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| 03/07/2009

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Financial Services Association (CIFSA) will be revealing a little of what its lobbyists have been doing in Washington recently with a special dinner at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman on the 7 July. With the help of local financial services firm dms Management Ltd the main sponsor the event is expected to attract the glitterati of financial services industry professionals eager to learn from CIFSA’s Washington’s lobbyists  about perceptions of this jurisdiction in the capital, as well as the challenges Cayman faces and some of the strategies in play to help address them.

 David Bree, Managing Director of dms Management Ltd. and a former CIFSA director said with so many employees in the Cayman Islands it was significantly invested in the ongoing success of the jurisdiction.  “We want to ensure that the Caymanians we are developing to lead the next generation of business will have the maximum opportunity to succeed in a thriving Cayman. We felt that this event was a valuable opportunity to underscore the importance of CIFSA’s efforts to Cayman’s financial services sector and provide a good gauge for industry participants of the challenges we face and what needs to be done to address them,” Bree said. “CIFSA’s efforts are instrumental in enhancing this jurisdiction’s reputation globally. dms is delighted to be the premium sponsor of this CIFSA business dinner.”

 CIFSA said the event will feature presentations from Jack Quinn and Manuel Oritz, who are the main drivers behind U.S. based lobbyist firm Quinn Gilliespie and Associates (QGA), which has been retained by CIFSA to represent Cayman’s financial services industry in Washington. The dinner follows on from the success of a series of business lunches hosted by CIFSA last year and is expected to draw many of the industry’s leading figures as well as some significant media coverage. 

Event organizer and CIFSA Vice Chairman, Eduardo D’Angelo P Silva, expressed his gratitude to all the event’s sponsors. “CIFSA strives to make its events informative and beneficial to Cayman’s financial services industry. We rely on our corporate supporters to help us achieve this so I would like to express our deep appreciation to dms Management and our other sponsors for their valued involvement.” He adds, “Our business dinner represents a timely opportunity for the industry to learn more about the critical issues affecting it. This is particularly important amidst much widespread cynicism about offshore financial centres among some influential political groups. We are confident that the dinner will be a great success,” he added.


Tables and seats are still available for CIFSA’s business dinner and may be purchased online from the association’s website, www.caymanfinances.com.


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