Man attacked on Cayman Brac

| 30/04/2009

(CNS): Following an incident in which a man was attacked in his yard on Sandpiper Drive, Cayman Brac, at around 10:40 pm on Tuesday, 28 April, Brac officers have arrested a 46-year-old man on suspicion of assault, actual bodily harm and criminal trespass. He has now been bailed with conditions. Barry Morgan told CNS that when he and his wife returned home from a public meeting Tuesday night, the suspect came into his yard and swung a metal pole at him. He went to the hospital that night and received treatment for minor injuries to his forearm before going to the temporary police station at Stake Bay to give a statement.

The suspect was arrested on the morning of Thursday, 29 April, after statements were taken from those involved. Police said that officers who arrived on the scene on the night of the incident suspected he was under the influence of alcohol. However, they said there was no reason to take a urine sample. “He was not driving and therefore there was no power or reason to request urine. The situation was assessed by the officers on the scene, statements were recorded from the victim and a witness. The victim had no visible signs of injury at that time. Therefore, he was asked to seek medical attention to ascertain whether his injuries amounted to common assault (not arrestable) or ABH,” police said.

Searches were conducted for a weapon but none was found.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not illegal to drink alcohol or even to be drunk so Yes, being behind the wheel would be the only reason to test him.

    You really need to learn the law.


  2. Anonymous says:


    The police are even slack in the Brac?  No weapon found? How proper was the search? Do they even know how to conduct a proper investigation?  No need for urine, because he wasn’t driving?  This is funny!

    So we can get drunk and go around and beat people up, and it won’t be an issue unless we are behind the wheel???

    Attacked in his very own yard? What if Mr. Morgan had reacted with murder, would he have not been well within his rights?

    The Royal Cayman Islands police force are useless throughout the Cayman Islands!

    I hope some form of justice is found.

    • noname says:

      Unfortunately the police have to act within the LAW! There is no power to request urine from anyone unless they are suspected of driving under the influence of drink or drugs or having consumed illegal drugs (NOT ALCOHOL).

      What do you mean "So we can get drunk and go around and beat people up, and it won’t be an issue unless we are behind the wheel???"

      The man was arrested i believe and probably charged – how is that not an issue?

      How easy it is to sit and type insults and rubish when you have no knowledge of the facts or the faintest grasp of the law.


      • Anonymous says:

        Performing such an act in a sober mind????  Be it ALOCHOL, GANJA, COCAINE….you know bout it??? The system is slack and that’s the bottom line.

        It a question of concern…the article states that he was not tested because he was not driving….is that the only reason he should have been tested….if he was driving?????


  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Me

    You seem very desprate to make a connection between this attack and Mr Kirkconnell. I wonder why? This is such a stretch that it is almost laughable. One event has nothing to do with the other.

    Today’s NETNEWS say’s  there were over 200 people at the meeting, with that large a crowd undoubtly some people are going to misbehave its just human nature. If you knew that there were people at a public gathering that were drinking and if you knew it was illeagal then you could have called the police yourself if no one else did. However it does show that Moses has briged a gap between the bar goers and the chuch goers. When a person is a MLA they must represent eveyone, the perfect people and the no so perfect. Remember when Jesus was on earth the people that he associated were what you may consider to be the lower class as well.

    Do you not recognize that many people have happy and yes sometimes comical memories of Mr Kirkconnell’s father. It is a common way of remembering our loved ones who have passed on..

    It is good that you attended the meeting and I hope you paid such keen attention to all of the meeting. If you did I am sure that you now realize all that was done in the last 4 years and that Moses will work just as hard in the next 4 years.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the summary of the meeting, maybe you should work for UDP!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What in the world does this story have to do with Moses and his supporters?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dear “Me,”

    Isn’t it great how the rest of us aren’t as petty as you are? How we all understand that on an island our size nobody will be perfect and that from time to time people will make bad choices, such as drinking too much. 

    Let me ask you, do you think the Police could have done anything to stop this attack from happening? Should they follow home the 200 plus people that were in attendance? Get real!!! Police presence will only marginally help with traffic control.

    What does Moses committee members have to do with people drinking alcohol? Are they supposed to be God? I know they obviously are great people, hence the huge support, but if you can, be realistic.
    The police going to a public meeting… couldn’t that be a breach of civil service law?
    What does your post really have to do with the report above? Are you insinuating that you know the cause of the attack? If so, tell the police, not CNS.
    It sounds like you are a little sore that your meeting only had a minute crowd in comparison and the only thing you can think of to attack is that some adults were drinking out by the dock.   Here’s what you do, come out tonight, and join all of us as we really through this campaign into high gear and show you how to make this island what it needs to be.
    Fault finders should be fault menders!!!
  7. Anonymous says:

    lets see,

    Two of Moses supporters (who spoke on his platform) were in the northeast corner of the public gathering drinking alcohol amongst a group of others.  With the meeting starting at 7:00PM and Moses not speaking until 8:30PM it is no wonder that this idle time and lack of police presence ultimately led to trouble later in the evening. 

    Moses your committee members need to do a better job of seeing what is going on at your public meetings.  Absolutely no excuse for them to continue allowing people to drink alcohol.  I wonder what you must have been thinking when one speaker got up joking about your Dad (by the way – sorry you had to hear that – and another got up cursing on platform.  Hopefully the Police will show face at the remainder of your meetings and watch the back corners of the crowd (ie beer coolers and trunk coolers).

    Sign me,

    Embarrassed by Your Lack of Platform Discretion


  8. Anonymous says:

    You gotta chill out samp reef