3 charged in Samuels killing

| 05/09/2009

(CNS): Eight weeks after the murder of 28-year-old Omar Samuels, police said on Saturday evening that three men have been charged with the killing. Osbourne Wilfred Douglas, who is 22, Patrick Elbert McField, also 22, and Brandon Mikkyle Leslie, who is 23, were charged by Detective Inspector Kim Evans on Saturday, 5 September, and all three are due to appear before the court on Monday morning.

Samuels was found suffering a gun shot wound to his leg in the McField Lane area ofGeorge Town in the early hours of Sunday, 5 July, and he was pronounced dead on arrival at the George Town Hospital. A post mortem, which was carried out a week later on Sunday, July 12, showed Samuels suffered a single gun shot wound to his leg which penetrated the femoral artery.

SIO Detective Inspector Kim Evans said the team has been working exceptionally hard on the case and thanked the community for its support. “Every piece of information given to us is vital to the investigation,” he said. Despite the charges, he also stressed that anyone with information relating to Samuels’ death who has not spoken to an officer should do so.

Evans said he can be reached on 925-6761 or 925-7240. An anonymous answerphone has been set up so residents can pass information directly to the police without giving their identity. The number is 949-7777. Alternatively, people can also call Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS) which is answered overseas. All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why are we praising the RCIP for catching criminals? That is their job it is what they get paid to do. I don’t understand why people feel the need to praise them for doing what they are suppose to do. As for the posting of the pictures of the alledged criminals let them keep their privicy when or if they are found guilty we will know who they are. If they are found innocent they don’t need their picture plastered all over the internet or papers and will find it hard to find jobs. They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We need unbiased jourors to prove them guilty or innocent.

  2. someone that is really worried about our Island says:


    Boy oh boy!!! Some of you are really nosey aren’t ya! why you want to see the picture of these young men? if they are guilty trust me the reporter will some have their pictures posted all over Cayman.

    Then you all will say "stop posting these boys" and will be well ready for some fresh gossip!!! See how news goes round? Give the police space to do their work, next thing you know they will be nervure and cr*** up everything again…..


  3. Got U says:


    To make myself clearer, some people know who the criminals are; I only know a few and keep record of the ones whose name(s) are placed in the Newspapers and now via the Gov website.
    I know that a person can be charged for being an accessory after the fact and three people can be charged for the same crime.
    Once you placed yourself at the scene of a crime and a crime of capital murder, you knew, saw that crime taken place/ happening and you never attempted to call the police or seek help. You may be charged.
    After watching a loved one being shot to death during a robbery attempt, I for one will NEVER hire a criminal or someone who will rob and steal for a living. 
    Some parents are to blame for these youngsters because they encourage such behavior and get a piece of the pie from their child/children score.  
    RCIP, I welcome you to post their names and photos so I can be prepare.
    Got U
  4. Anonymous says:

    It would be very interesting to see the outcome of this case and I hope the RCIPS have enough evidence to place these three with the gun in their hand and a matching bullet not sure how three can fire one gun but hey this is the work of our highly regarded RCIPS – don’t just arrest and charge and make another mockery out of the RICPS – I can already see where this case is going – to the family of the victim I hope you get justice, to the families of the accused, stand by your young men and support them.  As we all know we have quite a few very corrupt and incompetent officers (no formal training) supposedly looking after the peoples best interest – hope these investigating officers does not include the one sent around to investigate a burglary at my residence.  He was only interested in knowing whether or not I was single and why I didn’t have a husband – to this day I have not heard a word from him in regards to the burglary and that’s been well over a year now.

    • A lone voice in the dark says:

      All three don’t have to fire one gun – its  called joint enterprise and is a principle of law

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the above post but, I suggest the courts take into consideration an effective intervention program as XXXXXXX the crimes get more and more serious each time.

    Clearly the prison system has failed XXXXX so what next – to lock them up for the rest of their lives? What kind of closure is that for the victim’s family? I think the government needs to consider alternatives for more serious crimes. Over the years we’ve seen people go to jail for petty crimes and get a harsher sentence than more serious crimes, how do you justify that?
    Did it ever occur that the young people who committee petty crimes or use excessive violence within the school; if given proper intervention the changes of them continuing on that path or getting caught up in the system would be less?
    Come on Cayman think about the future of these Islands, where’s the humanity, justice and yes integrity. Instead of fighting against each other we need to come together and fight for our kids.
    Our government leaders saw this happening a long time ago and divided the schools – but what’s the point in dividing schools when there’s no effective intervention?
    How many young people do we have to lose before we realize?
  6. Anonymous says:

    I am noticing an interesting trend in the comments posted here.   There seems to be alot of doubt as to the guilt of these 3 young men.  Could that possibly mean that the writers of these comments know something that we do not know?? 

    I do believe in the fact that people ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY…and with that in mind, I do hope these young men get a fair trial.  Yes there are many criminals walking the streets here in Cayman.  Some of them murderers.  At the same time I am very sure there are a couple innocent men in prison.  It is just a fact of life that these things happen.

    We will have to base the evidence against these young men and see what a jurry decides.  However, let us as a people  not be quick to rush to any conclusions about this case or any other for that matter.

    YET…IF YOU ARE OUT THERE AND YOU KNOW SOMETHING that coule be an important factor in this case.  Something that could prove these young men innocent or guilty for that matter.  NOW IS THE TIME TO COME FORWARD.

  7. Anonymous says:

    An what evdince do they have on them??? NONEEEE! Free up the people man! Just scandeling people name!

    • Makam says:

      I trust you have been to the police with your compelling evidence of their (the three charged) innocence?

      No….I wonder why.


  8. Got U says:

    18:46 you are correct in saying "innocent until proven guilty" and that we have several criminals walking our streets, but all I want is to see who these accused persons are. 

    For example, I was in the area of Mr. John store and saw someone hanging around, would it be good to know our mentally mark that person face if you know that that person is a known criminal.  To here on the news that Mr. John was shot around the same time in a robbery attempt.

    Yes, I want to see photos of these known criminals because am not good with names, but a photo last a life time.  I have a business to run and don’t want to hire a criminal.

    If any of these accused persons are found not guilty, then they are not found guilty.  In the US and other countries we see on TV where they are photos posted all over the news of suspects and sometime these supects are not charged, but these three accused person are CHARGED and CHARGED for MURDER.

    Thank you RCIP and keep working of getting the person(s) who killed that young man in West Bay.

    Got U

    • Anonymous says:

      "Got U" you are contradicting yourself….you first say youagree with "innocent until proven guilty" but then in the end say you dont want to hire criminals??  And as for being CHARGED, I’ve seen many people CHARGED and then AQUITED….as I said before, let the police and lawyers do their job, then put in your two cents and not hire any criminals to your business, they will probably won’t be given bail untill the investigation is over, so you don’t have to worry about hiring them….and if the charges are dropped they would be innocent and I’m sure you can hire and innocent person if they need a job.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I believe they are innocent until proven guilty. You never know how this might end up! There are many criminals walking among us, even persons we know well and trust are criminals and no one seems to care. Let have the investigation follow through and prove that they are guilty before everyone puts in their 2 cents of accusations!

  10. Got U says:

    I agree with posting photos of these three accused persons, we the public would like to see who they are.

    They are now charged, so I would like to see what they look like in the event that they are seen around my business place.

    Got U

  11. Anonymous says:

    Good job RCIP! I am happy to see the extra effort being put in recently is starting to pay off for you. Hopefully the community as a whole will acknowledge your progress and this will start to restore their confidence in the RCIPs.

    Btw, do we not have any pictures for these three? I don’t recognize their names and surely I would like to at least be able to identify them if/when they get bail.

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      OH MY GOSH, Btw, cover is blown.  Ye know something ya too sweet.

  12. Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey(e) says:

    Well done RCIPS for continuing the pressure. 

    Beside the lost of life, the sad part is these are three young people.  We surely need to continue in prayer for nation.  Our prayers go out to the victims families and to those of three young men. 

    can’t have any coffey on this ya one.