Lady lion reaches ripe old age of 95

| 22/09/2009

(CNS): A pride of some fourteen lions joined Lion Winnie Chung to celebrate her 95th birthday last month when members from the Lions Club of Grand Cayman got together for the big day. Lions Winnie and her late husband Louis also a lion settled in the Cayman Islands in 1973 where their son in law Peter Balls helped chartered the Lions Club of Grand Cayman in 1972.  As International Director Louis and his wife Winnie continued to travel throughout the world furthering the cause of Lionism and promoting the Cayman Islands. 

Lion Winnie travelled extensively to many international conventions over the years and at a meeting in New Mexico Winnie promoted the idea of women having their own clubs which was supported by Lion Louis andis illustrated by the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens of which Lion Winnie is an honorary member.

Since then lions and lady lions have come together in the same club and equality among lions has seen the President of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman once a men only organisation being held by a woman Lion Debbie Ebanks.

Lion Winnie supported her husband who was recognized for his dedication to the Lions movement back in 1976 when he received the Lions International Foundation Melvin Jones Award which at the time was only awarded to 8 Lions worldwide.

Lion Louis and Winnie’s two children Maxine Everson and Jackie Balls now live in Grand Cayman and remember those early days in Guyana of being called ‘cubs’ (today known as Leos) and ensuring they did  their fair share of hard work at any Lion project.


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