Half of Brac NRF applications being held up

| 11/06/2009

(CNS): While the National Recovery Fund has either completed or is still working on around 50% percent of the homes which were eligible for assistance on Cayman Brac following Hurricane Paloma’s strike last November,  the local charity says that the other half of the applications are being held up by planning, tendering or information-pending issues. However, the NRF said it is pressing on and still hopes to have all 103 applicant’s homes completed before the year end.

Meanwhile, work for the fund on Grand Cayman is drawing to a close with the expiration of the European Union Funding, but it did recently complete one home in collaboration with the Church of God, Full Gospel Hall – Savannah.

Beverly McLaughlin was living in her mother’s one bedroom house with her 4 children in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, but the NRF donated funds so that The Church of God, alongside many generous donators, could build Beverly and her family a spacious home of their own. “There were numerous people and organisations that came together on this project and the NRF is pleased to have played its part in building a house for this delightful family,” said Dr Mark Laskin, Director of the NRF.

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  1. Twyla M Vargas says:


    When I visited the BRAC about two months ago along with two other persons I was astonished when I saw the condition, and decided to comment on Cayman News Service about it.  Surprisingly some anonymous incompoop wrote that they did not know which Island I visited.   Thanks to someone with a brain to find this picture and publishe it here.  yes this is exactly what I was talking about.  Go to the Brac and look for yourself and you will see what I had espressed is true.   Why is it being denied is beyond me.

    Cayman Brac has alot of damage, and I dont know why the proccess was taking so much time, and why some ——-norant  person would want to deny this.   I cannot suggest what we  or who should do to help, but I do hope some brain child come up with something, and not listen to those who want to be in denial about the situation.

    CNS: This picture was actually taken shortly after Paloma. We’ll be publishing some before and after recovery pictures in the near future.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How did Mark Laskin become a permanent fixture in this country? What is his incentive to actually finish his work? Or does he just string it along until the next hurricane?  Im not belittling his efforts, but is this a permanent pot? Just wondering.