Minister learns priorities

| 11/06/2009

(CNS): Speaking to his new senior staff during his first week in office, the new Minister of Education, Training and Employment Rolston Anglin said in a release from the ministry that he needed an effective team if his ministry’s goals were to be achieved, though he did not state what those goals were.  “Our main focus at this stage is to listen,” said Anglin. “I welcomed the very useful and frank insights shared by our core team and HOD’s as well as the opportunity to ask questions and to share some of my own views and expectations.” 

Following an initial introductory meeting with staff at the ministry, the minister and Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues met with the senior team for a detailed operational briefing.

“If my ministry’s goals are to be achieved, we will need an effective core team and a productive and collaborative working relationship with our various departments and statutory bodies, and these meetings were useful beginnings,” he stated.

Anglin said the areas of education, training and employment have a fundamental impact on the country’s future, so great care should to be taken to ensure that policies, strategies and programmes developed and implemented would not only “lead us through this difficult economic period, but will also address our most pressing needs, both in the short and longer terms.” 

So far, Anglin and Rodrigues have reportedly visited with government school principals and senior staff from the DoES as well as attended the National Educational Leadership Programme (NELP). The release also stated that they had fielded questions and learned about the priorities and perspectives of private school principals at a meeting of the Private School Association, but it did not say what those were.

Anglin said he was looking forward to visiting all of the government schools, the University College and other departments in the near future. “I am particularly keen to speak with not just senior management but all staff, to hear what they believe the priorities and issues are, and I hope that there will be frank discussion and collaboration on the way forward,” he added.  

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