Manderson promoted to Deputy Chief Secretary

| 13/06/2009

(CNS): Franz Manderson, the current chief immigration officer, has been promoted to Deputy Chief Secretary. He will take up his new position on 1 July, the same day that the current holder of the post, Donovan Ebanks, steps into his new role as Chief Secretary and Head of the Civil Service. When the new Constitution is fully implemented these two posts will not exist. However, it does provide for the position of deputy governor, who will also be head of the civil service and must be Caymanian.

A release from the Chief Secretary’s Office said that Manderson was one of two people who applied for the post of Deputy CS as part of an open recruitment process with a recruitment panel consisting of Pastor Winston Rose, Donovan Ebanks and Peter Gough and chaired by the current Chief Secretary George McCarthy.

Manderson has a long and distinguished public service career spanning 28 years, having joined the Immigration Department as a clerical officer in 1981, the release states. He moved through the Immigration Department rapidly, and within 10 years was promoted to the post of assistant chief immigration officer. Four years later, in 1996, he was promoted to deputy chief immigration officer.
During his immigration career, Manderson pursued legal studies through the Cayman Islands Law School, obtaining his law degree with honours.

He was then granted a one-year leave of absence by the government in order to undergo training at the law firm of Walkers to qualify as an attorney-at-law, and was called to the Cayman Bar in 2004. That same year, he assumed the position of chief immigration officer. In the ensuing five years Manderson transformed the Immigration Department by introducing policies, systems and procedures that significantly increased its efficiency.

His focus on customer service and staff training also has contributed greatly to changing the department’s atmosphere and culture.

McCarthy said he was pleased to have such a competent and experienced person appointed as the next Deputy Chief Secretary, “especially in these economic times, and with the introduction of the new Constitution that will have a significant impact on the public service.”

Manderson said in the release, “I am delighted to have been chosen for the position, and I thank all the people who mentored me, had faith in me, and supported me during my civil service career. I also thank the dedicated staff at Immigration for their tremendous support throughout my career in the department, and especially during my tenure as chief immigration officer. I will bring the same dedication and enthusiasm to my new post. I am looking forward to working under the new Chief Secretary, Mr Ebanks; the managers and staff of the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs; and my fellow chief officers.”

Ebanks acknowledged the significant contributions that Manderson made at the helm of Immigration, both for the staff and the community. “However, in his new position, Mr Manderson will have even greater opportunities to influence the provision of public services to the community,” he said. “Based on his track record, I also expect that he will have a positive impact on the wider civil service.” He emphasised that the Immigration Department will still fall under the wider remit of the post of deputy chief secretary.

An open recruitment process for the post of chief immigration officer will commence shortly.


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  1. Steve G Foster ( Montserrat) says:

    Congrats Mr Manderson.  The Immigration Department on Montserrat Mr Kirwan and I wish you all the best on your recent promotion.  Keep giving of your best and the rewards will be great.  Your comtribution comments and input in meetings we attended added value and a direction to the proceedings and many  new ideas and  initiatives were coined by you.  you are a valuable asset to your country as your proven record in the Immigration Department and I believe that there is lots more you can give not only to The  Caymans but also to the UK Caribbean islands and the Caribbean region to improve the quality of life for all

    May God Continue to guide and protect you and your family as you work towards the long term develoment of your country and the region

    Steve Foster



  2. Anonymous says:

    Human Resource Authority

    I get the feeling the powers of the CIO will be so reduced that Franz made the right move.

    Congrats Franz.

    • Anonymous says:

      All the talk about a Human Resource Authority being set up is something that better be very carefully looked at and the costs to this country determined.

      The question also needs to be asked if it is even necessary and what will be gained from doing so. Franz has already set changes in motion for work permits which was announced in the papers with changes to the law and that is coming online right now. Give it a chance to work for God’s sake and provide the resources they need to do a good job.

      The talk about the employment relations and immigration working together is also rubbish because the law already calls for a representative from employment relations to sit on the work permit board and the business plan board and provide information for them on local labour. The departments are already working together (or should be if they are not) and what government should be doing is giving them the resources to be more efficient and not try to reinvent the wheel.

      AND, the folks who are talking about doing this should learn from other countries (England being one) who tried to merge work permits with their employment relations department and it failed miserably.  They were forced to return the processing of work permits to their immigration department. Research it.

      Our government here need to exercise care and caution and also look at the financial implications and what will be really gained by such a move. I do not know all that will be involved but I am sure that for this to take place it will be very costly to this country. In our financial mess we do not need to incur more debt.

      That is what is wrong with Cayman, someone only has to make some stupid suggestion and we take it up as a political foot ball and do not take the time to look carefully before we kick. In my opinion this is not the thing to do that with.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would like to join in congratulating Mr. Franz Manderson on this well deserved promotion. Someone else posted here that whoever replaces him will have big shoes to fill and I echo those thoughts.

    One of his Deputies, Mr. Bruce Smith, is well known to me and someone for whom I have a lot of respect and admiration. Like Mr. Manderson, Mr. Smith has worked his way up through the ranks in the civil sevice and is someone I believe would be a very strong candidate to replace Mr. Manderson as Chief Immigration Officer. I hope that he will be given fair consideration for the position.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lets hope the Deputy Governor is not going to be the AG. We will have go down the drain then….

  5. Tino says:

    Congrats Cobla – Well desereved. Wish you continued success in your new role and beyond.

    Just wondering though…

    CNS: "When the new Constitution is fully implemented these two posts willnot exist. However, it does provide for the position of deputy governor, who will also be head of the civil service and must be Caymanian."

    Is it just me or is this article pretty much saying that either Franz or Donovan will have to shuffled out once the new constitution is implemented? I imagine the one that remains will be the official Deputy Governor.

    Anyone with any thoughts on this?


    • Anon says:

      "Is it just me or is this article pretty much saying that either Franz or Donovan will have to shuffled out once the new constitution is implemented? I imagine the one that remains will be the official Deputy Governor".

      Anyone with any thoughts on this?"

      It seems to me that the Deputy Governor will himself need a deputy although the position is not established by the Constitution.

      Mr. Ebanks is very near to retirement age.

      Kind regards,





      • Anonymous says:

        As one who has worked on the "inside", I have nothing but admiration for Franz Manderson.

        He is as uncontaminated and uncorrupted as they come.  Wonderful humanbeing.

        I take my hat off to him and to his mother, Jenny, who did a great job of laying the groundwork..

        Unfortunately, there are many in the civil service who think the way to get ahead is to say "how high".  I got none of this feeling from Franz — he just tries to do his job the best way he knows — and quite honestly if more would do this they would find that it really did not in reality conflict with the aims, objectives and wishes of those in political power.  Those in power often get blamed for the ineptitude of civil servants — especially those trying to please.  A lesson for many.

        Franz, try to keep yourself independent and a thinking human being — I can’t think of any, quite honestly, at the level to which you are rising who have done that.

  6. Ellen Peguero says:

     I can’t express the joy that I feel seeing a young derseving Caymanian  promoted to the position of Deputy Chief Secretary ,congratulations Mr. Manderson!.  I hope that Mrs. kerry Nixon  will be your successor as CIO. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope and pray that "THE RIGHT PERSON" will be chosen to replace Mr. Manderson, someone who has the management skills to manage the organisation, without fear or favour. Someone who is loyal to him and will not want to undermine his work. Someone who is knowledgeable and has skills to make the right decisions quickly and do not have to wait on someone else to tell them the answers. Someone who can set the right examples for staff to follow without the bondage of "friend groups" and favouritism. If not then all that Mr. Manderson worked so hard to build up will be destroyed. I am sure he knows what is going on and that it is important to choose THE RIGHT PERSON to replace him, he knows the history. I am also sure he knows that the ones who did not join in the friend groups and are loyal to him could be victimised when he leaves if the right person is not chosen to replace him which would leave the ones with poor attitudes and bad work ethic to reign supreme! I hope the powers that be will choose this replacement very carefully for the good of that department and of these Cayman Islands.

  7. Shaun Ebanks says:

    Congratulations Franz on your promotion. I’m expecting to see you not only as Deputy Chief Secretary, but in a couple of years as Deputy Governor. You make me and many other native Caymanians and West Bayer’s alike, extremely proud or our accomplishments in the Civil Service.

    Way to go "Beckenbar" !!!! (Old football name for Franz – while going to school and growing up in West Bay)  


    • Anonymous says:

      Congrats Franz. on your promotion, though I’m sorry to see you leave CIO, I wish you much success. God Bless.

      • Anonymous says:

        Congrats – trust you introduce some kind of prison reform and do some major reshuffling  and firing up there or that place could become your worst nightmare.  Know you made quite a difference with Immigration, now see what kind of miracle you can do with the prison.  We’ll be watching and waiting.  Also, make  sure that deserving prison officers are promoted, XXXXXX.

        Be blessed my son.

  8. Alex johnson says:

    Mr Manderson is another good reason that we as Caymanians  should never look back at what might or could have been. We just need to aim for what we want and go after it with determination to not give up.  An excellent choice for the Deputy Chief secretary a man with honesty, integrity and the will to do good.   Congratulations Mr. Manderson.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Manderson is a dedicated, hardworking, educated man of integrity who was chosen (and rightfully so) on his MERIT. That he is Caymanian is an added bonus to our country and PROOF that provided you have the determination, the stamina, professionalism and EDUCATION, the sky is the limit in terms of what all you may achieve. Look at what Mr. Manderson has done for our islands, the sacrifices he and his family have made and the strength of character and humility he demonstrated in taking that step from being a senior civil servant into the trainee’s seat at Walkers (something you would have to go through to truly appreciate).

    Well done Mr. Manderson and I wish you all the best! You are a role model to us all and proof that hardwork and sacrifice pay off. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    A victory for all Caymanians. What a terrific guy for the post. He has exemplified all that  one would hope for. Give a Caymnanian an opportunity and far more often than not they will shine, but rarely so bright as this fine gentleman. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to Franz!!!!

    I hope a CAYMANIAN, not paper but a real CAYMANIAN who cares about Cayman, is again appointed to the post of CIO!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations, another Caymanian fills a high position!!

    I trust that your designate who is another Caymanian (and you all know whom I am referring to)  will also be promoted to your postion!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Congratulations to Mr. Franz Manderson on his well deserved promotion. He has enjoyed a distinguished civil service career and I am sure that in his new position he will continue to make positive contributions to the good of these Islands.

      I do not believe that anyone has been designated to fill the CIO position, which is good, and I trust that it will be done by fair and open competition. There are now two Deputy C.I.O’s in office, and there are also several other capable and qualified Caymanians in this country who are capable to take the helm of this important Department. Whoever is chosen will have big shoes to fill and must  bring with them the strength of character, intelligence and fair mindedness that this position demands. This is not a position for indecisiveness, pettiness, favouritism or cowardice; either within or without. I trust that those who will be responsible to make this important choice will look very closely at each individual who applies and make certain that the selection is made for the RIGHT reasons.

      We all know that for many years there have been stories circulating suggesting corruption, internal politics etc and Mr. Manderson has weeded out many, for which we as a country must thank him. It is now imperative that whoever replaces him has the same strength of character and integrity to continue to do what is necessary and not choose to brush these behaviours under the carpet or seek to protect friends. Mr. Franz Manderson has obviously made many important changes within the department which is now benefiting this country and it is important to choose the right person who will have both the ability, and the will, to maintain and also build on what has already been done.

      Congratulations Mr. Manderson, God’s richest blessings to you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    He should also be first in line for the new deputy governor position when that becomes available.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Excellent choice, congratulations Franz! And happy to hear that the immigration department will still fall under his remit but this promotion should allow him to impact many other areas as well.

  15. B. Anley says:

    In my humble opinion, Mr. Manderson has done an exemplary job as Chief Immigration Officer and has consistently proven that working with integrity, diplomacy and forthright honesty, while respecting the people around you, is by far the most successful path tofollow in achieving your goals.  He has made significant improvements within the Immimgration Department and manages to find time in his very busy schedule to meet with people from all walks of life to address their concerns and provide assistance and guidance when needed.  He is highly respected and has been a great example for others to follow. Congratulations to you, Mr. Manderson, and best wishes in your new position as Deputy Chief Secretary.