Second woman attacked

| 02/07/2009

(CNS): Following another attack on a women by an intruder, this time in a West Bay Road condo, police are looking into the possibility that this incident could be connected to the aggravated burglary which occurred in Boggy Sands Road earlier this week. Police say they have arrested a 40-year-old man on suspicion of aggravated burglary after a woman, a visitor from the US, was attacked in the early hours of this morning (2 July). The offence was reported to the 911 Emergency Communications Centre around 3:50am and the suspect was arrested soon afterwards following a police pursuit on Seven Mile Beach.

Police report that operators received a call from a man reporting that a woman had been attacked at Locovia Condos. The man, who is a friend of the victim and was staying in another room in the condo, said the victim had woken to find a man talking to her and holding a knife. He said the offender had threatened to assault her but her 8-year-old daughter, who was also in the room, screamed and the offender ran from the building. The victim received a laceration to her arm during the incident.

Police responded to the scene, carried out an area search and located a suspect on Seven Mile Beach. Upon seeing the police the man ran into the sea to try and evade the officers. The Maine Unit was deployed and Tornado responded to the location. The man’s actions were monitored by officers on land and sea and he was soon arrested by the Marine Unit. He was brought to shore and is currently in police custody.

Scenes of Crime Officers processed the scene and assistance is being offered to the victim, who is a visitor to Grand Cayman from the United States. “This was clearly a terrifying experience for the victim, her daughter and her friends who are travelling with her,” said Commissioner of Police, Mr David Baines. “We will be offering all the support we can to the victim.”

Police confirmed that they are looking into the possibility that this incident could be connected to the aggravated burglary which occurred in Boggy Sands Road on Tuesday, 30 June (See Woman attacked by intruder).

“We cannot immediately connect the two incidents, however, we will be keeping an open mind and following all lines of enquiry and that includes looking to see if there are any links between the two,” said Mr Baines.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact Detective Sergeant Dwayne Jones of George Town CID on 525-6494 or 949-4222. People can also call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 800 8477 (TIPS).

The RCIPS would like to take this opportunity to remind residents to keep security and personal safety in their minds at all times. Anyone with concerns about their safety or their security arrangements should contact their Neighbourhood Police Officers for advice and guidance through their local police station.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    bit of a contradiction there Anaonymous at 11.56 on 7/7

    You’re saying we should all be carrying weapons to protect ourselves, even though we live in a beautiful place with only beautiful people. If it was that beautiful why would you want a stun gun or pepper spray??

    I agree that I would like to be able to carry some form of protection but that would be because of the fact that I know everybody else is tooled up. on more than one occasion I have seen people threatened with weapons including bats and tyre irons on these ‘beautiful’ streets over a parking altercation or a ‘dirty look’ in the street.

    But then if the ‘good’ people all took up arms then the bad people would have to up their game too, which would mean result in ‘a cold war’ with everybody getting bigger and better weapons. Then before we know it we’re living in America where everybody carries concealed pistols and go and shoot up their schools and offices if they are in a bad mood. 

    • Unknown says:

      You are being very dramatic, and by critiszing the US you just sound quite misinformed.  You cannot compare the US population to an island the size of yours.  A sports stadium on any given Sunday has twice your population in it at one time.   Here is someone (me)giving you a compliment and complimenting your country and you turn it into a negative. 

      Cheer up guys, I am sure you all will figure it out.  Try not to make mountains out of molehills and be smart, be vigillant, and do the right thing.  There is no full proff way to protect every one all of the time. 

  2. Young.KY.female says:

    It’s true. I know RCIP does their best in some situations but their presence has been slacking in recent years.  I respect the work that they do most of the time, and they maybe they don’t have enough public support but some of the things I’ve seen officers do lately are embarrassing an unacceptable.  Not only have I noticed an increase in the wrecklessness of the drivers of police vehicles and the inconsideration they have in how they conduct themselves by prejudging a situation, but they just aren’t where they should be at the right times.

    Only 8 years ago, I was 15 and left my house to walk across the road to my friends house at around 11pm where we went down to the beach  (a private one at that) to watch a meteor shower. An officer approached us within 20 minutes as he thought I was someone trying to break into a house and took off down the road.  Once he had knowledge of my age (under 16 – so must abide by curfew without a guardian) he escorted me home.  As embarassing as it was at the time, it made me feel safe in the area I was living.  I used to sit on my porch and see at least one police vehicle patroling the area within an hour and now I only notice them sitting outside of nightclubs (which is necessary, but the numbers they have present are not) waiting for an easy arrest.  Anyone who has lived here long enough could probably tell you the best times an places to commit a crime because depending on the night or occasion, you can guess where 85% of officers on duty will be.  We need constant patrol everywhere; where it used to be that only certain places weren’t deemed "safe," it is not fair for us to believe that anymore and furthermore definitely not fair for our law enforcement to believe that.  Sure, up the enforcement in crime hotspots to prevent it, but don’t forget about the rest of the island. It’s this slackness and knowledge of how careful residents are NOT being (we can’t just leave our doors and windows open let alone unlocked anymore) which allows criminals to even attempt (let alone get away with) these crimes.

    Personal protection (while it is something I do agree with to a certain extent and in certain circumstances) from these predators is not the answer, it’s the efficiency of our law enforcement.  We have the officers, they just aren’t being utilized properly.  They can’t just assume because they are "sleepers," waiting on the sides of roads for careless drivers or loiterers, or slowly patrolling designated areas that they aren’t as important as those who get to show up in full S.W.A.T. gear to intimidate and protect those who attend concerts…etc. I don’t care that you get to wear a shiny badge or pretty much get away with anything you want, but you have an honorable job and people look up to and respect you and your title (or at least we want to). Now please do that job with same honor and respect for the people of the Cayman Islands.

    • Unknown says:

      So control it properly then.  You all have such a defeitist attitude.  You guys live in one of the most beautifulk places in the world with the best people, why such negative attitudes al of the time!  I dont think someone carrying pepper spary in their purse JUST IN CASE they needs to use it is going to do anything but protect that person!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Legalizing ‘personal protection products’ here is not the answer. Unless it could be controlled properly, but we all know that wouldn’t happen. Every thug will be carrying stun guns and mace around and using them in every situation, down to a minor parking dispute or because somebody jumped the queue at burger King.

    Yes ok thugs carry guns and mace around now, but they do so illegally and have to hide their business. This will give them a valid excuse to use them in the wrong situations.

    As with everywhere else in the world, people have to wake up and realise they are not living in the past any more. This is the future unfortunately and you have got to lock your doors and windows and take basic safety precautions. Which other caribbean islands do you not these days?

    And there’s no point blaming immigrants and bad seeds coming into the country because a lot of it is down to the lack of education and quality of schooling, an unwillingness to work minimum wage jobs and an uncooperative local community which shields criminals which is pushing (an element of) caymanian youth into crime.


  4. Unknown says:

    Anion I respectfully ask you to read your facts and statistics again.  None of what you said is actually ture, pluse how can you compare the population of the US to a small country.  I hear what you are saying.  You all need to put police prescence in the right places and also allow people to at least carry pepper spray or some form of protection if you are not to lgalises other weapons.  I love Cayman, but you all moved towards growth which brings a large population, which leads to higher rates in everything not just crime.

  5. anoin says:


    The US legalises personal protection, yet there B & E rates are still high,.

    They also have one if the highest rates of gun realted deaths in the developed world and one of the highest prisoner rates. What is the figure, one in twenty americans in prison or on parol.

    I see your point though, seems to work well

  6. Pale Rider says:

    These idiots are starting to kill the geese that lay the golden eggs!!!!   Once word of this sort of thing gets in the press in places like the US and Great Britain, Canda, etc….you can kiss a large part of our "safe Islands" tourism spiel goodbye…The RCIP Needs to step up and start stopping these acts BEFORE they happen….don’t say it can’t be done…years gone by you had officers who would walk up and down the beach in plainclothes patrolling the condos at night looking for these Rogues and  Vagabonds!!   Many a predeator was surprised when they thought they were skulking around unseen only to be grabbed by the back of the shirt collar by a strong hand and thwarted in their dirty ways….You want to make this place safe again…put the police to work where they belong….ON THE BEAT!!!

    • Nightrider says:

       I agree with Pale rider, we now have convince allto lock their doors at night. I hope the suspect slipped and fell on the way to Jail.

  7. Kimbo says:

    From as far as i could remember, i could’ve been in my room sleeping with the door open and wake and everything was still where i left it no intruders. But now. You have to think twice before you leave your door open at anytimes on Cayman.

    Cayman used to be such a safe place, everyone used to know everyone. With all these crimes you don’t know who to trust and where to go.

  8. Unknown says:

    If you all would legalize any form of personal protection whatsoever you would not have this problem, or at least you would make these criminals think twice before entering your homes, cars or personal space period.  Think about that!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Lets hope the same nutcase was responsible for both of these attacks and that police have arrested the right man. Thats one less psycho on the streets.

    I have my doubts if they are connected though, because although there are obviously similarities in the attacks, the location etc was completely different and the lack of randomness points towards possibly a premeditated attack. There’s loads of units at lacovia and its well lit so why this one apartment specifically? Was he looking for someone in particular?

    Boggy creek road is apparently very dark and remote so an opportunist could try their luck by testing each door to find an unlocked one, but arguably this is not such a good option at lacovia where it is a busy resort with comings and goings at all hours.

  10. Caymanite says:

    Please be careful everyone, it is sad but true that we DO have to lock doors and windows before a tragedy happens.

    Take care of yourself and your friends and family, no need to raise yourself up into a panic but we are not the same Cayman that once was and instead of wailing about that lets look after ourselves.