San Diego divers menaced by jumbo squid

| 17/07/2009

(BBC): Scuba divers off the Californian city of San Diego are being menaced by large numbers of jumbo squid. The beaked Humboldt squid, which grow up to 5ft (1.5 metres) long, arrived off the city’s shores last week. Divers have reported unnerving encounters with the creatures, which are carnivorous and can be aggressive. One diver described how one of the rust-coloured creatures ripped the buoyancy aid and light from her chest, and grabbed her with its tentacles. "I just kicked like crazy," diver Shanda Magill told the Associated Press news agency. "The first thing you think of is: ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t know if I’m going to survive this.’ If that squid wanted to hurt me, it would have."

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Category: Science and Nature

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