Man shot, three in custody

| 01/08/2009

(CNS): Police said this morning that three men have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm immediately following yet another shooting in George Town in the early hours where a man was shot in the arm. The 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call at 4:25 am on (1 August) reporting that shots had been fired in the parking lot of the Nevlaw Building on Shedden Road and that a man was injured.

Police and medics responded to the scene and found a man with non-life threatening injuries to his right hand and arm who was transported to hospital in a stable condition. Police arrested the suspects – aged 17, 21 and 22 – within an hour of the incident; the men remain in custody at this time.

“These quick arrests demonstrate our commitment to actively pursue those who threaten the safety of our community with their violent, criminal acts,” said Investigating Officer Detective Dave Morrison. “We are appealing to members of the public to assist us by coming forward with any information they may have on the incident.” DC Morrison can be contacted on 516 1045.

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000 should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.  


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Now some one please tell me where in the world you can just pick up people without know evidence and send them to jail, Me for one knows what is going on in the RCIP force they are just focus on 1 set of people some one that commit crime in cayman is always targeted and thats why crime will never get slove in Cayman because the police are not taking time out to investage,all they want is the public to feel at ease knowing that they have arrested some one and at the end off the day those people are free and the crimals is still at large, oh i have not seen any thing in the papers stating the three people that was arrested were free and on the road not bailed but free. Like i said before just one set off people is targeted all the time and the crimals know they will get away with any thing they do because the police is not coming to them.   

  2. Cayman Went says:

    This arguement is as old as time itself. Crime comes from being poor. Cayman is getting poorer because of the Government’s policies. Yes, the cops suck big time, no doubt. The courts suck too and so do most, not all, of the vacationing judges who send people to northward for 24 months over a bag of weed. These dudes come out of jail only knowning criminals and are shunned by the greater population. Ticking time bomb doesn’t even say it. Cayman, you had your fun but welcome to the 21st century. You can’t give your kids a real education and you promise them crappy jobs if any at all. You show the youth no respect and give them no outlets except all this god talk. Trust me, 95 percent of teenagers and 20 somethings could give to poopys about all the jesus talk.

    You give kids a country to respect and they will respect it. You sell out to the white man, and I am one of them, we will use you up until this place gets so crappy its not fun anymore, were not escaping crime trust me. We can live in nice places in the states too, we just like Cayman because its sunny and expats can get paid through the nose and live on the beach. You sold your spit of land to us, you left behind your brown and black brothers and now they are making your country as crappy as you’ve made their prospects. The youth of Cayman have no hope so stop worrying about where the guns come from and where the crime comes from. You elect crooked politicians time and time again and they pay you back by raping the treasury and leave the people in Rock Hole, Dog Town and all the other hidden slums to rot. The whole country is a lie from the drug and terroist money that flowed through like water in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to the massive borrowing and cronism that is going on now. Time didn’t forget you Cayman, it’s just catching up…just imagine what 2019 will look like for a few seconds. All you old timers will be gone and no one will be left to call into Rooster. Crack cocaine, glocs and prostitutes will be a plenty and cruise ships (for better or for worse) will be heading to Havanna. Cayman Went indeed. Time may have already run out for the little caymanian people.  Cayman is starting to look and sound like Detroit with a nice beach full of captive turtle poop, but just less interesting.  Booking my flight outta here on Spirit now!!!!! F Cayman Airways!!!! Joke of an airline.

  3. Anonymous says:


    The police and thousands of people know who operates the illegal early morning sessions, every now and then the police close the session operator down, arrests the operator, take their equipment – until someone “higher up” orders the release of the operator and the return of the equipment. 

    Then they are back in business as normal.


    Is he an “informer” who is given free reign or does he hold power over police higher ups?

    So the beat will go on as long as we have this type of law enforcement and poor governance, even school children know where and how laws are broken.

    Cayman we are creating an institutionalized crime society that will destroyour society and way of life.


  4. Anonymous says:

    " You are an idiot."

    No you are an idiot.

    And you have a big nose.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Stop bickering! what does it matter what nationality these people are – who cares? The only important thing is to stop the violence. 

    Well done to those who assisted the Police – about time.. We’ve lost too much already  – don’t let these "gangsta’s" take any more from us.  If you see it happening, hear about it or suspect anything – call the Police.  Go to a call box, set your phone to show ‘unknown number’, speak to an official you trust but whatever you do don’t  keep your mouth shut.

    Parents take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you know exactly what your child is up to or if like so many parents these days you’ve buried your head in the sand. Don’t think ‘it won’t happen to my family’ – chances are it will if you have that attitude!




  6. Anonymous says:

    "They act as if crime is not rampant in their country."  The part of the UK I come from come from has very little crime and no gun crime to mention.  Gun crime in the UK is fairly limited to the inner urban areas – especially London and Manchester.  So from my persecptive the crime situation seems much worse here.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well said at 15:11.  Those who view "paper" Caymanians differently are racists, pure and simple.  The very phrase is offensive.

  8. Carl the Canuck says:

    "I was bornin Canada but left there before i was even a month old. I have lived in Cayman for my entire 19 years of life. Cayman is all i know, I know nothing about Canada and have never lived there. "

    Sorry dude, you’re one of us.  Now come on home, eh?  We got a maple syrup covered snowcone waiting for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! You gave me a full belly laugh this morning Carl the Canuck, thanks very much!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I  am so SICK of hearing about this your only a Caymanian if your born here idiocricy. I was born in Canada but left there before i was even a month old. I have lived in Cayman for my entire 19 years of life. Cayman is all i know, I know nothing about Canada and have never lived there. However a lot of "born" Caymanians would be quick to point the finger at me and tell me i am meerly a "Paper Caymanian."  simply because I wasn’t born here and don’t fit the appearance of a Caymanian. ignorant! Where else would I call my home? A place i’ve never even since since I was a baby? It is so depressing for me and many others who have lived here for their entire lives and are still not considered a true Caymanian. What about those "born Caymanians" who go away to boarding school for the majority of their childhood lives… are they still considered a "true caymanian?" There is no such thing as a "paper" American…America celebrates its vast amounts of different nationalities, so why don’t we? In terms of this crime its definately a choice. I will not deny that some Jamaicans have been involved in the crime down here..but there has also been Caymanians too, caught with firearms and importing ganja. There are only a few set individuals but they do not represent the nationality as a whole. There is no one to blame for this crime but ourselves by our lack of pro-activeness, as long as we keep sitting back the events will continue to unfold.

  10. Blunt Billy says:

    First off, to the braniac that tried to use the argument ‘Because the Guns are made in the US’ – it’s the Americans fault’, that may be the dumbest thing I have heard in a long time.

    People have a choice, regardless of their nationality – whether to use a gun (An American gun, a chinese gun, a russian gun…) or to NOT use a gun. That’s like saying "it’s not the arsonist’s fault that the building burned to the ground, it’s Japan’s fault, because that’s where the matches were made!"

    And as for the other genius trying to represent Cayman as a place that people flock to because of the crime in their home country… while there may be a shred of truth to that in regards to SOME countries, do you REALLY believe that – for example – Canadians come to Cayman to escape crime?! That they leave one of the safest & most thriving Countries with one of the best standards of living in the entire world – because Cayman is so crime free? Come On! I guarantee your knowledge of Canada comes from watching the movie ‘Canadian Bacon’ or something, because it’s obviously not from actually visiting the country!

    Bottom line – Whether you’re Caymanian, American, Jamaican, Canadian, Honduran, Filipino…or whatever – bullets don’t discriminate, so it’s in EVERYONE’S best interest to keep the peace in any & every way possible.


  11. Expat 911 says:

    "What is happening in these beloved islands today is the problem of ALL of us."

    True, but I am just an expat.  I have no vote and no representation in the Legislative Assembly, so there is no one that I can complain to.  If I open my mouth on stuff like this I am usually considered an interference in local politics.  I’d call my politician to push for more officers and more money for law enforcement, but I don’t have one (at least in this country). 

    I am very sad that this lovely Island is going so wrong. 

    If you have the privilege of a vote and a representative in the Legislative Assembly here, for goodness sake pick up your phone!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone take the time to check out who the lil’ gansta wanna bees’ are? Well Cayman parents wake up! your own little bad boys from the East. Responsibility starts at home. Your own are importing the guns, (not saying ex-pats are not in cohoots with them,) but lets not pretend these kids involved with these shootings are expats!!! PLEASE!  I am not from here but I am married here and have Caymanian kids, my parents and grandparents are Caymanains, this is not the Cayman they speak of. There is a lack of reponsibility here. Take a look at the innocent shooting of the boy in West Bay, I knew this kid, and he was one of the cleanest and most respecful kids you would want to know, i did not know him to be involved in any of the bad boys behaviour, talk on the street is that he was killed by a fellow caymanian who "Did not mean to shoot him" that does not help!! or console the lost of this boy. Parents need to start taken responsibility for their children actions, if someone informs you that your child is involved in this kind of activity, confront your child about it, do not eat the head of the person that give you this information.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I wrote the initial comment about the Caymanian/Jamaican "gangstas", which seemed to spark some controversy, and just wanted to emphasize one thing.  THIS ISSUE IS NOT ABOUT NATIONALITY.  It’s about glamorizing crime/drugs.  It’s about inflation of the EGO.  It’s also about bad or lack of parenting.  It’s about prioritizing STUFF over LOVE.  Lastly, it is about social and economic classes.  However, with all the opportunities Cayman has to offer its youth (ESPECIALLY – natural born Caymanian youth), I was just stating that it is SAD to see the negative influence of the "gangsta" culture in the States play such a prevalent in Cayman’s youth.  Yes, I am from the States, and I despise it there too.  We need to give our kids healthy, attractive alternatives to this culture.  What are your kids doing this Summer?  Change starts at HOME.  Love your kids like there’s no tomorrow.  For some – there may not be.

  14. Anonymous says:

    How Ignorant!

    The post is about the crime not nationalities. I disagree with the post , "stop importing Jamaicans and Hondurians" Its funny the Phillipinos and Columbians are here, some complain about them not speaking proper English but do you know how far these countries come from in terms of gang wars? Don’t be surprise if they all decide to unity and do something! Again Jamaicans help to build Cayman (check the history) and we amongst other nationalities help to make business increase their profits. Picture Cayman with no Jamaicans and the other nationalities..where would that lead businesses? Commiting a crime isnot based on nationality is about ONE’S CHOICE. Either forced or willing. The problem is people need to SPEAK UP since they are fearuful. This nationality bashing is CRAZY. How dare someone compare US with here..Cayman is small likewise Jamaica and of course our crime rate will leak out. Its funny one would curse the foreigners but where would a Caymanian go for vacation ( Miami, Jamaica, NYC) you name it..where would they send their child to school, and yet crime is revolving whether you’re there or back home (Cayman). Who assisted Cayman with food during Hurricane Ivan (Jamaica sure did). Give unto Caesar thats due to Caesar! We need to let go and Unite. Stop pointing fingers cause it won’t stop the crime.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Instead of doing the usual ignorant biggering between Locals and Expats, I suggest you focus on badgering the politicans and police chief to find out what they intend to do to deal with the increase of crime.

  16. Hard Working Young Caymanian says:

    Seriously?  Another expat vs Caymanians issue.  Zeen?

    My little Cayman taking on the whole world it seems, and by practing how to kill in our own back yards.  Guns made in the US… ok sure… who made us bring um in?  I make my own choices same as every other man.  When will we make the right choices.

    "I know it’s hard fam trying to live life, looking to the left and nobody is living right.  Looking to the right everybody is living wrong, like we living in a movie and doing it to a song"

    We na realize that we as a people are better off when the country is better?  I got sick of being too selfish to see whats good for me and now I strive for a better Cayman… can’t we all just get along…??

    Fa real now, Cayman (as a people, expats and all) need to rise to the occasion and not only demand a better Cayman but do something about it instead of chat on forums and other such things.  God bless CNS for allowing this luxury but seriously… we got to get off the computer and live our comments.

    Time to encourage our young people, whether we know them or not (would have saved me some years of stupid backward crap thinking if someone did the same to me)

    We deserve better, we need better, we can be better.


  17. Anonymous says:

    As I keep being told on this Board, I was promised nothing when I came here and it has been made very clear that I should expect to leave this island after a few years.  So as I have no long term investment here, and since I have no benefits from considering myself part of a community that does not want me, as long as these idiots keep shooting each other and don’t come near my complex, to be blunt I have been given every reason not to care about what happens in Cayman’s future.

  18. Anonymous says:

    When MLA’s flout the law and then try to get off on technicalities rather than substance, what sort of example does this set for the youth of Cayman? 

  19. Anonymous says:

    " We are importing labour from two of the most violent and gun crazy countries in the world-Jamaica and Honduras" 

    Comparative murder rates (per 100,000, so it’s all equal no matter the size of the country):

    • Jamaica: 49 murders
    • Honduras: 42.9 murders 
    • Cayman: 14.3 murders 
    • United States: 5.8 murders 
    • The UK: 2.03 murders 
    • Canada 1.8 murders 

    It is actually a startling comparison.  Clearly Cayman is rising on the wrong list.  I pray that this can be reversed.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is time to clean house…. cayman just 15 yrs ago had no to little crime.You could leave your doors,windows and car open..Cayman has gotten soft and fat,and to high on our horses.We have to have outsider clean our homes and raise OUR child…Take your homes and kids back…. Go back to butt whippings.. I miss the old cayman… I live in new york (brooklyn)right now.. gun fire is and all most daily thing and the police has the the place on lockdown (coney island) …Cayman "WAS" the one place I could feel safe ALL the time…"DO YOU FEEL SAFE ???".

      God bless you and God bless the Cayman Islands

  20. Anonymous says:

    "Give me a break.  The reason the majority of you come to Cayman is because you are running from the rampant crime in your own countries "

    Expats are running from crime to steal from Caymanians in order to take over the Cayman Islands and make it into the countries they are running from.

    What next?  What will you blame the expats for next?

    • Anonymous says:

      I just read the posts in this thread and am amazed at the content of some of your posts. The ignorance being spewed out here by both the Caymanian and expatriate society is unbelievable. The simple fact is that those of you who came here did so by choice and in most instances Caymanians, you paved the way for them to do so. So please stop the ignorance, all of you.

      What is happening in these beloved islands today is the problem of ALL of us. The last  I heard, there were well over 100 different nationalities here. We all choose to live here together, for whatever reasons, and we all contribute to what is happening in some way – some good and some bad. Rather than attacking the varous nationalities and feeding the expat/Caymanian anger what we should all be doing is redirecting that energy towards attacking the evil that is fast become part of this otherwise peaceful society. Let us work together and with the RCIP to eliminate the crime rather than stupidly fighting each other.

  21. Anonymous says:

    "The reason the majority of you come to Cayman is because you are running from the rampant crime in your own countries."  How presumptious!  Crime did not influence me.  Most of us just came here to fleece the offshore industry for a few years and go back home with a nice big bag of tax free swag.

  22. Ike says:

    Caymanians wake up and smell the facts, the persons committing violet crime in Cayman are Caymanians, Jamaicans and Hondurans-  that’s a fact and we better come to grips with it.  We are importing labour from two of the most violet and gun crazy countries in the world-,Jamaica and Honduras so what did we think would happen?  Who  do we blame for this? Webetter blame ourselves. So lets work together now to stop this surge of crime, lets keep our your children home and support our local law enforcemenet agencies.

    • Earl says:

      Totally Agreed.  Stop importing criminals from Jamaica & Honduras to work here.  With economic troubles home, more are waiting to come here.  You can buy police reports in Jamaica.  Cayman wake up please!!!!!!!!!!! 

      To: Police/Customes, please check all containers leaving the islands to ensure stolen goods such as Lap tops and bicycles are not hidden there.


  23. Anonymous says:

    "How about the Americans and Canadians who go about Grand Cayman thinhking they are gangsters also."

    Canadian gangsters, eh?  "Hand over the maple syrup or I’ll pelt you with a snowball!!" Right…

    • Crime is not supposed to be happening says:

       You are an idiot. First of all, it’s not the nationality that brings about crime, it is what our children see on tv, hear from friends, and the media. What makes you think there aren’t any Caymanians doing crime? Everybody is involved! It is also everybody’s duty to stop it. So stop arguing about who(expat or caymanian) is better and start living up to your name. Every nationality has to stand up for what is right. do you think any nationality goes like: "hey i think i want my country to suck!" NO NO and NO


      So wake up and smell the good tasting coffee, not the bad tasting one.


      God Bless(by the way everybody should be relying on God, what happened to the earth God created? the earth He made to worship him and do his will?Where is it?)

  24. Anonymous says:

    "Give me a break.  The reason the majority of you come to Cayman is because you are running from the rampant crime in your own countries.  Yes, crime has gotten out of hand here but still WAY below the US, UK, Canada, Jamaica and many more too numerous to mention."

    THAT IS PROVEN WRONG BY THE FACTS – stop making things up because you don’t like the truth!

    You stand a better chance of getting murdered here than in a lot of places. Even New York City has less than half our murder rate.  Our murder rate is higher than Nicaragua, Haiti, Panama, Mexico, Uganda, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Ethiopia… take a look.  Our 2008 rate is 14.3. Compare that to the list of countries by intentional homicide rate.  Jamaica is worse at 49, but the others are much better. The UK (2.03), US (5.8) and Canada (1.8) are all MUCH safer.  

    Accept the newreality of Cayman.  Wishing it were still the safe little island it once was won’t deal with the new reality.  

    Go ahead and be angry, but for God’s sake point it in the right direction!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if they found the gun that was used in the crime. The news item didn’t say.

  26. Brian Ebanks says:

    Glad to see that suspects were arrested so fast. Goes to show that we can solve crime quickly. Now stopping the crime from happening is another thing altogether. It starts at home with the fathers and mothers.

  27. Anonymous says:

    "I am sick of you all stating these sort of comments. If you don’t like living here, Cayman Airways has great specials on one way tickets. Thank you. We who do live here (born Caymanians) know that there is an increaseing crime problem but we don’t dwell on our negatives nor do we dwell on the foreign crime that has come to the island."

    Have no doubt that a good number of us are making arrangements to buy those very tickets.   You have destroyed your own police force and this is the result – the criminals now run your streets and your population (local, visitor and expat) lives in fear. 

    I know you don’t dwell on this.  You do nothing at all about this.  That is why the criminals have and will continue to win.  That is why you can’t fix this.  You don’t have the stones to be tough enough to beat them.  You let them in to your island and you do nothing to control them or stop them from corrupting your own previously-peaceful population.  You sit and complain and wish someone could fix this for you and you do nothing except whine and complain about those who have tried. 

    That is why people who have another home to go to will, taking their clients, business and money. 

    That is why Cayman’s future is very much unlikely to resemble its peaceful and prosperous past.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yet they still continue to bash the police force. They are people not robots.  The bashing destroys their morale.  They need the public to help them catch the criminals.

    • Anonymous says:

      Give me a break.  The reason the majority of you come to Cayman is because you are running from the rampant crime in your own countries.  Yes, crime has gotten out of hand here but still WAY below the US, UK, Canada, Jamaica and many more too numerous to mention.  The guns are not manufactured here therefore they are being bought in YOUR countries so stop bashing on Cayman.  The examples have been set by people in other countries.

      • clearviewer says:

        Give me a break, all I have to do is read your posting and right of I know that you are another one that cant see beyond your nose, who cares where the posters are from, it only matters   IF   they are committing the crimes, and these countries that you are naming out here I am sure all have the same types of problems, BUT, what you have to realise is that  these countries havemillions of people and we have a few thousands, so to compare us to them dont make sense.  What i do see in your writting is that you cant take constructive critisim, I am a caymanian by birth, but when I see a problem I have to speak the truth and I call a spade a spade.    We do have a problem here like it or not,  and what ever any of us can do to alleviate it or assist the police in subsiding it I  am willing and ready to cooperate.

        I say again that we must take responsibility for our own actions and by blaming the foreigners or expats for  our problems are just not right.  blame our judical system, when an expat commit a serious crime and gets jail time they should be sentenced and deported to their country, if they are repeated crimminals for petty crimes  after three strikes they should be deported, I dont hate them but I love my country even more.

        Little love and respect goes a long way.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sick of seeing these young Caymanians or Jamaicans who think they’re gangsters.  The next time I see some kid walking around with baggy pants and his boxer shorts hanging out, I’m just gonna go ahead and pull them down around his ankles.  It’s really sad that someone like me, who moved here from the States to get away from this type of riff-raff, is now seeing the same thing happen to a place who’s true culture is so beautiful.  This is not Cayman’s culture.  This is some BS from the States that these kids try to mimic.  Just outright sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      How about the Americans and Canadians who go about Grand Cayman thinhking they are gangsters also. Why just Caymanians and Jamaicans? By the way they are imitating your culture! The guns are not produced in Jamaica or Cayman they are MADE IN THE USA!

      • Anonymous says:

        What are you stupid?  Are they Americans or Canadians being arrested?????  Are they Americans or Canadians committing these crimes???????  Are Americans or Canadians forcing these guns on the people here?????  Don’t you people have mind of your owns?  Do you have to copy other people’s mistakes or crimes?

      • Anonymous says:

         But the question is who is bring them in,how and from where…the police need to tighter at the ports and shores… If the courts down 20 yrs to life sentence for gun crimes they well stop…….

        God bless you.A God bless the Cayman Islands.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I am sick of you all stating these sort of comments. If you don’t like living here, Cayman Airways has great specials on one way tickets. Thank you. We who do live here (born Caymanians) know that there is an increaseing crime problem but we don’t dwell on our negatives nor do we dwell on the foreign crime that has come to the island. such as money laundering and even murders. If you don’t have a possitive solution then don’t become a part of the problem by pointing fingers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very well said, you couldn’t have put in any better. They act as if crime is not rampant in their country.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I would like to say well done to those police officers involved and also to anybody else that may have assisted them.

    We will not get all of the guns and the thugs that carry them off the street in one day, but the rapid arrest and prosecution of persons responsible for crimes is a deterrent. Hopefully those guilty of this most recent shooting will be severly punished.

    I also hope that something is done to sweep the problem areas in order to remove illegal weapons before they are used, and that we will soon read of the arrest and conviction of those responsible for importing these illegal firearms. In my view they ought to get life at very hard labor with no parole, and no Northward Hilton soft touch.

  31. Anonymous says:

    This is where everyone pipes up that the Cayman Islands are the safest place in the world to live, as they wish it were.  Any wages whether the 2009 crime rate exceeds even the horrific 2008 rate?  Sure looks that way!

    It’s like living in the middle of a civil war here…

  32. Anonymous says:

    A quick arrest? Great. How much did the Public contribute to this quick arrest.

    If the Public helped, give them credit instead of trying to brag about being vigilant yourselves and asking the Public for information through the corner of your mouths.

    Its about time you make a quick arrest because your past was,nt looking very good.

    • clearviewer says:

      To answer quick arrest,  how do you know that the public did not assist  the police in capturing these crimminals, on one hand you all say you are not telling the police anything  because you dont trust them and that they tell the crimminals what you told them, so now they do not  say who told them or helped them out  you want to bastardise  them,   how can anyone please you all,    stop your blame throwing and do something that is positive, like turning in  these criminal minds, all you hear on the streets is there is a lot of guns out there and  who knows who have them, so start doing your civic duty and do something about it  besides beating up your gums. 

        All I care about is a safe  Cayman and the people that are trying to make a decent living and minding their business. So assisting the police is my civic duty and I will do it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Absolutely support Clearviewer statements – let’s ALL stop being silent  witnesses and come forward and let the police know if you have intelligence that will help solve a crime. 

        We can no longer use the excuse that the police will rat on you to the criminals since you can annonymously call crime stoppers or the other confidential number which the police recently brought on-line. 

        If you are afraid of being identified then, use a public pay phone where your call can not be traced back to you.  So there, lets stop making excuses for our lack of courage and our cowardice in battling these vicious criminals whom we allow to hold this island nation hostage. 

        If you are not a part of the solution, then, low and behold, you can look in the mirror and see the problem staring you straight in they face,  Is that how you want  to be remembered??

        Thought so!

  33. Too Much Guns in Cayman says:

    Too much guns in Cayman.  Too much youths getting into gun crimes.  Too much violence.  So terribly sad – where is this beautiful country and its people headed?

    How are these guns getting into the country?  Amongst other things, we need stricter border patrols/control out there to stop the boats from coming in….

  34. Anonymous says:

    What Kind of Place is This. It’s Horrible How Teenagers and Adults Give Bad Influence to The Young Children.

    • Anonymous says:

      What kind of place is this ?  It’s the kind of place foreigners run to when they can’t feel safe in thier own countries.  If you don’t like it here GO HOME please.