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| 29/05/2009

(CNS): The WestTel Youth Roller Hockey League at King’s Sports Centre will begin live-streaming the WestTel youth hockey playoffs and championship games on Saturday, 30 May with the 6u divisional games and continue throughout the remainder of the season. League Director Ray Singh said, “The new live-stream element to the program is great for family and friends all over the world. The players’ grandparents from around the world will get to share in the fun”. All live-stream footage is free to viewers and will be available by visiting

On Friday,29 May, the league will see the 2nd Annual Inter-School Game Tournament. Cayman Prep, Cayman International School, Saint Ignatius, and Montessori by the Sea will all take part in this year’s tournament. Games start at 3:30 p.m. For more information go to

As for League standings, this past weekend saw the league come close to wrapping up its regular season games. After the Week 8 games, the Vampt Oilers regained the #1 sport in the WestTel 12U Youth Roller League. However with one round of games to be played this Saturday, the Five-Continents Leafs still have a shot at finishing in the top spot.

Game One of this past Saturday’s events, saw the Appleby Sharks face off against the Conyers Canucks, with the Canucks taking the game 8-5. Canucks Player of the Game, Finn Walker, lead his team with five points. The remaining goals were added by Ben Black (3), Daniel Harrington (3), and Mack Moser (2). Sharks Player of the Game Aaron Hersant was solid throughout the match, with the team’s points coming by Josiah Dersken (2), Leon Domloadis (2), and Tynan Klein (2).

Game Two of the morning featured the top two squads, the Vampt Oilers and Five-Continent Leafs, in a high scoring 8-2 victory for the Oilers. The Leafs (who briefly took over the #1 seed for a few weeks) came out with speed, but were unable to stop the Oilers offensive line of Adam Stainrod (2) – Player of the Game, Alex Agemian (2), Cam Galloway (3), Dominic Dyer (1), Jack Lewis (3), Marc Reid (3). Leafs Goaltender, Dylan Bostock, earned his team’s Player of the Game status for his efforts between the pipes, with points coming from Christopher Messer (2), and Nicole Whittaker (1).

The final weekend of play takes place on 30 May. With only a 1-point lead, the battle for the #1 seed in the regular season is still open for the taking. However, as history has shown (and coaches will tell you), anything can happen in the playoffs.

Only one official WestTel 9u Youth Hockey game took place this past weekend between #1 XN Finanical and #2 UBS, with a 5-3 victory in favor of the Rangers. Six different Rangers had a point in the win, Player of the Game Daniel Champoux (1), Scott Lewis (2), Nate Meghoo (3), Ethan Finlason (1), Zach Alpert (1), and Doug Norris (3). The Panthers put up a formidable fight, with the Player of the Game honours going to Marissa Towell for her stellar defensive play and one goal. The team’s other point scorers included David Pitcairn (2), Jered Holmes (1), and Shawn Lansdell (1). The victory seals the #1 seed with the XN Financial Rangers at the top of the charts.

The 2nd 9u game of the day saw the Animal House Penguins and LOM Capitals enjoy a friendly exhibition game before the end of season rush. Heading into the final few weeks of the season, there are still several makeup games for the teams.

In great fashion, the WestTel 6U Youth Hockey League wrapped up its final week of the regular season. It was a ittle unorthodox, but the teams were able to get a taste for playing against the real goalies, at least for half the game. The real goalies will be back this week as we head into the playoffs for the little ones.
The Walkers Blue Iguanas team finished up their season on a high note, with a 4-0 victory over the CSA Islanders. Player of the Game for the Blue Iguanas was Fenna Madison and Kaydin Knapik earned the Islanders Player of the Game. The CSA Islanders have a tough game ahead of them against the Maples Stars squad, but as we have seen in prior seasons, the #4 spot is usually a pretty good place to start the playoffs off!

Game two saw the Maples Stars take on the RBC-Trust Lightning group with the Stars recording their first loss of the season, with a final score of 4-1 to the Lighting. Lightning Player of the Game was Ethan Slocock who played a great game, scoring all of the team’s goals. Emily Freeman, theStars new rookie player, earned her team’s Player of the Game status.

As we head into the playoffs, the league would like to congratulate all of the coaches and parents that helped make the regular season such a success. The players have come a long way in a very short time and much the credit goes to the many volunteer coaches who have supported the league all season. Of course the players deserve a good deal of the credit too; through dedication and team spirit, players continue to develop their skills and game play strategies. With the introduction of new live-streaming of this season’s playoffs, the league is looking forward to a great end to a great season. Good luck to all of our young athletes this coming weekend!!!


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