PPM promises better air service to the Brac

| 04/05/2009

(CNS): The minister with responsibility for Cayman Airways, Charles Clifford, announced on Cayman Brac Friday, 1 May, that as soon as the island was fully open for tourism later this month, the airline would resume plans for non-stop flights from Miami to Cayman Brac and also that CAL’s recently leased cargo plane would provide a dedicated cargo service to the island. He further announced that in the last three months government had transferred the ownership of the property slated for the Little Cayman airport to the Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) to pave the way for that redevelopment to recommence. (Left: LC Airport)

Speaking at a PPM rally at Stake Bay on the day that Cayman Airways Express resumed flights to the Sister Islands following two days of cancelled flights after both Twin Otter aircraft were grounded, Clifford apologised on behalf of the government for the inconvenience. He said they had supplemented service to Cayman Brac with additional jet flights, and had identified a Twin Otter in Atlanta which they had leased for a month, but that if they had to extend the lease of that aircraft they would do so.

The Twin Otters are hardy aircraft that are very suited for landing on the airstrip on Little Cayman.

Speaking of contraversial plans to build a new airport in Little Cayman to replace the privately owned airstrip that the Express Service currently uses, Clifford said that MLA Moses Kirkconnell had pushed the issue on behalf of the residents of the Sister Islands. He said that funding for the redevelopment of Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman would include funding to build a new airport in Little Cayman.

Prior to Hurricane Paloma, CAL had leased a fourth 737 aircraft to service a number of additional gateways, Clifford said, “but also very importantly to provide non-stop service from Miami twice a week to Cayman Brac.” The minister noted that these flights had already been loaded into system for the winter schedule, and they had been poised to begin in December. However, Hurricane Paloma had hit the island in November (which had destroyed all the island’s hotel accommodation and damaged most of the condos) and so they had had to suspend the scheduled flights.

But Clifford assured Brackers that as soon as there was a full reopening of tourism on the island with opening of Alexander Hotel in the West End of Cayman Brac later this month and additional rooms were back online, “You will have that non-stop service from Miami twice a week.”

He said the airline had recently leased a smaller cargo aircraft, not just to provide cargo service from Miami to Grand Cayman, but also to start a dedicated cargo service to and from Cayman Brac.

According to a CAL release, Cayman Airways Express resumed operations into the Sister Islands as of 3:55 pm Friday with the leased Twin Otter aircraft, which arrived on Grand Cayman that day. It will remain until the mechanical repairs are completed on both of the airline’s own Twin Otters, which are expected to be back in service within two weeks.

According to Cayman Airways, there will be some changes to the regular schedule for the Express flights, but for the most part, flights will be operating as previously scheduled. Passengers who had previous reservations have all been contacted and re-booked accordingly.

“Our Sister Islands customers are very important to us and we are pleased to get our Express service back in operation,” said Cayman Airways CEO Designate Olson Anderson.
Acting Chairman of the CAL Board of Directors , Johnny Brown, echoed that sentiment, adding, “It was a tremendous team effort to locate a replacement aircraft in such a short space of time for our valued Sister Islands customers, and we do apologise for any inconveniences caused to them.”

Cayman Airways reservations can be reached by calling 949-2311 and bookings can also be made online at www.caymanairways.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Typical attitude.  Hope things turn out well… you can make them turn out the way they should go. 

    Way I see it;

    Vote UDP; More good sounding plans and that’s it.

    Vote PPM; Plans put in place and most work getting done.

    Vote IND; No idea what you will get or when you will ever get it. 

    Truth is, independent candidates have no cohesiveness and so will get nothing done.  UDP want to say that world financial problems are because of PPM.  PPM wants more time to complete projects.

  2. Annoymous says:

    Here is how i see it…..

    If we vote PPM – we are screwed

    If we vote UDP – we will get screwed

    If we vote IND’s – we are all screwed

    I say go fry some fish and drink two beer and enjoy the cool breezes and rock away in a hammock somewhere on May 20th and hope for the best.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Frankly speaking, it is all BULL, nothing but bull.  The PPM has done nothing to make any difference for the Sisters.  Moses has done extremly well for us, being a tick etc -whateevr it takes to get something for the Sisters.

    The Little Cay airport may not be a good idea though-I am sure that the "rustic"feel of the island is what draws tourists and local tourists.


  4. afraid of guns and cameras says:

    Charles, cut your losses , roll over with dignity…I think it’s time for you to follow your destiny, not what these puppet masters pushed you into.You have already compromised your true integrity,  Run, run away. You did your best, don’t jump on the hamster wheel…there is life after politics.GBU

  5. Anonymous says:

    Look around.  The Brac has many projects completed that the UDP could only dream of.  The Day Care, the Play Field, the affordable homes, the investment bureau, Anne Tatum bluff road, CAL owning Twin Otters, new fire truck, MRCU building, hotel project, and others.

    Ok, now look at the previous four years… toilets? A few paved road?  How can anyone even compare?

    Moses will surely get regardless of the ruling party/independents.  The UDP wants him… they’ve already stated that on many occasions so they will definitely work with him, the independents want to be like him, so they will work with him and the PPM is going in so 1st elected will be a key ingredient for a ministerial position.  We should all put him first on our list to keep our island rolling with project completions.

    PPM has included the schedule to six flights a day.  UDP??? BIG lease payments and competition that charged more.

    The PPM made other promises at the elections 4 years ago… they kept those promises and so this time they will need to make new ones.  The new ones are stated, and we can now expect full delivery as proven over the last 4 years.

    Look forward to continued growth and infrastructural improvements in Cayman Brac.  There has only been one candidate in recent terms that can deliver this.  No. 2!

  6. Soldier Crab says:

    The time has come to drop this idea of a new airport for Little Cayman.   The tourists who come there do so because it is the way it is.  To build a paved runway with ‘proper’ terminal building will begin to destroy the very ambience that prople come to experience.   It is only necessary for Government to purchase the land parcels which make up the present airport to ensure it can continue.

    In the current financial climate it makes no sense at all to invest public funds in a project which can never pay for itself, particularly when there is no pressing need to do so.

    The excuse that Little Cayman needs a better airport to justify improving the air service to the Brac is rubbish. In the long term, Little Cayman could be serviced by Otter flights based on the Brac, with a larger plane doing the GCM-Brac flights if necessary.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but I’m sick of everyone all of a sudden they are going to do all these great things as election time leads.  As stated in previous comments the PPM has had 4 years to improve this service and all our other service which our tourism relies on and have they?  What have they done in the last 4 years that has really benefited the caymanian people in both the short and long run?  I hope everyone has that in their mind when they go to the polls…

  8. Anonymous says:

    You do realize that if you read what you said you’re a… dummy.  In a city… you can drive to where you need to go.  On an island… not possible.   No party is saying they are going to do anything.  PPM has already bought the planes and put the service in place.  The direct flights were on the schedule… hurricane Paloma, however, was not.  That being said, the service hadn’t actually started but was on the winter schedule. 

    I look forward to when they can get the 2 hotels, 4 sets of condominiums and various bed and breakfast operations up and running.  A full flight can only carry 109…. that is merely 30 – 40 rooms.  We have over 200 rooms available once everything is up and running.  Looking forward to the air lift.  Promises made, promises kept.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am so sick and tired of hearing each party saying about what they will do to give Cayman Brac and Little Cayman better air service. Research the entire USA and find a town or city with about 2000 people and see how much airlift they have. it is ridiculous to be operating jet aircraft on a route where there are not even hotel rooms and even when they were hotel rooms if you flew one full flight in a day you would almost fill up every room, that is if it was a full flight.


  10. Anonymous says:

    PPM doesn’t need to defend anything.  They have supporting evidence for what they have done.

    The "obly" (only) problem is that the UDP, and some independent candidates try to use hatred and separation to scare voters into voting for them.  Many of them are going around saying, I can work with this one and that one, and yet, when they work by themselves, they end up in court or calling teachers out for a difference in belief.

    Are you in a cave with no outside access?  CAL now owns its planes.  4 years ago there was a lease, meaning that we were buying the planes for someone else… way to go UDP.  Now that we have our own planes, isn’t it great that we aren’t paying a huge sum of money so that some other corporation gets to own them. 

    Air service has been drastically improved from 4 years ago.  Our only problem is that it is still not perfect.  It is amazing that we can get on an 11 AM flight to make a 1:00pm meeting, whereas several years ago we would have to go from 6am and waste 7 hours waiting for a meeting.  PPM has made great strides towards improving our quality of life in the Brac.

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again, you are the only Bozo here.  You got your status in ’03 and think you should have the same rights as native Caymanians.  Dream on.  As soon as times get tough… we’ll know who you are, because you’ll be the first one on one of those twin otters heading to your real home!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Party or no party, Moses is more than smart enough to get projects completed for the Brac.  Independants are useless because they don’t have any allegiance to party or people.  They will tell everyone a different story.

    On to the topic at hand… air lift, How can one be so ignorant to suggest that things are only happening 2 weeks before elections?   We have been getting results since 2005.  I don’t care if Moses is on PPM or not, 1st elected is a must for us to get proper representation.  1st Elected usually means certain priviledges such as preferential treatment in selection of ministerial positions. So, let’s all vote for the only one who can make changes.

    PPM, UDP, IND… it makes no difference Moses will get the job done.  Look at the results you can touch.  Airline service will be one of his next challanges but he has enough experience to more than meet the challenge.  No. 2.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately you are wrong –  it makes no difference in being 1st elected member you get no preferential treatment or priveleges holding that position – What counts is if you are with the current government or not. So to those who think getting Moses in a 1st elected member as a PPM and the UDP or some other form of coalition government forms and he is not a part of that government then he gets NOTHING.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I find it amazing that the poster at 13:12 was able to deduce from the story that the aircraft were grounded because of an   "apparent lack of REQUIRED maintenance". And that voting for "INDEPENDENTS" would get the job done.

    True is the "INDEPENDENTS" were not able to get the job done when they were part of the then ruling party…….

  13. Anonymous says:

    I find it amazing that the aircraft have been "grounded" for apparent lack of REQUIRED maintenance!

    This is very serious.  What is happening with the jets? are they also getting mandated maintenance?

    Is it true that Cayman Airways has 2 jets parked in the desert??  We still own them but cannot find anyone to buy them??

    The Government seems to be achieving much in the last 2 weeks before elections….too bad they did not work like this all 4 years!!!  They forgot us until they now need us.

    The parties are all the same….VOTE INDEPENDENTS to get something done and so YOU are not forgotten.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The best thing Moses can do for himself and the Brac is to step away from the PPM. Total seperation will improve the Brac the most. The PPM will only distroy what good is left in the Brac just like here on Grand Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree the best thing that Moses can do is step away from the PPM. The PPM will not be getting back in this time around so if Moses choses to stick with them it will make no difference if he is the 1st elected member with all the votes from everyone in Cayman Brac HE WILL GET NOTHING DONE if he does not play neutral or align himself with the current government. He needs to learn how to play it smart and if he had any sense he would take a long hard look at how successful his Uncle Mabry was at doing this. All for a better Cayman Brac.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The PPM Train – now that is a joke. Oh, please do sit and wait for the train to come and come and come and come and…………Hey People wave to the poor people mistake as we pass by. Happy sitting under the tree (if you can find one).

  16. Anonymous says:

    Chuckys Promises…No Thank You!

    Promises we have had from you BUT actual Concern for Us NO!!

    So please take your bow graciously & disappear!!


  17. Anonymous says:

    Is it the same UDP who had 2 MLAs from Cayman Brac between 2000 and 2055 but did not improve air service? The same UDP who replaced Island Air’s aircraft with the same model aircraft when the UDP started CAL Epress? Would have been the correct time to improve aircraft type and complete the Little Cayman airport. The same UDP who even when there was a minister from Cayman Brac in cabinet did nothing meaningful for the Sister Islands?

    PPM is not perfect but if they had not had to correct all of the wrongs and inactions of the UDP just maybe they would have got even more done that the did

  18. Anonymous says:

    PPM – Promises made – Promises kept!!!

    Are you saying we should then vote for 4 years of nothing but toilets?

    Are you saying we should vote for someone who gave our islands away to foreigners?

    Are you saying we should vote for 4 years of hatred and intolerance?

    The only bozo around here would be you!!!  Poor sportsmanship is a sure sign of a sinking ship!!!


  19. Anonymous says:

    Who would be so ignorant to say that we don’t have better service now than in the past.  The twin otters fly 6 flights a day in and out.  When has that ever happened in the past?  Oh, we had 4 jets a week in the past too but that could never make sense if only 15 people were flying on them.  Some people are so stupid they want to criticize the airlift issue and then turn around and also criticize CAL for being in debt.  Think about the cost of a jet flying here versus a twin otter.

    UDP is an absolute waste of time.  Julianna has done nothing from the time she became the "first lady minister" until now.  Why would anyone waste a vote on her?  CAL had a schedule posted prior to Paloma showing flights to Miami, PPM therefore delivered on their promise… let me guess, UDP want to say that PPM caused Paloma so that they couldn’t have direct flights.  Give it up.  The other independents on the ballots are also jokes.  They have no prosperous business experience.  There is really only one choice.

    When Moses is minister,CAL will have to do as he says.  This will ensure that the Brac and Little Cayman get well taken care of.  If Julianna gets it, you will get nice toilets on the plane and no better service.  If Lyndon gets it, you will get to hear that he provided the water (tanks) for the plane.  If Maxine gets it, you will hear, "Como esta."

    People, be responsible with your vote.  Use it for the one who makes a difference, not talks about teachers of a different religion.

    Issues need tackling, and Moses is the only choice to solve the problems.

    Peace and Love!!!


  20. Anonymous says:

    I can’t hep but wonder why increased air service to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman could not have been implemented during the past four years? Interesting how the PPM Govt can fix everything now with election only a couple of weeks away.  Don’t be fooled by their empty promises, Cayman Islands!!! 

  21. Oh yeah ! says:

    I agree. When the Action Man and Chuckie tell you they are going to do something you can bet that it will be done ! Yes lets make Moses Minister of Tourism and Chuckie can then be Leader of Government Business or Premier or whatever we call the Political Leader since he seems to be the only one that can effectively deal with Big Mac……after all he removed Mac from power in this country……an act that Chuckie should be Knighted for. Yes Sir Chuckie….you deserve a Knighthood for that action alone. Well done……when the history books for this period is written you will be the Hero !!!

    The PPM train cometh again…………….All aboard !!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Price is fair.  There are always going to be certain overhead costs.  Remember when Island air was here… $132.00KYD or more.

    I agree that if UDP had said it, it would be politics, however, when Arden McLean and Charles Clifford say it, it’s a done deal.  I have never known them to go back on their word. 

    Moses needs to be Min. of Tourism so that we as the Cayman Islands can truly prosper.

    Vote for the only 1.

    Vote No. 2, He is True.  Vote No. 2, for he can Do!

    Vote No. 2 through the door, then, vote NO MORE!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM Promises

      Am I hearing it correct that after 4 years in office the PPM is still having to promise better service to Cayman Brac?

      Cayman brakcers will seriously disappoint me if they fall for that promise.

    • Anonymous says:

      This for sure is NOT true. The PPM was going to take away the jet all together. Just another political ploy at a meeting to fool you into giving them votes. I am not saying that Moses does not support this as I know that he supports anything positive for Cayman Brac especially airline service. What I am saying is that it is a bunch of lies that we were going to get better air service. Moses was fighting for this but CAL was resisting ALSO lets see something done with the prices of air travel from the Brac. Just under $500 for a 3 year old to travel to Miami OUTRAGEOUS.

    • Anonymous says:


      Ifthe PPM has tried for four years to improve the service to Cayman Brac and to date it has not been achieved, then the clear answer is that this is yet again another failed effort of bozo the clown and his band of merry men.

      The solution to this problem isn’t relying on yet another 4 years of ‘soon come’ and ‘look into my eyes’ stuff; the solution is about voting for the UDP – a better way forward, because with PPM we will be like Hampstead.

  23. J.Anderson says:

    When are we gonna start having cheaper flights to the sister Islands?  The current fare is completely outrageous.  Cayman Airways is manilupating the system and has profited of caymanian’s and tourist alike for this short duration flight.  For the same price $109-115, i traveled through three different destination throughout Europe, all via commerical jet.  This is the bs we continue to put up with that needs to be addressed, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman will become the bedrock of our Tourism economy, as Grand Cayman is grossly overpopulated, congested and very unsitly.  Whichever administration gets in needs to address the mismanagament and lackluster attitude of the Cayman Airways staff, I say bring back competition, as it fosters cheaper prices and better service for customers.

    Young concerned Caymanian

  24. Anonymous says:

    Is it true that there were more that twice as many people at this meeting than when the UDP had their’s a few weeks back?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Ok, but let’s see it first.  A lot of pretty talk, with no action-typical politics!

    Maybe if Moses get’s to be Tourism Minister then we could see some action, not just for Sister Islands, but real action in general for the Cayman Islands.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The PPM rally had so many positives for the Brac and Little and this is all that is listed?  Come on CNS show us the good stuff.




    Moses has done so much for us.  Truthfully, he is the only one that deserves to be in as our MLA. 

    The PPM rally was so full of excitement people driving across were catching the spirit.

    Hold on to your seats because this election is going to be the best ever.

    PPM All the way!!!

    CNS: This article is on air service to the Sister Islands specifically