Conch season closes Friday

| 30/04/2009

(CNS): The Department of Environment (DoE) is reminding the public that the closed season for conch and whelks begins on Friday 1 May and runs through October 31, 2009. No one may take any conch or whelks from Cayman waters, or purchase, receive or possess conch or whelks taken from Cayman waters, during these months. The DoE said violation of this or any of the Marine Conservation Laws is an offence carrying a maximum penalty of CI$500,000 fine and one year in jail.

The DoE said that upon conviction, forfeiture of the vessel or other equipment used to illegally poach may also be ordered.

The department is also reminding residents that in accordance with the Marine Conservation (Amendment) directives  2009 the manufacture of spear guns or their parts is prohibited in Cayman. Spear gun license holders are not allowed to cause to be or to manufacture a gun or any part of a spear gun, with the exception that licensees may manufacture the type of spear gun known as a ‘hook-stick’ which is a rod or stick of three and a half feet in length or less, and with only a fish-hook affixed to one end.  

All of the marine conservation regulations and laws are designed to protect Cayman’s valuable but dwindling marine resources. All of the details of these and other laws are available on may contact the DoE at 916 4271 (Grand Cayman), 926 0136 (Cayman Brac), or 926 2342 (Little Cayman) or call 911 to report violations of any marine conservation legislation.

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