Ganja arrests in West Bay

| 17/07/2009

(CNS): Police report that nine drug searches in the district West Bay over the last four days have resulted in three arrests for possession and consumption of ganja. The operations were led by West Bay uniform and supported by the K9 department and the Uniform Support Group, and were carried out at a number of properties in various areas of the district including Miss Daisy Lane, Duxies Lane, Watercourse Road, and Boltins Avenue.

“We are determined to ensure that criminals in West Bay feel pressure from the police. If you are involved in drug related crime and you haven’t received a visit from the police yet – you should expect one soon,” said Area Commander, Chief Inspector Angelique Howell. “We will continue with operations like this and carry on doing what we can to address drug related crime,” said Ms Howell. “If anyone has information about crime taking place, they can pass it to a local officer or call Crime Stoppers anonymously.”

Anyone with information about crime taking place in West Bay should contact the local police station on 949-3999 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Pale Rider says:

    jah soldier,

      Your rant, which will probably be used as a damn good argument for the harmful effects of smoking ganja is probably doing more to guarantee that the legalisation of ganja will never be considered by anyone who has the ability to do so….

    if you want the powers that be to think about relaxing some of the laws concerning the possession and use of ganja…stop talking like ya brain all burnt up from smokin it….and start speaking like you have full control of your mental faculties and can be a responsible and productive member of society….then someone might take your words and argument under advisement….


  2. Anonymous says:

    dear  caymanian to the bone

    for future reference it is discreet not disgreet


  3. Puff the Magic Iguana says:

    What a waste of police time and resources.  Legalization and taxation is the only way.  It would hurt the criminals much more than intermittent police intervention.

  4. Caymanian to the bone says:

    Where are all the arrests for large seizures of Cocaine and the thousands of pounds of Ganja and illegal firearms that Chief Supt- Derek Haines and his boy’s from DTF use to cease in 1995 – 2005 ???

    Where have all these well trained, experienced and dedicated local officers gone ???

    I suppose they all "packed up" when the "imported elite" came on scene whom were awash in "public funds" and whose failed policies the police service are now suffering from.

    So pathetic that they were foolishly embraced by certain serving upper senior officers who are now encouraging ex-officers to re-enlist while they themselves are seeking a disgreet but speedy retreat through the bank door, having realized the said policies they followed all along, have miserably failed the police service and the Cayman Islands as a whole.

    It’s no wonder experienced and dedicated detectives such as Lauriston Burton and others are now "burnt out" having been worked in overdrive for such a long time, trying to regain control of criminality that was allowed to spew out of control. 

  5. Szocske says:

    To Babylonian: Drug dealers fight over turf, souces and markets: revenue streams, or simply put, money.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just listen to Jah Soldier, what a loser. He needs to get off the waccy baccy and focus his energy on learning basic writing skills.

    I’ve never before heard such drivelling rubbish. "The herb that god created" thats BS. Ok it comes from a plant in the ground, but then so does heroin and cocaine.

    Sounds like ‘I and I’ or ‘loser and loser’ or whatever needs to get a grip on reality and get  a job, no wonder the unemployment rate is so high when people are smokign so much dope and ranting a load of complete tosh.

    • Jah Soldier says:

      I and I not here to be justified by the laws of man, but to fight off the oppressors and the spiritual wickedness in high and low places, wait until the day those that judge I and I be judge by the most high.

      Yes heroin and cocaine are plants from the ground but they are laced with man made poison and is then a man made drug. 

    • Anonymous says:

      It is also proven that ganja (marijuana) alleviates symptoms of AIDS and Asthma. Something that heroin or cocaine are no use for, other than eating your brain cells out. 

      I remember an article in the Compass years back where there was a lady that suffered from Asthma. Apparently someone suggested that she should try ganja. The lady tried it and it helped her Asthma tremendously. If I’m not mistaken, this lady could not afford her normal precription, I could be wrong though. Somehow the Police found out about it and the Courts punished the poor lady by fining her $1,000.00. This was something that was positive for her health, a natural drug, but yet they still penalized her.     

      My whole point is, read up on it and you will see that there are very positive uses for marjuana before you run your mouth with ignorance.

      • Anonymous says:

        Jah Soldier, I leave you with this: with booze you lose, with dope there is no hope, with cigarette you regret, with herb, like them, is still absurd.


  7. Jah Soldier says:

    To ganja arrest in West Bay

    When will you Babylonians get it right ganja is not a drug ganja is a herb stop degrading the healing of the nation it was found on king Solomon’s grave, and if you so call law officers, an law makers believe in God-the creator of the herb, then don’t you believe in the herb that he created also?  why can’t all the murderers be arrested do you have an answer for that?

    Ganja draw I and I closer to God, Babylon can’t and will never stop I and I from lighting up Gods creation. One reason Babylon is an utter failure is because Babylon prosecute I and I for consuming Gods creation, but legalize booze and cigarettes which is an a addiction and a tax revenue, and to make matters worse legalize cigarettes then ban smoking them in public places because of the toxic and fatal dangers of the smoke yet they are legal, I could go on and on to justify I and I for smoking Gods herbs.

    I leave you with this arrest the murderers and love and respect Gods herbs and his soldiers, for one day you will see we shall prevail even though wicked Babylon send I and I off to jail.

    • to the Babylonian says:

      Just like the Bible says ‘the Love of Money is the Root of All Evil" so is it for the love of the Ganja. The reason why there are so many murders all stem from people having more love for the drugs than they have for the human life. If someone steals your bicycle, food etc. you may give him a punch in the face but if someone steals your ganja or any other drug you put bullets in that person, this is why there is such a dislike for ganja.

      • Jah Soldier says:

        You need to get your facts str8 I just made it clear that ganja is not a drug, its a herb-that is mentioned in the same Bible that you got your quote from, ganja was created by God, the same creator that created you, the majority of ganja smokers are not killers, most all ganja smokers I know are working and live normal lives, and love to stay away from the madness off this material world and its man made vanity of glitz and glamour, I and I are God fearing people seeking to live in peace love brother-hood and unity, and eventually see Babylon fall, for all the in-justice done to I and I because we like to consume Gods herbs, not man made drugs. 

        The man made drugs is what you need to blame for many of the vicious killings and murders we see happening in Cayman, to prove a point; when we had only ganja and ganja smokers in Cayman many years ago when I was still a youngster, we never had all the murders and vicious crimes we see happening today, but since the 80s (man made drugs) started flowing in Cayman, since then crime and murders has continued to rise.  

        You have no idea the classes of people who smoke ganja, to name a few; lawyers, doctors, teachers, professors, bankers, world leaders, even some police I know smoke ganja, the dislike for ganja is not because people kill other people for it, that is nonsense, do your own research and see why the Babylonian system won’t legalize Gods creation-ganja-herbs. 

        I leave you with this: with booze you loose, with dope there is no hope, with cigarette you regret, with herb when am smoking please don’t disturb.