ON MAY 20 I WILL VOTE UDP. Would you like to know why? PPM "Poor People’s Mistake" says we can live on a $1.83 day let me tell u something I am one of the few young educated Caymanians in Cayman and I cannot live on a dollar eighty three a day.  My people cannot get over the fact that Mr. Bush gave away 3K statuses. But I ask you this question if Mr. Bush gave “away” so many statuses then why is our money manage and honest PPM not use this against him. Let me tell you why? Because like Mr. Bush they had their list of people who they wanted status grants for.  You people need to get over yourselves and vote for what is right not for the POLITICIANS who did not give 3K status because you will have to go to TIMBUCK TU to find them. Mr. Bush is blamed because at the time he was leader of government business and make no mistake OUR ISLAND WAS IN SURPLUS, WE DID NOT HAVE AN UNBUILT SCHOOLS IN EACH DISTRIC, And OUR COLLEGE WAS NOT ROBBED BY THE PRESIDENT ETC…)

    U jump on Captain Ebanks but here is man whose has few words but more action than many or our PPM members and independent candidates, as a young person I look up to him and his party. He Unlike the rude obnoxious, uncultured Mr. Dascosta has respect. Mr. Dacosta who has shown the Cayman people that his strong and humble up bring he claim to have had, has warranted as nothing but shame, because Mr. Will who not only works for a reputable company but is experienced, looked up to and very respected in our beloved island,  has been known to be fair in every sense of the word, Mr. dacosta has disrespected him, let me ask you do we really want someone with this caliber and attitude to run on help run our country. Captain Ebanks has looked up to Mr. Bush why not he has run this country so well that the Caymanians had jobs. What does u think would happen if RITZ was to pull out, DART was to pull OUT do u think we don’t need these status holders think again if we don’t ask PPM how we will provide jobs for many of the unemployed we currently have and the ones we will then have. Listen to me it’s my behind on the line because I am young and I need my island to be prosperous, a leader not a follower. There are many foreigners in these islands and they will continue to come and take our Caymanian jobs. Would u like to know why THEY DO NOT HAVE A HIGH SCHOOL IN EACH DISTRICT, Want to know why? Because they are SMART enough to know that to be successful in then world u need more that HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION!

    My Fellow Caymanians make sure we vote right because if we don’t. Dog wont be eating our supper we will eating theirs. And i guess we wont be able to eat that cause dog food don’t cost a $1.83.

  15. Anonymous says:

    It is a shame that the people of West Bay feel so bad about themselves that they woudl consider  voting for Captain Eugene Ebanks again.  

    He is just a stooge for McKeeva.  He is responsible for hand outs.

    Eugene is actulally a Minister At Large for the UDP party. His primary responsibility is to promote a culture of poverty and voilence. Is that not what West Bay has come to?.

    Captain Eugene gets around to the older folks and helps them and anyone else that he thinks will vote for him and Big Mac.

    West Bay people do not need any more hand outs, the need a hand up!

    And please do not call any of the 43 candidates a Chimp. That is kind of low.

    Woody, Reginald, Paul and Lana are people of substance and West Bayers can feel proud of them.

    This is a team for the people!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Oh for God sake people – stop the hating. Woody De Costa is just a little self centered chimp. Angry at the world. Sure he said that he did not do anything ‘cos he did not get paid for it. When have you ever seen him go out of his way to assist anyone. And the West Bayers will be fool enough to vote for him. If you want to change Capt. Eugene bad enough – then go to Bernie. At least he will actually get up and do sometning not just sit there and run his mouth. Its all good and well to sit there and open your mouth, but to actually get up and take action – now that is another whole new ball game.

    So if they don’t have game – they do not belong in the race. Talk is cheap – you have to walk the walk. Another thing – Capt. Eugene might not talk much, but he sure gets around to the older West Bayers and gives a helping hand. Ask Woody what did he do?

  17. Anonymous says:

    If I could vote in West Bay.  Mr DaCosta would have my vote! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Then you would be voting for disrespectfulness, so am glad you can’t vote in West Bay

  18. Anonymous says:

    Eugene needs to go – no 2 ways about that. He wa not even reading from his manifesto but these were prepared answers for him.

    After 8 years in the LA his teammates would not make sure they he took a course on how to speak and debate? Getting all that money every money and he would not invest it on himself?

    John Piercy – what say you now about teams being so wonderful eh?

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you see Capt Eugene being a minister in cabinet. That could happen if all the UDP candidates are successful. 

    • Anonymous says:


      Capt Eugene reading is better that some people spelling
      • Anonymous says:

        Eight years of being in a party is long enough for you to know what your party stands for. You should not have to be reading from a manifesto in order to answers questions.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Good choice? This the same guy who say he didn’t do anything in the past 4 years because he was NOT paid to do so and it was not his job?

    What was that all about?

    • Anonymous says:

      Was he your representative the past four years? Was he supposed to do something? Maybe the current representatives should tell you what they did the past four years for what they were paid. Saying they were not in power is not an excuse for doing nothing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bear in mind its Government that  fully controls the country’s coffers and if you don’t know that as yet, then, now you know.  Any and all projects must be funded  and receive the green light from Gov, meaning the PPM for the past 4 years.  Being a backbencher does not allow you the ability to get a lot of things done in terms of  any new or existing projects being  completed or even started.  The purse is indeed controlled by the Gov of the day and they can increase and reduce budgets as they wish without needing  approval from the opposition. I understand that they reduced the budget of the auditior general.  Wonder why?

        • Anonymous says:

          Obviously the auditor general hasn’t been in as much of a demand with the PPM party as he was with the UDP Party. Lots of investigations were needed for the UDP Party. With the transperancy of the PPM government the auditor general doesn”t have as much to do so therefore there should be a reduction in the budget.

          • Anonymous says:

            You say the auditior general hasn’t been in much demand with the PPM party; well, how would we know how much that office will be needed to examine what transpired under the PPM admin when we can’t even see audited financials.  That alone should give you reason for concern; what are they covering up?

            • Anonymous says:

              To: Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 04/21/2009 – 19:54.

              To try atrtribute unaudited financials to the PPM Govt. is ridiculous.  There are also unaudited financials from McKeeva’s govt. All this is the responsibility of the Financial Secy not the elected Govt. What could it possibly have to do with the elected Govt as opposed to civil servants and those in statutory authorities? 

  20. Anonymous says:

    He seems like a very good choice indeed. Having listened to him speak in person and on the radio you feel that he can be trusted and that he "really" wants to help his country. I think you would find him working hard in his office and not walking about town politickin while he should be doing the business of the nation.

  21. Tomma Hawk says:

    There is no way in "Hell" this time around am I voting for Eugene Ebanks. If you cannot prove yourself in 8 years, why should I give you my vote for another four years, equalling twelve.

    I am voting UDP but less Eugene Ebanks. My 4th vote will be for an independent and I suggest you do likewise as well, for quality representation in the Republic.

  22. Disappointed, but hopeful says:

    Seems like DaCosta, followed by Delapenha were the only ones West Bayers should really even consider for their votes, based on this WB forum!   

    Hasn’t Capt. Eugene Ebanks been an elected representative for years now?  Doesn’t he know what’s going on?  Why was he reading from the UDP manifesto and his ‘notes’ for seemingly most of his ‘answers’.  Seems he may just be a puppet for the Big one — if he’s not, he didn’t do a good job of proving he wasn’t.

    So far, DaCosta seems like a good choce for West Bayers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just Like the UDP rally in GT, It was as if a script had been written and they all read their part. The time has come fora clean sweep in West Bay.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well Done Woody, I wish you much success.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really Capt. Eugene, reading from your own manifesto? Do you not know what you manifesto says?  Time for the brooms to come out in West Bay. Eight years is too long.

  23. JahDread says:

    We dont need no more bullys though we need people who are able to ariculate positions, defend them and able to manage their mouths in all places both internally and external to this country.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Seems like the district that needs the biggest change in representation is West Bay.

  25. A Concerned Caymanian says:

     Go There Woody,

    Thank God !, There is some one speaking out on the un-justice on this Island.

    They should have disqualified Capt Eugene.

    This only shows he is just a  YES MAN, for  the big Man. He can’t even answer sttraight from his brain he has to have the answers written down.

    West bay  People need to look at the big picture.

    I hope you in West Bay Vote for Woodward Dacosta.

  26. Anonymous says:

    What a difference between WB and BT!! Man, We do not need the leader of WB taking back this country – please I’m begging all of you.

  27. Anonymous says:

    OMG here we go again twice in one weekend the UDP lives up to their mantra of dishonesty and bending or breaking rules for their benefit. And they try to make us believe that the have the country at heart. They are not even in power now and look at what they are doing. And as far as the Chamber of Commerce goes SHAME ON YOU! Mr. Pineau I thought better of you. Why bend the rules for some and not others?

  28. Concerned Citizen says:

    I am glad to see that the Chamber of Commerce are holding these forum for the Caymanian people to see and hear for themselves what the candidate propose to do for the Caymanian people.  Everytime I listen to the PPM and UDP all I hear is them mudslinging each other.  Why don’t they stop that and concentrate on what is best for the Cayman Islands and its people and begin that to their campaign.  The worst thing for a voter to listen to when deciding who to cast their vote for is all the mudslinging between the candidates. They reminds me of a couple of teenages.  The Cayman Islands is in such a state right now with so many Caymanians out of a job including myself and we can not find any.  This is what the Government should be concerned with and running the country, stop being a bunch of adolescents who have to try and defend their actions and make someone else look bad so that they can look good. As it stands right now based on what I have heard and seen I will not be voting for any of the present UDP and PPM members. They have failed to make me believe that they are concerned at the Caymanian people. My father was very active in politics when he was alive and I spend my childhood going to public meetings with him and my mother.  Tell me Cayman are there any honest Caymanian like those that ran for the LA in years gone by: like Mr. Garston Smith, Mr Willie Farrington, Mr Benson Ebanks.  I think its time for some mixed blood in the LA and for no party to have control. Let us Cayman open our eyes and elect candidate that will benefit country and will work for the good of the country and its people. What is going to happen to all these Caymanians that are out of a job.  The banks are soon going to start foreclosing on their houses, some will be homeless and cannot pay their bills.  Caymanians think of what will soon start tohappen if things get any worse.  You think the crime is bad well just wait and see.  Caymanians wake up and vote for candidates that will bring Cayman back to a place that is for Caymanians and where Caymanians will be able to survive and be proud to live, not for candidates that all they do is mudsling and only visit you or your home when elections are coming.  Where are you guys all the rest of the four years.  WAKE UP CAYMAN.  I HAVE MY EYES OPEN AND PROUD TO SAY THAT I WILL CAST MY VOTE CAREFULLY THIS ELECTIONS.  I need a job because my bills are mounting up and I have tried over 70 different companies and even some of the candidates for help with finding a job and I have not had any luck. The candidates were either too busy or ignored my calls.  BY THE HELP OF GOD I AM MAKING IT SO MY VOTE WILL BE CASTED FOR THE ONES I THINK WILL WORK BEST FOR THE CAYMANIAN PEOPLE. All the best to my friends Woody DaCosta, Eddie Thompson and Mark Scotland I wish you all the best in this elections and glad to see some new and young blood vying for a seat in the Legislative Assembly.

  29. Jedi Dread says:

    Passion vs. Complacency…

    DaCosta is on the right track. We need more people like this fella…

    get the old tired hounds (of hell) outta there

    – Jedi Dread –