Man shot dead in West Bay

| 09/07/2009

(CNS): Updated 7:45 am Thursday —  One man is dead and two teenagers have been wounded in a shooting which occurred on Bonaventure Road in West Bay last night. Police said that the 911 centre received a call just before 8pm on Wednesday night (8 July) reporting that shots had been fired in the area. Police and medics responded and the three men were taken to hospital, where the 20 year old man was pronounced dead. The 18 year old, the brother of the dead man, is being treated for injuries and the 14 year old boy is in a critical condition fighting for his life and is expected to be flown off island today .

Two men were spotted by police leaving the area soon after the shooting and were taken into custody for questioning to ascertain their reasons for being in that area. “This is a tragic incident which has claimed one life and left two others seriously injured,” said Superintendent Kurt Walton, who will be leading the enquiry.“Our sincerest condolences go out to the families of those involved.”

Walton made an emphatic plea to the public for any information about what took place. “These young men’s lives have been destroyed and their families are devastated. We need all theinformation we can get to help piece together what led to the events that took place,” he said.

Scenes of Crime Officers continue to process the scene and detectives are carrying out enquiries and taking statements.

Following the shooting incident, a disturbance broke out outside the government hospital in George Town. A fight erupted in the car park involving a number of men. One of those involved ran into a chain link fence, tripped over and sustained a serious neck injury for which he is currently receiving medical attention. Police at the scene arrested a 19-year old man. What sparked the disturbance is currently under investigation.

“What has happened has rocked the community,” said Walton. “But now is the time we must come together to bring those involved to justice. We do not need any more violence. If you have information about what took place, please come forward and assist us.”

Last night people at the scene said that as many as ten shots were fired at the junction of Turtle Road and Bonaventure.

Officers would like to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time of the incident who may have seen something that can help the enquiry or anyone with information about the events leading up to the shooting.

“If you saw anyone in the area or any vehicles leaving the location we would like to hear from you,” said Walton. “Any small piece of information could help us piece together what happened.”

Residents are asked to contact West Bay police station on 949-3999 or Crime Stoppers on 800 TIPS (8477). All persons calling Crime Stoppers can remain anonymous.

Family Liaison Officers are working with the relatives of the victims and counselling will be made available.

West Bay officers will be out in force providing reassurance to residents over the coming days. Anyone with concerns who would like to speak with an officer can call their Neighbourhood Officers or Area Commander, Chief Inspector Angelique Howell, at the West Bay police station on 949-3999 or email   

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  1. Anonymous says:

    personally from my experience with all of those who were shot " Marcus R.I.P Boo. Boo IMY. Rod And Adryan i knew all of them especially marcus he was like a brother to me and he always had respect for every one. if someone was in trouble or they just weren’t feeling well that day marcus was always by there side to lend an helping hand.

      He may have "HAD" personal problems in the past but he always told me he was on his way of changing his path in life and i i knew he was going to do it because he never let me down before i left for the weekend when the incident happened and got the call from my parent that he was dead from a shooting i thought it was a lie but took the next flight out back to cayman.

    on the plane i sat down and saw a cayman compass and saw his face on the front page i took it up and read and started to cry but still did not want to belive it until i got the news from a close family friend all now i still dont belive that he is gone from us all and i never will and on his birthday i will sing to him like i always used to even if its by a/ his grave this year =(.


    i will always miss you and love you like my older brother and may you R.I.P my love. as for adryan may you keep strong even though i see you every weekend but life is to short to keep us down so keep going and never let anything get yu down boo. Rod chhh ima see you this weekend Bo ;p try so keep home bobble head =D …..

  2. Just because.... says:

    Proactive, constructive actions throughout all the community instead of just talk, talk needs to be put in place by constructive action.  Who in the community is going to start it, actively?  Who in the community really cares about their community? So much could and should be done but all talk and no action. 

    Action….not retaliation.  Action…not more violence.  Action…not mouthing.

    Action…..STOP THE VIOLENCE AND START THE EDUCATION, UNDERSTANDING, TALKING and find something constructive for these young people to do in their lives and for their future!

    Take a look at the following links and read and learn and educate, talk without proaction does nothing.  The guys with guns do not talk, they act.  Why react to these guys…pro act before they keep doing over and over and over. 

    Whoever these guys are with the guns…..are they the bosses now? 

  3. Anonymous says:

     i would to say that i had the opportunity to meet Kara’s Childrens and the respect they showed , i could see that Kara and Richard taught them well. I meet and worked with  Kara when she joined the RCIP in July 2003, we have had our ups and down but those Kids whereever they saw me will always run up to me and hug her or call out to me. Richard, Marcus and Rod was always home playing games, if not home, they would be by their friends houses. I personally used to pick them up from their friend’s house and drop them home.

    Kara and Richard Kid’s were and still is like  brothers, nephews and sons to me, i will cherish all the memories i had with Marcus and the times we used to talk and text each other. But i want his killer found so his loving soul can Rest In Peace. I know that Marcus would want us to find his killer(s) and Justice Served.

    To Kara, Richard Snr, Richard Jnr., Rod and Mariah May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you in this very sad time. Marcus will want us to move on but he is somewhere special now looking down at us. Marcus will be with us whereever we go and whatever we do.

    To the Rest of the Family both on Kara’s and Richard’s side May the Love of God be with you all during this sad time.

    And to the friends of Marcus may the Good Lord bless and keep you all, be strong for one another and we will get through this tough time.


  4. Szocske says:

    Terrible news, my condolences to the families and friends of the vistim.

    Reading the comments I cringe in fear of over-reaction, quick installment of policies that might do more harm than good, without thinking them through.

    With absolute sympathy and understanding for the public outrage and the sense that something must be done immediately so that this kind of tragedy never happens again, please remember: anger is a bad counselor.

    Prision is not only punishment: it should be rehabilitation, in thehopes of releasing more useful members back into society intead of hardened criminals.

    Guns, that’s something I know little about, and feel uncomfortable around. The extra guns imported legaly into the island with hopes of self defense in armed robbery are more likely to cause accidents or get stolen and used illegaly than employed sucessfully for their intended purpose. A porch ligh with motion detector might be a more rational investment, making your home a less preferred target. If you factor in the price of (re-)training and repair costs, we are talking security camera and centralised alarm system subscription ballpark figures.

    Opportunities for safe fun to attract the youth: That is probably the most sensible comment so far, and I don’t see how that could hurt anyone.

  5. Richard Wadd says:

      Here’s another thought.

    Instead of offering a $500.00 ‘Gift’ to those who turn in firearms under an ‘Gun Amnesty’, why don’t we offer $1,000.00 to those who’s information leads to the recovery and / or arrest of these firearms and owners.


    Most ‘Junkies’ I know would sell their own mother for less than half that amount.

    Let’s turn the Drug user against the drug pusher.


  6. Any alternatives says:

    Sincere condolences to the boys’ families!! 

    Do you really think that it’s registered guns that are used in most of these crimes??? Come on.

    And $500 amnesty to a criminal is no incentive to give up thier protection.  Drugs is a money business so the offer will have to be much higher than I’m sure we can afford.

    However, how about legalizing some of these drugs that people are killing others over??  Take some of the competition out of this game.  Open up the turf.  Charge a sin tax.  Make people who chose to fry thier brain with drugs ineligible for free health care, etc. 

    These aren’t malicious thoughts.  Just trying to think outside the box.

  7. Anonymous says:

    "And on shooting burglars – why are your possession worth more than another’s life?"

    I don’t like the motto of "a gun in every house", and in fact I hate it.  Having said that, it’s not the possessions that are at issue.  If an armed intruder enters my house with crime on his mind, I’ll kill him any way I can, just because he’s an armed intruder in my house.  My family is entitled to (a) safety, and (b) my protection, and the armed intruded is entitled to nothing.  He has no rights, just because he’s an armed intruder in my house.


  8. Anonymous says:

    "Yeah its the rich people’s fault for working hard and long hours to ensure they can live in nice houses and make sure their kids get a good education.

    Obviously it’s not the fault of the lazy, idle layabouts that messed about at school and now are too lazy or arrogant to hold down jobs that  are beneath them or bring up their kids properly."

    Easy way to test the theory – have all the people working hard long hours pack up and move to the next off-shore jurisdiction, leave the "lazy, idle layabouts" here, and see if the problem goes away.

    Actually though, every last one of us is in this together.  The shooter travelled a long path before stooping to this evil act, and we all needed to see the risk developing and take action before it was too late. 

    We missed.

  9. Jedi Dread says:


     Darth Dread,

    Notice in my post I used the terms "Threat Assessment", because Responsible Citizens care about Human Life. The operation of a firearm consists of more than just pulling the trigger. You must know what to aim at and when to follow through.

    And yes, if there is an ARMED Intruder in your house and your "Threat Assessment" is High, then yes, you must shoot or be shot.

    Cayman is going through a Paradigm Shift and responsible citizens must have the right to protect Themselves, Their Family, Their Neighbor, Their Town, Their City and Their Country from threats real or perceived.

    The fact remains, at this time in Cayman, bad people have access to firearms, and God Forbid you end up on the business end of one of those things, without recourse…

    – Jedi Dread –




  10. Anonymous says:

    If anything I think there are many more occasions of violence and gun play that are never reported and that guns are more common in Cayman than the RCIP or the government care to admit.

    Guns are probably as big a smuggable item into Cayman as drugs.

    Unless there is a change in the gun violence trends tourists and the RCIP will be at risk here. I don’t make this statement with any joy, rather to call a dangerous situation out to be dealt with before things get worse.  

  11. Shaun Ebanks says:

    I am encouraged to see that Detective Supt. Kurt Walton has been assigned to this case. Kurt is a honest, hardworking and intelligent policeman who will leave no stone unturned to solve this crime. Give him a lead and he will stick with it through thick and thin, until it’s proven to be correct/usable or otherwise.

    Additionally, Kurt "IS NOT" one of the native or not so native Caymanians that I had earlier referred to, whom will open their mouths for others, and allow individuals to make you swallow line, sinker, hook and large bait, get chocked over it and then laugh in your face and post it on certain blogs as if you are some idiot here in the Cayman Islands.

    Good luck Kurt, if anybody can solve this atrocious act with the help from the public, it’s yourself and the team you have formed.

    You are basically the "ONLY LOCAL SENIOR OFFICER" whom I would support and have confidence to see as the next local Commissioner of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. I worry though, you probably won’t be sticking around that long putting up with the heafty weight of bereaucracy plaguing the RCIPS. What a shame !!!!!! 

  12. Darth Dread says:

    Dear Jedi Dread,

    The US shows what a disaster a broad right to bear arms leads to.  It would also result in a massive increase in shootings related to domestic disputes, usually with more women falling victim to gun crime.  The tight gun laws here tend to limit gun crime to altercations between those actively involved in crime. 

    And on shooting burglars – why are your possession worth more than another’s life?

    D. Dread


    • Anonymous says:

      Gun Control??

      Are you kidding me.  The US has the same problems as Cayman, criminals will get guns, drugst, etc, but at least LAW ABIDING citizens can PROTECT themselves.  This is the real world, not some fantasy church world we are living in.  I guess if the criminals had a barrell of a gun pointed your way, your only chance would be to pray!  I prefer to have that extra protection of my gun.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Comments, Suggestions, Summary!

    There are many good (and not so good) comments that have been made on the message boards.  I just hope government reads them, as they seem to be falling on deaf ears.  Let me just add some input here:

    * Government is NOT your kid’s babysitter!  No, you can’t keep building halls or the like to house your kids during vacations/before/after school, etc.  YOUR job is to be YOUR kids parents, not the government.

    * Amnesty programs DO work, this is well documented across ALL parts of the world.  It should be just that amnesty, not a $$ handout.  Everyone should know that this is their ONE chance to turn in the guns, no others coming.

    * The mandatory sentences for having a firearme illegally SHOULD be imposed judiciously.  No exceptions, regardless of family ties.

    * Caymanians SHOULD be the most prevelant group on the force.  I am very tired of seeing abuse and downright illegal things done by officers, most of whom ARE NOT Caymanian Officers (or UK Officers for that matter).  Since this is a BOT the rule of employment should be Caymanian or UK citizen, period!

    * Police SHOULD focus on patrolling those neighborhoods more heavily where they know problems exist.  You can’t tell me they can’t kick down one drug house every week, the place isn’t that big, everyone knows where the problems exist.

    * Police SHOULD release more information on crimes as they occur.  The secrecy is nothing more than to protect the incompetence that is RAMPANT in the police force today.

    * CrimeStoppers should NOT be affiliated with the government in ANY way since we live in a small island.  I realize the calls go to the states, etc etc, but I beleive people are not coming forward because it isn’t worth the price they may have to pay.

    With all that being said, I wonder how many people are seriously considering leaving Cayman for other places.  I know my family is, and I would imagine that others are as well.  It is too bad, but if Cayman doesn’t immediately start making changes with the police, HMP, etc they will quickly and easily go the way of Jamacia and Trinidad.  The UK may very well just decide that Cayman isn’t worth the hassle as well at somem point if this incompetence continues.

    • Anonymous says:



  14. Anonymous says:

    Yeah its the rich people’s fault for working hard and long hours to ensure they can live in nice houses and make sure their kids get a good education.

    Obviously it’s not the fault of the lazy, idle layabouts that messed about at school and now are too lazy or arrogant to hold down jobs that  are beneath them or bring up their kids properly.

    When will you people stop blaming everyone else and face reality. It’s nobody elses fault if you don’t bring your kids up to do well at school and partake in some decent hobbies then they are more than likely going to end up in these gangs, either pulling the trigger or taking the bullet.

    It’s not too late to stop this country disintegrating at the seams, just needs some parents and family members to accept reality and if they are getting into this level of trouble then don’t turn a blind eye, report it.

  15. Shanna Scott says:

    It’s a shame to see so many people giving their input on this matter yet I am sure not one person who had a negative comment will do anything to make a difference. Many of you have given your points and yet so little have sent their condolences to the familes affected by this tragedy, as I have sent mine to the young man’s father.

    I understand that this is a discussion board but don’t forget that Cayman is a small place and families affected but such disgusting crimes actually read CNS’ discussion boards and please think of your own feelings if you were in their places please.

    All of these crimes are getting closer to home because I went to school with the young man killed and it is absolutly tragic and although I only knew him whilstassing him in the walk ways of high school, I still feel terrible for the lose his family is enduring.

    Maybe a curfew should be implemented so that all young people under the age of 18 will be inside their home before 8:30 pm instead of on the streets with ”friends”? A lot can be done to help save our young people but so little Caymanians are willing to sacrifice and push for the to help save them.

    It would be appropriate if the Police Force start sending condolences to the families suffering a lose to such circumstances as CNS has done, it is the Police that we all depend on to keeping the Cayman Islands safe and sometimes we have to be reminded that the Police can express sympathy and some understanding with such events and don’t just see this as another fatality that needs to be investigated.

  16. Jedi Dread says:


     In regards to Gun Amnesties, these things are good, but responsible citizens should be allowed to bear arms.

    It doesn’t seem to me that it’s the responsible gun owners that are committing these offenses, and it’s an obvious fact that the bad element are carrying. In which case, if they were to enter your home, they will have their way with you. So, one should have the right to defend oneself.

    Where I am, if an armed intruder enters my home, it’s bye-bye baby.

    To be a licensed firearm carrier in the Cayman Islands, one should have to go through a three week training course and prove oneself sufficient in threat assessment and the operation of a firearm. Once this requirement is satisfied, then one should be eligible for license and registration.

    Just my two cents, that’s about all I ga.. 😐

    Stay Safe,

    – Jedi Dread –




  17. Stop Blaming the Police says:

    They didnt raise your kids!

  18. noname says:

    Caymanite your assessment of the situation is about right They are secure in their gated communities and expensive alarm systems and their airconditioned Range rovers looking down their noses at us mere peasants and street rubble. Yet they are making all the important decisions that concerns you and me. You ever notice they rarely get burglarised or their children are ever get in trouble. Thats the way of the world my good friend or thats what they would like to believe. they work ten times as are hard as you me thats why they are more successful. The good book says it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than it is for the rich to get to heaven. Must be the path to wealth is wrought with wicked and evil deeds. Oh Yeah call the Po Lice on them.

  19. T says:



    Condolences to the family….


    The parents are who to be blamed for not watching there child/children. The Police and Government bodies can’t be everywhere all the time. Parents need to take a stand and monitor their kids. It’s only when something bad happens you hear the parents come out venting over there kids being shoot at, rape, etc…. its up to the parents to make sure the children are receiving the best care. A lot of times I drive pass little kids on the road side in the morning waiting for there school bus and not being supervised by an ADULT. The gang/war thing is being showed on TV and these young man act what they see as they don’t have the parent that should be in control to tell them that, that‘s wrong or right. I’m a mother of two girls and I personally fret about them until I pick them up from daycare and after school, seeing that they are ok. Half of these parents don’t know what there kids are up to sometimes, as they don’t have the time to pay them any attention. PARENTS stand up to what’s right.. Teach your children to be honest and truthful, Teach you children that it’s not right to take what not yours and if you do, let them know the consequences of there acts will be punishable. I surely know that half of these young kids do know Right from Wrong but Peer Pressure is a hell of a thing. These parents sometimes uphold with there children’s slackness and that one of the reason when you try to scold them, they spit at you or tell you as the parent DUTTY bad words and even as much as Insult you in front of Adults.  God forbid if this was a random act of Violence or a TIT for a TAT…. Come on people unite and stand to make a change in the young people of Tomorrow. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    RIP Marcus. Rod…. God be with you, hope you recover soon.  Kara, you are a wonderful mother and you did a great job on raising those boys. This is not your fault and neither is it theirs. People will say things an not know what they are talking about, but that is cayman for ya….

    I knew those boys personally and they are the most mannerable and respectful young men i know. They were brought up RIGHT!!!!!! God may his soul RIP>

  21. Anonymous says:

    "Lets see how long it takes for the first idiot to start the political or racist nonsense."

    Spot the British expat PPM supporter.


    Seriously though, my deepest condolances to the families involved. 

    To anyone who says "guns don’t kill people, people kill people", if these people had no guns, there is a reasonable chance an event like this might have ended with a fist fight, not a fatality. 

    GUNS KILL PEOPLE because people have and use them.  Take them away, and less people die.  People without guns have to work harder to kill people, and it’s not a "clean and impersonal" activity like you see on TV.  Having to do it manually is a very different thing, and hard to do on an impulse. Ban all guns, and imprison everyone who is found with one, and the island becomes safer.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is an ignorant statement! There are laws that forbid unlicenced firearms and yet people still have them. If you have a legal firearm why should you be less able to defend yourself than the criminal who is willing to break the law and have that firearm?

      My condolences go out to all the families and friends of the victims of this crime.

      I do pray that the RCIPS and the community will work together to solve this crime and that the political arm of government will consider some of the suggestions made about the prison (Hotel) to deter future criminals. The prison is not considered a place of hard work or poor food, in fact it is better than some have at home except that it also includes free medical, a/c, 3 high grade meals daily. The government needs to institute hard labour. There are millions of dollars being spent annually to clean beaches, parks, cemeteries and road sides, why not have chain gangs? Make prison a place that is feared not a place to chill out.

      As for the rich vs. poor theory, this is not the time to start throwing blame, people of all economic standard are affected by these crimes. There is also others that want to blame the Church for not doing enough, this too, is not right. There are many programs including afterschool care in our community, Vacation Bible Schools, and youth groups that meet, and Boys Scouts and Girl’s Brigade. Parents have to set better examples, too.  Take your children to Church on Saturday or Sunday, make an effort to know where your children are and who their friends are, do not make this someone elses job. The community at large has to stop turning a blind eye to all the thing that we see our youth doing and a saying to ourselves that is not your responsibility. I hope that if anyone sees any of my children doing something wrong they stop them and report it to me. I will not protect my child from being scolded to one day find out that I spared the rod and LOST the child. We do need to look after our neighbor’s children when we can, as it may one day save more pain and loss.

      May God continue to bless these Islands that are my home and yours.

  22. Cerridwen says:

     Caymanite, I think everyone is concerned about the violence we are seeing in our community.

    I would point out that one of the young people you seem to be referring to as a "have not" apparently had enough money to buy a gun – and chose to do so.  Our community needs to come together to provide guidance, options and opportunities so that our young people don’t make these terrible decisions, decisions which in this case led to the loss of at least one human life.

  23. Caymanite says:

    Who said anything about giving money to criminals? I know I did not, I was talking about money funding programs that educate youth, that keep the kids off the streets in the first place, that enable them and empower them to be something other than VICTIMS.

    It is a sorry sad shame when people are out buying boats and new shiny cars and fancy clothes when some of their own are getting killed. Things can be done, money does talk…….

  24. Anonymous says:

    It’s time for us to stop saying and doing nothing – this is only going to get worse.. Not only do we have the school leavers without jobs but the younger children are on vacation until end August/beginning of September – lots of time to get in trouble.

    If you know something tell the police – call from a pay phone if you’re worried they’ll know who you are.

    Parents – question, monitor your children – it’s time to take control of their lives again before this happens to yours….

    Time to stand up and fight for Cayman!


  25. Anonymous says:


    We also need to put up and give a reward to any person who reports a person carrying a gun and that person was successful arrested and put in jail.


  26. Mindy says:

    Yes, let’s give money to the criminals that own guns, great idea!

    You can’t blame the expats for this one, tho.

  27. Anonymous says:

    You think it’s only the Police Department at fault here you got another guess coming; it’s our Prison Department too.  They go to prison and live like kings do; they eat good food and enjoy central a/c on most days.

    I recommend that this be changed very soon. 

    Take away the a/c

    Take away the fans in the cells

    Take away three meals a day

    Take away the TV’s

    Take away the cell phones that most prisoners have (Yes, they have cell phone in there)

    Take away their privilege of leaving the prison for goodness sake (Two prisoners came out on work program and killed two people)

    Take it all away and make the prison a living HELL.  Turn it into a place that no one wishes to go and that will help slow these criminals down.

    I challenge our new government to make some changes with HMPrison NOW.

  28. Caymanite says:

    It seems to me that it is always the poor kids that are getting shot at or chopped. Caymanians and all of us need to stand up for each other, every one of us is worth a lot.

    The rich turn a blind eye with an "ah that is a shame" and then go on to knock down more of the country heritage and destroy and sell out to people who don’t live here all in the name of wealth.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see some of the more prominent families here give a little of the wealth they are so busy accumulating to start some kind of programs to help those that really need help???

    There are 2 very obvious classes here, the haves & the have nots………alli can see is that the "haves" really could care less who is getting killed on our streets.

    • Anon says:

      Caymanite, (even though I am a have not) I have to ask, are the "have"s responsible for this heinous crime and all the other criminal activities ravaging the island at the moment?  I agree they should care and they should contribute but they are not responsible for finding solutions or solving the countries crime, that’s supposed to the the job of the police and the government.

      Just trying to keep this thing in perspective before we end up going off on another (hate) agenda in a topic that clearly needs to stick to the issue.

    • Anonymous says:

      When our Caymanian young people are disenfranchised and see no future, they will turn to violence and crime.

      This is what is happening now. Sadly Cayman, this is our revolution.

      Just as in other developing  countries that fell apart (e.g. Jamaica) – the disenfranchised do not make their voices heard through the political process, but instead through violence.

      And sadly, everyone is at risk – both the "haves" who may be attacked and robbed, and the fellow "have nots" who are killed senselessly in petty arguments, "turf" wars, "deals" gone bad and sometimes merely to settle a score or in retaliation for a real or perceived slight.

      When society makes you feel powerless, a gun gives you a lot of power. Watch the excellent movie "Grand Canyon" featuring Danny Glover for some insight into this.

      And so sadly, in their quest for power, respect, money, acceptance, our precious Caymanian young men are dying and others are rotting in prison.

      My heart bleeds, my soul weeps – for the young men who die too soon, for the mothers who grieve. For the families affected  forever.  And for our country.





  29. Anonymous says:

    Critizing all you like, the present administration, the lack of this or that, the churches is simply all irrelevant. The bottom line is PARENTS need to be RESPONSIBLE for their own children that they bring forth into this world. As parents what VALUES or PRINCIPLES are we TEACHING our children? Are we SHOWING and GIVING them LOVE?  Do we sit and TALK with them frequently? Are we INVOLVED in their daily lives? Is MUM and DAD their MENTOR?

    My dear Caymanians institutions or some multipupose halls is not the answer ; free activities is not the answer, and neither are the churches the answer to this problem. It’s LOVE and CARE. Too many parents are involved into their own lifestyles that they have very little or no time for their children. Needless to say, the children are left to fend for themselves. They become lawless in an ever striving environment. To put it simplier. It is quite easy for a parent to purchase or freely give a child a toy or game or even drop them off to an activity, feeling quite sure that is what is going to make them happy. Absolutely wrong! That in itself is only a band aid and does not solve what the child really needs to survive in its environment.

    This leads me to my next point ,it is very easy to blame life problems on someone or something but the truth is we need to search ourselves and in so doing we will find the answers we are seeking.

    It is therefore pointless to continue writing emails of this nature let us all search ourselves and see the best way forward in helping our children. If we try, I’m sure things would be alot better.


    Most importantly we need to be PRAYING PARENTS from the time the child is conceived in the WOMB.

    • Anon says:

      I’m sorry but you can love and care for your child endlessly in the home environment but you absolutely have no control over what your children do when out of the home and under peer pressure whether at school wherever.  No matter how much you love and care for your child, once they reach their teens they are going to want to break out and do stuff with their friends.  They will tell convincing lies to their loving parents about their whereabouts or intentions when they want to get out of the house and next thing you’ll see them on the street corner smoking with their friends.  If we had free community programmes and workshops in each district geared towards these youngsters, particularly in the school holidays they would have somewhere to go that is safe and you could have the reassurance of knowing where they are and indeed if any doubts, checking to ensure thats where they are.

      I was fortunate enough to be brought up with very loving parents (I am now 44 and they still love me to death) but that didnt stop me sneaking out and getting into trouble with my friends from 14 onwards….peer pressure out of the home environment is what brings the bad influence and leads the kids astray.  Fortunately it turned out to be a "phase" with me and I turned out good, but I don’t believe we’re all so lucky and I also don’t believe the streets are a safe place to be for children these days compared to when I was a child.

  30. Worried Caymanian says:


    I have a suggestion and you all can comment on this with your thoughts.  I think we should have a Gun Buy Back drive.   It has worked in the states most recently in California where hundreds of guns were turned in. 

    We can offer a gun return/amnesty in which we pay these young men $500 per firearm that they turn in as well as amnesty.  It can be done with one fo the service clubs with no police pressence as to not scare away the young men and let them turn in these weapons and collect their cash.  I am sure instead of being idle with a gun on them they can use the money for buying something they like or some activity.  Something has to be done.  This may not be the cure but for every gun that is turned in that is one less weapon and one less child that we may lose. 

    I think they did it here years ago and it was quite successful if I remember correctly.   I know alot of business people that would be willing to help donate and funds can be provided by government for this.  At least we know the money is being used to save a life if anything.  That gun that is turned in might be the gun with your  name on it’s bullet if we do not do anything.



  31. Anonymous says:

    Why would one go forward and tell the Police when the Police will leak the infomation to the criminals and then all hell will break between them.

    That’s why no one comes forward with info.

  32. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    Another young Caymanian gone… At this rate we soon won’t have any left.  It is sad to see that this violence exists on these islands.  God help us!  May the family find some peace…

  33. RPO says:

    The RCIPS is a real joke and they should be ashame of themselves THE LEADERSHIP NEEDS TO GO NOW! no more money not a single cent  until they make the necessay and need changes. stop bothering people with trivial traffic matters and talking foolishness about strategical overviews and making up excuses and platitudes to the departed and their families. Mr Shaun Ebanks was absolutely right a bunch of wanna Be Police running around dress up in uniforms talking about the doing jobs the do not have a clue how to do. People said do not blame them I say what are we paying them for then?

  34. CAYMANIANGAL says:

    my sincere condolences to their families…….It seems very obvious that GUNS are in just about any-one hands… and that is scary to know that I could be ordering food innocenly  and there is some-one in that same area and i could be killed because they thought it would be cool to just spray up the place and kill everyone but the intended….

    Cayman the end is at hand and if your not walking with God then I suggest that you start, due to the recent events theres no way if saying that 2morrow is promised to us….

    Please if there is anyone who has witness any of the recent crimes please come forward…think as if it was your brother or sister or father…you would want justice for them… help the lazy police in doing their jobs once again….. as we know the crimes they solve are operation get sued by the Law-makers as if theyneed any more $$$$$ in their pockets………

    Rip in peace or pieces……. please help them so they can help you…..


  35. Anonymous says:

    What a disgrace for human life.  These criminals are walking around with guns and discharging them like they can give life.

    Our people need to take a stand, show these criminals that they don’t own us, they don’t own the homes we live in. 

    It’s only a hand full of them people, lets take them out and take back our districts.

    We all know them, let them know that we are not sitting back any longer and watch them distroy our Island.

    One by one, no more, no more.


    • ironside says:

      Firstly, condolences to those greiving, but secondly, it is refreshing to see the quality of the posts on this story, and that in the vast majority, they stick to the issues at hand, with no political rhetoric…

      Could the police have prevented this specific incident? I think even the most anti police here will see that is unlikely, but the police CAN be assisted in detecting the offender (s) in this incident, but not without your help. Twyla, as ever, makes some extremely insightful points, and it can’t be argued that even if you think expats are the spawn of the Devil, then experienced foreign trained police (from a respected juristiction) will be more effective than the likes of XXXXXXXX in fighting the fight against sophisticated and modern international criminals.The problem is the likes of those just mentioned are allowwed to ‘run out of town’ the very skilled officers we need, becase they percieve them as a threat…

      It is so interesing to see that this story already more dignity by using Mr Walton as the figurehead, instead of any other idiot, as he appears sincere, articulate and skilled.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Lets see how long it takes for the first idiot to start the political or racist nonsense

  37. Anonymous says:

    Jesus it’s like living in the bronx with all these gangland shootings. Except the bronx cleaned up its act a few years ago and is now arguably a safer place to go out.


    Now is the time to come forward as Caymanians and tell the police what you know. Don’t shield these murderers. Have some dignity.

    Tip anonymously to the Crimestoppers if you’re scared of retaliation, but lets not let these criminals get away with it anymore or we are going to have all out gang warfare soon.

  38. Twyla M Vargas says:


    I am usually one of the first persons to defend the police when they deserve it, but now I am wondering if enough is being done to combat crime in the Islands. Furthermore District Clinics should be better equipped than they are. Why cant we have a doctor on call all night at district clinics? Why cant we have an abulance stationed at each clinic on call all night? Why dont the private sector step up to the plate and contribute in some way to assist with, even buying an abulance for your district I cant understand what is going on in this place, why are we so hell bent on making money for dolphins, turtles, airport, trashmore, and entertaining tourist with the only place on earth that has a place called HELL, alcohol and other foolishness while our youth are stranded and going in the wrong direction. 

     Have you ever seen how the bars are filled on a friday evening, have you seen how some of the church yards are filled on sunday morning. These places are making thousands of dollars on week ends and not contributing one dime to the Island peace and tranquility they so enjoy.   Yes it is the bar money and the church money, but for christ sake offer some financial help too because your prayers just aint working. The church is already constructed and furnished. So is the clubs and the bars, and you mean to tell me that not one of you cannot see further than your nose, that our children are dying in the streets from gunshot wounds.

    It does not make sence to me, and I say now, enough is not being done both by the Governments/police /judicial/schools/parents /me and you, and the private sector. All of this pease and tranquility that is being enjoyed by residence  and visitors living here will be interrupted one day if you do not play a part in doing whatever you have to to assist.  Remember the first bank robbery was done by a pastors two sons, so anyone who think their children is beyond reach,  you better thik again.  I know many of us want to see Caymanian police in the force.  Nothing wrong with that, but I am going to say it, and its fine who does not like it, but Caymanian Police are too passive in their approach to serious crimes. 

    We need experienced vigilent police officers who has a clear back ground of agressiveness against these sort of crimes.  Vetrans with a vison.  If we do not get this here we are doomed.  We have had a few before in the force, but they have, after a few years of doing absolutely nothing became non vigilent.  I do hope my comments do not fall on dry ground.  Be blessed, and walk good.


    • anonymous says:

      Hell is also on Earth, with three places named as Hell. One in Grand Cayman, one in Michigan and another in Norway.


      Hi sorry to disappoint but not only Cayman has a place called hell.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Let us all pray to God almighty for the boys, their families and friends. These were young boys NOT MEN who were shot. Please if anyone knows who would do such a horrible thing to shoot at children then please turn them in!! So many of our children play in that area and no longer are the streets safe. Parents, please let’s keep our children in our sights and not out of the house after dark. There are churches in the community having free Vacation Bible Schools and all you have to do is drop the children off or even call the church and the church staff and members can pick your children up and drop them off!

    Our community needs to band together to insure that all of our children are safe. There are people in the community who will help because as the old saying goes “it takes a community to raise the children”.

    Such a sad day in West Bay.


  40. Richard Wadd says:


    While such violence is certainly not uncommon in these islands anymore, it is our general ‘de-sensitization’ to crime and violence that is of most concern. Just read the reader comments on this Web-site.

    In decades gone-by, such types of crime were so abhorred, that societies addressed them with alomost Draconian (but effective) methods of punishment. Then along came the ‘human-rights’ groups, who along with all their good intentions, got criminals awarded more rights than Law abiding citizens (‘the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions’).

    The Types and Levels of punishment being used in the Justice system have failed our society. They have NOT had the desired effect in reducing crime, in fact it can easily be argued that all Crime has risen as a result of those changes.

    Regardless of our individual stance on what would be acceptable Punishment, I believe that we all agree (among Law-abiding citizens) that our Society NEEDS much harsher forms of Sentencing in order to have a positive effect on controlling and (hopefully) reducing crime in Cayman.

    I for one, do not believe that ‘Throwing more money at the Problem’ is the sensible approach. Detering people from commiting crime is far more effective (and cheaper) than building a bigger and better ‘Resorts’ to put them in.

    I call upon the Govt to create a Commitee to make a serious evaluation of our Justice system, and to propose Serious recomendations for making effective changes to it.

    This Commitee should be comprised of persons from ALL sectors of our society.

    With the ever increasing cost of providing Public money for ‘Legal-aid’ and the housing of these offenders, ANY reduction would also have a positive effect on the Public purse.

    Come on "not-so-big Mac", we’re counting on you to put a leash on this animal.


  41. Anonymous says:

    Thank you CNS for always being so prompt and efficient!

  42. Shaun Ebanks says:

    Here we go again Cayman Islands. I suppose my usual critics might consider taking a few steps back now and re-think their position on "Policing and Crime" in the Cayman Islands.

    We told you gentlemen now in office, from years ago that these sort of vicious criminal acts would occur in vast numbers and in quick succession, as a result of you adopting policing strategies/initatives which failed in their own country of origin.

    How can my native Caymanians and not so native, ever believe that it could possibly work here in Cayman Islands ??? Now being very specific: How could you believe that only an intelligence officer could be the only officer assigned "to see and gather" criminal intelligence ??? How could you believe that by disarming seasoned detectives whose lives had been threatened by crime bosses, that their performance would not decline and become demoralized ??? How could you believe that by making our Drugs Task Force become nonexistent for approximately one year, this would not result in the build up of illegal drugs/firarms in all facets of society and now appearing with a vengence??? How could you believe that by harassing/hassling motorists on minor traffic violations (non-criminal) would curb real criminal activity at the back door which you blatantly turned a blind eye to ??? How could you believe that you could net the illegal drugs and firearms that was once apprehended, by allowing well trained DTF officers to encounter absolute bureaucracy to accost criminals at a moments notice ??? How could you believe that drug/firearms runners in the Cayman Islands operates/functions on police times/terms not their own time/terms ??? And the list goes on and on and on. You were so very very wrong and I’m grateful that Almighty God spared my life to be around to see that myself and others whose projections and beliefs, were in fact, so very very correct and spot on target as usual.

    CNS, please do me a favour and contact those whom are the so called decision makers in the RCIPS, to please confirm or deny, if they now fully accept that this so called strategic policing plan/initatives, that they have been following over the past years, have failed miserably (yes/no) our police service and the Cayman Islands as a whole. Please do this !!!!!!


    On a more somber note, my condolences go out to Richard and Kara and the rest of the family on the lost of their loved one. The residents of West Bay that I just spoke to on the streets are in "shock and awe" at what has just taken place. We hope that those seriously injured will make a full recovery and the vicious criminals(s) responsible for this unlawful act, may be apprehended immediately. Additionally, we trust and hope that "primary evidence" will be recovered by the police which will secure convictions and be upheld throughout all legal proceedings, resulting in life imprisonment for the criminal(s) of this atrocious act.

    May Almighty God, bless these troubled Cayman Islands.

  43. Siefred says:

    The streets are on fire just like Shaun Ebanks has predicted and all you can hear bout is traffic tickets and boss on strategic views or heights and cliffs They need to be sacked and put in jail for obtaining money under false pretences pretending to be police. yes a new law in the Penal code 2009. This has gone on long enough stop listening to the Mumbo Jumbo by those in leadership Cayman. IT IS TIME FOR THEM TO GO YOU HAVE FAILED the people of these Islands and we have no more money to waste on the RCIPS

  44. Anonymous says:

    We need to fall to our knees and pray for deliverance Cayman ! We have lost our island and our people to the evils and wrongs of this world ! Caymanians, foreigners, visitors anyone with an intrest in these islands, seek devine intervention in whom ever or whatever you believe ! This situation is bigger than us as mankind ! Unite and let us over come these behaviours let us love, live and let live ! Life is a gift it needs to be cherised respected and preserved ! My heart goes out to the family and friends that are now at a lost ! Regardless of situation  or circumstances theres always many broken hearts and lives left behind to struggle !  Have faith and be strong and make not this lost life be in vain. Make this life and the others that have been lost too early be a message to promote change for our children for our grand children for ourselves it does’nt have to be this way ! 

    • Twyla M Vargas says:


      Cant you see it is not working?……The Churches is not doing enough, and their prayers are falling on dry ground, so I would suggest that those bible toting members who only cry Lord, Lord, needs to have a serious talk with your congregation/pastor to take that collection pan from under their arm pit and assist the youth with a youth centre where the youth can go FREE OF COST, every week end and have various clean entertainments to do.  Game tournaments such as dominoes, loudies, tennis, bingo, basket ball, educaional games, big screen TV with screen programs for the young people.  FREE OF COST. 

      The poor children cannot go to these places when they have opened their doors in the past, because  they have to pay for every game.   Begin with assembly in the halls, take up a collection to assist.  If you get you get,  if not, then settle with those who can give.  Supermarkets and bakeries.  They can contribute by giving free donoughts,  sandwish, water and drinks.   No after school programms in the districts.!!!!    It begins with these young children dont you understand!!!!!  They are the tomorrow future who will break into your house and kill you and your children if you do not help them now.   Dont care how much offices, big house on the beach or expensive car you have.  Down on your knees or or speaking in toungue,  It will reach you one day, whether you are going home late from the office, getting out of your car at home or just taking a stroll on the beach.   Dont believe what I am saying if you want  to.   Just sit back and wait untill it is too late.  Life is short, make it worthwhile.


      • Anon Ex Pat from BT says:

        Preach Twyla, preach… you are so right – there simply isn’t anything for these poor kids to do FOR FREE in their respective communities.  I absolutely support your suggestion and would add (as this seems to be popular amongst the youth) encouraging dance and musical events and workshops (FOR FREE) to give these young people something constructive to do in their spare time rather than hanging on street corners, getting in with the wrong crowd and ending up on drugs or worse still, dead.

        Sincere condoldences to family and friends of these young boys – such a terrible terrible shame.  To the first reply in this topic… very moving, very moving indeed – I commend you.

  45. Clearviewer says:

    What is going on? are we concerned citizens going to stand by and keep mum o all of this crime? it is time to get out of this mentality that you see notthing hear notthing ,as you do not want to be a snitch, well, guess what untill we take  charge of this situation and get to the bottom of this by divulging all of the info that you know on these thugs whether it be our own or not, we will loose what little serenity that we have had.

    Caymanians now is the time to speak out, you all know who has guns, you all know who is the trouble makers,so start talking. Lets take our country back. I do not want to live in fear as this is what is happening to us.Parents talk to your children, know who they are with, encourage your teens to be active in  the community with the service clubs etc. set examples for them, we do not ned this type of behaviour. It maybe too late for this generation but lets start with the school children now.  We may just do some good. To the  Parents of the slain I feel for you, God bless you.

  46. ironside says:

    before you get started posters, please, please, use this thread to offer information, not try and aportion blame or soapbox your political, racist, conspiricist, discriminatory or xenophobic views. These, as ever, are peoples children dead, no matter what they may or may not have been mixed up in. Show some restraint..

  47. Anonymous says:

    When the general public becomes overly concerned with violent crime, then it is time for the enforcement agencies to wake up or get off the pot. You may be very close to the era of the vigilante.

  48. Anonymous says:

    NO more tears

    Why is it that now to solve an issue these young men of our islands are resorting to guns and machetes; what ever happened to a few words and maybe a fist flying then you realize that the issue was stupid anyways and its forgotten by the new morning’s light. 

    Instead a mother is crying tonight and two more are praying down on their knees that our creator spares their children. 

    As a young caymanian I am scared as hell "to move away from the Brac or even visit" a place that is becoming more and more violent.  I am scared that this upcoming generation will be wiped-out before they have time to find out why our Good Lordput them here on this earth. 


    PLEASE young men stop before there’s none of you left!!!