Police investigate shots fired at magistrates house

| 09/08/2009

(CNS):  UPDATE Monday Noon —The RCIPS have confirmed that they are investigating a report of shots being fired at a residence in Spotts, Newlands during the early hours of Sunday, 9 August. Despite the fact that it has been widely reported in the media that the home was that of Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale, police said in an update Monday morning that they cannot confirm the target or the motive for the incident. Police say the 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call from a resident at 1:09am reporting that guns shots had been fired in the vicinity of her home. Police responded to the scene and recovered eight spent shells. There were no injuries.

CNS has received conflicting reports that the magistrate was home during the incident and then taken to a place of safety, while other sources say she was not at the house as she is off island.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sergeant Winsome Prendergast on 516 5241.
Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000 should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

Keep checking CNS for further updates as we will post confirmed details as we get them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You people blame Jamaicans for everything. That is a prejudice that you all need to get over. What did jamaicans do to you?  Numerous Jamaicans live on the island and are law abiding citizens. Please remember that most born jamaicans even represent your island in sports, beauty pageants,and  excel in academics. Come on people it is not fair to blame them for all the wrong that is going on, on the island. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    And not a word from our new Commissioner, nor the Guv, nor our LoGB.  Pathetic, no wonder the criminals feel so bold.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wake Up Cayman Islands!!

    Our country is now a country of violence.  Stop acting like it’s just good old Cayman that time forgot!  I think it is unwise for anyone to think that these type of people in these high positions who face criminals head on in their jobs that they can live like a regular citizen with no guarded security!  I think it is very unwise and foolish!  They need Government to provide security and bodyguards for them!  The criminals who do these things laugh at them and the Government for being so naive as to think they can just go about living regular every day life like a common ordinary citizen.  They are NOT common ordinary citizens and need to have security and bodyguards at all times!  This is a small island, everyone can find out anything they want to about anyone!  That is what makes Cayman such a dangerous place, there is nohwere for anyone to hide or live inthe suburbs.  The best way to view the island now is that we are all living in one big ghetto together.  The island is too small to have categories.  It’s just a tiny rock in the middle of the sea.  And now it’s one big ghetto filled with crime everywhere!  Wake Up and face Reality!  You can arrest a criminal and imprison them, but more are popping up all the time to commit the same crimes over and over. 

    The island is overdeveloped, and as anywhere in the world that gets overdeveloped, it comes with increasing crime and violence.  If you really want to reduce the crime in this island, you have to reduce the development!  Otherwise, hire more security and duck from the bullets, cause that’s what you’ll need to do!  That goes for all of us living here!  Learn how to duck from bullets!  Our island became too overdeveloped and now we are paying a bitter price for it.  And the sad thing is that most of us did not get rich from the overdevelopment, we suffer our butts off trying to get by!  Bad foresight and planning Government!!!  You put us in this mess in the first place!!  Now you don’t know how to clean it up, because you thought overdeveloping was a good thing!  Good luck on trying to keep crime down now!!  Most of us locals are sufferingfinancially even before the Recession.  Our lives are like a constant Recession!  The Recession downturn didn’t change our lives, we were already suffering to survive before that!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I see a whole lot of finger pointing going on and no real answers displayed. Who cares if this was a Jamaican or a Caymanian? What does it matter? It was done by a human being that is currently walking around somewhere out there. Sure we all have our opinions and quite frankly opinions are like assholes – everyone has one. So stop the blame game and finger pointing. You’re not making yourself look any more intelligent or pro-active than the person who shot at the house in the first place.

    I live 2 doors down from Ramsay. The first thing that came to mind is due to her profession, someone is trying to give her a message. That’s my opinion. As sad as it is, it would appear so. Someone seems upset that they are in trouble for obviously doing something wrong. If they were in the right, they wouldn’t be in trouble in the first place and secondly, going to shoot the judges house, well there you have more proof in the pudding – whoever did it, obviously wasn’t being a good person.

    To live in fear and have to look over your shoulder every second of the day is not a way to live and experience your life. That could be you! Yes you, reading this. I only hope first and foremost for the safety of Ramsay and her family that the perpetrator is captured and secondly for the safety of the neighborhood and the Cayman Islands.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Drug gangs operating in the Cayman Islands come from the following countries:Jamaica,Honduras, Colombia,Nicaragua,Dominican Republic, and the USA.Do not be fooled in thinking that Jamaicans are the only foreign drug pushers in our islands,gangsters from these named countries around the region along with many of our young Caymanians is causing havoc in these islands…………..

  6. Anonymous says:

    FYI…the shots were not fired AT Ramseys house they were in the vicinity….gosh talk about twist a story!

    • LB says:

      "The RCIPS have confirmed that they are investigating a report of shots being fired at a residence in Spotts,"

      Please read the above quote from the CNS news story.  It said that shots were fired AT (didn’t say ‘in the vicinity of’.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, you are mistaken.  I am a neighbor, I saw the holes in the house and window andthe eight spent shells on the road.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There is only one definition that can describe the majority that live amongst us, and in some cases, ourselves.  We are COWARDS!

    Cowardice describes a personality trait which is typically viewed as a negative characteristic and has been generally frowned upon (see norms) within most, if not all global cultures, while courage, typically viewed as its direct opposite, is generally rewarded and encouraged.

    "Cowardice" can be difficult to define outside of specific social contexts. In general terms, it is the perceived failure to demonstrate sufficient robustness in the face of a challenging situation. Cowards are usually seen to have avoided or refused to engage in a confrontation or struggle which has beendeemed good or righteous by the wider culture in which they live.

    On a more mundane level, the label may be applied to those who are regarded as too frightened to defend their rights or those of others from aggressors in their lives.

    • Jedi Dread says:

      I agree, the majority need to stop sitting idly by.

      The majority need to form neighborhood watches, community rallies, lobby the government for surveilance and increased police patrols.

      – Jedi Dread –

  8. Tired of unnecessary outsiders!!! says:

    I see things coming to a boiling/tipping point in Cayman, time to take a look in the mirror and clean up our country.

    We haven’t seen nothing yet I believe this is just a drop in the bucket!

    Please be vigilent and inform the cops when a crime is being or about to be committed.


  9. Talk-It says:

    What is it with you people?!?!?!  Why does everything have to be politic this and politic that?!?!?!   When since is the government at fault or responsible for the raising of anyones child?  Take your heads out of the sand and take a look at yourselves!   Everyone can use some improvement, get to work! We all need to look around and decide what environment we want our children to grow up in. C’mon and lets get to work and start at home, let’s clean house!  And if everyone does their part we will have a better place to live.

    I have 2 words for those that continue to bash the past and present Gov’t, nationalities etc and GROW UP! 

  10. Mrs. Rita Myles says:

    My  Caymanian people for crying out loud STOP blaming the Jamaican people for everything on this Island and look in our own backyards!!!!   It’s our very own Caymanian young men that are the sole destroyers of this Country!!!!   Get on your Children and give each and everyone of them an a*s whooping like we used to back in our days and let them know that we not going to tolerate their nonsence anymore.   Our kids are our own fears,they are what the old people used to call a generation of vipers.  I am 70 years old and I know trust me I know.


  11. Anonymous says:

    During the elections held in May this year all the Crime was the fault of the PPM. Who is responsible for all this crime now?

    Is it Angela Maritns, Burns Conolly, Leonard Ebanks, Dalkeith Bothwell,  Lyndon Martin, Owsald Rankine or Joey Ebanks?   I know for sure it is not the UDP!

  12. Anonymous says:

     Why everytime something goes wrong in Cayman unu blame Jamaicans?????

    Looks like this is part of drug war going on in Cayman in recent times.  No one yet knows the reason behind this shoot out.  Police needs to do a thorough impartial inquiry without getting the Attorney General invoilved. Jamaican drug gangs are operating here.  They are all out to destroy our homeland.  Drug gangs get help from all sectors of the society for its sucsess and when things go wrong it back fires on people involved.  We cannot and should not trust anyone now.  Remember one of our Grand Court Judges speaking to a newspaper reporter outside the court  about tracking the person who writes articles against Cayman judiciary and governor authorising wire tapping of the Chif Justice as part of Euro Bank inquiery few years back.  Please get help from FBI or DEA in USA !!!  We need to strenghten our Drug Task Force as a special force team or a crack team with people of pure Caymanian blood.  Recall Sean Ebanks to DTF.  We have to be very careful now, looks like history is being created in Cayman. We should forget about our political differences and get united to protect our country.  Bush & Tibittes should come together to lead this campaign.  Please remember, UK is all out to destry our country as well as one of our neighbours.  It should be recalled that when our judiciary, Attorney General and Auditor General positions are held by persons from distant countries such as UK and Canada, we had peace and prosperity.  Sadly it is only the Auditor General position servived this battle so far.

  13. Anonymous says:

    For some it is a hard pill to swallow.  But our Islands are not what they once were..  And all because we dont speak up!  We all know who has the guns, if you dont want to report them.  Then get them and turn them in yourself! Speak up, because one day by target or accident, you could be the next victim.  And who will hear your screams at the end of that gun? 

    If your child, brother, sister or whomever is in possesion of an illegal firearm, report them or turn in the weapon!   Becuase these people dont give discression to the target surroundings anymore.   If someone shoots at your home, whether you and your family is home or not.  Its inevitable for that individual to fear being EVERYWHERE!  Living in fear is just as bad as life imprisonment. To fear for yourself and your family.. not to mention your close relatives and friends and them to fear for themselves simply because they are related to you or your associate.  Then the fear spreads..  And sorry to say, but when the fear catches all of us we will all be crying from the strongest part of our homes.

    I pray this does not happen!   We as Caymanians and those that love our islands equally can help!

    God Bless each of you!

  14. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    I blame Pirates Week!

    Thank God this year is the last one we will ever have! I’m sure by December all of these viloent crimes will be a thing of the past!

    Congrats to Capt Big Mac for solving the islands crime problems!

    • antimama says:

      For petes sake are you so lame brain that you beleive that pirates week have something  to do with the violence that is occuring here. Get your head out of the sand.

      What is happenning here is a  lack of responsibility  for your own faults, poor discipline to your children, what have happened  to taking the responsibility that is yours,  stop condoning them in what they do, stop trying to give them what you cant afford to give them and detest the next person that have for having. Not all of us can afford caviar but I still love my Cayman style beef  and do not hate the folks that enjoy the fruits of their labour. No matter where we go there will be those that have and those that do not, we are not all  alike, but I do not hate because I do not have like  what my neighbor has.

      Stop  the anger and bitter attitude that you portray to your children, cursing out family, teachers  or any one that speaks to your young child, they portray what they see and hear at home, when the teachers suspend your children you want to go to the school and beat or curse out the teachers, this is what you get for poor sloppy  parenting. We have a generation of children I call the " Who not me, I aint doing that"   So now we reap what we have  sown, but I dare say the police need to step up and the politicians need to pass laws that allow the courts to pass down stiffer sentences, and when they go to jail do hard time REAL HARD TIME, no luxury any more.

      To the expat if it is one of  you doing these crimes I suggest that you take your crimminal attituide and friends and get on the next plane and leave, you are not welcome here to destroy  our island.

      Folks the message is here do some thing about it before it is too late.


      • Pete the Pirate says:


        It seems like our (as in we Caymanians) problem might be that we somehow fail to recognize the obvious. If you couldn’t detect the sarcasm dripping from Sir Henry Morgan’s post, how then can you recognize the lies of a politician expressed with the utmost sincerety?

        Unfortunately, we are all too willing to elect those who make the most outrageous of promises on what they can do and how soon it will be done. It works every time if your memory span is short enough.

        My mother always said "laugh while you can, for the crying days will come". Seems like she was correct.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I hope this will be  awake up call for Cayman. For years Cayman has denied any wrong doing in this country…. NO GANGS, NO TEEN PREGNANCY ETC.  But today we will realize that the constant denial has and will continue to catch up with us. Recent generations have been made to believe that they can have and do anything they want without working for it  or suffering the consequence. This is no doubt the fault of ALL, parents who buy the world for their children, not teaching them the value of working for it and the society for denying or throwing blame to everything that has taken place in this country. Unfortunately, as a young caymanian I see were it is only going to get worst. We have children coming out of school with little to no education and don’t have the potential to get a "GOOD JOB" classified by Caymanian and are unwilling to get a "LOW CLASS JOB" (working at a fast food place, supermarket , gardening etc) again classified by Caymanian . They prefer to sell drugs or partake in some other illegal activity before doing "LOW CLASS JOB". So Cayman where will the finger point when we start to realize that it is due to our ACTIONS OR LACK THERE OF that has led our country down this path. We have become a nation that is TOO MATERIALISTIC and have forgot our roots and what made this GREAT COUNTRY  what it is today. We need to revaluate our priorities, lives and that of our youth or we the citizens of this country, don’t care how rich, will pay the ultimate price.

  16. Simon B says:

    This is very sad.

    Ramsey-Hale is a tough no nonense Magistrate, but she deals with the people who come before her with genuine empathy and understanding. I know people who have had their lives turned around by Ramsey-Hale. She tells the truth and sometimes that is hard to hear. I hope they catch the people who did this. We need Justice and the rule of law otherwise everything will break down and this is an attack on one the pillars of Cayman Democracy.

    The Police Intelligence department need to roll up their sleaves and start digging. Ask questions, go to Northward, hit the streets and do whatever it takes. Get to the bottom of this. It is outrageous.

  17. Carl says:

    Looks like this is part of drug war going on in Cayman in recent times.  No one yet knows the reason behind this shoot out.  Police needs to do a thorough impartial inquiry without getting the Attorney General invoilved. Jamaican drug gangs are operating here.  They are all out to destroy our homeland.  Drug gangs get help from all sectors of the society for its sucsess and when things go wrong it back fires on people involved.  We cannot and should not trust anyone now.  Remember one of our Grand Court Judges speaking to a newspaper reporter outside the court  about tracking the person who writes articles against Cayman judiciary and governor authorising wire tapping of the Chif Justice as part of Euro Bank inquiery few years back.  Please get help from FBI or DEA in USA !!!  We need to strenghten our Drug Task Force as a special force team or a crack team with people of pure Caymanian blood.  Recall Sean Ebanks to DTF.  We have to be very careful now, looks like history is being created in Cayman. We should forget about our political differences and get united to protect our country.  Bush & Tibittes should come together to lead this campaign.  Please remember, UK is all out to destry our country as well as one of our neighbours.  It should be recalled that when our judiciary, Attorney General and Auditor General positions are held by persons from distant countries such as UK and Canada, we had peace and prosperity.  Sadly it is only the Auditor General position servived this battle so far.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is awful – and it would be whoever the victim was.  What makes in particularly galling, apart from the attack on Justice, is that  Margaret is a very good Magistrate and a very conscientious role model. She goes out of her way to assist those who need help and are willing to receive it.

    There is one aspect to all of this that many may be missing. This slide towards the abys we are experiencing is in part, immigration driven. As has happened in our region previously, when some local persons have nothing to lose from a colla[pse of the economy, and nothing to gain from it, they feel they might as well destroy it. This is exactly what happened to Jamaica.

    If you allow people to participate, ensure them a piece of the pie, they will nurture and protect it.  Young people today are too often shut out of job opportunities. Misleading immigration to get permits for friends and family to the exclusion of Caymanian applicants has become a shell game with no consequence if you are caught. Even middle aged Caymanians are being shut out. We have to accept that Caymanians need some protection in the economy. Businesses run apprenticeship programmes in the US and the UK. Why not here? How many times do fast food joints here advertise in schools for teenagers to flip burgers in the summer – probably never – the Filipino doesn’t need training and is cheap. You cannot get a Filipino  (or other expat) to legally do those types of jobs in the US or UK. As a result there is a steady demand (and training ground) for even the least academically inclined unskilled young people. This is one example. Neccessity is the mother of invention. Tell businesses "you must employ x % Caymanians in certain roles" and they will – and it will work – including for local people … and I won’t have to worry so much about someone shooting at my house.

    No more permits for busboys in restaurants and what do you get – a free training ground in the hospitality industry. Exactly the same one that exists on the mainland. Give the youth of Cayman something to aspire to, and you will get the shift we all want. Continue to deprive them for short term economic expediency and we shall all fail.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with this – no permits for these industries and the untrained and inexperienced Caymanians can get and will be forced to take these jobs. I know of Caymanians who have returned with assosciate degrees and are unable to get any type of work as they are being told that they have no experience – government is also one of the worse offenders with entry level jobs with entry level pay but yet they are demanding a minimum of 3 years experience – and where please tell me are our Caymanians to get this experience to do an entry level job if they are not being hired to get this experience. This is not going to end and alot of lives are going to be lost – Jamaica here we come – and yes before you say stop bashing Jamaica – I am a Jamaican and feel free to bash Jamaica where they need bashing. We Jamaicans had to run from Jamaica here because of this same type of crime – I for one will only wait and watch for a short period of time and if things dont change will be packing up and running from the Cayman Islands – I REFUSE to live like how I had to live in Jamaica before Cayman was gracious enough to take my family in but I have no intention of going through that type of s…..t again.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am so disgusted with the place now! 

  20. Richard Wadd says:

    I am thoroughly ashamed to be ‘Caymanian’ right now, for we have not learned the lessons of our History, and have transgresses back into a Lawless society.

    In our greed and focus on our New-found prosperity, we have abandoned the ideals of our forefathers, we have sqandered our heritage, and we have forefit truth, honesty, respect, and integrity.

    Our unwillingness to resolve these issues is the root-cause of the breakdown in our society. Our children are being raised as ‘Feral children’, and WE defend thier ‘right’ to be Feral …….???

    We blame the Police when we only have ourselves to blame. We have this warped notion that ‘Policing a Society’ is the job of a few ….  IT IS THE JOB OF US ALL !

    It is easy for ‘Ignorant people’ to blame the Police, and speak of Vigilantism, yet these are the same persons who refuse to assist the Police in doing thier job.

    The Police are there to GATHER information, make sense of it all, and Enforce the Law. How do we think they gather this Information? It HAS to come from our Citizens.

    A society that won’t get involved in the Solution of Crime will always be a ‘Victim of Crime’.

    We MUST instill FEAR into the hearts of Criminals in our society. Punishment NEEDS to be an Effective Deterant, to be Feared and Respected. This alone is the cornerstone of effectively controlling crime, upon this foundation, all other building-blocks mustbe tied.

    There are persons out there who KNOW more about this incident (and others) than they are saying.

    A Generation ‘gone wild’ … is THIS is the Legacy we (my Generation) are to leave behind ?

  21. Anonymous says:

    This is underscores once again the dire need for community cooperation with the police. I know we have all had our issues with them but the only way we can win the war against crime is by working together, sharing information; right now there are people out there with critical information in connection with recent crimes that have been committed, I appeal to you come to please come forward and lets start working together to solve this issue of crime. Remember taking a criminal off the streets means a safer Cayman for all of us….

  22. Mrs. Rita Myles says:

     Judge Ramsey, fear no one but God…..keep your chin up and keep doing what you do best a wonderful job at the court house.   These criminals are getting more and more dangerous, but the saying goes "if you live by the gun, you will die by the gun."   I believe it’s now high time that they make a new constitution law in effect to bring back guns to the Police dept.  

    The crime rate is increasing day by day and it’s not getting any better, the police can only do so much if they dont have the proper protection.     These criminals all have guns,lets face it the more people we keep bringing here to the Island the more the crime rate will go up!  This is reality and this is what happens.  Not only that…..people you all have to get on your children, be more stricker and give them a curfew time to be in at nighttime.  I definetely know where my kids be at night thats for sure!  

    I think this calls for a meeting against crime to our elected MLAs members,it’s high time we all take a stand and instead of only talking about it, dosomething about it.    

    Last but not least I just want to mention one more important thing….I notice Cops at times, and this has been going on for years now,just sitting there in the stations not doing anything…so give them all something to do like patrol the streets late at nights, around every district…walk…drive around show the public that we can put our trust in you all and show us that we can once again feel safe to sleep at nights.

    • Anonymous says:

      The difficult economic times created by the past Administration is manifesting itself in many ways. One way is through the rise in crime. I sincerely hope the UDP is able to address this rise in crime.

      • Anonymous says:

        These crimes have nothing to do with an ecomomic crises. They are being commited  by ignorant persons you are having temper tantrums and the devil has found something to do with these idle hands.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Enough is enough. SUFFICIENT in case you dont undertand.

    If the Police cant get off their BUTTS and solve this problem really quick.

    Then it is time for decent citizens to take the Law into their own hands and do what is necessary to protect oursekves.

    You have people that recently ran for political office sending death threats to decent citizens.

    Its time to stop this crap and return our country to a state peace and tranquiliy/


  24. Anonymous says:

    This situation is going to get worse. We have a government, an AG and a Governor who have no respect for the rule of law in this country. They see breaches of the law and of our constitution and they treat it as "a minor technical thing".

    It follows that the society will reflect this lawlessness that the Government practices. Unfortunately, the Leaders of this country will not understand this correlation until the bullets come flying through their own windows !!!

    • M. Lite says:

      Would you get over it!!!!!  The PPM lost in Bodden Town.  Can we please move on.  If you really have a problem with what happened you should have filed your grievances with the courts in the time allocated.

      You didn’t and now its too late.  Move on!!

  25. noname says:

    Margaret left her homeland Jamaica to find a safer  life for herself and her children and this happens to her.  Crying shame.  I understand she was at home with her children watching telly and somebody drove by and showered her house with bullets.  The Magistrate and her family are now being housed elsewhere for thier protection.  Absolutely disgusting.

  26. backstroke says:

    Enough is enough, Now is the time for every good citizen to take their stand, today the judges tomorrow you and I.

    If we as Caymanians have any  kahoonas we will come forward and tackle this bull crap, those of you that know your family or friends have an illegal gun or any other weapon SHOULD report them to the police right away.  We hear a lot of bragging on the streets that this one is doing this and this one is bringing in illegal items, why not report it.  Do we want to live in fear, do we want the crime that is aboundant in neighboring countries to invade us. I dare say no good abiding citizen do.

    Now a judge like Mrs. Ramsey Hale who makes no qualms about how she feels about this type of behaviour  should not have any fear when it comes to carrying out the law, but this is what these gangsters do, they threaten and humilate you so that you will not be able to carry out your duty.

    So Caymanians are you ready to defend your country, dont leave it up to a few politicians who only care about their ratings, lets take our island back, its Cayman and we are Caymanians with pride, deport, export every one that dont respect our shores, enough is enough, or else let us all arm our selves against these thugs, bet you will see how quick we will get rid of the lousy  useless monsters. Enter  our   homes  with out permission and leave in abody bag. This have gone too far  now.

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you export Caymanians?  It seems many of our youth have less respect for our islands than most of the expats…who are nt the criminals!

  27. Anonymous says:

    When will the government take the increased violence seriously? What exactly needs to happen for the crime levels to get the attention it deserves?

    The country needs a proactive plan to stem the violent crime in Cayman.

  28. kmanknight says:

    To the post that reads ‘What Cayman is coming to’ why do we think that we will be any different from the rest of developed nations when it comes to crime, we have the same influences that is crippling the rest of those developed nations (meaning the same lifestyle) and with that lifestyle comes the crime, we need to realize while Cayman was prospering and being developed at such a rapid pace, in such a short time, many of our youth were left on the way side and sent to prison over and over for petty offences such as smoking ganja and eventually became victims of the system while parents, Politians, and the like were too busy getting rich from the booming economy, now we are seeing the results of years of neglecting many of our youth, there will be no easy solution for what we see happening in Cayman, we have used jail as a deterrent all along and until now but it is not doing any good, the pass administration spent the most money in Cayman history to fight crime but the results are more crime, more unsolved murders, we hire the crime experts and blot or police force yet crime is still getting worse. The solution is the big question but for sure its not more money, more police, more prisons, or crime experts. 

  29. Anonymous says:

    This is saddly a result of us spoiling our children and making them think that as Caymanians they are owed everything (sense of entitlement). In other countries (including Jamaica) when a criminal gets caught committing a crime and is sentenced by the judge he sucks it up.  A Caymanan blames the judge.  Sad, sad, sad.  Criminals should feel ashamed and not blame the police and the judiciary…very bizarre mind set.   We need to teach our children to be responsible for their own actions like we used to.

    • Anonymous says:

      With all due respect, how do you know this was a Caymanian?  Do you know something that should be reported?  If so, please go ahead and report it.  Not all crimes carried out here are committed by Caymanians.  I agree there are Caymanians who commit crimes but we also have plenty of other nationals here committing crimes and I’m sure there are many people on work permits unable to get work so how do you think they survive?  Immigation needs to get a plan in place to round up all those people who are homeless and or/ unemployed and send them home.  The Police, Immigration and customs needs to work together to stop guns coming in to Cayman.  We now have 3 Police boats.  Hire some Caymanian Captains who know the waters and are not constantly damaging hte boats on the reefs and have our shores patrolled at night.

      I agree that when your leaders ignore the constitution, others follow and disregard laws.  Leaders set an example – good or bad.


  30. Anonymous says:

    My prayers are with Judge Ramsey.  She is a good woman and obviously these gang punks are trying to intimidate her.  That area in Spotts Newlands has come under scrutiny lately for being a stomping ground for one of the USA Gangs that has manifested themselves in that area.  Bloodz or Cryptz, I forget which one it is that was mentioned.  I know I have seen the gang graffiti on the walls.  Judge Ramsey please do not stop the excellent work you are doing.  POLICE….PROTECT OUT ENFORCERS OF THE LAW.  Give this women the ARMED Security that she needs.  Please do this and make sure the others are safe as well.  Let her continue to do the work she was brought here to do.  She is a good woman!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Time to get serious folks. Enough of this nonsense. The criminals and wanna be’s are seemingly winning and we need to take back control before we all can’t leave our homes for fear of our lives. That is no way to live so we better stand up against this and fight for our country.

    First things first – solidarity there is strength in numbers. There is too much infighting going on we need to nip it and come together as the criminals are loving this mess. Our police force needs to regain respect and credibility. The bad guys are not afraid of being pulled over by the cops, they don’t seem to care. Once the police step up, the legal system also need to regain stability, consistency and fairness. The faintest illusion of corruption brings down the entire system. We need to get this back on solid ground. Lastly our prison system needs to be a deterrent, the mere thought of going to prison should instill enough fear into the would be prisoner that they decided against even thinking about committing a crime. The number of little boys who are getting into the game sends a clear picture that they are not afraid  of going to jail and they feel that it is worth it to take the risk.

    We need to separate the good from the bad in the prison pronto.. At appx 55k per prisoner that is ridiculous it defeats the entire purpose because most prisoners are living a higher standard of living than hardworking law abiding free citizens of this country!!! That is unacceptable. The new prison could be an old abandoned hurricane Ivan home, just create a bunch of cellswith no windows, absolutely NO TV, phones, gym equipment or computers these are all unnecessary perks, cut them out now. How much is the cable bill in this place??? Madness. Anyone who commits acrime above petty theft or weed smoking etc should NOT be allowed any visits and cannot leave the prison at all. These are not expensive fixes because I know that we are broke. But we need to send a clear message to any of these little boys thinking of a life of crime.

    We the law abiding citizens of this country need to be vigilant and work together like a small village looking out for our neighbors as though they were family. We need to pay attention and we need to work with our police force.


  32. Anonymous says:

    Now this has gone too far.  Ms. Ramsay Hale is the best Magistrate we have had since Mr. Kipling Douglas and I think it is a disgrace for anyone to do this to her.  If we as a people do not bring this madness to an end now, we will all be sipping sorrow in the very near future.  I encourage everyone that knows someone who has a firearm illegally to turn them into the police.  Take a stand now to prevent Cayman from becoming overrun by criminals with guns, whether you are called informer or not.  We cannot let guns, violence or intimidation rule Cayman.  To the Magistrates and Judges, I say criminals with guns do not belong on the street; give them the maximum sentence possible.  To the Lawyers who defend them I say shame on you for trying to keep them out of jail.  There should be no comptetion when it comes to Justice and Law and Order must prevail and be maintained.  To the Police Management I say peek out from the blinds and train and equip the officers on the street to deal with these gun-toting vagabonds.  If you are afraid to do it, bring some officers from Jamaica and ask them to clean up the streets for us.  Enough is enough!  We need action.  Either do the job, or resign.

  33. Anonymous says:

    If the shooter(s) claim that their actions were political does that mean that no one will prosecute them either?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Oh Father help us.

    What is the Cayman Islands becoming?