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Adamurges zero tolerance

| 10/08/2009 | 19 Comments

(CNS): Speaking at a community meeting especially convened in Rock Hole to discuss the rising crime in the area, Minister for Community Affairs and MLA for George Town, Mike Adam, said that a small number of criminals were “terrorizing” communities with “unimaginable violence” and it was time for the community to fight back and make life impossible for them. He urged the community to adopt a culture of informing on criminals and helping the police.

Asking the community to join the government in fighting the plague of crime and to put public interests ahead of the special interests, Adam said it was time for the people of Cayman to stand and be counted.

“There is a minority in our country, in this very district and other districts that have made crime their business, who terrorize our communities, robbing, murdering, assaulting, abusing our people, in the process using unimaginable violence,” he said.  “Let us have a resounding ‘No!’ to crime in all its forms. Let us make life impossible for criminals and make them change their attitude towards a just and honest, hard working life.”

Adam said that rising crime has left people across Cayman feeling powerless and insecure and said Cayman needed a police force which intervened, confronted and challenged every kind of crime and disorder – from graffiti and litter to burglary, drugs and murder. “In short we need zero tolerance policing,” he added. He noted, however, that the police could not fight crime on their own and said it was imperative for the community to rise and assist in the fight against crime. “We must develop a culture of informing against criminals,” he added.

“Crime trends indicate that the biggest social crimes such as murder, rape, assault and abuse happen mostly between people who know each other.”

The minister said that placed an added responsibility on people to be more vigilant and report such incidents. He asked the community to contact the MLAs by phone, email, visiting or even dropping a letter in the mailbox anonymously, to use the CrimeStoppers Hotline or speak with local pastors to report what they knew about crime and criminals.

“Let’s restore the moral fibre of our society, to embrace values that ensure amongst other things; respect for human life and dignity and property,” he said adding that he was concerned about young people who were not receiving the proper care, love, discipline, and education to help them reach their full potential. “These children that are at risk may turn in the wrong direction if not guided by us, the parents and the community, on the right path,” he warned.

“I am urging each and every one of us to set aside our differences, and work together as one people with the single purpose of building a strong, united, safe, prosperous and equitable district and country.”

He asked the people to join the new government in creating a safe environment for ourselves and our children. “For I am heartsick, as I’m sure you are, every time I visit the hospital or worse, attend a funeral of one of our young people who have been a victim of violence or drugs,” Adam lamented.

He said his government was committed to the people and asked them to help it get Cayman back on track. “Join us in making sure that the reality of Cayman, lives up to the promise of Cayman,” Adam said.

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