Cops crackdown on window tints in face of crime

| 22/09/2009

(CNS): The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) Traffic Management Unit said that it is vital that they can see into cars and are warning drivers to remove any illegal tint from their cars or face prosecution. The warning comes ahead of a planned crackdown on vehicle window tinting that police suggest is not only dangerous, but can unnerve other drivers as well as hamper police work. The unit also reported another busy week of traffic collisions and speeding drivers

“Overly tinted cars can put a fear into other drivers and the community,” said Sergeant Kim Ramoon of the Traffic Management Unit. “It’s also important that police can see into vehicles. Anyone who is found with illegal tint on their cars will face prosecution.”

The Unit said it was again kept busy week when between September 14 and 20 it detected 160 traffic offences and dealt with 20 traffic collisions. Of note; 102 speeding tickets were issued, 45 traffic tickets were given out and two drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your compassion…I hope it’s resolved and fast..this is so stressful.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if you get your driver side tinted only ,they would acept it better,is just an oppinion to help you,good luck and hope you get the right solution to your problem.

  3. Uncle Cracker says:

    Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 09/23/2009 – 08:35.


    I feel your pain man, dealing with the police sometimes is depressing you almost have to take a Valum (or whatever its called ) first before you speak to them!!else they will drive you up the wall

  4. Anonymous says:

    First of all this island is such a dictatorship, the only thing left to tell people is what time to go to bed I am so sick of this place and the ignorant jack asses in power.  How are people supposed to feel when stopped for tint by officers driving around in pitch black tinted unmarked vehicles? The only thing I want to do is just spit in their faces – clean out your closet before you demand others to clean theirs !!  clean up the police vehicles first of all ! 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can anywone shed some light (preferably someone who knows the law or where I can get it) on what the difference between legal tint and legal limit is?  I’ve been told that these are different.  Just want to make sure I’m within the law (as the police should also ensure they are).  ("Anyone who is found with illegal tint on their cars will face prosecution")   What’s the prosecution?  …CNS?


  6. Anonymous says:

    Sounds light a great way to stop the crime wave. What nonsense, the police have always been against window tint. It was only allowed when Mr Miller was exco member years ago.

  7. Anonymous says:

    OK fine RCIP, so let’s crack down on tint, BUT what happens to those of us who have eye/skin conditions that require dark tinting on your car? For four years I have followed the Traffic, Licensing & Police departments’ ever-changing procedures and have had my car passed with tint on, after much unwanted stress and shows of Government’s lack of professionalism by all three of the above named departments.

    This year when I went to my Dr. to renew my annual letter, I am told that Licensing informed them not to write anymore letters as they will not be accepting Dr’s letters without having an annual biopsy done on the patient, which my Dr. rightfully refused to do, as it will make my condition worse! So tell me what the heck I am supposed to do? Take my tint off AGAIN to have my skin flare up, extended sick leave, lose my job, then what!?!?! The popo’s going pay my salary I suppose? Or maybe Licensing? Good thing.

    What about those of us with severe eye issues, which Dr’s have requested them to tint their windshields/windows? Should we not be allowed to drive? Or I suppose it’s fair to have our health suffer to make those wack-jobs who find tint scary, more at ease. Seriously people? Tint makes you unnerved?! WTH!? There are far greater things happening on this island that should make you unnerved.

    I called Central this morning to ask what I should do? Only to receive scarcasm (as usual), and attitude, and someone on the other end who either has a severe problem understanding the English language, or major issues with simple listening. The end result of this phone call was that I was told to come into Licensing and have my tint percentage tested. Duuhhh – ok then. Maybe next time I should just stand outside of Central and talk to the walls, might’ve actually gotten a useful answer.

    Then people wonder why others break the laws. I for one will not be allowing this lack of information/common sense ruin my health, so arrest me for protecting my health and trying to live a normal life. Maybe, just maybe if we got to court, someone might actually LISTEN and address my question with some SENSE.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately the Police have a point here in needing to see into cars etc.  However there must be exceptions for persons like yourself.  As a Civil Servant I am sorry that you are having to go through this, given that you have a legitimate medical condition! As a citizen I do find that the Police can be inflexible with their policies, and of course there is a reality that when dealing with larger policing policy the needs of a few individuals will not be equally weighed, no matter what that policy is.  I would however suggest that you try again but this time through the Ministry of Health (because of your conditon) and the Ministry of District Administration (since they have remit over Licensing).    Hopefully, being controlled by elected officials they will be able to engage the police on your behalf. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for the tips, my quest already underway with the Ministry of Health, and will try the other one mentioned as well.

        Funny thing is – I support the idea, I just refuse to let my health suffer because of their choices, and I think that the way they (RCIPS) handle people is outright disgusting.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Good Idea ? Or Not !

    We already live in a Police state,where our MLA cant question the police,so lets all abide by the law and help the ciminals spot the the police from a mile away.Why do i say this, simply because the majority of unmarked vehicles used by the Drug task force,and other enforcement  are very dark tinted,5% or less.Lets take the dark tint off or private vehicle’s,and we wont have to guess which vehicle the police are in.As things are now i would think cars with darker than 35% tint where helping the police by letting them blend in.Crack down on tint on the private citizen make some revenue at the same time take away the element of surprise.


    • Anonymous says:

      If you lived in a police state you wouldn’t have MLA’s, at least not democratically elected ones! 

  9. Anonymous says:

    With people saying to remove the tint from police vehicles; i can agree with most people on that.  While they are suppose to be out doing their jobs alot of them are driving up and down with girlfriends or others in these vehicles. 

    My question to them is; Will the police be taking the tint of their personal vehicles?  On any given day you past either the G.T. Police station or the Traffic Dept by Jose’s all personal vehicles have very black windows.  Let them set the first example and the rest will follow.

  10. Anonymous says:

    To 18:27 i wasn’t driving and counting but walking on the side of the road.

  11. Joe Average says:

    There’s only one thing I know about cars and traffic.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    But three lefts do.

  12. Anonymous says:

    It seems people really have no respect or use for our police force. I cannot believe how many people are calling for the police to remove the tints on their windows first. With the increase incidents of gun crime do we really want the criminals to easily recognize the undercover police officers? It is a form of protection and a necessary tool for the police to do their jobs. The same jobs that we keep screaming at them that they are not doing.

    Seriously people we really need to be a bit more cooperative. It seems to be the trend to scream from the highest mountain about how this needs to be done and that needs to be done but when it comes to how can YOU help it is just a bunch of back peddling and excuses. All we want to do is take take take take…Jesus let’s start with a bit of giving!!! We have become such a SELFISH society no wonder our youth are taking to the streets to TAKE instead of earning their keep!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      If only vehicles not used by the police have the tint removed, then would it not be rather obvious to everyone that a vehicle with tint is the police? That would not be terribly good for undercover work.

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      16:53, SORRY, but I cannot agree with your comments concerning, the suggestions made by another commentor, that police should remove their tints from private cars and police vehicles. 

      If you are suggesting  that it will protect your under cover cops……………….there and then…… I woulddare to say that under cover cops should not be driving up and down in POLICE marked vehicles. An under cover cop should not be exposed to the police force personel, that is why he or she is called undercover cop.  Only a handful of specific persons should know them. 

      Anyway back to the tinting.  My suggestion would be to leave people with their tint, because majority of honest citizens are using tint because the sun heats up the car so hot they cant even touch the steering wheel . 

      Concentrate on persons who need concentration.  A police is like a bartender, they knows everybodys business.  Make note of suspicious vehicles with tints and their licence numbers, and wo drives them.

        Spend some time parked outside certain premises to observe who are driving suspiciously tinted cars.  Use a digital camera with zoom lens. The police on patrol needs good digital cameras.  Many times police are face on with a situation and wished they had a camera.   If they cannot afford a couple of good figital cameras, then we as private citizens should donate some.   Does it sound like I am talking sence.  What is wrong with observing certain persons, cars, activities outside certain premises and taking a picture. "You may never know how important it can be."   Compile a file of suspicious persons activities on your computer.   I know the police have become more vigilent lately, but they need to be kept up to date with certain things they may need to do their job efficently.   Even the churches on the Island can help by contributing certain things the police may need.  I do not know what has happened to this place, anyway as long as I am living here I will be commenting. Some persons may not agree, but it is nothing wrong with that.  Everybody has a right to their opinion. Walk good.

  13. factory tint says:

    Oh Well, my Jeep have 20% factory tint so let’s see if they can take that off. i’m a woman and i have nothing to hide. My husband truck is tinted dark and they passed his, but i guess it’s who you know and not what you know. Maybe the police and higher ups should take their off first beofrre stopping anyone.

  14. lacking common cents says:

    Had a funny conversation with a neighbor the other day. She called the police because a "suspicious", heavily tinted car was outside her house. Turns out the car she didn’t have to call the police as it was them sitting in the heavily tinted car outside her house.

    All I am asking is that if petty laws such as this are enforced then the police should abide by them too. Just look outside WB police station and see how many undercover and personal police cars have illegal tint.

    My car has a very dark factory tinted back glass and rear windows so I have had no reason to install after-market tint. Funny thing is I have been stopped once in a roadblock and asked to remove my tint. The officer was very courteous and listened while I explained it was not possible. He understood the situation and let me on my way.

    I felt sorry for the lady behind me as she stood there crying peeling her tint off. Her tint was no where near as dark as what the factory had installed on my glass….

  15. Anonymous says:


    Yes fine them all i had the oppurtunity to tint my car windows but decided to stay on the legal side, why can’t they all do the same.

    Another issue that should be tackled is talking on the phone while driving, i personally count up to 40 people on the phone on their way home in the evenings and that’s just in the span of about 30 minutes. Imagine how many of them do it through the day? Start charging $100 for everyone on the phone while drivingand they will make some money every day to help pay the police.

    • Anonymous says:

       Unfortunately it is not illegal to talk and drive, though you can be prosecuted if you go on to drive badly and therefore fail to be in proper control of the vehicle. But it is not illegal per se.

      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        I have no problem with requiring hands-free use of mobile phones while driving, but under no circumstances should there ever be a total ban.  Ever!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you taking it upon yourself to count all the peopl eyou see on the phone while driving? Shouldn’t you focus on driving yourself?

  16. ????? says:

    Can you police remove your dark tint and set an example???!?!?!?!?!

  17. Anonymous says:

    "Maybe the RCIPS should start by removing the illegal tint from their own windows. What do they have to hide?"

    I totally agree with the comment above. Why do the public have to follow these laws when they police themselves breaking the law……..we all fall under the same category…….so if we have to remove the dark tint, they should as well.

    Set an example!!!

    BTW, I don’t see anything wrong with having dark tint……….people too damn nosey!!!! Want to see who is who and what is what, cha!!!

  18. PT says:

    Having recently had to remove the tint from an imported vehicle to pass inspection, I can say I have a little knowledge to add.

    The law as I understand it has a minimum level of light required to pass through the glass – that little machine they stick on and measure it with.  This level is the same all around the car – correct me if I’m wrong please.

    The law makes no exceptions. The pragmatic approach that the inspectors take when applying this law is that if the car came with the tint in the glass – not stuck on, it passes. You could argue that the law be changed to that of the rest of the world where darker tint is usually allowed on the rear half of the car and little or no tint allowed on the driver and passenger windows, or windscreen. 

    This makes sense to me as there is no ‘requirement’ to have windows in the rear of a car, think of a van, no rear side windows, and sometimes no rear either.  A car with dark tint on the back half would be better than the van no windows. 

    The change in law would make it very clear, no tint on the front, tint on the back.  Police would still be able to see the driver and passenger, most imported cars with permanent tint wouldn’t be ‘illegal’ and you would get some form of benefit from the sun.

  19. Anonymous says:

    What would be nice too is the blue bulbs used in the headlights, I notice more of this on the road especially at night. These colours bother on-coming drivers vision.

  20. Police powers says:

    What powers do the police have to a) stop and b) search a vehicle on the public highway where no traffic offence has been committed or the officers have no basis to believe that an offence has been committed.  Why are ordinary people, stopped like this, not entitled to sue for false imprisonment?  Please can someone tell me the powers of the police here?

    • Sav/New says:

      I just hope they don’t intend to stop traffic in the morning when everyone is trying to get their kids to school and themselves to work. That would be irritating for sure.

    • here it is says:

      Not a lawyer but from what I understand is you have no bill or rights hence, you have no rights other then what is established in common law.  So, if you are refering to information you hear about cases in the states and your right to sue until you get a full bill of rights then forget about it…

    • Anonymous says:

      You appear to be asking about two different circumstances. The following part of the Traffic Law allows for the detection of offences and enforcement of the Traffic Law. Bearing in mind that many of the offences are document offences, these can only be checked by stopping the vehicle as the computer systems are sometimes out of date.


      105. (1) For the purpose of enforcing this Law or regulations (Traffic Law), it shall be lawful for any constable in uniform to erect on any road, whether by day or by night a road block or barrier, at which all vehicles shall be required to stop.

      (2)The approaches to such road blocks shall be identified in the manner prescribed in regulations.

      (3) Every driver shall, on approaching such road block or barrier, slow the vehicle down to walking pace and stop, and thereafter obey all direction signals, whether verbal or manual given to him by a constable in uniform, manning such road block or barrier.

      (4) A driver who, at a road block or barrier, fails-

      (a) to slow down; (b) to bring his vehicle to a halt; or (c) to comply with any signal or directions given by a constable in

      uniform, is guilty of an offence.


      The following section provides for the production of a driving licence, without there being an offence witnessed or suspected. Section 61 (1) – (3) deals with circumstances where offences are committed, and names and addresses required.


      61. (4) A person driving a vehicle on the road who fails, when so required by a constable to produce-

      (a) his driving licence or learner’s licence; 

      (b) the relevant certificate of insurance or other evidence that the

      vehicle is not or was not being driven in contravention of the Motor Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Risks) Law (1997 Revision); or

      (c) a current certificate of roadworthiness in respect of that vehicle, is guilty of an offence:


      Whether the stop turns into a search will depend upon the grounds that are uncovered during the stop itself. For example, the car is stopped and whilst speaking to the driver there is a smell of ganja  – that would lead to grounds for a search.

      Invariably though they will have witnessed you doing something before hand, even if it is tailgating. These are just some of the sections from the Traffic Law. So to recap, you do not have to be committing an offence, they do not have to suspect an offence, they can stop you in order to detect and enforce the regulations and Law. Hope thishelps.

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      SUSPECTED VEHICLES, the police may stop and search any vehicle which they have suspicious on, and it does not necessarily have to be for a traffic offence.  We do not know what information they have………………

      So if we are stopped without it being for a traffic offence, then they are looking for something else that we necessarily dont know anything about.  How I feel,  is that if I dont have anything to worry about by their searching, by all means come out and let them search. Thank you and drive on.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Of course there are alot of cars here with extremely dark tint on them and they are still some of us left that are not beating up on the police but come on, what about the unmarked police cars and SUVS that I see driving around completely blacked out? Try peeling off the dark tint on them first and then start the crackdown. RCIPS you should abide by the rules too.

  22. Uncle Cracker says:

    They need to crack donw on those idiots who are using the road from Northward straight down to Spotts  as a race track every morning at around 6:00 am or so, 2 mornings straight I have witnessed some one overtage about 5 or 6 cars on the straight by Savanah Acres.This needs to stop!!!

  23. AJ says:

    The cars get through inspection because they don’t put the tint on until after inspection.  If they do have tint on their cars they take it off before they go to inspection.  But it’s also who you know and who knows you! 

    One reason (but it’s not the main) why people put darker tint on their cars is because the sun is so strong that even with the legal 35% you still feel like you are being burned and your a/c is not working properly.  Another reason is that some tint stops the glass from shattering everywhere if someone tries to break your window or if you get in an accident (though I think the windows are being made to be like that anyway). 

    Police need to look out for the cars that have factory tint made into the glass and then people put the legal tint on which makes it even darker, I don’t believe that that is considered illegal.  

    What I believe that police should look into is how these boys that don’t have any legal sustainable income are able to afford the cars, appartments, boats, bikes, wave runners, etc.  And after, if they have been convicted of drug possesion with intent to supply, all their belongings should be confiscated as possesion purchased through illegal moneys.  Which could then be auctioned off to pay for any public legal fees incurred by these criminals.

    • Anonymous says:

      Absolutely right! Could not have said it better.

      • anon says:

        Utter rubbish.  Tinting car windows so they are black and you cannot see the driver is ILLEGAL and is used widely by gang members and criminals on this island to avoid detection for both traffic and other offences. 

  24. Here we go again says:

    When are people going to stop bad mouthing the police ? Do you have any idea how much risk is involved in being a Polic Officer? Who do you call at the first sign of trouble? It is simple! We have laws banning the use of tint darker than 35% if you cannot abide by the rules then I suggest you attempt to change the law yourself. Lobby your politicians and plead your case, but for God Sake, leave the Police alone to do their jobs.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Good. There are too many thugs and gangsta wannabees driving around in low riding cars with blacked out windows. They are easy to spot. The police should stop them all. The law needs to be toughened. First offence – fine them $1000. Second offence – confiscate the vehicle. Find out who installed the black out tint and fine them too – big time. 

    I have seen people who can’t pass license inspection because of tinting bragging that it is no big deal. They go and have the tint peeled off, get relicensed, and then put new tint back on.  

  26. Anonymous says:

    Everything sone so far to make Cayman a safer place to drive has failed big time.  Makeing rules does nothing if they are not followed by ALL.  Too many people on the road that DO NOT RESPECT THE LAWS.  ANY LAWS.  And they never will.  At least until they are forced to do so.  The current system makes sure that law breakers are protected from takeing full responsibility for their actions.  Cayman is still a great place for Pirates, Crooks,  Theives, Murderers, Rapist, and anyone else who does not respect their fellow man.  Are you haveing a hard time making ends meet.  Rob, Kill, rape, or otherwise disrespect your fellow man and you too will be given free room and board for years to come.  If you are a person of respect living on Cayman then you are fair game.  Way too many Crooks not enough respectfull people.  Personally I think the police are doing their jobs verywell.  Imagine if they were not there right now.  What happens to the law breaker after they are caught IS THE PROBLEM!!!!  Usually again and again and again with the rest of us as the victims.

  27. Anonymous says:

    how do all these overly tinted cars get through their inspections?

    every overly tinted car should be stopped and searched at every checkpoint… they’ll soon get the message


    • Anonymous says:

       And every shop that puts illegal tinting on a car should be fined as well!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the RCIPS should start by removing the illegal tint from their own windows. What do they have to hide?

  29. Anonymous says:

    how do these people pass inspection in the first place?????

  30. anonymous1 says:

    We need the cash so stop bickering, no matter what the cops say or do you all have something negative to say, no one can please you all.

  31. lacking common cents says:

    More traffic stops. More ticket money. More police making traffic stops. Less police in the streets looking for guns. Sure criminals drive around in darkly tinted cars but so do politicians and various v.i.p.s on this island.

    • Anonymous says:

      You just do not get it. That traffic stop will provide an opportunity to conduct a search, ask the occupants where they are going, where they have been, and if their eyes look a little red….

      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        Then let’s change the law to permit the use of darker tint on windows, it would be a win-win.