Bermuda takes Guantanamo detainees

| 11/06/2009

(Royal Gazette): In the same week that Bermuda was moved from the OECD’s ‘grey list’ to the ‘white list’ of cooperative countries, it has also emerged that the island has agreed to resettle a number of the Chinese Muslim detainees who had been held at the US Guantanamo Bay detention facility. Premier Dr Ewart Brown made the announcement this morning saying they would be given the opportunity to get Bermudian status. This comes days after the island was reclassified on the post G20 ‘white list’, despite the fact that the OECD was not scheduled to review the list until November.

Guantanamo decision taken "without permission"

OECD moves Bermuda to ‘white list’


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  1. Da real deal says:

    Now we know how they got on the White list This is what happens when you elect these type of leaders who will do what it takes to get certain thingsdone . A NOTHA DOLLA BILL CROWD If it looks like we are head down the same road it is because we are? Huge row has broken out in the UK over this matter someone has not been paying attention and this is usually how the innocent and good frequently get victimized in countries, a common occurence these days.

  2. Travis Ritch says:

    Sigh – I was disappointed by the election but that was mitigated by my feeling that the new government would aggressively tackle our place in the world.  This seems to have descended into, as another comment said, a ‘farce’; a victory romp around the world’s capitals on our dollar for Mac’s chosen many, a binge if you will, to compensate for all those years out of power.  Yes, the PPM had become impotent (even though they did everything they were elected to do), but didn’t you appreciate a quick press conference to say where they were going and why?  Does he have GIS with him?  I like when Mac said after the election ‘wherever it is, if I have to get on a plane, I will do it’ – like that wasn’t his very first inclination anyway.  Back to oversight/consultation/information-free government.  Jack is not here long enough, nor is he inclined anyway, to provide an effective check on a bully who was just elected by clear majority, and Taylor will lean heavily on the veteran politician, charismatic at ever, to learn the ropes.  In other words, he will be told wa’ happ’nin’.

    As usual, Bermuda has pre-empted us.  They have not allowed their name to be dragged through the mud as ours has, and it cannot be understated the effect this has; do you think Obama would be seen with our government, no matter who is in power?  Premier Brown has a picture with Obama on his Facebook [yes, he has it, and uses it to great effect – wishful thinking that either of our leaders take themselves, or this country, seriously enough to do such a thing]. Some countries outright refuse to communicate with us.  True, the business they are in (insurance largely) does not produce the kinds of headlines ours [private client/funds/trusts] does, but they are never singled out in the international press, and carry the legitimacy of having been around a lot longer than we have – we look like schemers, opportunists [and we are], a country prostituting itself for business – Bermuda, most assume, has what it has because of its pleasant Atlantic climate, distance to New York, and stable, extensive history of democratic government, presence of cutesy colonial structures and customs, and those shorts, oh the shorts!  Premier Brown even had their Governor saying he should have been consulted – it should have been the other way around!  And so perfectly timed for maximum leverage – a statement from the US Attorney General applauding them for their leadership!  A 20 square mile territory displaying leadership!  First off the white list, first off the blocks, first in GDP, you name it – Bermuda, you don’t know what you have!

    To paraphrase an American saying: I fear for the Territory.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do you think that we could trade MAC and his advisors on how to deal with the OECD for the 4 left in GITMO? That would be a sweet deal for Cayman.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Surely if these 4 people have been wrongly imprisoned and are not terrorists, then shouldn’t the US gov’t accept them as residents with citizenship? –  for it is they who wrongly imprisoned them in Guantanamo…also, what of the thousands of people in Bermuda who have no hope of status, but who contribute to the island?  Someone has forced Bermuda gov’s compliance and their residents are enraged.  Bermuda Gov’t  has not served it’s people in this case and is apoor role model for Cayman Gov’t to emmulate, this being the latest striking example.   

  5. Anonymous says:

    There were 17 Uighurs at Gitmo. Romania, I believe, took 5, Palau took 4, Bermuda took 4 .. and there are 4 left – all while Mac is away at high level meetings … Cayman should watch this space.

  6. A REALIST says:

    I hope all you fools who were talking about how much Bermuda did to get off the Grey list to the white list now understand that it was a Quid Pro Quo arrangement.

    They agreed to take the former detainees in exchange for being moved for the white-list.

    Validates the point that every objective intelligent person has known since day one. Thats the lists were always for political expediency and not based on reality.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very well played Bermuda. Let us compare the handling of Cayman’s international relations with the handling of international relations in Bermuda.

    The Bermuda government engages in insightful international relations, does a favour for the US administration and gets immediate results from the OECD through clever diplomacy. That is not to say that they were clever in capitulating to the OECD, but at least the actions of the Bermuda government appear to be coherent.

    The Cayman government’s principal advisor declares that our government is baffled and does not know what to do other than calling an international organisation in which the US is the major contributor silly names. That hardly goes with the image of Cayman as a sophisticated financial services centre.

    Let us not forget also that the OECD has the power to put us on any list it wants any time it wants. Let us also not forget that this same advisor had previously indicated that we needed to immediately get off the OECD list whatever the cost. So full marks to the new government’s advisors for causing a small panic before the election. The politics of fear does work on occasion. Negative marks for understanding the problems Cayman is facing and negative marks for potentially worsening the situation of Cayman internationally. 

    It is becoming crystal clear to all of us that the lack of strategic thinking which epitomises our new government is being amplified by our new "team" of non-experts in diplomacy, international relations and treaty negotiation. This new government which I am embarrased to say I was sucked into supporting before the election is very rapidly descending into a farce of the first order. It is also becoming clear that their complete lack of any idea how to handle international matters is as dangerous as it is embarrassing.

    Older Caymanians may still be charmed by the repetition of cute old phrases at election time but my generation expects a competent government.