Armed robbery foiled

| 21/04/2009

(CNS): Residents in a house in George Town foiled an attempted armed robbery on Sunday following a struggle that led to the offenders running away empty handed. The RCIPS said they are now investigating the incident which occurred during the day in Windsor Park. Police have since recovered the weapon which was dropped at the scene — a loaded semi-automatic pistol — and one of the victims suffered some minor injuries during the struggle.

At around 1:20 on Sunday afternoon, 19 April, a gentleman attended George Town police station to report that shortly before an attempted armed robbery had occurred at an address in the Windsor Park area of the district. Police responded to the location and found that three people, two men and a woman, had been in the house when two men entered, one of which was carrying a handgun. The men demanded money from the occupants who refused and a struggle ensued causing the offender to drop the weapon.

The two offenders ran from the house empty handed and police say they have recovered the weapon which was  a loaded semi-automatic pistol. One of the victims suffered some minor injuries during the struggle and police have warned victims to be careful when tacling offernders.

Chief Inspector Peter Kennett said that although the victims in this case were extremely brave people need to always put their safety first. "No two people will react the same in these types of situations and it’s likely that instincts will take over when confronted in a serious or violent situation. However, your safety should always be your number one priority. If confronted, we advise people to hand over the money or goods, it’s not worth risking injury or worse for what can always be replaced,” Kennett added.

Police are now appealing for anyone with information about this crime or who may recognise the offeners to cocontact DC Orlando Mason at George Town CID on 949-4222 or call Crime Stoppers. One of the offenders is described as 6ft 5ins very slim built in body with a dark brown complexion and around 30-31 years old. He had a long slim type face, black low cut hair, no facial hair, broad bulging nose and had a white towel draped over his head and was wearing a checkered style short sleeve shirt and long jeans type pants. The other offender was described as around 5ft 11ins with medium body build at about 28-30 years old. He has a round type face, no facial hair and was wearing a blue short sleeve shirt.

All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    To get a work permit it is a requirement to get a police clearance certificate.

    And to Tomma Hawk,

    I think the chances of a UK copper seeing weapons and cocaine is a damn sight higher than it is here. Cayman is still a sleepy backwater compared to some of the rough innner city estates in the UK. Its only people like you scaremongering that makes people worried that Cayman is dangerous when it’s not.

    • Twyla M Vargas says:


      TAKE YOUR HEAD OFF THE CLOUDS., What you call gunning down two men in broad daylight in the center of Town? , what you call killing and burning up a woman in her car for a celphone,? what you call chasing a young girl for a mile in bushes and chopping her up with a machette,? you need to  hear more?.   You dont know squat, about Cayman; I am not a status holder, dont let the name fool you, I am well aware of what is taking place here, and only wish I had some other place to go and leave it all for you, furthermore I am not as fortunate as you living in security guarded apartment.  You got it made.

  2. Twyla M Vargas says:


    WHY cant we have the  FINGERPRINT system.   It is absolutely necessary for EVERYBODY, including  Caymanians.  Cant you see what is around the corner.  Cayman is going to have an unrest very soon if something is not done fast.

    NOW,   Besides that tell me what is wrong with this suggestion.?  "WHEN A PERSON APPLYS FOR A WORK PERMIT.   Why cannot  a separate  list be compiled each week with all of the names  of the persons applying, from different countries.   This list would then be faxed to the record office, of where they lived before comming to Cayman.   Request could be like I said faxed, email, or tied to pigeon foot requesting a POLICE CLEARANCE FOR each person on the list.  The Department would pay up front for the search, while the person who applys for the work permit, would have to include the extra fees in with their applicaton.

    I believe in doing so we would eliminate corruption, and sieve through the unwanted lawbreakers.    If this is a good idea then lets hear it from those who think so.  If you think it is not, then lets talk about it anyway IN A CIVIL MANNER.  This is about us, as a nation,  it has nothing to do with Political fever.   It is nothing greater that knowledge,  And, iT is never too late to learn.   Blessed

  3. Anonymous says:

    I too grew up in Windsor Park and I am over 30 as well. All the kids I grew up with in the area were all considered friends. We all played together and all parents looked out for the neigbor’s kids as well as their own. Windsor Park wasn’t a bad neighborhood. What has happened is the majority of the people who live in Windsor Park are renters (who "the sort" of people usually don’t care about the community). A lot of original home owners who still live in Windsor Park keep their yards tidy and paint their houses. But right next to them will be a house that local slum lord has sectioned off to "make a little money". And you have 18 expat labor workers crammed in there for cheap rent.

    What makes an area go down is when Slumlords decide to rent out original homes. Low income workers move in and many of them have low standards and hang out with low life friends from their own country… it’s a ripple effect from one drop of inconsideration for a community.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No area is a good or bad area, it is the people that are allowed to reside or in this case fester there. Winsor Park is no different from areas in West Bay, Prospect, Savannah, you pick. The problem with Cayman is a blind eye. No one just walks into a house to rob at gun point. These so called residential robberies are linked to other stuff. Think back a few years when a similar event happened in Prospect, and no I’m not talking about the attempt on the Attorney General, I’m talking about a well know “numbers” spot on mangrove. In recent all these robberies I’m pretty sure were clients one day scoping out, and robbers the following week. How many of us sit and know of idle boys on the corner or illegal activities going on in our neighborhoods and don’t do anything to alert those who’s job it is to monitor these activities. This is not a political issue of who is in government or what the police don’t do, this is our issue, what we allow to happen in and around our homes or properties, what we teach our children, what we do about the problem, its greed and that want to get quick money that causes crime. This house is a known numbers spot, anyone driving on that street on Sunday would know that. That is why this took place. This house like all the others was the golden goose for these “robbers”.  I think now that the police are aware of the threat of this “business” (not like they weren’t before) they need to increase patrols in these known areas, its known as deterrence, and I have to commend then on stepping up in recent weeks to crack down on the illegal activity going on in our neighborhoods and only ask that they keep up the good work, and use the knowledge of the spots to shut them down, each spot shut down is a robbery stopped.  We are all part of the problem and the fix. If you play these illegal numbers you are part of the problem, if you have informationand withholding it you are part of the problem, if you see idle behavior and do nothing about it you are part of the problem. What I’m about to say is in no way meant to pin point any nationality but for people like me, that want to have a place to live and have a peace of mind and a sense of security and raise our children, the right way. I’ve seen it said over and over on this board by other like minded individuals; We need to get our pride back, we need to have more love and care for those around us, we need to take our islands back, not to how it was in the past cause that will never happen, but back on the right track to a better future.  Clean up our way of life, our properties and who we harbor around us. God bless us all.

  5. Tomma Hawk says:

    Getting an illegal firearm on the streets of the Cayman Islands today is just as easy as buying or importing "a butter/steak knife" for one’s own kitchen.

    We should be extremely concerned/worried that apparently amateur’s in this Attempt Robbery, were involved with such powerful weapons. This tells me how readily available illegal firearms are on the island, to anyone who desires one.

    Can you imagine, the Act- Commissioner Mr. James Smith (who will likely be the next Commissioner) going around in district meetings implying that he wants to disarm or place harsh restrictions on licenced firearm owners ????????

    I’m a law abiding citizen of this country and I have two licenced firearms which I have possessed for over ten years. There is no way in hell do I intend to hand over my firarms to James Smith or any other person, because of failed policies by the RCIPS whom neglected our borders for over a year in 2005-06 and still continue to function under failed policies/plans, that have netted very little or no results over the past 5 years.

    The RCIPS needs a Commissioner of Police from the Caribbean region who understands our crime and it’s organizational culture. We don’t need Commissioners whom are only accustom to dealing with bar brawls at the pubs and dealing with public disorder involving hooligans.

    James Smith and others have probably never seen cocaine in their career in the UK much less being chased with machete’s, knifes, axes, and firearms around homes and down the street like some of our local police officers experience in Cayman and in the region.

    The RCIPS have failed because when we had a local Commissioner, the government of the day did not support him financially or otherwise. However, when the "pale face with blue eyes" arrived, they opened the government purse as if there was no tomorrow. Now today, there is nothing available and serious crimes are rampant, left right and centre and so many go unsolved.

    Let me say though, any person who trespasses upon my residence whether by day or night while I’m there, whom have criminal intent to commit Abduction, Rape, Robbery, Grevious Bodily Harm, Murder or other serious offences of that sort, I intend to exercise my rights under the law and make a "shining example" out of them for the whole Cayman Islands to see.

    Stay safe Cayman, be vigilant at all times as our only defence have literally failed us so we need to take care of one another and help one another through these difficult and trying times ahead. Sadly to say, it will get a lot more worse before it becomes better. Almighty God help us all.



  6. Anonymous says:

    I hope that the Police increase their patrols in this area.

    Even though this was a brave thing that these people did in defending themselves, it can also have serious side effects.  What if these offenders return with their friends for revenge or to harm these poor people.  Does the Police have any protocol in place for this? Maybe a panic botton or anything of this nature?

    CNS…are you able to get information as to whether these people are going to be placed in some sort of protective custody or something until these criminals are caught?  If they got a gun then they should have fingerprints and it seems as if there was a description given. 

    I pray for the residents in that area.  Such a sad state of affairs.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Stop blaming PPM for increased crime in these Islands!!!   Crime has been on the increase since Hurricane Ivan and even more now since recession in the USA as Cayman’s economy is reflective of what happens in the USA.   Granted PPM have not always made the right decisions but what other government in power have?

    I guess you may want to blame USA’s and Europe’s recession on PPM too!  Idiots!

  8. Anonymous says:

    HELLO!!! Windsor Park has been a BAD area, since I was born all 30 years ago, so hush up about PPM! Speak wha you know!

    • Anonymous in Windsor Park says:

      How can you make such a sweeping statement that "Windsor Park is a BAD area"?  I grew up in Windsor Park (oh and I am 39).  My parents still live in Windsor Park.  The majority of people in Windsor Park are law abiding citizesn.  My parents could have moved many times; however, they stayed because they have lots of friends who have lived there since the early 1980s and actually they all look out for one another.  There are many areas in Cayman that have highger crime than others but to single out one area is just ignorant. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately we are likely to see more of this as confidence in the RCIPS continues its decline.  It is a dangerous thing to do, but I cannot blame the victims.  I think I would do the same.

  10. Disappointed, but hopeful says:

    (my previous comment was to the the first person who posted a comment)

  11. Disappointed, but hopeful says:

    Come on whoever you are – too scared to say I guess — "Anonymous" —  about your "PPM – Pro Crime".  Give it up — it’s a pathetic stab at a political party who’s not responsible for these fools trying to break in to steal and harm these people at their home.   This is not about PPM or UDP or the independents.  Stop trying to use the comments feature of CNS to constantly bring this stupidness up. Grow up!!  You obviously have nothing better to do with you time.  Lazy and negative – what a great combination!!!

    Hopefully the perpetrators are caught and convicted.  Seems the victims were able to get some good descriptions of them — now is the time for those who know who these criminals are to report them and turn them in so we can get them off our streets and behind bars for a long, long time.  A loaded semi-automatic pistol — at least it’s now out of their hands but I’m sure they can get another one just as easily as they got that one.  Sad and WE the community and citizens MUST do something about it!!!

    If we don’t who will?

    It’s not about what our government and our country can do for us, it’s about what we can do for our country.  Wake up people!!!!!!!!


  12. Anonymous says:

    PPM – Pro Crime!

    Another example of an area that PPM has made worst by their bad fiscal policies.

    • Anonymous says:

      "PPM – Pro Crime!".

      I see that silly season is here in earnest. As long as I can remember Windsor Park has been a rough area. The increase crime has nothing whatever to do with the PPM. However, it might have something to do with the lifting of the immigration requirements after Hurricane Ivan when persons were not properly vetted. Also, it sort of matches with the status grants to people who weren’t vetted. Whose watch were these under?