Teenagers arrested after jeep joy ride

| 10/06/2009

(CNS): Police said today that three teenagers have been arrested after the theft of a jeep from outside a home in George Town. At around 11am yesterday (9 June) the owner of the jeep called the 911 Emergency Communications Centre reporting that his Geo Tracker had been stolen from outside his home in Templeton Street. The caller stated he had seen it travelling towards Smith Road. Police carried out checks in the area and found that the vehicle had flipped onto its roof in the vicinity of Lincoln Drive.

Police said that the young offenders had decamped from the vehicle and that a short foot pursuit ensued which resulted in the three teenagers being arrested. Each was arrested on suspicion of taking and driving away a vehicle without the owners consent. They remain in police custody at this time.

Residents are reminded to never leave valuables on display in vehicles and under no circumstances should the keys be left in the car. More crime reduction advice can be found at http://www.rcips.ky/vehicles.htm

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is it a crime to expect a crimanal on Cayman to take responsability for his actions. I.E. to right a wrong?  Is that not the one and only true meaning of justice?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Once again  the victim pays for the crime, the criminals get to go free to do it again and again and again.  The victim can not expect  to get anything from the crimanal and if he trys then he will be delt with by the very system that  is suppost to protect him. Justice? If you think so just wait a short while and you will be a victim too.  The police are doing a great job of catching the offfenders then they like us get to watch them go free knowing they will be sent to catch them again.  Why in this day and age is this problem not fixed? Think about it and it will come to you.  To the person who now owns a wrecked jeep are you now happy enough just knowing that this time they did not kill some other innocent  person and you are lucky because you just have to pay for your jeep and not your life? If you read the papers in Cayman its easy to see that the justice system is there to protect the crimals from the public.  Good thing the name was changed from Pirate week other wise what will people think?

  3. Anonymous says:

    If they ran over your kids Frequent flyer you wouldn’t be so quick to worry about hurting their feelings. Lets ruin the the criminals lives before they can ruin ours

    On this occasion nobody was hurt but it is only a matter of time

    • Frequent Flyer says:

      To Anonymous "If They Ran Over Your Kids"

      You must read the posts properly before you post. I said nothing about their ‘feelings’ . Idon’t give 2 shits about their feelings.

      Just wanted to clarify.

  4. richard wadd says:

    All of you are wrong. What they NEED is a good ‘Ass-whipping’.


    That will leave a ‘marked’ impression on them !!

    • Makam says:

      The importance of this criminal action is highlighted in the headlines not it was a "JOY RIDE". Not theft not driving without insurance, licsence and hence dangerous driving but a "JOY RIDE".

      Only when the importance of the seriousness of this crime is expressed will people start to appreciate it is a CRIMINAL ACT. This was the theft of an expensive (and I don’t care how much in dollars it was worth) property. If I went into a store and shoplifted a television could I claim I was only taking it for a "JOY VIEW".

      This criminal act must be treated with the severity it demands.


  5. AJ says:

    To the previous commentor.  I completely agree with you that these teenagers must be punished to serve as a deterrent to their peers.  However, I don’t think that a prison sentence would be a suitable form of punishment because going to prison is seen as making them out to be more of a "thug" in the eyes of their friends. 

    What I would suggest is that young people commited of a crime should be made to work, with the money they earn going back to the person/business they wronged as compensation.  How long they work for depends on the type of crime commited.  If they are still going to school, they should be made to take a report to school that has to be signed by all their teachers, so as to say that they have attended school that day.  After school and weekends they are to report to a job pre-asigned by either the police or the "victim".

    This will hopefully teach them that there are consequences for their actions, taking responsiblilty and appreciation of time and money.  Take it from a young person, I would rather be hanging out every evening with family and friends than working, where most, if not all, my money goes to someone else.   

  6. Frequent Flyer says:

    I thought the suggetion from Caymanite was good, if not maybe longer.

    We all know that they are not going to be jailed. And that’s a bit harsh to ruin their lives with a prison record.

  7. Watchdogg says:

    Well its the start of summer and if you check the stats it will show the trend of increased petty crime, theft being the most common among young people.

    My challenge goes out to the RCIPS and those Govt agencies that are mandated to helping the youth of Cayman.

    What are their plans for addressing this trend that has prevailed summer after summer?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Caymanite, I don’t think waiting a couple of extra years to get their driving licence is enough of a deterrant. Obviously they put lives at risk and would have cost the ownerthousands of dollars in damage. A harsh prison sentence must be the only option in this type of case.

    In other countries where car theft is rampant, the penalties were just as soft and joyriders get away with it with a  slap on the wrist. The sentences are getting harsher slowly but surely.

    The difference in other countries (e.g. the UK) is that the owners all have fire/theft insurance policies on their cars so they get compensation if their car is trashed. Therefore public outrage is limited because they don’t lose out too much. Here, the owner gets nothing but a massive repair bill.

    We must set out a deterrent to stop future potential joyriders putting our lives at risk on the roads

  9. Caymanite says:

    They should be prevented from getting their driving licenses until they are 21 as a punishment.

    I hope they don’t just see it as a funny joke, what if they would have killed some innocent person?

    Joke would have ended right there and then, not only for them but the families.