CHF launches War on Weight

| 24/06/2009

(CNS): The Cayman Heart Fund is looking for ten volunteers to participate in a contest to lose weight, get fit, and live a healthier lifestyle. On Monday 24 August The CHF will launch its second annual weight loss competition, “War on Weight” or just “WOW” for short. For sixteen weeks contestants will become dedicated representatives to the Cayman Heart Fund’s mission of promoting a healthy change in lifestyle while competing in a weight loss challenge.Contestants will be monitored and advised by a team of professionals throughout the competition, ensuring weight loss is safe and consistent. (Left: last year’s WOW winners, Dwight Ebanks, 1st place, and Summer LaRue, 2nd place)

Contrary to many weight loss regimens seen on television, there will be no drugs, herbs, diuretics or other weight reduction medicines allowed. The contestants are encouraged to lose weight by altering their diet, exercising on a daily basis and making health conscious choices while under the guidance of a dietician, personal trainer, and general practitioner.

Nutritionist Chad Collins RD will establish a customised weight loss eating regime for each individual based on their measurements, physical health and exercise, among other information. During the contest, Collins will meet with contestants on a regular basis to monitor and adjust their meal plans as needed. He will also offer personalised counseling to the contestants both in person and online.

Physicians, John Addleson and Marli Ellis, will supervise the candidates’ progress, ensuring competitors methods of weight loss are safe. An initial blood test and physical examination will determine if you are healthy enough to enter the contest and will perform periodic tests throughout the contest.

WOW’s fitness guru, Ernest Ebanks of Body Sculpture will supervise contestants physical activity, take measurements including weight, and provide an exercise plan for their specific needs. Participants will have access to utilise the gym, personal trainers, and Boot Camp fitness classes during the competition.

Marking its second year as a non-profit organisation, the CHF has a number of goals, one of which is to reduce the incidences of cardiovascular diseases in the Cayman Islands, as well as improve the quality of life to all those effected by this disease by providing the community with information, education, and participation through free screening clinics, contests, events, and its annual expo.

Summer LaRue, the Vice-Chairman to the WOW Committee says, “The WOW Committee is very excited about this year’s competition. Most of the members were contestants last year and we have experienced first hand how effective this programme is, losing over 200 pounds combined. The goal of WOW is to get community awareness of the obesity problems we are experiencing in Cayman, and to try and get everyone to do something about. We plan on scheduling various events through out the competition that will include not only the contestants, but also give an opportunity to family, friends, and the community to participate and offer support.”

Volunteers interested in applying for the competition can obtain an application from the Cayman Heart Fund website at or via email The deadline for applications to be submitted is 31 July.

For more information on this press release, please contact the WOW Committee at 548-6134 or 548-4817.

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